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Over 300 customers in 50 countries

A technical software developed by UNILAB for the design and simulation of air/water or water/water liquid chillers &
heat pumps, air conditioners, close control units, multifunctional units, rooftops (without rotary or plate heat recuperator), condensing units, evaporating units, remote condensers and any type of special projects which includes a refrigerant cycle.
The design of a new unit is intuitive and quick. It all happens in a graphical environment where the designer can draw the
layout of the unit by dropping the required components of the new unit, such as evaporators and condensers (air, plate
or shell & tube), compressors and fans (axial and centrifugal, even EC fans), with just a mouse click. Then, for each component, the designer can choose from a vast archive of models from the bestselling manufacturers like Copeland, Bitzer,
Alfa Laval, Onda, just to mention a few. Finally the software will quickly identify the balance point of the system and provides detailed information about each components performance.
In UNILAB SHARK, all the heat exchangers, compressors and blowers libraries can be easily upgraded; specific guides
help the user to insert the components data and eventually calibrate it. The software allows you to calibrate units and
components only at one nominal point.
It also enables you to:

Creates Excel tables of performances at different temperatures

Customizable technical report with all input data, calculated

results, and a simple BOM in Word Format

Store customized exchangers (coils, plates, shell & tubes),

fans (axial and centrifugal), compressors, etc. in a network
database server

Set the calibration of the system for each specific component type.

Factors can be applied to adjust the calculation:

duty factors/pressure drop factors at the level of the unit

duty factors/pressure drop factors at the level of the single


fouling factors.

UNILAB SHARK performs the calculation of:

the operation point of the complete unit with direct cycle,

reverse refrigerant cycle, reverse hydraulic cycle

operation point of a portion of the unit: evaporator and compressor, compressor and condenser, fan and condenser, fan
and evaporator

compressor capacity, total capacity, absorbed power, fans

absorbed power, total absorbed power, compressors EER,
fans EER and total EER

Pressure drop:

refrigerant side: shell & tube exchangers, plate heat exchangers, coils heat exchangers

air side: fans, heat exchangers, air filters



Types of components available in


Air or water cooled liquid chillers, with heat recovery and free cooling (single circuit,
two circuits, three circuits, etc., no limit on the total number of refrigerant circuits),
conditioners, close control, multifunctional units, rooftops, evaporating and condensing units, remote condensers, special projects

A single unit: drag & drop design or templates to create new units

A series: possibility to aggregate infinite units in a series, manually or with a procedure that automatically scans folders; possibility to remove units from the series

Archive of coils, geometries, plate heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers,
compressors (scroll, screw, alternative, etc.), fans, etc.

Shell & tubes, compressors (all types), regulators at variable flow (Variex), tubes, fluids, etc.
Compressors, condensers, evaporators, water coils, fans, air filters, hydraulic circuit


Screw, alternative, rotatory

Compressors scroll: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Screws, alternatives, rotators: loaded in the archive suppliers most common models
Finned coils: simulation of exchangers through UNILAB COILS mathematical model

Shell & tubes: condensing inside/outside the tubes



Water coils


Plate heat exchangers: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Shell & tube exchangers: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Mapping model of heat exchanger performances

Finned, brazed (1 or 2 refrigerant circuits), simulation exchanger through performance curves

Shell & tubes: 1 to 4 refrigerant circuits

Plate heat exchangers: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Shell & tube exchangers: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Mapping model of heat exchanger performances

Heating and cooling

Axial single-phase, axial three-phase, centrifugal direct coupled, radials directly coupled, flow regulator (Variex)

Fans: standard archive contains suppliers most common models

Centrifugal belt/pulley, radial belt/pulley

Air filters

Hydraulic valve

Air filters

Output data of a
complete unit

Evaporation temperature, condensing temperature, refrigerant capacity, total capacity, compressor power, fan power, total capacity, EER compressors, EER fans, EER

Output data for

refrigerant circuit

Fluid side: shell & tube exchangers, plate heat exchangers, exchanger simulated by
performance curves

Compressors: absorbed current

Other input data



Calculation shell & tube exchangers or plate with calculation with DT or flow fluid side,
recalculation with maximum capacity

Partialization of the unit/ESEER: setting the operation of each individual compressor/fan

for each step of operation, support for scroll compressors (ON/OFF) and screw (1 100%), simulation of the unit at any step of operation, ESEER and IPLV calculation, calculation of capacity table type ESEER customized, possibility to partialize the fans with a
regulator at variable flow (Variex)

Multi user management (if more than one license is acquired)

Shared component database - installable on MS SQL Server

Export to Word document of the datasheet of a unit

Export to Excel of the capacity tables (single units or entire series)

Export to Excel of the pressure drops tables (only for units like fan-coils or water/air)
Export calculation of the results on Excel spreadsheet (by copy & paste)


Automatic from Excel

Automated unit

Chiller: standard (air/water, water/water), heat pumps (air/water, water/water), total recovery, free cooling coils, partial heat recovery


Conditioners: standard, heat pumps, hot water coils, cold water coils
Remote condensers
Chiller: standard (air water/water water), heat pumps (air water/water water), total heat
recovery, free cooling coils, partial heat recovery

Pure and mixtures liquids (in heating and cooling modalities), Refrigerants (in condensing and evaporating)

Refrigerants available: R134a, R404A, R22, R407C (Dew/Middle), R410A

International System

Calculations can be saved in small files for easy cataloguing

Possibility to save the results in Excel and Word format

Grouping of projects in series

Possibility to share the components archive across the office network, with SQL Server

English and Italian

Other languages on request with additional cost

Unicode support for non Latin alphabets

Logo customization


Only to customers with regular subscription of maintenance contract, which covers a

maximum of n 3 technical licenses. Automatic renewal


Digital download An internet connection is required for both installation and activation.
Further accesses to the internet connection may be required while using the software

Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8, 32 or 64 bits

Fluid properties

Unit of
in archive


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