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23 Samantha Marie S.

John Q Movie Reflection Paper
There comes a time in our life that we may come to face challenges that would require us
to choose between life and death if we would resort to a violent act in order to save someone
dear to us or just accept the reality and let that person die because you dont have the means to
save his life.
In a moral and educated perspective, it was unjustifiable that John Q used violence in
order to get his son on the list of those who need a heart transplant. I get that hes left with no
choice and hes much too desperate to get his son the immediate surgery that he needs in order to
live but still, what he did was wrong. It was wrong in such a way that you captured 11 innocent
people (not to mention that they were all patients who needs treatment too) and held them as
hostage just to blackmail the police officers to do whatever you asked them to do. There are still
many ways that would help him raise such amount like loaning money from the bank and
promising to pay it back in legal terms or why not make a fund-raising event like benefit
concerts for Mike. And also, he shouldve asked God His will for his son. If its His will to let
him live or not.
From my own opinion, I think that what John Q did was wrong on some point but his
intention was pure and that all he wanted was to let his son live to the point that he would even
dare to risk his life. Any parent would do anything for their child, thats how great the love our
parents have for us. And just like any parent, John Q did what he thought was right at that
moment. The most painful thing that a father could experience is burying his own son before
him, and I think thats what scared John Q the most thats why he was able to do some morally
unacceptable act.
One character that showed the use of an ethical system is Rebecca Payne. Rebecca Payne
is the supervisor of the hospital where Mike Archibald was admitted. She acted in a utilitarian
way by thinking that assisting John Qs son for free treatment will not do society any good due to
millions of HIV patients facing the same problem. Mike is only a modicum of the health care

problem faced by many. Utilitarian believes that the outcome of any action has to be for the
happiness of many. Rebecca Payne may be a pariah to her community for refusing to offer free
treatment to Mike, but her action may be justified by a utilitarian.