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His passion for public service and aptitude for leadership is evident even at a very young age.

Shortly after he
completed his secondary education at the Xavier School, he was elected President of the Kabataang Barangay for
Tarlac in 1980 and concurrently assumed Presidency of the Kabataang Barangay for Central Luzon until 1985. He
also became a member of the Sanguniang Panlalawigan of Tarlac from 1980 to 1986.

Even with his hands full, Secretary Teodoro successfully completed his Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in
Financial Institutions at the De La Salle University in 1984. Since then, he focused his sights on acquiring for
himself further education and knowledge to aid him in his desire to pursue public service. In 1989, he completed
his Law studies at the University of the Philippines where he was awarded the Dean’s Medal for Academic
Excellence. In the same year, he topped the Philippine Bar exams.

For seven years, he honed his skills as a lawyer in the famed EP Mendoza Law firm. Armed with years of
experience, he went to the Harvard Law School in Cambridge for his Master of Laws and completed it in 1997. He
was also admitted to the State Bar of New York during the same year.

Secretary Teodoro, who holds distinct memberships in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, UP Alumni Association,
UP Law Alumni Association, Harvard Alumni Association and the Harvard Law Alumni Association, is also a licensed
commercial pilot and a Colonel in the Philippine Air Force Reserve. He is the son of the former SSS Administrator
Gilberto, Sr., and Mercedes Cojuangco and is married to Representative Monica Prieto-Teodoro; they have one son
– Jaime Gilberto.

Camarines Sur Candidates

For Provincial Governor
• Alfelor, Felix Jr. Rigoroso "Nancing" (LKS-KAM )
• Villafuerte, Luis Raymund Jr. Favis "Lray" (NP )

For Provincial Vice Governor

• Batalla, Carlomagno Melgar "Carlo" (LM )
• Bombase, Elmo Lagatic "Elmo" (LKS-KAM )
• Peña, Fortunato Cariño "Ato" (NP )

For Member, House of Representatives (1st District)

• Andaya, Rolando, Jr. Guterrez "Nonoy" (LKS-KAM )
• De Los Reyes, Nestor Villa "Taring" (NP )

For Member, House of Representatives (2nd District)

• Arroyo, Diosdado Ignacio J M Macapagal "Dato" (LKS-KAM )
• Mabulo, Fermin Mulleda "Magdalo" (NP )

For Member, House of Representatives (3rd District)

• Arcilla, Oscar, Jr. Garchitorena "Nonito" (LM )
• Jacob, Jaime De Los Santos "James" (LP )
• Villafuerte, Luis Robredo "Louie" (NPC )

For Member, House of Representatives (4th District)

• Cruz, Teodoro, Jr. Barbin "Ted" (LKS-KAM )
• Fuentebella, Arnulfo Palma "Noli" (NPC )
For Member, House of Representatives (5th District)
• Alfelor, Emmanuel Rigoroso "Manny" (LKS-KAM )
• Dimaiwat, Jesus Jay Magistrado "Jay" (LP )
• Fortuno, Salvio Balera "Sal" (NP )
• Trinidad, Mariano Seitereales "Anoy" (PDP LABAN )

For Provincial Board Members (1st District)

• Dela Peña, Theresa Balmes "Mameng" (LKS-KAM )
• Señar, Warren Andaya "Warren" (NP )

For Provincial Board Members (2nd District)

• Bagadion, Juan Jingo B Bonot "Jingo" (LKS-KAM )
• Dy, Stanley Ong "Stan" (LKS-KAM )
• Hernandez, Romulo Ocampo "Mulo" (NP )
• Nopra, Darius Sarmiento "Boboy" (NP )

For Provincial Board Members (3rd District)

• Ayo, Irvin Doroteo Colarina "Irvin" (NPC )
• Naval, Angel Garchitorena "Ange" (NP )
• Pante, Charina Fausto "Charie" (NPC )
• Señar, Philip Salvador Aven "Yipyip" (NP )
• Sta. Ana, Levi Jr. Sola "Jun" (LKS-KAM )

For Provincial Board Members (4th District)

• Dizon, Raymundo Sarcilla "Bembot" (LKS-KAM )
• Llaguno, Emmanuel Fuentebella "Awel" (NPC )
• Velarde, Rosito Tan "Itoy" (NPC )

For Provincial Board Members (5th District)

• Alfelor, Ruperto Rigoroso "Mcrupert" (LKS-KAM )
• Badiola, Norman Eduardo Pastor "Maman" (LKS-KAM )
• Espiritu, Rudito Jr. Panga "Nono" (NP )
• Magistrado, Sofronio S Buena "Sonny" (LKS-KAM )
• Noble, Emmanuel Haber "Manny" (NP )
• Oliva, Wilfredo Rex Cuba "Rex" (NP )

Alleged anomalies in LRT 2 project probed


RIGGED bidding, gross overpricing of equipment, questionable fare increase.

These irregularities allegedly attended the implementation of the Light Rail Transit (LRT)-Line 2 project as disclosed
by Representative Alan Peter Cayetano (Taguig-Pateros) in a privilege speech delivered on the floor on March 2,

Such anomalies are now the subject of an ongoing inquiry by the Committee on Good Government under Rep. Arthur
Defensor (3rd District, Iloilo).

Rep. Cayetano put the blame primarily on the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), the implementing agency as he
alluded to a system of corruption pervading in the agency.

