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Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts

Unit Outline

Techniques of Visualisation
SEM-1, 2015
Campus: Crawley
Unit Coordinator: Aspro Jennie Officer

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Page 1 All enrolled students must access the LMS site for this Unit: http://www.officer@uwa.sloss@uwa.officer@uwa.officer@uwa. 2015 (23/02/2015 . workshop exercises. a range of visualisation conventions and graphic languages.lms. (3) execute methods of enquiry and expression using different visualisation techniques as forms of rapid and inexpensive prototyping and as iterative processes for speculative design ideas. All Aspro Jennie Officer jennie.uwa. It also builds awareness of the evolution and importance of visual communication and its role in the development of conceptual clarity within the discipline of design. Techniques of Visualisation exposes students to fundamental info@devon-ward. methods and developments of and in the visual expression of design ideas. It develops students’ skills and exposes them to opportunities for visualising design and project work. (4) apply appropriate analytical and technical skills in order to execute and critically evaluate two dimensional drawings and other forms of visualisation.mckenna@uwa. Lecture capture system Online handbook Unit website jennie.Unit details Unit title Unit code Availability Location Techniques of Visualisation IDES1040 SEM-1. Landscape & Visual Arts : Wednesdays 11am-1pm by prior appointment only Name Position Email Telephone Number Jennie Officer Unit coordinator 6488 5570 Tutors Jennie Officer Kate Sloss Mark McKenna Devon Ward Unit contact hours Face to Face lectures: 1 hour per week Technical online lectures: 1 hour per week Face to Face Workshops (in the ALVA computer labs): 2 hours per week LCS is implemented for this unit. Students will acquire the confidence and basic skills to enable independent experimentation with a range of techniques for future project Unit description This unit exposes students to a range of visualisation techniques including those enabled by digital announcements and assessment results will be posted on this site and the coordinator assumes that students will check the site regularly (at least three times a week) and equips them with a range of tools for visual expression as they relate to the speculative and investigative nature of design. techniques and methods of visualisation. are not permitted and will NOT BE ASSESSED. All assignment work will be submitted in a nominated file format via LMS. http://units.uwa. engaging and expressive manner. Page 2 kate.20/06/2015) Crawley Credit points 6 Mode Face to face Contact details Faculty School School website Unit coordinator Email Consultation hours Lecturers Faculty of Architecture. Landscape and Visual Arts (2) demonstrate familiarity with visualisation terminology. Learning outcomes Students are able to (1) understand the evolution of techniques of visualisation including fundamental mark. Other forms of submission. and (5) communicate and present design concepts in a and/or incorrect file formats for submissions.

It is assumed that all students have received all information in lectures. Assessment Assessment overview This comprises assignments (100 per cent) which may involve a proportion of in-class assignment work in a laboratory setting. technical lectures. using the skills and knowledge gained in lectures. Students will also be assessed by the work produced and submitted within workshops each week.08 and 4. Technical lectures support the lecture and workshop series. making Limits. Please familiarise yourself with this venue prior to Week Two to avoid delays at the first workshop. General announcements will also be delivered in lectures. output Scenography Introduction to Illustrator Revisualising Drawing. modifying. Assessment mechanism Page 3 .No lecture today NON TEACHING WEEK Digital Dreams 9 Wed April 22 The Articulation of Information and Things Wed April 29 What language looks like 10 Wed May 6 11 Wed May 13 - To Infinity and Beyond Lecturer Workshop Technical Lecture Jennie Officer Jennie Officer Jennie Officer Jennie Officer Jennie Officer - - Sampler Introduction to AutoCAD and Photoshop Images. resolution. it is critical to attend all lectures. but will expect that students have attended the lecture and watched the technical lecture prior to each week's workshop. and workshops. All assignments will be introduced and given detailed explanation in lectures.05) on the 4th floor of the ALVA building. Tutors in workshops will be a vaulable resource of help and motivation. selections 1 Assignment Help Scale. All updates will be posted on LMS in advance. fill and the inbetween Collecting and Arranging Assignment Help Synthesis Form - Time and Space Rhino Rhino Teaching and learning responsibilities Teaching and learning strategies Learning in this unit is designed to be integrated between lectures. Individual queries relating to information that has been previously delivered in lectures may not be answered. and will be able to offer a limited scope of assistance if you have not done so. Unit schedule Week Lecture Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lecture Topic Wed Introduction and Assignment February 25 One Wed March 4 Traces and Pixels Wed March 11 Wed March 18 Wed March 25 Wed April 1 Wed April 8 Wed April 15 Transitive Media Drawing in Good Faith Introduction to Assignment 2 PROSH . making 2 Jennie Officer Jennie Officer Jennie Officer Jennie Officer - Digital Dreams Introduction to Indesign Lines. Workshops provide the hands-on opportunity to develop methods of enquiry and expression . and the relationship of visualisation to design. This information will NOT be repeated and students should ensure that they attend all lectures in order to receive information and ask questions. Workshop and Technical Lectures schedule below may change. so it is imperative that you attend promptly and submit the required submission at the end of each workshop session in order to receive marks.a range of skills for assignments and future project work. To get the most out of the unit. watch and practise skills introduced in all technical lectures. Major assignments will be introduced in lectures. where the emphasis is on concepts.Unit structure Lectures introduce assignments and expose students to a broad range of visualisation techniques and their historical and aesthetic context and significance. precision. modifying. and attend all workshops. where students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their own skills in short in-class assignments. Drawing. examples. technical lectures and workshops. Note: Lecture. where the emphasis is on attainment of specific digital drawing skills by demonstration. and worked on in students' own time. Venues: Lectures will be held in the Clews Lecture Theatre (Physics) Technical Lectures will be available on YouTube (channel to be confirmed) Workshops will be held in Computing Labs (Rooms 4. providing detailed step by step explanation of software programs and interfaces to allow students to work through and practise technical complexities at their own pace.

