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Herb Simon 1950 LADY SIMEIAStratigiki of resolution of problem.

Space of resolution of problem.
- initial situation
- final situati
- the all intermediary katastaseisOi persons create cor
responding intellectual situations in their brain in order to they untie him.
INTELLECTUAL KATASTASEISNoitikes situations of knowledge in the brain lyti.
Initial situation Final situation (goal).
Search of likely new situations.
Telestes of passage.
Strategies of passage in the final situation -(Heuristics).
Intermediary solutions.
What makes the problem difficult.
The way that is given in lyti.
The ypokeimeniki knowledge lyti.
The size of space of resolution.
The method that it uses lytis in order to it investigates the space of resolutio
The intermediary solutions that are determined or no in the problem.
General Problem Solver
Newell, Shaw, & Simmon 1958,1960.
Calculating model of resolution problimatonOi situations of knowledge are kept i
n the memory of work.
The effects teleston on the situations knowledge are kept in the long-lasting me
Algorithms & StratigikesOi algorithms solve always a problem examining the ALL l
ikely situations of problem up to the achievement of objective.
The strategies cannot guarantee the resolution of problem, him they make however
in smaller time and with least labour.
StratigikesStin beginning lytis learns general strategic independent from the pr
oblem (domain-independent srategies) Eg. reject of rains epanalipsisMe this kno
wledge learns how it resolves the particular problem. (domain-specific heurist
ISOMORFISMOSDyo problems is isomorfika when exists antistoichisi to-between thei
r their space of resolution and teleston.
PARADEIGMATAPyrgoi of AnoiTeratakia and sfairesTeleti his tsagioyAPOTELESMATANor
mative theory of problem solvingRight most optimal lysiApoklisi of persons f
rom this and giatiChrisi of strategies for the achievement of objective (Heuris
Use isomorfismoy between problems.
Interdisciplinary approach .
PLEONEKTIMATAI TH.CH.E.P shows us that the persons using simple rules reach in t
he solution of problem the TH.CH.E.P us show which type learning he happens at t
he process of resolution of problimatosI TH.CH.E.P us he shows that the comprehe
nsion of problem influences his process of resolution.
PERIORISMOIArchiki-final situationWell definedDomain independent KnowledgeTow
ers of AnoiOikologiki EgkyrotitaAsafis initial and final situationIll definedD
omain dependent Knowledge.
Keys in amaxiOchiPaichnidia Probl.Kathimerinotitas