In his speech, Rep. Cayetano outlined the alleged anomalies in the LRT project, which included the rigged bidding
process, particularly for the Management Information System (MIS) component of the project; the excessive
overpricing of equipment; and the questionable increase in LRT fare from P12 to P25 starting June of this year.

He said the three bidders for the MIS project, namely, MECO Industries, REACH/Delta Bridge and Easy Net
Services, are clearly interrelated, based on the company profile and general information sheet submitted by these
companies. He explained that two of these companies have the same office address and that certain individuals hold
various positions in these three companies.

Moreover, Rep. Cayetano assailed the LRTA for allowing more than a hundred variation orders (VOs) to effect
changes in the design or specifications which bloated the total project cost. Aside from asking why these changes
were not thought of during the design stage, he also noted that price quotations submitted were way above the
prevailing market price.

He also stated that the price of equipment such as the vehicular grinding machine is excessively overpriced by as
much as $1 million, aside from the fact that there is an existing grinding machine that is still usable.

On the impending increase in LRT fare, Rep. Cayetano questioned the move as he contended that the recovery of
the cost which became bloated due to corruption should not be passed on the riding public. He added: ?Why raise
the LRT fares when the LRTA did not efficiently exercise its mandate of constructing? a new light rail system at the
least possible cost? Why recover funds lost due to corruption from the consuming and the riding public??

Whistle blower

Rep. Cayetano said the person who revealed the anomalous transactions is Engr. Roberto Gualberto, former deputy
project manager of the Metro Manila Light Rail Transit Consultants (MMLRTC), the local counterpart of a consortium
of consultants for the LRT-Line 2 project.

Concerned about Gualberto?s safety, he also sought government?s support to protect the whistle blower.

In a series of meetings conducted by the Committee on the allegations of Rep. Cayetano, Gualberto revealed that
following his expos?, he was not given assignments in the company and was subsequently separated without a
formal notice of termination.

He added that he later filed three cases of graft and corruption with the Ombudsman against certain officials of the

Death threats

Similarly, Emilio Miguel Maloles, former sales and marketing manager of Kempal United Corporation, the supplier of
the vehicular grinding machine to Sumitomo Corporation, one of the main project contractors, informed the body that
he has been receiving death threats for exposing alleged anomalies in the LRT Line 2 project.

Under oath, Maloles said he was personally instructed by Pepito Lo, owner and president of Kempal Corporation and
mayor of Mercedes, Camarines Norte, to jack up the price of the grinding machine from US$2.1 million to US$3.9


He said that the overpricing was intended to cover the ?commissions? of certain people, foremost of which was
former LRTA Administrator Teodoro Cruz Jr. He claimed that Cruz?s commission amounted to US$405,158.

When asked to explain the LRT Line 2 contract price, LRTA Project Manager Enrico Garcia said the project?s
contract cost is P33 billion.

He added that the purchase of a new vehicular grinding machine was considered more economical than repairing the
old grinding machine which is also being used by LRT line 1.

He stressed that the new grinding machine and the MIS equipment will be used for both LRT Lines 1 and 2.

Addressing the allegation that the successive VOs bloated the contract price, Undersecretary Roberto Casta?ares of
the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), affirmed that as head of the Variation Order and
Price Escalation Committee (VOPEC), he received several VOs from the consortium for his committee?s evaluation.

However, he emphasized that the VOPEC disapproved these in view of some document deficiencies, as well as the
apparent interlocking ownership of the bidding parties, as reflected in a submission of their registration with the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

When asked by Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla (3rd District, Cavite), Masaharo Takano, head of the MMLRTC, informed
the body that each Japanese project consultant receives ?2.3 million per month (roughly P1.16 million).

Upon the motion of Rep. Remulla, Rep. Defensor said the body will request concerned authorities for the temporary
suspension of the award of the P9 billion-expansion contract for LRT 1 pending the completion of the Committee?s
inquiry into alleged irregularities in the railway projects. It was reported that Sumitomo Corporation, again, bagged the
LRT 1 expansion contract.

Postpone implementation

Rep. Cayetano also urged the LRTA and DOTC to postpone the implementation of the LRT fare hike until the former
has submitted to the Committee a position paper to justify the said increase. Otherwise, he said, the increase should
be adjusted to the minimum amount possible.

DOTC?s Casta?ares confirmed that there are proposals to increase the fares not only for the LRT but also the Metro
Rail Transit (MRT). He, however, explained that any increase in rail fare needs the approval of President Gloria

Justifying the forthcoming MRT fare increase, DOTC Assistant Secretary and MRT 3 General Manager Roberto
Lastimoso said that despite the huge increase in the number of MRT commuters to 426,844 daily, as against 21,873
during its first year of operation, the rail transit?s operating expenses as well as debt servicing leave hardly any room
for profit. ?Our revenues are in pesos while our expenses are in dollars,? he explained.

Expenses exceed revenues

Last year, he continued, the company earned P1.8 billion in revenues but its total expenses amounted to P6.7 billion,
about P3.7 billion of which went to the payment of foreign loans.

Lastimoso clarified that the total government subsidy then amounted to P4.8 billion, and is projected to increase this
year to P6.3 billion.

In other words, he explained, the government subsidizes every MRT ride by P49.57 per passenger.

The proposed P10 fare increase, he stressed, will not only lower the MRT losses but the government subsidy as well.

Heavy borrowings

The same justification was offered by Deputy Commissioner Cezar Chavez of the LRTA in explaining the
restructuring of fares for LRT. He said LRT is also slumped in heavy borrowings, where 80 percent of which went into
the construction and capability expansion of LRT Line 1.

