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The story of

Groups and Spaces

This is my story.
It all starts with a pine cone bird feeder.
Turns out, lots of people are doing
interesting things in the world
But how do people find out about these
ideas, projects, organizations...
From this the Artiscycle project was born,
a research platform to explore effective creative practices
1. Applied Aesthetic 2. Applications and Strategies 3. Framework/Tools
User searches database of After completing this input function, a grouping of results These throughput applications
historical and contemporary will provide users a means to search and select specific are translated into specific
examples of artists, collec- applications and strategies based on the applied aesthet- frameworks and tools for users
tives, projects etc. that attend ic inputs they have searched for. via downloadable forms and
to critical socio-cultural issues. Sub-Categories: toolkits.
4Education 4Business/Economics
Useres will search from 8Learning Strategies 8Entrepreneurship Framework/Tools
Key Categories: 8Curriculum/Resources 8Subversion
4Policy 8Incubation 4Education
4Education 8Awareness 4Community 8Frameworks for project
4Policy 8Legislation 8Visualization development
4Health 8Campaign 8Mediation 8Curriculum and resource
4Cultural/Social 4Health 8Design development
4Business/Economics 8Physical 4Ecological
4Community 8Mental 8Restoration 4Project Incubation
4Ecological 4Cultural/Social 8Modeling 8Frameworks for
4Design 8Mediation 8Awareness incubating projects/ideas
8Visualizations 4Design 8Modeling of Objectives
8Historical context 8Architecture
8Public Space

4. Network and Communication
This closed loop cycle will be sustained by a network of
concerned parties communicating about upcoming proj-
ects and opportunities to collaborate.
4Social Network 4Project Profile Wiki
Creating of user accounts Participants can share proj-
and opportunities to talk with ects and outcomes
eachother about crucial issues
The plan? Let’s see whats happening out there -
talk to people, research terrains and draw some conclusions
Let the field research commence!
12 cities, 6 months, lots of groups, lots of spaces...
Center For Urban Pedagogy
New York, NY
New York, NY
Space 1026
Philadelphia, PA
Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
Greensboro, NC
Mildreds Lane
Beach Lake, PA
Fluent Collab
Austin, TX
Everrett Street Station Lofts
Portland, OR
Rock, Paper, Scissors Collective
Oakland, CA
Machine Project + Echo Park Film Center
Los Angeles, CA
Back Story Cafe and Mess Hall
Chicago, IL
Along the way I met Brett, Marc and Salem
The past:
groups and spaces
original site
The original
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A tool for educators, artists and citizens. Search for resources, collaborate and work together.

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Get Started! Get Started! Temporary Services
Temporary Services started as an experimental exhibition space
Why contribute? in a working class neighborhood of Chicago. Our name directly
reflects the desire to provide art as a service to others. It is a
Full Profile

Are you looking for InCUBATE

collaborators or resources?
InCUBATE is a research institute and artist residency program
dedicated to exploring new approaches to arts administration
and arts funding.
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Option One: Option Two: Future Farmers

Find collaborators or Search for resources Victory Gardens 2008+ is a pilot project funded by the City
groups and spaces in in our database like of San Francisco to support the transition of backyard, front
yard, window boxes, rooftops, and unused land into organic
your area! curriculum and project food production areas.
Full Profile
Rebar Group
Get Started! Get Started! Providing temporary public open space in a privatized part
of town. One of the more critical issues facing outdoor urban
human habitat is the increasing paucity of space for humans
Full Profile
What is the potentiality of groups and spaces?

4 Project therapy and consultation?

4 Learning curriculum for creative practices?
4 a hub for collaborative networks
4 A new way of framing art making
4 a historical reference point
4 the tipping point for new paradigms
This is Michelle.
She isn’t in an American Apparel advert.

Michelle teaches art in the

Bronx after-school with 15-20
High Schoolers.

She wants to do a community-

based project.

She wants to do something

that is relevant and will
connect with her audience.

Where does she start?

This is Dennis.
He’s a designer who gives a damn.

Dennis works for a fancy

design firm in downton LA.
He thinks sustainability is a
top notch idea for the textile

Unfortunately not too many

people agree or want to spend
more money on this.

He wants to start an art

collective of like-minded

Where does he start? Are

there already initiatives in LA?
can groups & spaces be mobile?
The Present:
groups and spaces
alpha site
The Future:
and ideas
The Future:
Groups and spaces
mobile unit
Groups and Spaces Mobile Unit

Janette Kim and Josh Draper

Groups and Spaces Mobile Unit

Janette Kim and Josh Draper

Janette Kim and Josh Draper
Janette Kim and Josh Draper
Janette Kim and Josh Draper
Janette Kim and Josh Draper
Janette Kim and Josh Draper
Now it’s up to you.

Help spread the word about

groups and spaces

Share your knowledge

and help build a collaborative
resource that can impact your