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55658 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

183 / Thursday, September 22, 2005 / Notices

Dated: September 10, 2005. Wayne Road, Suite 107, Romulus, Dated: Issued in Romulus, Michigan on
Condoleezza Rice, Michigan 48174. Telephone Number August 5, 2005.
Secretary of State, Department of State. (734–229–2956)/Fax Number (734–229– Winsome A. Lenfert,
[FR Doc. 05–18967 Filed 9–21–05; 8:45 am] 2950). Documents reflecting this FAA Acting Manager, Detroit Airports District
BILLING CODE 4710–37–P action may be reviewed at this same Office FFA, Great Lakes Region.
location or at Bolton Field Airport, [FR Doc. 05–18933 Filed 9–21–05; 8:45 am]
Columbus, Ohio. BILLING CODE 4910–13–M


is a legal description of the property
Federal Aviation Administration DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
located in Columbus, Franklin County,
Public Notice for Waiver of Ohio, and described as follows: Federal Aviation Administration
Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance, Beginning at a 3⁄4″ iron pipe and cap
Bolton Field Airport; Columbus, OH set at the northwesterly corner of the Noise Exposure Map Notice; Receipt of
said 110.86 acre tract and being in the Noise Compatibility Program and
AGENCY: Federal Aviation centerline of Georgesville road; Thence Request for Review, Portland
Administration, DOT. north 76°35′37″ East along the International Jetport, Portland, ME
ACTION: Notice of intent of waiver with centerline of said Georgesville Road a
respect to land. AGENCY: Federal Aviation
distance of 102.74 feet to a 3⁄4″ iron pipe
Administration, DOT.
SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation
and cap set.
ACTION: Notice.
Administration (FAA) is considering a Thence South 1°6′50″ West passing a
3⁄4″ iron pin at 101.25 feet on the
proposal to change a portion of the SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation
airport from aeronautical use to non- southerly right of way line of said Administration (FAA) announces its
aeronautical use and to authorize the Georgesville Road and the northwest determination that the noise exposure
release of 13.6672 acres of airport corner of a 16.715 acre tract conveyed map for Portland International Jetport,
property for an exchange of property to Robert Eicholt, Rita J. Sabatino, John as submitted by the City of Portland,
between the Columbus Regional Airport R. Hetrick as recorded in OR13962G03, Maine under the provisions of Title I of
Authority (CRAA) and the City of Recorder’s Office Franklin County, Ohio the Aviation Safety and Noise
Columbus. The land currently houses a and continuing along the westerly line Abatement Act of 1979 (Pub. L. 96–193)
solid waste transfer station that will of the said 16.715 acre tract and easterly and 14 CFR part 150, is in compliance
remain on the site. The land was line of said 110.86 acre tract, a total with applicable requirements. The FAA
conveyed to the City of Columbus in distance of 596.98 feet to a 3⁄4″ iron pipe also announces that it is reviewing a
Deed Volume 2803, page 547 of the and cap set; proposed noise compatibility program
Recorder’s Office, Franklin County, Thence South 88°49′46″ East along that was submitted for Portland
Ohio. The land was acquired by the City the southerly line of the said 16.715 acre International Jetport under part 150 in