He clarified, however, that the restructuring of LRT fares was proposed by the DOTC?s Fare Policy Committee to the
LRTA?s Board of Directors after conducting fare analysis.

To further evaluate the veracity of the alleged anomalies in the LRT 2 project, the Committee requested the
submission of relevant documents, which include, among others, the DOTC?s communications to MMLRTC
regarding the evaluation and disapproval of the VOs; copy of the Ombudsman case filed by Gualberto; and the
payroll of local and foreign project consultants.

The body also agreed to invite to its next meeting Lo of Kempal Corporation; Michael Yu of Sumitomo Corporation;
the president of LRTA?s Board of Directors; the head of the DOTC?s Fare Policy Committee; and the DOTC

Also, to further explain the impending MRT fare hike, the Committee requested copies of the financial statements of
MRT 1, 2 and 3 for the last three years, and the MRT contract with the government.l

For Mayor
• Velarde, Ruel Tan "Owe" (NPC )

For Vice Mayor

• Barrion, June Clotario "Ompong" (NPC )
• Borja, Ervin Tuy "Ervin" (LKS-KAM )

For Councilors
• Abiada, Joseph Ricafort "Spor" (IND. )
• Abiog, Vicente Arcega "Enting" (NPC )
• Alvarez, Francisco Bordado "Franco" (NPC )
• Bayonito, Salvador Martires "Bading" (NPC )
• Belarmino, Jose Bea "Peping" (NP )
• Bermudo, Nelson Barrosa "Nel" (NP )
• De Los Angeles, Celeste Rodriguez "Cely" (NPC )
• Ilano, Ramon Serdan "Mon" (NPC )
• Juntado, Vladimir Brugada "Bong" (NP )
• Lagarde, Julio Abordo "July" (NPC )
• Lim, Hilario Oliver "Larry" (NP )
• Magno, Danilo Refugio "Dan" (LKS-KAM )
• Medina, William Saballegue "Willy" (NP )
• Pempeña, Nora Abiog "Nor" (LP )
• Reyes, Adolfo Israel "Ompong" (NP )
• Reyes, Antonio Israel "Tony" (LP )
• Savilla, Angeles Jr. Abordo "Junior" (LKS-KAM )
• Sinogba, Henry Cantor "Henry" (NPC )
• Tejada, Antonio Jr Tulay "Jun" (NP )
• Tordilla, Lodmila Delos Reyes "Milay" (NPC )




Caramoan is an old town founded by a Spanish missionary, Fray Francisco de la Cruz y Oropesa who upon exploring the
town's wilderness, found a settlement called Balwarte. History revealed that this place was later turned over to the
jurisdiction of Sagrada Mitra in the year 1696. It was during this period when a parish was built dedicated to St. Michael
the Archangel whose feast day is celebrated every May 8.
There are different versions of how Caramoan obtained its name although it was gathered that it has been officially using
its present name since 1619. The town's original name, however, was Gota de Leche, as called by the Dutch merchants,
derived from milk-like droplets from the stalagmite found among the rocks in a place called Gota Port. It was later changed
into "Caramoan", this time labeled by the Spaniards. They acquired this word from "carahan", a kind of sea turtle which at
that time abounds the shores of the area. Some other tales were attached to the name of this peninsula.
Caramoan is one town in the province of Camarines Sur which obviously is endowed with untapped natural resources.
There abound numerous mineral deposits like copper, gold, manganese, limestone and marble in varied colors. It also
boasts of its long miles of sugary, white beaches that even rival the world's best beaches and would lure foreign and local
investors from the tourism industry which would provide a virtual advantage to this town, thus boosting its economic
Vigorous research in history revealed that this town is also the place where Francisco Alvarez, the "most senior and
experienced" among Bikolano assemblymen came from. At present, there are plans directed to improve this municipality
made by the provincial government through the efforts of Governor Luis Villafuerte. One of this is the proposed
establishment of a ferry system between Catanduanes and Camarines Sur through Caramoan and likewise the cementing
and asphalting of the Caramoan Peninsula Road .

Demographic Profile

CLASS: 4th
LAND AREA: 22, 501 Hectares

Socio-Economic Profile


• Tourism potential which includes the following tourist destinations:

• - Gota Beach Resort
• - Lahuy Island
• - The Statue of Our Lady of Peace


The original location of Garchitorena is said to be found at the mouth of the Pambuhan River but it was later transferred to
Binanwahan primarily because of frequent attacks of the Moros.
Soon, a rich man by the name of Andres Garchitorena, who hailed from Tigaon town and owned in this place a vast portion
of the land area, persuaded the townspeople to plant abaca. He later established an abaca processing plant which started
the establishment of this coastal settlement named after its founder Don Andres Garchitorena.
In the year 1900, forty nine years before Garchitorena was officially proclaimed as a municipality of Camarines Sur , the
Parish of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was first instituted. The town celebrates its fiesta every 27th of June held annually.

