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What is your opinion about the difference services like Product services
provided by personal by the RelianceLife?


Percentage of

Very Good






Dont know


Percentage of Respondents



Very Good



Dont Know

The Services provided by the RelianceLife are fair. Services like the pre & post
sell of product services are good & fair. The environment of working is good
and pressure free



The persons, who had come across the advertisement of the company, had
seen it on television while only few people had known about the company
from newspapers and hoarding. This means that the company can use
television as a powerful medium to promote itself and its products. This
indicates that the company has very low promotional efforts & its must
promote itself by other media.

One of the major factors for the drift of financial consultant towards other
Life insurance companies is the lake of adequate information about
Reliance. Even though the company offers better services & the brand in
image of its competition is also no threat, but still due to its poor
promotional activities it is losing its market to the competitors.

They should give better package to the financial consultant.

The staff of Reliance Life has good working potential.

Some of the financial consultants should recruit on the payment bases on

the fixed target.

The company should simplify the procedure & provide flexible time for
training & recruiting the financialconsultant.
The company must identify its target if it wants to make its advertisement
campaign effective and fruitful. The audience may be potential Financial
consultant, Customers of the company, current users, Deciders or
Influences. The target audience will critically influence the companys
decision on its advertisement.

Special Development Manager should be appointed for highlighting

the organization in the market.

The company can sponsor sports events, educational camps, cultural

events etc. and thus earn publicity.



Reliance Life has strong parentage & long-term commitment to this

business. It is trust worthy company.

Company has a commercial tie-up with Standard Life, which is a number

one company of UK.

RelianceLife is renowned for transparency and high corporate governance


In Reliance Life the Certified Financial Consultant have free environment

of working. There is no time boundation.

Financial consultant of RelianceLife have unlimited opportunity to earn.

Financial consultant profession gives up to 40% gross margin without
Any capital investment in the business.

The facility provided by the company to the financial consultant is very


All the Financial consultants were satisfied with the staff-co-operation

and co-operation of their SDMs
Besides Monetary benefits non-monetary benefits are also there, which
encourage the financial consultant for better performance. Non-monetary
benefits like Club Membership benefits & MDRT Benefits.

Reliance Life Company doesnt have a good network and comparatively

less number of financial consultants as compare to other companies but it

has a good hold over market as the services given by financial consultant
and development officer is very good.

Most of the people have heard about HDFC but not necessarily about the
HDFC Life Among those who have heard about HDFC, most of them
only know of its existence as a Bank & Housing Finance Company, while
a few are aware of the fact that HDFC is also a Life Insurance Company.
Only negligible ratio of the people knows that the company operates in
the field of Life Insurance.

Most of the people are also aware only about the public players Like LIC
in life insurance, names of private sector companies in Life Insurance.

HDFC Life Company covers good market share but now its company in
the market has increased to great extent it has to compete both with other
companies public as well as companies of private sector.



Busy Schedule of Concerned Executives

The time duration could not provide ample opportunity to study every
detail of the company

Customers were unaware of many terms related to same while asking to


As the company on account of confidential report has nit disclosed some

figures. Moreover, in some cases separate accounts of division are not
separately maintained thereby.

Area of study chosen was not large




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Current Residential Address:

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2. Have you heard about RELIANCE LIFE?

i Yes

3. If you have heard about RELIANCE life, kindly share your information
about the same?

4. Are you aware about?

i. Life Insurance
ii. General Insurance

5. Do you like to join a prestigious company?

ii No

6. Do you want to
i. Earn extra
iiPart time job cum business
iiiAwards & Recognition
ivStatus symbol, brand name & growth

7. Have you seen the advertisement of Reliance Life?

i. Yes
ii. No

8. Awareness about the career in Insurance Sector

i. Yes
ii. No



Books Referred
Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
Business Research

by N.K.Malhotra

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Search Sites ,

Websites of organization
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The Times of India
The Economics Times