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The Secrets of Body Language History Channel DVD Notes

1. 7% of human communication is verbal. 93% of what we communicate with others is nonverbal.

2. When you can read body language, every moment you spend with others can be valuable. In
business, every moment you spend with others can be profitable.
3. Walking speed sends out messages about power.
4. Body language is often complex and easily misunderstood.
5. There is great meaning behind who walks in a door first. In the Middle East, this has great cultural
6. A pat on the back is a way to demonstrate power.
7. When world leaders get together, they know that the opportunity to demonstrate dominance is the
handshake photo opp.
8. Having the upper hand implies dominance. Grabbing by the elbow can show who is the leader.
9. Even in a seated position, the bodies of world leaders can say a lot.
10. A politicians body language can easily give him/her away.
11. Hands behind the back indicate a person has nothing to hide.
12. A self-touch gesture says, Here we go. I can get through this. (Ex. President Richard Nixon)
13. When a person makes a definitive statement, and then retreats or backs away, it is likely that what
they have just said is false.
14. The arm-cross shows protection.
15. To unlock the secrets of body language, experts rely on an analytical system called norming.
Norming analyzes body language in contrast to how a person responds normally to situations.
16. It is believed that if people can see your eyes, they can also see your soul.
17. Crossing ones hands in front of the body demonstrates good behavior. (Ex. Paris Hilton)
18. President George W. Bushs body language showing his playful nature after committing social
blunders reveals his resilience to his mistakes.
19. The Great Debate between Presidents Nixon and John F. Kennedy first prompted politicians to
be mindful of their images.
20. Ones back is slightly hunched over when one feels threatened. Confidence causes ones chest to
stick out. Posture is important!
21. When giving speeches, politicians wave hello to individuals. This gives the impression that they
know a lot of people.
22. Good salespeople smile. People buy products based on how they feel about the salespeople.
23. Body language should not be considered in isolation.
24. Gesturing on the beat as one speaks is the mark of a good speaker.
25. One shows integrity when ones movements are all done in a straight line. (Ex. Pres. Bill Clinton)
26. Reading body language is an extremely important part of law enforcement. If you can recognize a
threat, you can counteract it.
27. Remember 3 important terms that people often use to conceal a gun:
1) Blading 2) Billowing 3) The Thumb Twitch
28. Dr. Paul Eckman studied whether there were universal expressions that crossed cultural
boundaries. He found that there are 7 universal facial expressions: 1) Happiness,
2) Sadness, 3) Anger, 4) Fear, 5) Surprise, 6) Contempt, 7) Disgust
29. Micro-expressions come out quickly before we have time to think about them.
30. Body language and voice tone have a large impact on how well one communicates.
31. The higher ones voice, the less credibility one has.
32. President Reagan is known as The Great Communicator.
33. Whenever there is a conflict between words and body language, believe the body language!