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High Command

Major General (Major General): Is in charge of the whole division. Has the final
say over any issues affecting the division. Is the Commanding Officer for the Division.
Brigadier of the Guards (Brigadier): Is the Executive Officer for the Division. Is
tasked with the overall appearance and conduct of the Division.
Chief of Staff (Staff Colonel): Is tasked with the day-to-day operations of the
Division. Is the Operations Officer for the Division.
Brigade Major
for Infantry (Major of the Infantry): Is tasked with the overall
training, conduct, and appearance of the Foot Guards.
for Cavalry (Major of the Cavalry): Is tasked with the overall
training, conduct, and appearance of the Guard Cavalry.
for Artillery (Major of the Artillery): Is tasked with the overall
training, conduct, and appearance of the Guard Artillery.
Garrison Sergeant Major (Garrison Sergeant Major): Is tasked with the
secretarial and record keeping duties for the Division.
Middle Command
Public Relations Officer (Staff Major): Is tasked with reaching out to the NW
Community for the Division. Will be responsible for keeping regimental contact
information recorded with the Garrison Sergeant Major.
Division Recruitment Officer (Staff Captain): Is tasked with reaching out to
people and regiments who might like to join the Division. Is in charge of the Recruitment
Teamspeak Manager (No Rank, Appointment): Is tasked with maintaining the
Division Teamspeak. Will be responsible for maintaining accurate icons.
Event Manager (No Rank, Appointment): Is tasked with maintaining accurate
schedules for all regiments within the Division. Will also be tasked with setting up and
running any Division Events.
Low Command
Regiment Commanders (Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major): Leaders of the various
regiments within the Division. Are tasked with the appearance, attendance, and conduct
of the men/women under their command.
Regimental Recruitment Officers (Staff Ensign): Each regiment will have a
Staff Ensign that is tasked with recruiting for the regiment itself. All of these Staff Ensigns
will make up the Recruitment Staff along with the Division Recruitment Officer who is in
command of this staff. These Staff Ensigns will make reports to the Division Recruitment
Officer who can, in turn, inform the Middle and High Command of new recruits, merges,
Regimental Command (Various): Each Regiment is expected to have its own
command structure that will allow it to function on a day-to-day basis without the
intervention of the High or Middle Command.


Staff Ranks
General Officers
- Major General
- Brigadier
- Staff Colonel
- Staff Lt. Colonel
- Staff Major
- Staff Captain
- Staff Lieutenant
- Staff Ensign
Staff NCOs
- Garrison Sergeant Major
Infantry Ranks
- Colonel of the Infantry
- Lt. Colonel of the Infantry
- Major of the Infantry
- Captain of the Infantry
- Lieutenant of the Infantry
- Ensign of the Infantry

Regimental Sergeant Major

Colour Sergeant
Lance Sergeant
Lance Corporal


Cavalry Ranks
- Colonel of the Cavalry
- Lt. Colonel of the Cavalry
- Major of the Cavalry
- Captain of the Cavalry
- Lieutenant of the Cavalry
- Cornet of the Cavalry

Squadron Sergeant Major

Squadron Sergeant
Staff Corporal of the Horse
Corporal of the Horse
Lance Corporal of the Horse

Veteran Trooper

Artillery Ranks
- Colonel of the Artillery
- Lt. Colonel of the Artillery
- Major of the Artillery
- Captain of the Artillery
- Lieutenant of the Artillery
- 2nd Lieutenant of the Artillery

Battery Sergeant Major

Battery Sergeant
Lance Bombardier

Master Gunner