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Notifier Battery Calculations Release 2.

5 Readme File
2014 by Honeywell International Inc.
Build 35
May 2014
This Readme file covers software requirements, installation notes, and contents of the Notifier
Battery Calculations package. For updates, go to

Software Requirements
Battery calculation spreadsheets for control panels and power supplies are developed in
Microsoft Excel and are based on the battery calculation tables in the Notifier manuals.


All calculation spreadsheets use Excel macros. Make sure that Excel is configured to
prompt for enabling macros.
In Office 2000, XP, and 2003:
1) Launch a blank Excel sheet.
2) From the Tools menu select Macro -> Security...
3) Select the Security Level tab (should be selected by default, if not select it.)
4) Click on the Medium option button
5) Click OK
6) After opening a Battery Calculation Worksheet, when prompted to run macros, select
"Enable Macros".
In Office 2007 and above:
1) Open Excel
2) Open the Excel Options Dialog Box by clicking the Office Button in the upper left and
selecting Excel Options at the bottom of the window.
3) Select the Trust Center option from the left-hand pick-list, then click on Trust Center
4) Select Macro Settings from the left-hand pick-list and then select Disable all macros with
notification. Note: We do not recommend you choose Enable All Macros.
5) Also check the Trust access to the VBA project object model box.
6) Click OK and close Excel.
7) After opening a Battery Calculation Worksheet, when prompted with a Security Warning
click on the Options button and select: Enable this Content.

Compatibility Issues
The Notifier Battery Calculations are designed to work in all versions of Microsoft Excel 2000
to Excel 2010/2013. However the Notifier Battery Calculations will not run correctly inside the
64-bit version of Excel 2010/2013. This is due to the incompatibility of 32-bit controls and the
change in the way macros are run inside of Excel 2010/2013 64-bit.

Installation Notes
To install, run the NotifierBatCalc.exe and follow the prompts. When finished with the install, you
can launch the shortcut to BatCalcMain.xls (on the desktop).

The Notifier Battery Calculations are a set of Microsoft Excel workbooks as follows:
Notifier Device database.xls

Non-Panel Devices.xls

411UDAC Fire Alarm Communicator

ACPS-2406 Addressable Charger/Power
ACPS-610 Addressable Charger/Power Supply
AFP-100 Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm
Control Panel
AFP-200 Analog Control Panel
AFP-300 and AFP-400 Analog Fire Panel
AM2020/AFP-1010 Fire Alarm Control Panel
DAA2-5025/DAA-5070 Digital Audio Amplifier
DAA2-7525 Digital Audio Amplifier
DAA-5025/DAA-5070 Digital Audio Amplifier
DAA-7525 Digital Audio Amplifier
DAX-3525/DAA-3570 Digital Audio Amplifier
DAX-5025/DAX-5070 Digital Audio Amplifier
Distributed System
FCPS-24/FCPS-24E Field Charger/Power
FCPS-24S6 Remote Power Supply
FCPS-24S8 Remote Power Supply
FireVoice 25/50 Voice Evacuation Control
FireVoice 25/50DA(ZS) Distributed Audio
HPFF12 Notification Appliance Circuit
HPFF8 Notification Appliance Circuit Expander
NCA Network Control Annunciator
NCA2 Network Control Annunciator
NFC-50/100 First Command Voice Evacuation
NFC-50DA Distributed Audio Amplifier
NFC-125DA Distributed Audio Amplifier
NFS2-3030 Intelligent Control Panel
NFS2-640 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm

Launch page for all battery calculation
sheets and Notifier Device Database.
Excel database that contains current
values for notification appliances, initiating
devices, annunciators, relays, power
supplies, and modules.
Excel workbook that contains calculations
for devices that typically require more
configuration information, such as the
Excel battery calculation workbooks for the
control panels, voice systems, and power

