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LMS Digital Citizenship

Responsible, Respectful, Focused Technology Use

posters are up
throughout our
building to
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ACCEPTABLE USE: Failure to comply with HCS Acceptable Use Policy and policies
listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook may result in the loss of
privilege to take the issued iPAD home or use of personal iPADs in general. !

PRIVACY: iPADs are the property of Hampton City Schools and as a result may be
seized and reviewed at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy
of materials found on an issued iPAD.!

ELECTRONIC RECORDINGS: Electronic recordings obtained with the iPAD may

NOT be shared or rebroadcasted for any reason by the student without permission.
Any recordings done without the knowledge or consent of the person(s) being recorded
will be subject to State and Federal Laws, reported to proper authorities; and, may
result in criminal prosecution. !

o Do not let anyone borrow your iPAD.!
o Never leave your iPAD unattended.!
o Only use your iPad for instructional purposes. !
o Charge up your battery each night at home. !
o If insurance is not purchased, you and your parents will be responsible for
damages. !



Students will use the iPads for instructional purposes only. Use ONLY the
apps that you have permission to use. !
2. iPads will be closed on the desks until directed by teachers. !
3. Students will not swap iPads with another student. !
4. Students will not copy and paste text for class assignments (no plagiarism). !
5. Students will not use any social networks, unless authorized by the teacher. !
6. Modifying any applications, system/device settings is prohibited. !
7. No destruction of the device, such as putting holes in it, taking it apart,
throwing it around, getting it wet, use of lotion while using the iPad,
magnetic items near it or dropping it. Keep food and drinks away from the
iPad. !
8. No audio taping or photographing in school is allowed (teachers, students, or
other staff) without written permission. !
9. When not in use, the iPads will remain flat, or at the lowest angle, on the
desk. !
10. Do all software/computer updates at home. !

Learning Intentions
I will understand good digital citizenship by:!
Defining digital citizenship!
Recognizing the qualities of a good digital

Ill Show That I Understand By:

Correctly identifying good digital
citizenship at school and at home using
situations given to me by my teacher.!
Creating a situation that shows an
example of good digital citizenship.!
Writing a definition of digital
citizenship in my own words.!

What is Citizenship?
Citizenship refers to your relationship with
the community you are a member of. !
Communities have rules that everyone must
Communities also have expectations for

What s Digital Citizenship?

Appropriate Use at School

Only use your iPad when your teacher
allows you to use it.!
Only use apps and visit sites that are
appropriate for your classwork.!

Appropriate or Not?
During math, your friend tells you about a
cool new game he found, so you decide to
download right away.!
Your teacher has asked you to make a
Keynote presentation in science, but you
decide to take pictures of yourself instead.!
Your class is studying state capitols, so you
use Google Street View to see the capitol
building in Richmond.!

Appropriate Use at Home

Only visit sites and use apps that you
would not be embarrassed for anyone
else to see you on.!
Only use your iPad to communicate
with others positively and

Appropriate or Not?
You have a test over the water cycle tomorrow, so you spend
30 minutes reviewing facts on Study Stack when you get
You were supposed to be in bed by 9:00 because it s a school
night, but you stay up until midnight playing Minecraft.!
You have not been getting along with a boy in your class, so
you decide to make an embarrassing BitStrip about him and
send it to your friends.!
Your brother wants to borrow your iPad to look at a website
that has a lot of inappropriate photos, but you don t let him.!

What can happen?

You can lose access to your iPad temporarily.!
Your access to apps and features can be restricted.!
Certain features on your iPad can be disabled.!
Your iPad can be confiscated permanently.!
Disciplinary action can be taken by your parents,
teachers, and administrators. !
In extreme cases, it may be necessary for the police
to become involved.!

What is digital etiquette (or netiquette)?!
Why is it important to communicate clearly
How can you make sure you re
communicating clearly?!


Treat other people how you want to be treated.

Every time you use a
web-connected device,
you leave a trail.!

Digital Footprint
The internet is NOT private.!
Whenever you visit a site, information is
automatically stored on your device.!
Anything you post online can be traced back to
Pretty much everything you post online will be
around forever, even if you think youve deleted it.!
What you do online doesnt just affect you, it can
affect your friends and family too.!

Digital Footprint
Your iPad is NOT private.!
The iPad you get to use belongs to Hampton City
HCS employees can view the contents of your
iPad anytime they decide it s necessary.!
You should be aware of how the things on your
iPad would look to someone else.!

Think About It You Will

You post an inappropriate photo of yourself and
some friends online because you thought it
would be funny. One of your classmates sees it
and shares it with their friends, who share it
with their friends, until eventually your parents
and teachers see it. Many people are upset by
the picture, but it is impossible to take it down
because you don t have control over it anymore.
How does this add to your digital footprint? !

Think About It You Will

You are having a problem with a classmate at
school that has really made you angry. Instead
of talking to the person or a teacher and dealing
with the problem, you post something
inappropriate on a social media site when you
get home about that classmate. How does this
add to your digital footprint? What could
happen as a result of your post?!


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