Demographic Profile

CLASS: 4th
LAND AREA: 21, 812 Hectares

Socio-Economic Profile

• Bikol: common dialect


• Presence of a socialized housing project

Protection and Security

• Presence of policemen, firemen and barangay tanods

Trade and Commerce

• Existing situation:
• - Construction of a Public Market
• - Comprehensive Drainage System
• - Investment Promotion in off-farm business ventures


• Possible industrial venture includes:

• - Coconut processing into soap, vinegar, coco choir, coco shell
• novelty items, etc.
• - Seaweeds Processing Center
• - Fish Processing into bagooong and dried fish

Agricultural Sector

• Major source of income: farming and fishing


• Tourism potential which includes Monteverde or Paglokaban Island

Water Supply

• Water supply is distributed under Level II and Level I Waterworks

• system.
Power and Electricity

• Power sources powered by CASURECO

Communication Facilities

• Postal Service


The foundation of Goa as a municipality came into existence during the Spanish period, in the year 1777 under the
missionary of Rev. Fray Juan Catalla. Together with the creation of the town, the parish was also established.
Originally, Goa is located at Salog which was then called as the "Visita de Salog". The residents, however, changed the
location of the town to another site for convenience purposes. It was in this place where a strong typhoon occurred.
Miraculously, though, there were no great destruction to the lives and property of the residents because of the stones and
logs that were said to change the direction of the floodwaters. This unbelievable occurrence caused the people to adopt
their own patron saint, St. John the Baptist, as their way of thanking God.
Like any other town in the province of Camarines Sur , Goa 's name has various accounts attached to its name. Some
considered that the name "Goa" was given by Fr. Abalay, a Franciscan friar from Pueblo de Goa in the ancient India which
was still under the Portuguese government. Fray Abalay took over the parish when Goa was established as a town.

Demographic Profile

CLASS: 3rd
LAND AREA: 21, 038 Hectares


Phone: +63-452-35-30


Sañgay is an old town established in the late 17th century by the Spanish friars. Like the town of Lagonoy , Sañgay also
formed part of the province of Albay but it was separated in the year 1846 as ordered by Governor General Narciso
The parish of St. Andrew was founded in the same year that Sañgay gained its independence as a pueblo. The town's
annual celebration of fiesta is held every November 30.
This town is blessed with several beautiful attractions from enchanting islands and beaches to mystery-filled caves. One of
them is the Atulayan Island which is considered by writers as having a beautiful myth.
Demographic Profile

LAND AREA: 10, 819 Hectares


Phone: +63-454-20-03


The town of San Jose , then known as Danlog, was a barrio of Lagonoy in the early 19th century. It remained part of
Lagonoy until the year 1816 when San Jose was established under the name of Patrocinio derived from the word "patron"
which means "model". Later, the words "de San Jose" were attached to its former name, thus becoming Patrocinio de San
Jose . But it was soon shortened to San Jose which is now the official name of the municipality.
May 19 marks the annual celebration of the feast day of San Jose , the town's patron saint.

Demographic Profile

LAND AREA: 3, 901 Hectares

Socio-Economic Profile


Work and Labor Force

• Majority of the household heads are farmers or engaged in livestock

• raising (either backyard or commercial scale) and in fishing

• Some are employed in the government and private offices and others
• are engaged in business, trading or are self-employed


• Partido dialect


• A number of agro-related industries which include:

• - welding shops
• - thresher
• - hand tractor making
• - cart and plow making
• - ice making and cold storage facilities,
• - rural banks
• - several rice mills

Agriculture Sector

• Crop Production:
• - Rice is the major agricultural crop grown.
• - Other crops planted in the municipality are coconut, root crops,
• vegetables and fruit-bearing trees

• Livestock Production:
• - Various livestock raisers in all barangays
• - Numerous commercial raisers engaged in egg production
• - Produce are being market in neighboring towns and Naga City

• Fishery and Aquatic Resources
• - Vast fishing ground: Lagonoy Gulf
• - Bangus fry is abundant and contributes to the revenues of the
• municipality

Transportation Facilities

• All barangays are accessible to transportation facilities




Siruma belonged to several towns before it became an independent town of its own. Years back, the municipality of
Siruma was under the jurisdiction of Quipayo, considered to be one of the oldest parishes in the Archdiocese of Nueva
Caceres. Now, Quipayo is a barangay of Calabanga town.
On October 19, 1846, a decree was implemented by Governor General Narciso Claveria which restructured the territorial
domain of the province. It was during this time that Siruma was ceded to Camarines Norte.
It was said that the town's name was derived from the name of an island called "Matandang Siruma". The word "siruma"
comes from the local vernacular "sirum" which is a "small, red ant". A myth was told that a certain capitan encountered a
swarm of small red ants during his overnight stay in one of the places in Siruma, thus, calling the place as "masirum".

Demographic Profile

LAND AREA: 12, 743 Hectares


Phone: +63-452-31-27


In the early years of 19th century, Camarines Sur was divided into four districts by the Spaniards. This division include the
districts of Bikol, Rinconanda, Yraya and Mambulao. The mission of Tigaon in the part of Mt. Isarog belonged to the Bikol
The history of this town, according to written accounts, was considered to be confusing as there are conflicting records
with regards to its establishment as a municipality.
Although, in 1794, Tigaon gained her independence and was appointed a parish priest in the person of Fray Jose de
Buensalida. Fray de Buensalida brought into existence the recognition of St. Claire of Assisi as the town's patroness,
marking August 12 as her feastday.
Tigaon is also the hometown of Felix Plazo, one of the famous Bikolano heroes who led a revolt against the Spaniards
during those critical Spanish regime. At present, a monument was built in the town in recognition of his heroic deeds.