NFS-3030 Intelligent Control Panel

NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panel
NFS-640 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm
NFW2-100 Rev. 3 Fire Alarm Control Panel
NFW-50 Fire Alarm Control Panel
NSP-25 Intelligent Control Panel
RP-2001/RP-2002 Agent Release Panel
SFP-1024 Conv. Fire Alarm Control Panel With
Built-In DACT
SFP-10UD/S Fire Alarm Control Panel
SFP-2402 Fire Alarm Control Panel
SFP-2404 Fire Alarm Control Panel
SFP-5UD/S Fire Alarm Control Panel
System 500 Conventional Fire Alarm Control
System 5000 Conventional Fire Alarm Control
XPIQ Quad Intelligent Audio Transponder

Power Supply Worksheet.xls

Voice Worksheet.xls

Excel Workbooks that are used to add

additional Power Supplies and Voice
Systems that are being backed up by
another Control Panel, Power Supply, or
Voice Systems batteries.

Version History
Release 2.5 Changes (Internet Release) June 2, 2014

Corrected current draw for the FDU-80 from 64mA to 64.3mA to match the manual.
Added DS-FM, DS-SFM, and DS-RFM fiber modules to all sheets that have voice options.
Corrected DVC-EM current draw on all sheets.
Added NFC-50/100, NFC-50DA, and NFC-125DA Voice Systems as individual sheets and to
the Voice Worksheet.
When editing or adding devices to the Notification Appliance (NAC) tab inside the device
database, all fields of the database are now included when you click on the Edit Database
Moved the Notifier Device Database to the My Documents folder. This will allow the user to
save any changes made to the database without having to save the database to a new
location, then copy it back over the existing database.

Release 2.4.1 Changes (Internet Release) January 11, 2013

Added the N-ANN-RLY to the RP-2001/RP-2002 battery calculation sheet.

Corrected a bug inside the NFS2-3030 sheet that wasnt correctly displaying current draw
values for Initiating Devices and Notification Appliances.
Fixed error message that would come up when trying to update the Notifier Battery

Release 2.4 Changes (Internet Release) July 1, 2012

Corrected battery cabinet message for the ACPS-610. Message would incorrectly state that
batteries over 12AH would fit in the cabinet provided by the ACPS-610.
Corrected a problem with the Voice Worksheet. There were some incorrect formulas in the
DS-DB sheet that would not report the current draw for Speakers and Speaker/Strobes after
selecting a Watt Tap.
Fixed the Clear Selections and Show Selected Devices buttons on the AC Branch page of
the NFS2-640 sheet.
Put the UDACT communicator back into appropriate sheets. The UDACT communicator was
inadvertently taken out in the version 2.3 release.
Added the UDACT-2 communicator to compatible battery calculation sheets.
Corrected the current draw for the PC2R15 in the Device Database.
Corrected section numbering on Current Draw sheet for the NFS-320.
Added the ability to take into account reverse polarity alarm and trouble current (for the main
circuit board and 4XTM) for the following control panels: SFP-2402, SFP-2404, RP-2001, RP2002, SFP-5UD, SFP-10UD, NFW-50, and NFW2-100.
Corrected current draw for the main circuit board for the RP-2001/2002, SFP-5UD, and SFP10UD and also added ANN-SEC Card to each sheet.
Corrected Total current draw cells formulas on the Current Draw sheet of the SFP-10UD
battery calculation.
Added IDC circuit alarm draw for all intelligent modules (FZM-1, XP6-MA, NZM-100, and
NZM-100-6) to all applicable battery calculations. All conventional initiating devices will now
have a 0 amp current draw in alarm, this draw will be handled by the IDC circuit alarm draw.
Each IDC circuit will be given a maximum draw in alarm that will be used per circuit for all
conventional applications.
Redesigned the NFS2-3030 battery calculation to match the manual. Users are now able to
add devices on either the Main 24V output or the Auxiliary 24V output.
Expanded section for intelligent devices that require auxiliary power inside applicable
intelligent control panels and worksheets. All intelligent devices and modules that require
auxiliary power are now in this section.
Removed XP module section from NFS-640, NFS2-640, NFS-3030, and NFS2-3030 control
panels. XP modules should be placed inside battery calculations using the Initiating device
drop downs.

