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Hari (director)

Hari is a Tamil lm director, best known for his action- ers identied it as a standard masala entertainer.[15][16]
masala lms. As of 2014, he has directed thirteen Following its success, the lm was remade in Hindi
(as Singham), Kannada (as Kempe Gowda) and Bengali (Shotru).[17][18] After directing Venghai, a lm with
Dhanush and Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead, he made a
sequel to Singam, with Suriya reprising his role as Du1 Background
raisingam. It was named one of the biggest box oce hits
of 2013,[19][20] with Sify stating that it was the biggest
Hari was born in Katchana vilai near Nazareth in theatrical earner of the year.[21] He worked for the secTuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India. His father, Gopal ond time with Vishal, in a lm titled Poojai,[22] which had
Nadar, is a vessels merchant.[2] Later his family moved Shruti Haasan as the female lead.[23]
to Chennai, where Hari was schooling and had a graduate degree in Commerce.

3 Personal life


He is married to former actress Preetha Vijayakumar,

daughter of Vijayakumar, and has a son.[24] During the
He rst joined as an assistant and gained experience shooting for Seval, Preetha gave birth to their third
working with directors Natraj in Valli, Nassar in son.
Avatharam and Alex Pandian. Later he assisted K. Balachander in his lm Kalki and worked as an associate director with Saran in lms Amarkalam and Parthen Ra- 4 Filmography

5 References

His rst lm, in 2002, was Thamizh with Prashanth and

Simran. Film critic Balaji commented that it was one of
the few movies in recent times where a lot of importance
seems to have been attached to the script. In spite of the
imsy story and routine screenplay where a youth grows
to be a 'dada', the dialogs elevate the quality of the movie
and make it very enjoyable.[7] His second lm Saamy under Kavithaalaya banner starred Vikram. It was named
the years biggest hit,[8] grossing 160 million.[9] Its success led to remakes in Telugu (Lakshmi Narasimha),[10]
Kannada (Ayya)[11] and Hindi languages (Policegiri).[12]
His next two lms Kovil with Silambarasan and Arul
also starred Vikram. In 2005, he made Ayya starring
Sarathkumar, which introduced Nayantara to Tamil cinema. His next lm was Aaru with Suriya in 2005.
In 2007, he directed two lms, Thaamirabharani with
Vishal Krishna and Vel with Suriya. In 2008, he directed
Seval with Bharath. Ayyappa Prasad from stated that Hari panders to the taste of his rural
audience all the way, but the movie is bound to disappoint
city-dwellers since neither the story nor its treatment appeal to anyone with an IQ quotient higher than the least
educated village wastrel.[13]

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In 2010 Hari directed his tenth lm, Singam with Suriya,

marking their third collaboration. The lm was one of
the top box oce lms of the year,[14] although review1

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