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Ordinarily Sidhis have the capacity to fulfill any desire yet in the
arenas of spirituality and parapsychology its meaning is more
widespread and profound. Over here it is synonymous with the
potential to give positive results with reference to extraordinary
and wondrous feats. The experiences of lay public in comparison to
this are pygmy-like and the dry arguments put forth by intellectuals
too turn helpless. For example, without taking help of astrology or
other props it is well nigh impossible for ordinary folks to foresee
the future of others, without help of any means manifesting
desirable objects, without use of medicines curing virtually
incurable diseases etc and hence can be demarcated as Sidhis
(Divine Powers) and those possessing Sidhis are called Sidhhas or
self realized saints.
In ancient times our Rishis possessed innumerable Sidhis. Yet as
time lapsed by these Sidhis were no longer witnessed. In the present
era too such saints with Sidhis have appeared in this world who
time and again by proving the existence of extraordinary divine
potentials gave a new basis to modern scientists to think about it
deeply and act accordingly. Thus all those clouds of atheism
regarding existence of Divine Powers were rent asunder. Even today
in the inaccessible regions of Himalaya Mountains (India) one can
find divine hermitages and spots of intense austerities where such
Sidhas and saints are immersed in penance and for them Divine
Powers are very easy to manifest.

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Kalapgram, situated in Himalayas as described in Puranas is such a

divine hermitage where thousands of Sidha Yogis roam about in
their subtle/astral bodies and are immersed in spiritual practices.
This Ashram or hermitage is situated ahead of Manasarvar Lake and
Mount Kailash and is impossible to see with the gross physical eyes.
It is only that person blessed with divine subtle vision who can see
it. This area stretching out for miles together is rarer than the
rarest. It is totally free from the limitations of seasons, time and
atmosphere. Over here one is just not affected by heat and cold. As
time moves on so many times the world was created and later
annihilated yet this hermitage is situated rock hard and its residents
dwell beyond the bondage of time and space.
As per the opinion of well experienced personages Vedic Eras
Vasishtha, Vishwamitra, atri, Kanad, Pulastya Rishis even today can

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be seen to dwell there in an embodied form. In this region that is

Sidha great Yogis like Mahayogi Gorakhnath, Jagadguru
Shankaracharya etc. can be seen to move about. Apart from these
many unknown Yogis too perform spiritual practices here. There
are some Yogis who are immersed in Samadhi or trance for
thousands of years. Not only Yogis, sages and ascetics but even
female Yoginis and women ascetics can be seen moving about in
this Kalapgram hermitage. Over here there exist no negative
tendencies like fraud, hatred, enmity etc but that in the arena of
spiritual practices everyone is blissfully immersed in unearthing
uplifted natures mysteries.
For more scientific e literature pls visit and
As per the opinion of experienced devotees over here, lies a Sidha
Yoga Lake which by itself is divine, grand and one without a second.
The water of this nature created lake spanning miles long flows
continuously and is pure, clean and crystal clear. This water from
the standpoint of coolness and sacredness is extraordinary. By
touching this water the entire body is rendered divine, sacred and
extraordinary. One special quality of this water is that by bathing in
it old age and diseases are overcome by themselves. On the banks of
Sidha Yoga Lake boats made of crystal bob up and down seated in
which any Yogi or devotee can roam in the lake waters. The entire
region is covered with fragrant flowers. The entire ground is
covered with muslin soft green grass. Innumerable varieties of
flowers bloom here. These are always healthy, fresh and full of
heavenly fragrance. Seated under the Kalpavriksha or Wish
Fulfilling Trees of this area devotees can fulfill any of their desires

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Family Improvement
Future Concepts and Prophecies
Health and Fitness

Many great ascetics/Sanyasis and Yogis of India have traveled to

Sidhashram. Swami Akhileshwaranandji was such a great self
realized saint who has had experience of this divine land. A detailed
description of miraculous feats and Sidhis of these has been
enumerated by him in his book Himalaya ke Mahayogiyon ki Gupta
Sidhiyan. Amongst these 12 Sidhis worth noting are as follows:

Religion and Spirituality


Parkaya pravesh sidhi



Akashgaman sidhi



Jalgaman sidhi

Women's issues

4) Hadi science via which without eating food one can live long
for thousands of years
5) Kadi science via which a Yogi or devotee can sustain his
existence under any situation. They are just not affected by heat,
cold, rains, fire, snowfall etc.
For more scientific e literature pls visit and
6) Kal sidhi via which one can see incidents or moments that
have occurred thousands of years previously. Along with this
future events that will take place thousands of years henceforth too
can be visualized. In it where and what shall take place is unveiled.

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7) Sanjivani science which was known only to Shukracharya and

other few Rishis. Via this Sidhi a dead person can be brought back
to life.

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8) Icchamrityu via which one cam master death and if a devotee