Release 2.3 Changes (Internet Release) January 20, 2012

Corrected current draws for the following parts in the Notifier Device Database:
intelligent addressable devices.
Corrected some of the cells in the following sheets that would not allow you to change the
quantity back to 0 without clicking on the Clear Selections button.
o DAA2-5025/70, DAA2-5075, DAX-3525/70, DAX-5025/70
Updated the NSP-25 battery calculation to include new compatible devices including the
ability to add up to two N-ANN-80 Remote Annunciators.
Added new DAA2 series and DAX series AC Branch worksheets to the following Battery
Calculation Sheets:
o ACPS-610, DAA2-5025_70, DAA2-7525, DAA-5025_70, DAA-7525, DAX-3525_70,
DAX-5025_70, Distributed System, NFS-320, NFS2-640, NFS2-3030, NFS-640, and
Added the FCO-851 Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector and FDRM-1 Dual
Relay/Monitor Module to the database.
Updated the Live Update program.
Created new Power Supply worksheet. This worksheet will now be used for those power
supplies that are being backed up by the Control Panel or Power Supplies batteries. All
devices on these power supplies will be entered in on the worksheet, not on the worksheet

that is charging the batteries. This worksheet will work the same way as the Voice Worksheet
that was added in Version 2.2. Worksheet has been added to the following sheets:
o ACPS-610, Distributed System, NFS-320, NFS2-640, NFS2-3030, NFS-640, NFS3030, ACPS-2406, AFP-100, AFP-200, AFP-400, AM-2020, NFW-50, NFW2-100,
RP-2001/2002, SFP-5UD, SFP-10UD, System 500, and System 5000.
Corrected KDM-R2 (Backlight ON) current draw in the NFS2-640 sheet, also corrected the
RM-1 current draw used with the DVC in applicable sheets.
Improved listings inside the battery calculation sheets for the LDM series modules, ACM-8R
relay module, and the SCS smoke control annunciator. Users will now be able to configure
current draws for these devices without going to external sources like manuals.
Updated the Annunciator section on applicable sheets, updated some older devices and
included some newer devices like the LCD2-80.
Added the ability to set the charger setting for the AMPS-24. Depending on what the charger
setting is for the AMPS-24 will determine the total maximum power of all devices that can be
placed on the power supply. The AMPS-24 is now able to charge from 7AH 200AH
Added Auxiliary Device slots and the NC-100R to the NSP-25 battery calculation.
Derating factor for Canada for 100AH and greater batteries has increased to 2.5.
Added the DS-DB Digital Series Distribution Board and Amplifiers to the appropriate sheets.
Also included the DS-DB in the Voice Worksheet.
Added Intelligent Devices that draw auxiliary power section to the NFS2-3030, NFS2-640,
and NFS-320 sheets.
Added Secondary Alarm Draw for the CPS-24 and the AMPS-24 for applicable control
Subtracted 200mA off the Secondary Alarm draw for the NCA2 with Backlight off with Loss of
AC option. This was done because the Primary Alarm draw for the NCA2 is 400mA, the
Primary Alarm draw is being used as the Secondary Alarm draw so the 400mA draw in
Primary Alarm is incorrect for the NCA2 with Backlight Off with Loss of AC option.

Release 2.2.2 Changes (Live Update Release)

Corrected the battery charging capacity for the DAA2-5025/DAA2-5070 sheet. Charging
capacity was raised to 200AH.
Corrected the battery charging capacity for the DAX-3525/DAX-3570 sheet. Charging
capacity was lowered to 26AH batteries.
Removed battery charging capacity for the DAX-5025/DAX-5070 sheet. There is no charger
that is included with the DAX series 50-Watt amplifiers. Users must now choose a charger
like the CHG-120 or work off another sheet that is charging the batteries.

