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Every Indian would have at least once pledged his devotion to Indias culture and

rich and varied heritage. I remember to have done it every day in school. Though I
dont say it out with my hands stretched out today, I still vow my devotion to the
fact. I understand not, how such a beautiful sentiment of culture be used to
promote hatred against Homosexuals in India. While the archaic law under Section
377 is yet to be abolished, the reason cited by many is that homosexuality is
against Indian culture. Im not to address the issue of non-amendment of the said
section, as the party in power would again cite Culture as it has understood it and
not as it is. The party previously in power was sympathetic enough to issue a
statement, but did not care to amend the section. May be it thought it was best to
at least safeguard its existence by hanging on to the wall as a cat or may be
because the supporters of LGBT made up to a meager vote bank.
I find it really hard to digest, when our politicians get away with all that they do in
public life, but two men with their private, inside four walls affair get jailed by
stating an archaic, British imposed law. While there are so many angles to look upon
this issue, say Political, Human-Rights violation, Legal, emotional etc., I wish to
address it from the eyes of Indian Culture and heritage.
We have been brought up in a society which looks at you with broad eyes, hooked
eyebrows and a wide opened mouth if a word is uttered about anything that is not
to be public by the elders. When every temple art portrays intimacy between
couples and being the land that gave the book of emotion and bodily intimacy (I
shall not call it lust), the Kama sutra, I fail to understand, when India moved into this
O! he spoke about it! mode. I do not mean to advocate that public display is
warranted by the Indian culture, but that such hiding of normal human activities are
unnecessary and are not the prescriptions of Indias culture either.
I am ashamed, as a feminist, to say that I live in a society wherein, my sister has to
hesitate in a medical shop to buy her sanitary pads and wrap it in a black cover to
bring it back home. I am ashamed when my friend has to tell me that she has fever
to avoid an outing, while actually she is on her periods. It is sad that boys fear if
masturbation would cause loss of eye-sight or bear that unwanted guilt, but hesitate
to speak about it with their father or even with their closest friend at school,
because of the fear that he would be a stand-alone in the group and that the society
would not accept him.
I comprehend not why a saffron tent can accommodate people who know nothing
about their culture, but boast about the vedas and other texts by sharing web pages
which cook up many things to prove supremacy, people who go to office, people
who enjoy their life, people who eat, people who marry, people who study, but not
people who are homosexuals. From the eyes of Hinduism, all of the above is worldly
or materialistic (LoukIkam) and there is nothing specially worldly about being a

While the culture advocates claim that their society was perfect and without a
spec of dirt, they fail to accept that it is impossible to revert to it and live in their
own utopian world, failing to take cognizance of time. Let me try being a roman in
Rome. Let me also revert to the old laws to prove that their contention about
homosexuality being a foreign import and unacceptable to the Indian society is
wrong. Not that they would accept the fact after reading, but that I wish to share it.

The Manu smriti was the book of law for the ancient Vedic Indian society. Let me
examine two sections of the criminal code of ancient India. While the first section
might portray an opposite picture of what I have been claiming to write on, I request
you to complete reading to get the overall intention and opinion of the text.
brAhmaNasya ruja: krutvA ghrAti: agrEya madhyayO: | jaihvayam cha maithunam
pumsi jAtibhashankaram smrutam | { Chapter 11 Section 67 }
Giving pain, smelling at spirituous liquour, cheating and an affair with another male
shall make a brahmana an outcaste.
First inference is that homosexuality was recognized in the text and hence, not an
import from another country in the recent times. How can a behavior of mankind be
imported from another state!
It is to be understood that the manner in which the laws unfold is that, first the
offence is spelt out and after that, a list of punishments or acts by which the convict
can get rid of the guilt are prescribed.
Let me refer to the prescription of the law by which a homosexual affair (mentioned
as cause for becoming out-caste) can be removed;
Maithunam tu samAsEvya pumsi yOshItivA dvija:, gO yAnE apsu divA cha Eva sa
vAsA, snAnam AcharEth { Chapter 11 Section 173 }
A brahman who has had a homosexual affair, or an intercourse with a female on a
bullock cart or during the day, shall be relieved of such sin by taking bath with his
clothes on
A statute that prescribes surviving on milk alone for three full days for a guilt of
stealing some cotton or wool and whole three days of fasting for stealing grass or

wood { Ch 11 Sec -166 & 167}, only prescribes taking bath after a homosexual
affair to avoid the implication of becoming an outcaste.
It is also to be noticed that it was a caste based society and the above points refer
only to brahmanas. Which implies, it is neither guilty for other people to be
homosexuals nor any punishment or acts to get rid of guilt are required.

I interpret the above conditions to brahmanas is laid so that homosexuals in the

teaching class have a hassle free mind and continue their duty of guiding the
society towards righteousness just after taking a bath.

I am aware that there are people who wish to read this, agree with it, but refuse to
accept it or share it. It is to them that I write. It is to those who impose their
definition of Indian culture to the innocent culture of ours. It is that mind that feels
this post is true, but tries to convince itself saying this has to be rubbish that I write,
and if it had done it once, I succeed.
I know not, how many chat pings or calls I would get asking me to remove this. But,
I write, for removing something else, the closed box, the so called Indian Mind to
become an open treasure.