so desires he/she can live for thousands of years to come and die
only when he/she wishes to do so.
9) Kayakalpa sidhi via which total bodily transformation is
undergone wherein an old or diseased person becomes youthful and
regains sound health.
10) Lokgaman sidi via which not only on planet earth but one can
travel to any other Lokas or worlds. It is like we traveling from one
place to another by car. Via this Sidhi one can travel to various
worlds called Bhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha,
Satya, Chandra, Surya, Patal and Vayu and meet their respective
denizens. One can also learn their supreme sciences.
11) Shunya sadhana sidhi via which one can derive anything from
Prakriti or nature. From Shunya or void one can by attaining food
items, objects, precious diamonds and jewelry etc one can procure
desired success and wealth.
12) Surya vijnan sidhi via which one material can be transformed
and converted to material of another different variety.
Solar Science or Surya Sidhant is an important principle put forth
by Maharshi Patanjali. It was he who had first elaborated and gave
clarifications regarding this. Later his students named Sudhanva,
Priyanku Dedetva etc researched further into it. In contemporary
times too great personages like Nimish, Chaitanya, Lahiri,
Virochan, Swami Vishudhananda etc have mastered Solar Science.
In his Sutras or aphorisms Maharsh Patanjali has clarified that
present within solar light are multicolored rays whose combined
form are white and can be called a sanctifying element. The white
rays of the sun can by caught only using a 24 cornered crystal.
Every corner of this crystal is circular with reference to each other.
When solar rays fall on this crystal lens they become focused.
These focused rays go from one circular corner to another in a
single flow and when it reaches the 24th circular corner it is
rendered totally white in color and this ray on falling on any
material can convert/transform it to any other different desired
form. In this manner an ordinary stone can get converted to
precious diamond. The specialist of Solar Science knows which
material of nature has how many circular corners. Swami
Akhileshwaranandji while performing this application would
exhibit to his disciples in 2 minutes flat the conversion of stone to
The western thinker and researcher Paul Brunton in his book A
Search in Secret India has spoken about the great Yogi Swami
Vishudhananda who had mastered Surya Vijnan or Secret Science
of Solar Rays. As a result of this wisdom he possessed innumerable
Sidhis or Divine Powers. While talking about Maharshi Patanjalis
Jayantar Parinam or the art of converting one type of object into
another one, he had detailed its scientific basis.
According to him everywhere in this world objects are present as
eternal existence yet all of them are not necessarily in their
manifest visible form. Whichever materials measure is more
developed and manifests more, can become visible to our eyes. For
example a piece of iron is not merely a piece but that all other types
of materials dwell in it albeit in an invisible potential form. In it
even gold element exists but is very subtle and invisible. Yet if this
latent state of it is activated and its measure is augmented its iron
aspect diminishes and since the latent state of gold in it is activated
the iron piece gets converted to gold.
For more scientific e literature pls visit
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In reality neither in the above case iron was destroyed nor was gold
newly created. Both were present before and are there in the now
too. The difference only is in the measure of its manifestation and
denseness. After understanding the action skill and apt mystery of
this difference between visible and invisible at any place and any
material can be manifested. This then is the mystery/secret behind
the conversion or transformation of the existence of materials via
the medium of Yoga Energy/Shakti. This can also be executed with
the help of Solar Science or Surya Vijnan.
Where on the one hand via Solar Science it is possible to convert
one type of material into another type, this can be done via Yoga
Power too without taking help of any external apparatus like crystal
prism etc. While talking about Yoga Power Swami
Alkhileshwarananda writes in his book Himalaya ke Yogiyon ki
Gupta Sidhiyan that externally the sun shines brightly. And within
us all too dwells a sun that millions of times more brilliant and hot
than the material sun we see in the sky but unfortunately the light
and heat of the sun in our inner being dwells in a scattered
unfocused manner. Via the medium of Yoga practices by focusing
this light and heat within via the medium of our eyes by throwing
its influence on that particular material it can be converted to
another type of desired material.
In the same way this book mentions Parkaya Pravesh or subtly
entering anothers body, overcoming deadly diseases and warding
off death too. Similar is a special action called travel on the Shunya
(void) path wherein within a flash of a moment one can travel to far
off places carrying as much luggage as one wants. While unfolding
the profound mystery of this process he says that by controlling the
entire body Ida and Pingala Yogic subtle nerves have to be
harmonized. As soon as this happens the entire body becomes even
lighter in weight than air and thus can move with that speed
unimaginable by the human mind.
In this manner the world of Divine Powers of Yogis of Himalayas is
verily mind boggling and rare which cannot be trusted in an
immediate way because on an average it becomes a topic of
superficial curiosity and wonder. And yet despite this manifestation
of true facts/proof regarding this time and again places its stamp of
authority on the existence of such Sidhis. No doubt due to the hype
spread around these Divine Powers that aspect which is ignored is
spiritual practice conjoined to them inseparably. Along with
spiritual practices step by step Divine Powers definitely start
manifesting yet by looking upon them as obstructions on the way to
attain the supreme spiritual goal of life we are directed by great
Gurus and Self Realized Masters to save ourselves. During very
mature stages of spiritual practice Sidhis are not a topic of
superficial curiosity for realized saints and adept Yogis but in fact
these Sidhis become their aides and servants. These great saints
make use of Divine Powers only for world welfare tasks. Whatever
maybe the case, the boundless potential of Spiritual Sciences forces
us all to accept the existence of Sidhis or Divine Powers.
AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International
Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who
wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects
for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra
Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance,
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Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific

Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated
to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology &
Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the
world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial
website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders
and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world.
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Atul hardwaj
February 1 4, 201 3 at 6:40 am #

hello sir,,,,it is very interestinghow can we learn these types of siddhis?

specially to see the other loks?

February 1 5 , 201 3 at 6:01 am #

Dear Atulji,
Thanx for appreciating. Pls visit and contact HQ of All
World Gayatri Parivar. You can also email: and write
to them. Pls be patient for their reply.
Warm regards

jyoti pravesh dubey

October 1 6, 201 3 at 1 2:5 9 pm #

Sir I want to know about this also i want a guru who posses these sidhis
can you become my guru please contact at my mail

October 1 6, 201 3 at 3:5 9 pm #

I am merely a translator although I am a Sadhak also like you. Pls read

my email for more info. Warm regards

June 1 0, 201 4 at 1 2:1 6 pm #

Your post is really very useful. Can you please some info or guide to perform
some sidhis to help peoples in our society. Now I am in Haridwar please contact
me still June 25. I want to meet you.

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