Demographic Profile

LAND AREA: 9, 102 Hectares

Socio-Economic Profile


• Partido dialect


• There are seven (7) dominant religious groups

• in the locality, namely:
• - Roman Catholic
• - Seventh Day Adventist
• - Church of Christ of the latter Day Saints
• - Jehovah's Witnesses
• - Pentecostals
• - Iglesia Ni Cristo
• - United Church of Christ in the Philippines


• Has an existing Rural BLISS I in Caraycayon

• with an area of 2.5 hectares and DAR Settlement
• Project in San Rafael

• There are on-going and proposed socialized
• housing projectsli>


• Five (5) secondary schools

• One(1) private

• Four(4) public schools

Trade and Commerce

• Commercial establishments include the ff:

• - 2 banks are presently operating
• - 6 pawnshops
• - 6 hardware stores
• - a number of self service supermarkets
• - 5 drug stores
• - food chains and restaurants
• - pension house

• A Central Business District will soon to rise catering to a
• warehouse, food chain and an open market.

• Presence of a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse

• Presence of Information Technology Centers

Agricultural Sector

• Agricultural with abundant supply of palay, corn,root crops,

• sugarcane, coconut, citrus, vegetables, fish and other marine
• products,livestock and poultry products are also available


• Tourist destinations include the following:

• - Consocep Mountain Resort
• - Beach resorts in Brgys. Casuna, Ranso
• - Falls: Kawa-kawa, Tumaguiti and Bulalakaw falls
• - Other proposed projects including construction
• of tourist inns, natural swimming pools and rest
• houses

Transportation Facilities

• Mode of transportation is mainly by land

• 71.456 kilometers of road classified as National,
• Provincial, Municipal and Barangay roads

• Presence of a bus terminal where air- conditioned as well as
• ordinary buses have regular trips to Manila and other provincial
• key cities and other light air-conditioned vehicles available for
• hire

Water Supply

• Has an existing Water District which which is now

• under the Partido Development Authority (PDA)

• Several spring development project and free flowing wells

Power and Electricity

• CASURECO IV with its main office in Tigaon

• supplies power requirement in all Partido towns

Communication Facilities

• Facilities include the ff:

• - Long distance and domestic calls
• - Fax machines, Internet and VHF radios
• - Local cable TV services
• - Key-host of SMART and GLOBE Communications, Inc
• - Emergence of computer shops
• - Internet



The town of Tinambac was considered to be a trading center of villages surrounding the eastern side of Mt. Isarog . It was
in this place where tobacco, then a prohibited product, was exhanged by the townspeople of Tinambac.
Its establishment as a separate municipality occurred during the latter part of the 18th century and this was known as the
mission post of Himoragat. In 1829 when the Spanish administration divided the province of Camarines Sur into four
districts, Tinambac fall under the District of Isarog.
A church was built atop a hill which still stands at present where the residents of this simple town give way to the
celebration of its fiesta every 18th day of May. St. Pascual Baylon is the patron saint of this town.

Demographic Profile

LAND AREA: 31, 465 Hectares

Socio-Economic Profile


• Bikol dialect

Agriculture Sector

• Major Crops
• - Total agricultural area is estimated to be 17,230 hectares
• - 96% of which are planted to coconut
• - Only around 4% are devoted to rice, corn, banana and root crops

• Marine and Coastal resources
• - Fishpond covers around 464 hectares or 1.8% of the total
• agricultural area

Communication Facilities

• 1 Post Office located in the Poblacion manned by a Post Master

• and mail carriers

• Telegraph service offered by local branch of National
• Telecommunications Office

• Branches of RCPI and LBC Air Cargo

Sites for know your candidates :


For Mayor
• Arcilla, Annabelle Pagulayan "Belle" (LKS-KAM )
• Benemerito, Francis Rodriguez "Kiko" (NP )
• Cordial, Constantino Jr. Huit "Onyo" (NPC )
• Ruiz, Joventino Reyes "Tino" (LP )

For Vice Mayor

• Azaña, Vicente Gallarte "Ente" (NP )
• Cordis, Juan Alarkon "Johny" (NPC )
• Padua, Edgar Cañizo "Gary" (LKS-KAM )

For Councilors
• Alarcon, Ermelo Bergonio "Melo" (LP )
• Alarcon, Jose Jr Credo "Pito" (LKS-KAM )
• Alarkon, Elvis Cledera "Vis" (IND. )
• Alvarez, Luvimin Sr. Arcilla "Luvin" (NP )
• Avena, Benigna Beltran "Benny" (NP )
• Belleza, Juanita Plopinio "Nita" (NPC )
• Beltran, Eliseo Pantila "Swabe" (NP )
• Bonita, Eduardo Barbecho "Eddie" (LKS-KAM )
• Borja, Grace Gunay "Gb" (LKS-KAM )
• Breis, Gardenia Calucab "Nene" (LKS-KAM )
• Breis, Irene Ranara "I" (NPC )
• Castor, Albino Jr. Dianela "Onyo" (IND. )
• Cepeda, Diego Ruiz "Dieg's" (NPC )
• Chavez, Carlos Baynosa "Cuyog" (NPC )
• Clarianes, Noel De La Cruz "Tugang" (LP )
• Cordis, Juan III Cepeda "John" (NPC )
• Fernandez, Jovy Alerta "Jovs" (LP )
• Gianan, Virgilio Palaya "Viliong" (LKS-KAM )
• Gorimbao, William Paris "Will" (LKS-KAM )
• Iliw Iliw, William Plamiano "Iam" (LP )
• Mancilla, Tirsito Lastica "Bong" (LP )
• Marto, Romeo Ojeñar "Romy" (NP )
• Obias, Lydia Canlas "Lyd" (NP )
• Pineda, Manolo Jr. Alarcon "Noli" (NPC )
• Purisima, Adelfa Teoxon "Delfa" (NPC )
• Ramirez, Dyan Sancho "Dyan" (LKS-KAM )
• Rodavia, Leopoldo Labiano "Pol" (NP )
• Rodriguez, Wilfredo Jr. Lañada "Totoy" (NP )
• Saja, Maximo Arciga "Toy" (LP )
• Sancha, Wilson Arcilla "Son" (NP )
• Sueno, Gerry Creo "Gerry" (LKS-KAM )
• Villarete, Raul Fernandez "Boboy" (NPC )