Submission time is the time LMS logs that files have been successfully uploaded. If the content of a folio is used for exhibition then the student must write their name on the back of the work so that when the exhibition is demounted collection is simplified. and will be required to visualise it in 2 a number of different ways. all of which is available in the ALVA computer labs. Software to be utilised in the unit may include. Note: Uploading to LMS can be slow. but will not be limited to. Drawing boards are to be cleaned. Submissions will only be accepted for assessment if they are uploaded in the correct format to LMS. Monday 18th May Assessment items Item Title Description Submission Procedure for Assignments Workshop At the start of each workshop you will be given an Submissions exercise that you will need to complete and either print or upload to LMS during the allocated workshop time to receive marks. and either uploaded to LMS or printed and submitted to your tutor each week (you will be advised which procedure in workshops each week) Upload to LMS in correct format Upload to LMS in correct format Students should ensure that they are familiar with ALVA submission policy. and demonstrate a variety of techniques as you do so. These exercises cover a range of basic skills that will be further developed in the major assignment submissions and will be useful for future studio project work. Students should ensure that they allow time (at least four hours from a UWA computer and longer if submitting from a computer off-campus) to upload to LMS. If staff or the Faculty wish to reserve work for reproduction and/or accreditation purposes then this should be negotiated with individual students. Additional resources and reading Additional resources will be posted on LMS Other important information Enrolled students can access unit material via the LMS in units that use LMS Building clean-up and folio collection (for units with folio submissions) Studios are expected to be left clean and tidy. Photoshop and Indesign and Rhino. Final marks will be based on the best six exercises over the semester.Assessment mechanism # Component Weight Due Date 1 Workshop Submissions 30% 2 Major Assignment 1 25% 3 Major Assignment 2 45% Upload to LMS or physical print during your allocated workshop time 4pm. Late penalties apply for late submissions as logged by LMS. Major An assignment in which you will use raster and vector Assignment based techniques to create digital drawings 1 Major An assignment in which you will be given an existing Assignment form of visualisation. The exercise must be completed during your allocated workshop time. Students should ensure that they have at least one portable digital backup device and that their work is backed up regularly (refer to ALVA Submissions Policy) Software requirements All software used in the unit will be available in the ALVA computer labs. Students must remove all personal property immediately after the submission of their folio. Any other form of submission will not be eligible to receive marks. Autodesk AutoCAD. Page 4 . Textbooks and resources Recommended texts All recommended reading will be posted to LMS Technical requirements Students will be required to work with a range of digital software. Friday 27th March 10am. not the time uploading commenced. Adobe Illustrator.

it will be assumed that students have read all relevant course materials. Submission of Late Work All assessment tasks are due no later than 4pm on the date indicated in the unit's Assessment Mechanism Statement. Special Consideration For information regarding special consideration please go to: http://www. Students must wear appropriate clothing when visiting building sites. Extensions The Faculty approves extensions only in exceptional circumstances in order to ensure that all students are treated fairly and that submission date Authenticity of work For Studio units. In all cases. and must be completed if the unit involves use of the Workshop. requests for extensions require the submission of Special Consideration form no later than three University working days after the due date. This online module is available for self-enrol via LMS. Completion of the Part A induction will ensure after-hours access to the ALVA Building (including computer labs) is enabled.uwa. Material and Equipment Costs Costs specific to individual units will be communicated to students in this unit outline or early in with the exception of in-class assessment items such as tutorial presentations. The sites also require steel capped boots to be worn this is a condition of accessing these sites. 177 Bannister Rd Canningvale.alva. Page 5 . students needing to purchase a certified protective helmet may do so from Alsafe Safety Industries Pty the Faculty may prevent your continuation in this unit if you fail to meet requirements for attendance at classes to establish the authenticity and originality of your work. These can be bought from ‘Army Surplus’ stores or for more information on Inductions and Workshop close-down period. Return of Student Work Marked assessments submitted on time will be made available for collection by students at least one week before the next assessment in the unit is due (if it is related to the previous assessment). Extensions may be authorised only by the allocated Faculty Course Advising Office or a delegated representative. Submissions The ALVA Submissions policy is available at: which are designed to produce ordered work patterns for students.uwa. tutorials and workshops. Your Workshop Induction lasts for five years. Do not expect questions relating to content missed through unjustified absence to be answered.uwa. Information on penalties can be obtained in the Faculty Policy on Submissions at http://www. The ALVA Workshop Induction (Part B) runs in Week 1 of each semester.alva. are not disrupted.alva. after which you will be required to attend a refresher. All sites will require students to wear protective helmets. Any assessment task which is submitted after the time indicated in the assessment mechanism statement without a formal approved extension will be considered LATE and appropriate penalities will be applied. Please refer to http://www.Attendance Attendance is required at all lectures. open toed shoes and sand shoes will not be accepted and students will not gain entry to site with these shoes. whichever is sooner. These are the primary means of consultation with your Unit Coordinator and Teaching Faculty Safety Inductions The ALVA Health and Safety Induction (Part A) must be completed online by all students enrolled in a unit taught by the Faculty. or no more than four weeks after submission. Students are encouraged in the strongest possible terms to familiarise themselves with the Faculty Policy on Extensions available at http://www. they are a worthy investment as will be required on future building sites of your own.uwa.