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Aricent Interview Questions

Excerpts from Interview #1:
(CSE student having 10th grade - 82.4%, 12th grade - 83.3%, Graduation score - 80.7%)
Technical Interview:

Write the code for inserting a node in singly linked list including 3 cases of inserting in first, last, middle?
How is it possible to have only a specific Functionality as per the user for an Object i.e. load only user specific
functionality (& not all the functionality of the class to be loaded in the object)?

What is significance of static keyword in classes in JAVA ?

How can we have an Abstract Class without using any virtual Function in it?

Why is meant by pipelining and how does it work?

Compare Raid model with water fall model in SE?

Define double end queue.

HR Interview:

What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

What do you know about this organization?

Do you have offers from other IT companies?

As an employee, what do you expect from us?

Is there anything you wish to ask the Interviewer?

What would you say is your strongest quality?

What interests you most about this position?

Do you work well under pressure?

If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? Why?

Excerpts from Interview #2:

(A B.Engg ECE student from Panjab University with 7.34 CGPA and having 87.5 % in 12th and 90 % in 10th standard.)
Technical interview:

Explain the difference between router, hub and switch.

State three differences between Binary tree & Binary search tree?

Write a code for inserting a node in Binary search tree?

What are arrays? How are they defined in Java ?

What is a Java bean?

State the meaning of scheduling and its use in OS? Explain its types.

What is tree traversals in binary search tree ?

HR Interview:

Introduce yourself.

You say that you are self motivated, so can you motivate me too?

What has been your toughest decision up to date?

Why do you want this job?

What qualities do you think will be required for this job?

What can you contribute?

Why do you want to work for this company?

Tell me something negative about our company.

How do you feel about the compensation being offered? Dont you think its a bit less?

Explain your project (full front end, back end, hardware ,software ,technology etc)

He will mess around with all types of stuf based on what you say about your project. Like if you say that you

implemented your project in you local college LAN, he will as how did you access from a local system or stuf like cant
people from outside view this too etc

About diferent Routing Protocols

Draw a 2 networks and show how devices are connected and set network addresses

Diferent types of ports and there uses

what is DNS


about the fork command

about semaphores and various other read/write mechanisms

About paging

about memory management

C programming:

write linked-link program

write program to delete 4th node in linked list

write program to find loop in linked list

implement queue using stack

a few other c programs related to data structures


what is a simpleton class.he asked me how can you make a class with only one instance

the access protectors in java

write a program with a custom made exception

how to allocate memory in java

immediately after previous question what happens when you write obj a = new obj() you have to say a reference to

the class obj is created with the name a, then memory is allocated to it and the constructed is called.
SQL queries all of them one after the other. All of them using select and group by statements mostly.The tech I went to did not ask
me anything about this, asked my friends
Data structures and Algorithms:

What are the diferent types of sorting

What are the time complexities for each sorting algorithms

What is the best sorting algorithm for all cases . I said merge sort

Write the algorithm for quick sort

Write the algorithm for merge sort

Explain the Splay tree he will give some number and ask you to insert

what tree will give you minimum in order of 1, min heap is the answer

Software testing:
The diferent types of testing, best testing based on situation
Overall it was a tuf one, the interviewer was a nice guy and in the end he asked some HR questions like my hobbies etc. Then he
said oh Im sorry i forgot to introduce myself Im XXX senior software engineer he said this to all the students who were interviewed
by him. Freaked me out for sure
Round 4(HR round):
In this round he will ask you questions from the form you filled before, try not to forget what you filled. There was a lot of stress
testing like you did very bad in the technical round why?or you dont look confident, stuf like that. He will also check your
communication skills. The usual self intro , talk about parents , adaptability etc, also are you willing to work night shifts.
I was asked to convince him that I was useful to which i replied Whatever i say now wont sound convincing but give me a chance
and i will show you , probably not the best answer.
Then most of the HR panels asked random logical questions like the following:

There are 10 racers, how many races do you need to determine the fastest 3 racers. Ans 1 , you time each race
and choose least 3 times.

Your grandpa is sick and you need to cross a river that is 50 km wide in a boat to the other side of the shore for
medicine. Your boat only has enough fuel to travel for 15 minutes what will you do. Ans just say that your boat is a
speed boat and has a speed 0.999 times the speed of light

A boat is docked on the side of a river and u have a 20 lemons on the same side of the boat.The boat will sink if you
put a single lemon on it. Place all the lemons on the opposite bank of the boat. Ans simple move the boat to the other
side and the lemons will be on the opposite bank of the boat.

After the HR round we had to wait and finally 58 were selected.In my college all 58 got internship too . IN some other colleges one a
few got intern from those placed. Also some people were not called for HR which sorry, to say probably means you are rejected .