For Mayor
• Demetriou, Solon Jr. Obias "Boy" (NPC )
• Simando, Edmundo Jr. Froyalde "Nonoy" (LKS-KAM )

For Vice Mayor

• Alde, Antonio Arcega "Antod" (LKS-KAM )
• Racelis, Estrella Alvarez "Tiyang" (NP )

For Councilors
• Alarte, Danilo Grialbo "Balaw" (LKS-KAM )
• Aragdon, Marcelo Sarmiento "Celoy" (NPC )
• Arcega, Leonila Parayno "Leony" (NP )
• Bas, Restituto Moran "Toto" (LP )
• Bea, Jesse Alvarez "Jess" (LKS-KAM )
• Berunio, Benito Edgardo Valencia "Etoy" (NPC )
• Bornales, Jesus Cordial "Ading" (NP )
• Ceprioto, Virgilio Botecario "Oco" (LKS-KAM )
• De Padua, Dante Valencia "Dan" (NP )
• Fernandez, Yolanda Lopez "Landa" (LKS-KAM )
• Frias, Cresencio Villanueva "Kesing" (LKS-KAM )
• Gasga, Rey Luna "Gasga" (LKS-KAM )
• Loquinario, Josephine Pacistol "Ipin" (IND. )
• Margarata, Obed Laurel "Obed" (LKS-KAM )
• Noble, Maria Ana Belmonte "Angie" (NPC )
• Resare, Antonio Mendez "Tony" (NPC )
• Ruelo, Rolando Bergonio "Lando" (LKS-KAM )
• Sarmiento, Jesus Rico Cruel "Ricoy" (NP )


For Mayor
• Gonzaga, Alfredo, III Pan "Pedong" (LKS-KAM )
• Lim, Antero Silos "Ter" (NPC )

For Vice Mayor

• Atole, Teofilo Romero "Pilo" (LKS-KAM )
• Pan, Marcel Salazar "Tetel" (NPC )
• Perit, Raymundo Israel "Munding" (IND. )

For Councilors
• Alarcon, Ernesto Marina "Bon" (LP )
• Albar, Gregorio Asyao "Greg" (LKS-KAM )
• Asetre, Cicero Buendia "Yayong" (LP )
• Avila, Paterno Padis "Pat" (NPC )
• Barte, Joselito Tucio "Lito" (IND. )
• Belleza, Rodolfo Tianes "Rudy" (IND. )
• Camacho, Alex Callo "Lex" (NP )
• Cariño, Ely Baldonado "Ely" (NPC )
• Celso, Hedwiga Gajero "Dweg" (IND. )
• Din, Bienvenido Pinto "Bidoy" (LKS-KAM )
• Gonzaga, Rosario Blaza "Charing" (NPC )
• Lobregat, Roberto Rodriguez "Boy" (IND. )
• Musico, Ronaldo Villarin "Naldo" (NPC )
• Obias, Romeo Gil Falcon "Boyet" (LKS-KAM )
• Pena, Protacio, Jr. Conde "Prot" (NP )
• Pilapil, Gemma Asor "Tisay" (LKS-KAM )
• Ricafort, Milagros Abundabar "Mila" (IND. )
• Romero, Juan Villanueva "Juanki" (LKS-KAM )
• Sadia, Stephen Pacardo "Stephen" (LKS-KAM )
• Villamora, Sergio Rojas "Boyet" (NPC )
• Villareal, Gil Zarzoso "Gil" (NPC )


For Mayor
• Florece, Asela Maria Valencia "Oki Doc" (NPC )
• Melgarejo, Ferdinand Sr. Barcillano "Mamo" (NP )
• Pilapil, Delfin Jr. Rivero "Jun" (LKS-KAM )
• Rivero, Gilbert Palma "Embet" (IND. )

For Vice Mayor

• Cabral, Alfredo Jr Rivero "Jun" (LKS-KAM )
• Saboco, Ben Moreno "Bentoy" (NPC )
• Zuñiga, Nery Uy "Nery" (NP )

For Councilors
• Abante, Victor Uy "Broks" (NPC )
• Abragan, Erlinda Dialogo "Linda" (NPC )
• Alfon, Lingen Lovete "Gen" (LKS-KAM )
• Aplomina, Samson Bigtas "Sam" (NP )
• Artiaga, Fernando Rivero "Ligid" (NP )
• Clavecilla, Orlando Monserate "Totoy" (IND. )
• De Hitta, Eduardo III Pena "Estoy" (NPC )
• Elen, Ricky Verdejo "Ric" (NPC )
• Fante, Emily Monserate "Asel" (NPC )
• Faurillo, Luis Odiamar "Luis" (NP )
• Francia, Medina Armea "Meding" (LKS-KAM )
• Grengia, Tito Maco "Tito" (IND. )
• Hernandez, Rodolfo Jr Osea "Taba" (LKS-KAM )
• Ledesma, Gregorio Barachina "Greg" (NP )
• Melgarejo, Ferdinand Jr. Enguero "Bok" (NP )
• Nitullano, Danny Peteza "Dan" (LKS-KAM )
• Olivares, Jesus Sr. Petesa "Jess" (NPC )
• Pena, Rene Jr. Verdejo "Rembo" (NPC )
• Pesimo, Serafin Jr. Remoto "Apin" (LKS-KAM )
• Peteza, Erwin Ramos "Tol" (NP )
• Piano, Marites Alis "Tes" (NPC )
• Piloneo, Bermando Ortinero "Ewa" (LKS-KAM )
• Remorozo, Jose Sr. Rosero "Jorem" (LKS-KAM )
• Rivero, Eugene Rosero "Uge" (LKS-KAM )
• Rivero, Juanito Ortinero "Jovi" (NP )
• Santos, Celso Valer "Celso" (NP )
• Secretario, Samuel Requiero "Ss" (LM )

