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Application Note

Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) Revenue Assurance

and Troubleshooting
Competitive forces are pushing network operators to deliver better coverage and quality while their
revenues remain flat. For many operators, the only realistic way ahead is to substantially save capital
and operational costs through network sharing. Over the last ten years, network sharing has evolved
from an interesting concept to a strategic requirement. Most early network-sharing agreements
involved passive sharing, where network operators save by sharing basic resources such as sites,
masts, and power and air conditioning. However, now the shift is to active sharing: where operators
share network equipment and, potentially, radio resources. As active sharing becomes a central feature
of mobile network operation, there will be a need to address a wide variety of technical, commercial,
and regulatory requirements. On the technical front, network sharing was introduced in Release 6 of
the 3GPP specifications and has been updated in Release 11, which includes two documents dedicated
to network sharing: TR 22.951 and TS 23.251.

Figure 1. Active RAN sharing (MOCN)

Source: Briskwave Consulting

Revenue Assurance
The practical aspects of active sharing have brought billing fairness and verification to the fore. Operators
want to know with certainty that shared revenue is wholly accurate. With JDSU as the trusted advisor, a
PacketInsight-based solution captures all the traffic at 10 G line rate, analyzes it, and provides a northbound
data feed for revenue-assurance purposes by a third-party analytics system. This system is on the GTP-U
accumulated payload for a given core with MOCN architecture. The PacketInsight solution can also be
enhanced to enable reporting capabilities for additional analysis of captured traffic.


Application Note: MOCN Revenue Assurance and Troubleshooting


router #1


router #2


PacketInsight 10 G
packet-capture appliance

To third-party EPC

100 Mbps or
1 GE connection
to central site
(system manager)

Figure 2. The JDSU MOCN revenue-assurance solution

With PacketInsight at the heart of the solution, operators can get an accurate picture of the byte count,
providing billing verification on multiple levels. PacketInsight will capture every packet and compute
stats based on:

SCTP total byte count

GTP-U UDP payload byte count
ARP total byte count
GTP-U TCP payload byte count

GTP-U total payload byte count

GTP-U UDP DNS payload byte count
GTP-U ICMP payload byte count

From here, a system manager can aggregate data across multiple appliances as well as feed this
aggregated data northbound to a third-party analytics application.
Northbound feed
to third-party analytics

100 Mbps or 1 GE
connection from remote sites

System manager:
Aggregates data from all
PacketInsight appliances and
Feeds aggregated data
northbound to third-party
Web-based GUI enables
generation of local graphs
and reports

Figure 3. Revenue-assurance northbound interface

Application Note: MOCN Revenue Assurance and Troubleshooting

Real-Time Signaling Analysis, Call Trace, and Troubleshooting

The second part of the solution provides critical troubleshooting support using the industry-leading JDSU
Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) solution in 2/2.5/3/4G networks. SART enables complete testing
of network and individual-call performance across mobile networks, which simplifies resolving the most
complex interoperability problems in telephony.

Offline user 2

Real-time user 1

Real-time users
access the system
via remote desktop.
Offline users can open
log files saved by
real-time users on the
server or on their PCs.



Real-time user 2

Offline user 1

SART Applications
SART offline (post processing)
Multiuser server
Remote access

High-performance server


Aggregated data feeds

Figure 4. The JDSU MOCN troubleshooting solution

SART is an easy-to-use yet powerful network and service troubleshooting tool. It provides detailed
information on one or multiple subscriber sessions and lets a user perform detailed analyses of signaling
procedures. Historically, only a handful of highly-skilled network experts have been able to effectively
troubleshoot. However, the SART user interface simplifies network and service information, enabling lessskilled users as well as experts to more effectively diagnose problems.

Application Note: MOCN Revenue Assurance and Troubleshooting

The synergy of SART and the PacketInsight solution is of immense value, providing lightning-fast historical
troubleshooting. SART can now go back in time to when an issue occurred and drill into the message or packet
at handall in a fraction of the time other solutions on the market take. The combined SART/PacketInsight
solution is a must-have in any wireless network.

Figure 5. Signaling Analyzer for real time and historical troubleshooting

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