Release 2.2.1 Changes (Live Update Release)

Corrected current draws for Main Circuit Board and FCPS (Remote Sync) in NFW2-100
Rev.3 sheet.
Renamed XRM-24 to XRM-24B in NFW2-100 Rev.3 sheet.

Release 2.2 Changes (Internet Release)

Added the following sheets to the Notifier Battery Calculations package:

o HPFF8, HPFF12, DAA2-5025/70, DAA2-7525, DAX-3525/70, DAX-5025/70, NFW2100 Rev.3, and the FireVoice 25/50DA(ZS).
Changed the way that Secondary Alarm time for all sheets is entered in. There will no longer
be a dropdown with fixed times to select, you will now have to double click on the cell to enter
in the Secondary Alarm time in minutes. The sheet will automatically convert the selected
time into hours.
Changed the design of the battery distribution chart.

Added some additional AC Branch devices to selected sheets. This was done to include the
Honeywell Power power supplies and the new DAA2 and DAX Audio Amplifiers.
Changed the way total Secondary Alarm load is calculated. The value will no longer go over
the maximum current for that selected control panel or power supply.
Cleaned up some invalid named ranges on all sheets.
Added conditional formatting for Primary Non-Alarm total cells. Each sheet will now highlight
and show in red any primary non-alarm draw that exceeds the maximum that is allowed by
that control panel or power supply.
Updated the clear sheet procedure to be quicker.
Relabeled some of the headers on the Current Draw sheet for all control panels and power
supplies to be more descriptive.
Added a custom battery feature to the Battery Size sheet for all control panels and power
supplies. Users will be able to enter in their own battery into the yellow cell located in the
battery list.
Added a new Voice Worksheet to calculate current draws for those Voice Control panels that
are being backed up by another power supply or control panels batteries. Users will be able
to launch a new Voice Worksheet or open an existing Voice Worksheet from the Control
Panel or Power Supply that have the batteries that will back up those voice systems.
Updated the database with some new Intelligent Initiating Devices and some Notification
Updated the RP-2001/2002 sheet to use the method of using the fixed value of 40mA per
IDC circuit in alarm rather than using the actual current draw of devices placed on those IDC
Updated the XPIQ sheet to better match the manual by computing only secondary current
draw rather than including the primary alarm draws.
Removed the NFW-100 sheet from the battery calculations.
Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

Release 2.1.1 Changes (Live Update Release)

Corrected the Main Circuit Board current draw for the FireWarden-100-2 Rev.2 Intelligent
Control Panel.

Release 2.1 Changes (Internet Release):

Wheelock Exceder Series Horns, Strobes, and Horn/Strobes added to the database.
Corrected a bug in the Update procedure that was causing error messages to appear in
Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines.
Updated versioning method for sheets so all sheets will have a new version number when
Live Updates are performed.
Updated the SFP-5UD and SFP-10UD sheet.
o Added the N-ANN-RLY to the calculation.
o Updated the way Conventional Smoke detectors are added to the sheet. Alarm
current draw for 2-wire and 4-wire devices are now handled based on how many IDC
circuits are being used. 0.040 amps are added per IDC Circuit that is being used on
the Control Panel.
o Added drop downs for the Main Circuit Board and the 4XTM to take into account
added current draw for using Reverse Polarity Alarm output and the Reverse Polarity
Trouble output.
Added the NSP-25 Intelligent Control Panel sheet to the program.

Release 2.02a Changes (Live Update Release):

Added the NP-100R to all of the FireWarden Series control panels.

The following parts have been removed and replaced with updated parts:
o RA400Z -> Replaced with RA100Z

o RTS451 -> Replaced with RTS151

o RTS451KEY -> Replaced with RTS151KEY
Added the following parts to the database:
o FSP-851R, NP-100R, and B200SR.