For Mayor
• Begino, Agnes Capuz "Ate" (IND. )
• Bordonada, Manuel Netuliano "Awel" (LKS-KAM )
• Brutas, William Armea "William" (NP )
• Deleña, Joey Alerta "Minick" (NPC )

For Vice Mayor

• Amoroso, Arturo Dojello "Tomas" (IND. )
• Pesimo, Edgar Pia "Ed" (LKS-KAM )
• Regaspi, Jessilda Palero "Ganda" (NP )
• Relleta, William Jr. Alanis "Boy" (NPC )

For Councilors
• Alamo, Efren Villareal "Efren" (LKS-KAM )
• Alde, Bernardo Baturiano "Berning" (NPC )
• Arabaca, Mariano Israel "Mayan" (NP )
• Armea, Aurora Rodriguez "Auring" (LKS-KAM )
• Bacus, Judy Pesimo "Yaying" (NP )
• Begino, Salvador Perico "Badong" (LKS-KAM )
• Beringuela, Potenciana Deleña "Poten" (IND. )
• Calendacion, Edsil Faurillo "Edsil" (LKS-KAM )
• Corre, Sailito Villete "Lito" (NPC )
• Deleña, Rolly Selim "Rol" (NPC )
• Esmeralda, Ely Israel "Tolikoy" (NP )
• Francia, Felimon Barnuevo "Pido" (NPC )
• Goyena, Felimon Deleña "Emon" (NPC )
• Iliw Iliw, Norberto Plamiano "Ombing" (IND. )
• Indico, Bernardo Villete "Ando" (LKS-KAM )
• Israel, Chinoteofilo VI Biado "Chino" (NP )
• Ledesma, Wilson Cielo "Son" (NP )
• Lonzaga, Victor Barbado "Vic" (NP )
• Mendoza, Rey Jose Flores "Rey" (LKS-KAM )
• Ojenar, German Teoxon "German" (NP )
• Olarve, Joey Ojeñar "Jawo" (IND. )
• Olivares, Salvador Olino "Badong" (IND. )
• Pejo, Christy Collano "Nene" (LKS-KAM )
• Pelimiano, Hann Delovino "Hansoy" (NPC )
• Postrado, Maria Rivero "Mer" (NPC )
• Royo, Salvador Baloloy "Badong" (NP )
• Siruma, Jonathan Buergo "Atan" (IND. )
• Verdejo, Antonio Balcueva "Tony" (NPC )
• Villamea, Romeo Devera "Tambak" (IND. )
• Villanueva, Rolly Martos "Rol" (IND. )
• Villete, Provisor Jr. Armea "Visor" (LKS-KAM )


For Mayor
• Fuentebella, Evelyn Buquid "Belen" (NPC )
• Tria, Francisco III Ramirez "Eco" (LKS-KAM )

For Vice Mayor

• Chavez, Rachiel Buenaobra "Ratz" (NPC )
• Llagas, Anastacio Ibarientos "Tacing" (NP )
• Sical, Anderson Espedellon "Andy" (LKS-KAM )

For Councilors
• Azada, Voltaire Manantan "Andoy" (NPC )
• Birot, Gaston Tria "Ton" (IND. )
• Bocacao, Eli Jr. Adan "Eli" (LKS-KAM )
• Boe, Veder Jr. Lorica "Jun" (NP )
• Borebor, Vicente Plazo "Vic" (LKS-KAM )
• Briguera, Emmanuel Villaranda "Awel" (LKS-KAM )
• Briones, Jose Tria "Pepe" (NPC )
• Buenavente, Lizalyn Encinas "Lyn" (NP )
• Cabaero, Bernardo Jr Ornido "Pinong" (NP )
• Calleja, Romeo Jr Coralde "Meo" (NP )
• Camposano, Efren Cavitana "Campo" (LKS-KAM )
• Cano, Francisco Villano "Kikoy" (NPC )
• Del Castillo, Felix Jr Oliver "Onyo" (NPC )
• Musca, Danilo Dianela "Danny" (NPC )
• Pancho, Salvador Rivero "Badong" (LKS-KAM )
• Parone, Danilo Kare "Boset" (IND. )
• Payte, Godofredo Jr. Felarca "Guds" (NP )
• Rebellon, Erlinda Erot "Inday" (NP )
• Remoto, Jaime Jr Tindugan "Yongyong" (LKS-KAM )
• Sabas, Benjamin Dela Vega "Ben" (LKS-KAM )
• San Felipe, Achilles Gacer "Kilis" (NPC )
• Satur, Arthur Hugo "Art" (IND. )
• Sical, Ruben Espedellon "Ben" (NPC )
• Tuazon, Jose Jr Rodriguez "Kap" (LKS-KAM )