of Columbus with funding from Federal tract and a northerly line of said 110.86 conjunction with the noise exposure
Grant 8–39–0026–01. There are no acre tract a distance of 676.04 feet to a map, and that this program will be
impacts to the airport by allowing the 3⁄4″ iron pipe and cap set;
approved or disapproved on or before
airport to dispose of the property. Thence South 1°10′14″ West a March 8, 2006.
Approval does not constitute a distance of 692.21 feet to a 3⁄4″ iron pipe EFFECTIVE DATE: The effective date of the
commitment by the FAA to financially and cap set; FAA’s determination on the noise
assist in the disposal of the subject
Thence North 88°49′46″ West a exposure map and of the start of its
airport property nor a determination of
eligibility for grant-in-aid funding from distance of 775.35 feet to a 3⁄4″ iron pipe review of the associated noise
and cap set in the westerly line of said compatibility program is September 9,
the FAA. In exchange, the CRAA will
110.86 acre tract and easterly line of the 2005. The public comment period ends
receive a parcel of land (43.562 acres)
Southwest Airport Industrial Park, on November 11, 2005.
currently being used as a golf course
facility adjacent to Port Columbus Section 2 and recorded in Plat Book 45, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John
International Airport. This parcel is page 73 of the Recorder’s Office, C. Silva, Federal Aviation
partially located in the existing Runway Franklin County, Ohio; Administration, New England Region,
Protection Zone for Runway 10R–28L as Thence North 01°06′50″ East along the Airports Division, ANE–600, 12 New
indicated on the approved Airport westerly line of the said 110.86 acre England Executive Park, Burlington,
Layout Plan (ALP) for Port Columbus tract and the easterly line of the said Massachusetts 01803.
International Airport. Southwest Airport Industrial Park, Comments on the proposed noise
In accordance with section 47107(h) Section 2, passing a 3⁄4″ iron pipe at a compatibility program should also be
of title 49, United States Code, this distance of 1160.84 feet and being the submitted to the above office.
notice is required to be published in the northeast corner of Lot 1 of said SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This
Federal Register 30 days before Southwest Airport Industrial Park, notice announces that the FAA finds
modifying the land-use assurance that Section 2 and the southerly right-of-way that the noise exposure map submitted
requires the property to be used for an line of said Georgesville Road, a total for Portland International Jetport is in
aeronautical purpose. distance of 1263.19 feet to the place of compliance with applicable
DATES: Comments must be received on beginning, containing 13.6672 acres of requirements of part 150, effective
or before October 24, 2005. land and being subject to all legal September 9, 2005. Further, FAA is
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: highways, easements and restrictions of reviewing a proposed noise
Mary W. Jagiello, Program Manager, record. compatibility program for that airport
Federal Aviation Administration, Great Bearings are based on State Plane which will be approved or disapproved
Lakes Region, Detroit Airports District Coordinates NAD 83. All 3⁄4″ iron pipes on or before March 8, 2006. This notice
Office, DET ADO–608, 11677 South and caps set has the logo S5669. also announces the availability of this