Release 2.02 Changes:

Made the Keyboard/Display option for the NFS-3030 and NFS2-3030 sheet selectable rather
than defaulted to 1.
Added the AMPS-24 to the NFS-3030 and NFS2-3030 sheet.
Added the ACPS-610 to the C4 Maximum Secondary Alarm Draw section of the NFS23030 Sheet.
Added several power supplies to the C4 Maximum Secondary Alarm Draw section of the
NFS2-640 Sheet.
Corrected a problem with the NCA, NCA2, and Distributed System battery calculation sheet
that was not correctly setting the minimum and maximum allowable current draw for certain
power supplies.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 2.0.2

Release 2.01 Changes:

Fixed the totals formulas for the NFW-50, NFW-100, NFW2-100, and the NFW2-100 Rev.2
Control Panels.
Added the following parts to the database:
DNR, DNRW, 2251-COPTIR, 7251DH, FCM-1-REL, FMM-4-20, FSC-851, NBG12LXBL, NBG-12LXSP, XP10-M, XP6-C, XP6-MA, XP6-R, FSL-751D, B501BH2, and B501BHT-2.
Added the APS2-6R to the following control panels:
o NFS2-3030, NFS2-640, NFS-320, NFS-3030, NFS-640, AM-2020, System 5000,
AFP-400, AFP-200, XPIQ, ACPS-610, NCA2
Added 2 new devices to the FireWarden Series Panels
o NMM-100-10
o NZM-100-6
Updated the Distributed System battery calculation to allow for more power supply selection.
Corrected a spelling mistake on all sheets on the Battery Size sheet. The word secondary
was misspelled in the Current Draw table.
Updated the Update program.
Fixed in all sheets the way users enter in secondary alarm time in minutes. This was done to
allow the Battery Size sheet to be copied and pasted easier into programs like Auto-CAD.
Clarified ACM/AEM 24/46 Annuciator LEDs item in relevant battery calculations. Made it
clear to only enter in those LEDs that were illuminated in Non-Alarm conditions rather than
all LEDs.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 2.0.1

Release 2.0 Changes:

Fixed dropdown boxes in all sheets for Initiating Devices and Notification Appliances. All
dropdowns should now accurately display the correct current draw when typing in part
Fixed all Intelligent Control panels to more accurately display current draw for SLC loop
devices. When entering in SLC loop devices the sheets will no longer use alarm current
draws for individual parts but instead charge the maximum amount of current allowed per
SLC loop. This corrects a bug that was causing extraordinarily high current draws when large
quantities of devices were used.


Added the ACPS-610 to all UL 9 Control Panels.

Updated KDM-R2 current draw for the NFS-320 and NFS2-640 Control Panel.
Updated current draws for the NFS-3030 and NFS2-3030 sheets for the Keyboard/Display
Option and removed the current draw for the AMPS-24 power supply to match the AMPS-24
Added the N-ANN-RLY and the N-ANN-LED to the FireWarden 50 Control Panel.
Fixed the warning for the Primary Non-Alarm current inside the NFS2-640 sheet. The value
was moved from 3amps to 4.4amps.
Added the NFW2-100 Rev. 2 Sheet.
Live Update added to the battery calculation sheets. Note: Make sure all battery calculation
sheets and the launch page are closed before running the update program.
Updated all Notifier logos in all battery calculation sheets.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 2.0

Release 1.7.4a Changes:

Added new DAA-7525 battery calculation sheet
Fixed current draws and sheet labels on the DAA-5025/DAA-5070 sheet.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.4a
Release 1.7.4 Changes:
Added new System Sensor Notification Appliances to the database.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.4
Release 1.7.3 Changes:
Fixed Current Draw totals formulas on the Current Draw sheet for the FireWarden-100 and
FireWarden-100-2. These formulas were inadvertently leaving off the last 2 rows on the
Added the ACPS-610 Sheet
Added the Distributed Systems Sheet
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.3
Release 1.7.2 Changes:
Added SFP-5UD/S Sheet
Added SFP-10UD/S Sheet
Added RP-2001/RP-2002 Sheet
Fixed AC Branch current inside of the FCPS-24s6 and FCPS-24s8 sheets to read 3.2 amps
in 120 VAC.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.2
Release 1.7.1 Changes:
Fixed a bug where all Notification Appliances were not being displayed in the dropdown
boxes. All Notification Appliances should be displayed correctly now.
Added new Notification Appliances to the Notifier Device Database.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.1
Release 1.7 Changes:

Adding an APS-6R will now appropriately add the extra 6 amps of power and will no longer
cause cells to turn red before total power runs out.
Maximum battery size that fits in each panel/power supply cabinet has been fixed. Adding
26AH batteries to the AMPS-24 power supply will no longer generate an error on the Battery
Size page.
Changing the voltage from 120 VAC to 220/240 VAC will now correctly change the voltage on
the Battery Size page.
Checked current draws and added new devices for Gentex and Wheelock parts to the Notifier
Device Database.

Added miscellaneous parts to the Notifier Device Database.

Added progress bars to some of the sheets so users can more accurately keep track of how
much power is being used when AC is on (primary power).
Added the NFW2-100 sheet.
Added the NFS2-640 sheet.
Added the NFS2-640 sheet.
Added the NFW-50 sheet.
Added the SCS-8 and SCS-8L Smoke and HVAC Control Station devices to compatible
Minor bug fixes and interface changes.
Changed version on all sheets to Version 1.7.

Release 1.6 Changes:

Added a new sheet, AM2020/AFP-1010 Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Added a new sheet, NFS2-3030 Intelligent Control Panel.
Added a new sheet, NCA2 Network Control Annunciator.
Corrected the DAA-5025/5070 Digital Audio Amplifier sheet, updated current draws and
format to better reflect the manual.
Updated Notifier Device Database:
o Updated existing System Sensor NAC devices current draws.
o Added new SpectrAlert Advance devices from System Sensor.
o Added a few new devices to the Initiating Device section of the database.
o Updated current draws for the FM-101, FZM-1, and the FDM-1.
Fixed a bug in the SFP-2404 sheet that wasnt allowing total secondary alarm load to reach
6.0 amps after adding an XRM-24 transformer.
Fixed the NFS-3030 battery calculation sheet Current Draw page to now show the totals at
the bottom when users do a Show Selected Devices. Also fixed the gray area around the
C4 table to now appear white so if users want to print the Show Selected Devices view
there will not be a gray background showing up around the table on the printout.
Corrected some sheets that were not updating battery-charging ranges when users were
selecting auxiliary power supplies.
Updated main code module to reflect changes made to new and existing sheets.
Version on all sheets changed to 1.6.

Release 1.5.2 Changes:

Updated the 411UDAC sheet to allow the use of only one battery.
Fixed a bug that was causing the Initiating Device dropdowns to not be populated correctly.
Added a 4 column to the ACPS-2406 sheet. Users will now be able to configure Secondary
Alarm requirements for the power supply.
Added a check box to the NFS-640 sheet that enables users to cut the JP12 jumper and
lower the SLC loop current draw from 400mA to 200mA.
Updated the Notifier Device Database with all new parts and current draws for Notification
Appliances and Initiating Devices.
Added a new sheet, the DAA-5025/DAA-5070.
Added System 500 and System 5000 sheets.
Updated Launch Page to include newly added sheets.
Version on all sheets changed to 1.5.2

Release 1.5.1 Changes:

Repaired the NFW-100 sheet to re-include the XRM-24 Transformer. The XRM-24
Transformer was inadvertently left out of the 1.5 release of the Notifier Battery Calculation

Release 1.5 Changes:

Added RFX Wireless to all relevant sheets.

