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New Delhi, Dt. 13-08-09

The General Managers (Engg.), All 16 Zonal Railways.

The General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata.
The General Managers, DLW Varanasi, CLW Chitranjan, RCF Kapurthala, DCW Patiala,
ICF Perambur, WAP Bangalore, CAO/Con./Metro Railway.
Sub: Track Renewal Proposals (TRP) for Works Programme 2010-11.
The track renewal works proposals for inclusion in the Works Programme 2010-11 are
now to be framed by the Railways and sent to the Board for scrutiny as PWP 2010-11.
An elaborate exercise is made every year to identify the stretches which are due for
renewals. The details of track due for renewal, obtaining as on 1.4.2010 need to be updated.
It is important that the annual arising of track due renewal is to be cleared as it accrues
so that accumulation does not take place. For this, the track, which needs renewal, should be
identified carefully and proposals framed for renewal works.
The exercise for works programme should be comprehensive and systematic. The
details and proposals in respect of one Major Section should be kept together rather than
showing as different proposals. Similarly CTR works as well as other Miscellaneous
Works in a Section shall be kept separate. This will facilitate preparation of Estimate,
Tendering and Completion Report etc.
The track due renewal will form the basis for formulating track renewal proposals. The
criteria for due renewal could be one or more of the parameters specified in IRPWM. The
proposal must be framed after careful scrutiny and collection of field data.
The rail renewals on condition basis (other than GMT) should be scrutinized properly. It
should be ensured that only those proposals which are considered necessary from safety
consideration are only proposed in such cases. Complete details in such cases should be
brought out in the proposal.
The proposal should be framed as per details in Annexure III to V. All the details given in
the format must be indicated accurately. In addition, any special feature which help establish
the justification for renewal and not covered by the points mentioned in Annexure III to V should
be brought out, separately. The cumulative GMT figures, wherever required should be as on
In addition, following items should also be kept in view and details be furnished to the
extent available.
In case rail renewal is planned on corrosion criteria, it should be indicated
whether painting of rails had been done as a prevention of corrosion and, if yes, at what
The proposed track structure should be as per the provisions in the IRPWM.
However, in case of rail renewals proposed on criterion other than GMT and if existing
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sleepers are 52kg PSC, proposed rail section has to be chosen carefully. The proposed
rail should normally be 52kg however, it can be 60kg in case the remaining life of PSC
sleepers up till renewal is expected to be less than 7 years, i.e. these were laid in 1986
or earlier.
A proposal for CTR work should include the renewal of Turnouts, renewal of Bridge
Timbers, strengthening of Loop Lines, Formation Widening, Formation Rehabilitation, Level
crossing widening, Ballasting and Fitting renewals etc, if needed, in the stretch proposed for
CTR. However, details of Loop lines strengthening Turn-out renewals, Bridge Timber
replacement etc should be indicated separately in the same proposal. The other works i.e.
Ballasting, TFR, Formation rehabilitation and Level Crossing widening etc should be included in
the unit cost of this particular CTR work along with TSR and TRR.
10.0 As indicated in Para 301 of IRPWM, the following types of special works may also be
proposed by Railway, where necessary.
Through Fitting Renewal (TFR)
Through Weld Renewal (TWR)
Through Ballast Recoupment (TBR)
Through Bridge Timber Renewal (TBTR)
Through Turnout Renewal (TTR)
Through Formation Treatment (TFTR)
These proposals should be framed in as much details as any other track renewals
proposal with full justification. The format for such work is given at Annexure-V.
11.0 The track structure as prescribed in P.way Manual should be adopted while formulating
proposals. In case, the track structure proposed is not in accordance with the provisions in Pway Manual, reasons should be brought out clearly for adopting such track structure.
12.0 TTR works should be proposed with Thick Web Switches & Weld able CMS crossings as
per criterion laid down in Track Policy Circular No. 1 of 2008. Also refer Railway Boards Letter
No. Track-I/21/2007/0401/7/1 dated 10.08.2007 accordingly and minimum 1/7th of Railways
requirement is to be proposed. Such TTR works should clearly show renewal with TWS &
WCMSC in the name of work.
13.0 Three copies of the computerised track diagram updated up to 31.3.2009 and duly
indexed should be sent to Boards office along with the PWP 2010-11. Colour codes used to
show various parameters such as rail, sleepers etc. shall be in accordance with provisions in
IRPWM. The track renewal proposals for Works Programme 2010-11 should be marked on track
diagram and flagged. The sanctioned works along with the progress of these works, as on
31.3.2009, should also be indicated on the diagram.
The track renewal proposal should be made out in form of a booklet which should
contain details as indicated below:
Latest System Map of Railway in A-4 size (as Annexure-I) in addition three
copies of A-4 size and three copies of detail System Map should also be sent along
with the PWP.
Name of Major Sections with Code. (based on data given by Railway for Track
Statistics database.)
Summarised status of Major Section in the Annexure-II.
Detailed proposals in Annexure III to V
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Summarised position for CTR, TSR and TRR works in Annexure-VI
Summarised position for Miscellaneous Works in Annexure-VII. The details of
Annexure VI and VII, however, will be required to be entered in ACCESS database, emailed separately. While making entries work type should be entered as per instructions
being emailed.
The Rate analysis for arriving at the Unit Cost of each type of work should be
furnished as Annexure -VIII. More than one unit cost for one work type may be given if
required as per site conditions i.e. (i) Some CTR works may require formation
treatment/protection works while others may not. (ii) TTR may be complete or only
renewal of switches and crossings. Unit cost should take into account all costs including
labour charges, D&G charges etc.
15.0 The PWP 2010-11 (in Five copies) duly approved by GM and vetted by Associate
Finance should be sent to Boards Office before 10.09.2009 so as to hold discussions with
Zonal Railways in time.
16.0 This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Encl: Annex. II to VII.

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Director Civil Engg. (P)
Railway Board