San jose

For Mayor
• Chavez, Antonio Bermejo "Abc" (LP )
• Pacamarra, Gilmar Salva "Maymay" (NPC )

For Vice Mayor

• Peña, Evelio Cariño "Evie" (NPC )
• Pervera, Daniel Batoriano "Okidoc" (LKS-KAM )

For Councilors
• Alarcon, Honesto Obias "That's My Boy" (NPC )
• Armea, Jerson Boquiron "Son" (NPC )
• Bombase, Carlos Cerio "Lito" (LKS-KAM )
• Bongat, Ireneo Jr Dianela "Lapanit" (IND. )
• Burce, Jacinto Jr Poloan "Jun" (LP )
• Chavez, Manuel Perias "Awe" (LP )
• Dadis, Elvis Pormocille "Boy" (LKS-KAM )
• Dizon, Julio Pejo "July" (NPC )
• Durante, Hassan Camu "Barok" (NP )
• Imperial, Ely Obias "Ely" (LKS-KAM )
• Paat, Santiago Delfino "Agoy" (IND. )
• Pabon, Epifanio Jr Baluyo "Boy" (IND. )
• Pacamarra, Raymund Benitez "Mun" (NP )
• Panuelos, Virgilio Elopre "Beyong" (LP )
• Papaya, Eddie Credo "Ed" (IND. )
• Pempeña, Napoleon Coralde "Nap" (IND. )
• Pempeña, Nicasio Jr Sadia "Baoo" (IND. )
• Pervera, Christopher Sanchez "Tope" (NPC )
• Pilapil, Alicia Vera "Alice" (IND. )
• Primavera, Roberto Prado "Titing" (NPC )
• Remorozo, Carlo Esquerra "Calo" (NPC )
• Señar, Antonio Alarcon "Tony" (LKS-KAM )
• Visto, Melody Milante "Melorock" (LKS-KAM )


For Mayor
• Ondis, Sandy Sta. Rosa "Andy" (NP )
• Pineda, Jose Jr Almero "Lito" (LP )
• Vier, Nonito Morin "Nito" (NPC )

For Vice Mayor

• Martirez, Herson Hallare "Son" (NP )
• Polinga, Carina Ramos "Karen" (NPC )

For Councilors
• Abad, Roselo Cristobal "Eloy" (NPC )
• Avinado, Edgar Lovete "Sirum" (IND. )
• Azaña, Simplicio Lucena "Picio" (NP )
• Baltazar, Abundio Cristobal "Bonjing" (NP )
• Campado, Rodolfo Fabiano "Rudy" (NP )
• Cristobal, Antonio Daet "Tony" (NP )
• Delos Santos, Leopoldo Jr. Belbes "Poldo" (NPC )
• Eboña, Wilberto Buenaobra "Weng" (NPC )
• Eleazar, Antonio Dante Velarde "Tampawak" (NPC )
• Heroy, Ronald Caballero "Tibo" (IND. )
• Laureta, Romeo Sancha "Romeo" (LP )
• Magno, Donaldo Refugio "Dodong" (NPC )
• Orillosa, Renee Castillo "Nong" (LKS-KAM )
• Quijano, Nena Manimba "Nena" (NPC )
• Ramos, Efren Sanchez "Fren" (NP )
• Robles, Edgar Mapusao "Garry" (NP )
• Robles, Jose Jr Calzada "Jun-jun" (LP )
• Silva, Elisa Buenviaje "Mommy" (LP )
• Soriano, Jesus Villanueva "Jessie" (NP )
• Sta. Rosa, Darwin San Antonio "Awin" (NP )
• Tamon, Rafael Nacional "Paeng" (NPC )
• Tesorero, Dolores Velasco "Loleng" (IND. )


For Mayor
• Fuentebella, Arnulf Bryan Buquid "Arnie" (NPC )
• Llaguno, Mariano Bombase "Kano" (LKS-KAM )

For Vice Mayor

• Clariño, Redito Cano "Ditoy" (LP )
• San Gaspar, Ruel Miravalles "Wel" (NPC )

For Councilors
• Bombase, Leandro Lagatic "Andy" (NP )
• Borigas, Romeo Sr. Camay "Meo" (LKS-KAM )
• Camato, Ruel Dela Vega "Doc" (LKS-KAM )
• Camposano, Agrifino Valen "Doy" (LP )
• Cea, Edgardo Basilla "Edgar" (NPC )
• Cielos, Maria Ailyn Regalado "Pololay" (LKS-KAM )
• Clapis, Edmond Cepe "Mon" (LKS-KAM )
• Competente, Rafael Buatis "Raffy" (NPC )
• Espinosa, Teodulfo Sr. Banawan "Ompo" (NPC )
• Espinosa, Vicente Elorde Banawan "Londe" (NP )
• Lelis, Julius Ramos "Jo" (NPC )
• Llaguno, Claro Fuentebella "Caloy" (NPC )
• Llaguno, Neil N Rosero "Armstrong" (LKS-KAM )
• Montalban, Laurence Oliver Formalejo "Larry" (NP )
• Panis, Wilmer Alcantara "Wilson" (NP )
• Pilapil, Ma. Lourdes Santos "Tess" (NPC )
• Sanoy, Saturnino Jr. Rebellon "Tinto" (NPC )
• Valdemoro, Lorna Ramos "Loy" (NPC )
• Zape, David Borabien "David" (NPC )

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