Repaired NFW-100 sheet to include total alarm load for Addressable Devices. Fixed current
draws and added new devices.
Added 2 new devices to the database, the FSB-200 and the PF24.
Changed the way adding new power supplies effects maximum current. Adding power
supplies will now increase capacity of all sheets to handle more devices based on total
current available.
Added the ability for calculating maximum secondary alarm current for relevant sheets. This
changes the way certain sheets work through the addition of audio amplifiers and external
power supplies that are backed up by the panels batteries. Reports have been changed to
Changes in main code module to reflect the variety of changes to the sheets like the new
reports and new devices.
Versioning changed on all sheets to 1.5

Release 1.4 Changes:

Added the ability to save sheets anywhere on a users hard drive. Users will now be able to
access the Notifier Device Database from anywhere on the machine.
Added Project Information to the Battery Size sheet for all panels. Users will now be able to
enter in Project Information and have it for their print out.
Added a button to clear the Project Information on the Battery Size sheet.
Updated print area on the Battery Size sheet so that now it will print out in two different
sheets making information more clear.
Rebuilt all workbooks to remove excess bloat.
Updated the NFW-100 and AFP-100 calculation sheets to allow for the input of a XRM-24
transformer to increase the capacity of each panel.
Updated Notifier Device Database to include Multi-Candela devices from System Sensor and
updated and fixed several current draws that were inaccurate.
Added the LCD-160 display to the NFS-3030 sheet.
Updated version on Battery Calc front end to 1.4.

Release 1.3 Changes:

Split the FCPS-24s6/8 sheet into two separate sheets named FCPS24s6.xls and
FCPS24s8.xls. Changed labels and conditional formatting to handle the amperage capacity
of each charger.
Expanded the following sheets to have 15 Notification Appliance and Initiating Device
dropdowns: ACPS-2406, FCPS-24s6, FCPS-24s8, NFS-640, NFS-3030, and XPIQ.
Got rid of separating Notification Appliances into different circuits and consolidated them into
one section on the following panels: AFP-200, SFP-2404, and XPIQ.
Modified code to handle the new setup of Notification Appliance and Initiating Device
Modified the Battery Calc front end to add in the new separate sheets of FCPS24s6 and
FCPS24s8 and updated versioning to 1.3.
A few minor bug fixes to the sheets.

Release 1.2 Changes:

Changed the number of Initiating Device dropdowns from five to eight. Changes apply to all
Changed the number of Notification Appliance dropdown boxes from five to eight, eight to
fourteen, and twelve to twenty. Changes apply to all sheets.

Added the XP6-R, XP6-C, XP6-MA, and XP10-M modules to the AFP-200, AFP-400, NFS640, and NFS-3030 sheets.
Added the NFW-100 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control panel to the battery calculations sheets.
Added a link to the NFW-100 Intelligent Fire Panel into the Battery Calculation front end.
Minor bug fixes to some of the sheets.
Updated revision on Battery Calculation Front End to 1.2.

Release 1.1 Changes:

Changed the text on the AC_Branch sheet of all sheets to read Note: These selections only
determine the AC branch current. If these devices will affect the battery requirements, you
need to select them on the System Current Draw sheet., on the was added to the end so it
would make sense.
Added two buttons to the Battery Size sheet on all sheets to the derating factor section to
change the derating factor to reflect Canadian requirements about how high a derating factor
should be used based on what size batteries are used.
Replaced the Check Hyperlinks on the Battery Size sheet on all sheets with buttons set not
to print to give a better printout. New code was added to each button to give the same
functionality as the check hyperlinks.
Added versioning to the Battery Calculation front end. Set the version release at 1.1.
Changes made to the parts database that include new parts and updated current draws for
System Sensor notification appliances.
Redesigned front end and fixed a bug that was causing drop downs in all sheets from not
working properly.

Note that the current values in this workbook only provide a guideline for calculations. Because
these values are subject to change and interpretation, it is the customers responsibility to make
sure the values are up-to-date and valid.