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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 183 / Thursday, September 22, 2005 / Notices 55659

program for public review and developed in accordance with the comments, other than those properly
comment. procedures contained in Appendix A of addressed to local land use authorities,
Under section 103 of Title I of the FAR part 150. Such determination does will be considered by the FAA to the
Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement not constitute approval of the extent practicable. Copies of the noise
Act of 1979 (hereinafter referred to as applicant’s data, information or plans, exposure map, the FAA’s evaluation of
‘‘the Act’’), an airport operator may or a commitment to approve a noise the map, and the proposed noise
submit to the FAA a noise exposure compatibility program or to fund the compatibility program are available for
map which meets applicable regulations implementation of the program. If examination at the following locations:
and which depicts non compatible land questions arise concerning the precise Portland International Jetport, 1001
uses as of the date of submission of such relationship of specific properties to Westbrook Street, Portland, Maine
map, a description of projected aircraft noise exposure contours depicted on a 04102.
operations, and the ways in which such noise exposure map submitted under Federal Aviation Administration, New
operations will affect such map. The Act section 103 of the Act, it should be England Region, Airports Division,
requires such map to be developed in noted that the FAA is not involved in ANE–600, 16 New England Executive
consultation with interested and any way in determining the relative Park, Burlington, Massachusetts
affected parties in the local community, locations of specific properties with 01803.
government agencies, and persons using regard to the depicted noise contours, or
the airport. An airport operator who has in interpreting the noise exposure map Questions may be directed to the
submitted a noise exposure map that is to resolve questions concerning, for individual named above under the
found by FAA to be in compliance with example, which properties should be heading: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
the requirements of Federal Aviation covered by the provisions of section 107 CONTACT.
Regulation (FAR) part 150, promulgated of the Act. These functions are Dated: Issued in Burlington, Massachusetts
pursuant to Title I of the Act, may inseparable from the ultimate land use on September 9, 2005.
submit a noise compatibility program control and planning responsibilities of LaVerne F. Reid,
for FAA approval which sets forth the local government. These local Manager, Airports Division.
measures the operator has taken, or responsibilities are not changed in any [FR Doc. 05–18930 Filed 9–21–05; 8:45 am]
proposes, for the introduction of way under part 150 or through FAA’s
additional non-compatible uses. review of a noise exposure map.
The city of Portland, Maine submitted Therefore, the responsibility for the
to the FAA, on August 31, 2005, a noise detailed overlaying of noise exposure DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
exposure map, descriptions, and other contours onto the map depiciting
documentation that were produced properties on the surface rests Federal Aviation Administration
during the Airport Noise Compatibility exclusively with the airport operator
Planning (part 150) study at Portland that submitted the map, or with those Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking
International Jetport from December public agencies and planning agencies Advisory Committee Meeting
2001 to August 2005. It was requested with which consultation is required
that the FAA review this material as the under section 103 of the Act. The FAA AGENCY: Federal Aviation
noise exposure map, as described in has relied on the certification by the Administration (FAA), DOT.
section 103(a)(1) of the Act, and that the airport operator, under § 150.21 of FAR ACTION: Notice of public meeting.
noise mitigation measures, to be part 150, that the statutorily required
implemented jointly by the airport and SUMMARY: This notice announces a
consultation has been accomplished.
surrounding communities, be approved The FAA has formally received the public meeting of the FAA’s Aging
as a noise compatibility program under noise compatibility program for Transport Systems Rulemaking
section 104(b) of the Act. Portland International Jetport, also Advisory Committee (ATSRAC).
The FAA has completed its review of effective on September 9, 2005. DATES: The ATSRAC will meet October
the noise exposure maps and related Preliminary review of the submitted 12, 2005 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT.
descriptions submitted by City of material indicates that it conforms to the ADDRESSES: The FAA will conduct the
Portland, Maine. The specific maps requirements for the submittal of noise meeting by teleconference and by
under consideration were: (1) ‘‘Figure compatibility programs, but that further Webex. The instructions for both are
24. Noise Exposure Map DNL Contours review will be necessary prior to indicated below under the heading
for Year 2002 Operations with and approval or disapproval of the program. ‘‘Meeting Instructions.’’
without Terrain Adjustments’’; (2) The formal review period, limited by FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
‘‘Figure 26. Noise Exposure Map DNL law to a maximum of 180 days, will be Shirley Stroman, Office of Rulemaking,
Contours for 2007 Forecast Operations completed on or before March 8, 2006. ARM–208, FAA, 800 Independence
Compared to Contours for 2002 Existing The FAA’s detailed evaluation will be Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591;
Operations’’; and (3) ‘‘Figure 38. Noise conducted under the provisions of 14 telephone (202) 267–7470; fax (202)
Compatibility Program DNL Contours CFR part 150, § 150.33. The primary 267–5075; or e-mail
for 2007 NEM’’; along with the considerations in the evaluation process
supporting documentation in Noise are whether the proposed measures may
Exposure Map and Noise Compatibility reduce the level of aviation safety, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This
Program Updates, August 2005. The create an undue burden on interstate or notice announces a meeting of the Aging
FAA has determined that the maps for foreign commerce, or be reasonably Transport Systems Rulemaking
Portland International Jetport are in consistent with obtaining the goal of Advisory Committee. The meeting
compliance with applicable reducing existing non-compatible land topics are listed under the ‘‘Meeting
requirements. This determination is uses and preventing the introduction of Agenda’’ heading of this notice. The
effective on September 9, 2005. additional non-compatible land uses. meeting is open to the public; however,
FAA’s determination on an airport Interested persons are invited to participation will be limited to the
operator’s noise exposure maps is comment on the proposed program with number of persons the meeting
limited to a finding that the maps were specific reference to these factors. All arrangements can accommodate.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:53 Sep 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00045 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22SEN1.SGM 22SEN1