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MUSA, The half-original man By the God, Bye Father Allah Musa, better known as Moses isa character of much controversy. One of the most controversial subjects of Musa stems from the Wisdom (2) degree in the Lost-Found Lesson No.1. The degree states that Musa was a “half-original man.” This is how you show and prove this degre. ‘The biblical context states that Musa was born of the wibe of Levi (Exodus 2:1). Levi is the 3°" son of Jacob from his 1* wife Leah (Genesis 29:34). Jacob is the son of Isaac (Genesis 25:26), and Isaac is the son of Abraham (Genesis 21:5). Abraham, who was the progenitor of the Hebrews, was a native to the land of Ur Chaldees, which today is modem day rag. Hebrew means “one how crossed over”. Abraham sojourned to the land of Canaan, which happens to be present day Jerusalem of the Sinai Peninsular (Genesis 11:31). So therefore, Moses was of the 7® generation of Abraham, who was native of Ur Chaldees (Iraq). Ur Chaldees during the birth of Abraham, about 1775 BC, was of the so-called Semitic race, and not African (Alka-bulan), as believed by a lot of people of various schools of thought. Proof of this can be found in Biblical context when Moses married an Ethiopian woman. His brother Aaron, and sister Mariam, became ssed (Numbers 12:1). So if Moses were black his family would not have disapproved when he married a black woman, According (o Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, the woman who wrote the profound book, The Isis Papers. She states the following: A Semite is conventionally defined as “a member of any of the people whose language is Semitic, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians, Phonicians, Babylonians, etc. “(Webster's New World Dictionary). The adjective Semitic is defined as “1. Of, characteristic of, or like a Semite or the Semites. 2. Designation or of a major group of languages of south-western Asia and northern Africa, related to the Hamitic languages and divided into East Semitic (Akkadian), North West Semitic (Phoenician, Punic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, etc.) and South West Semitic (Arabic, Ethiopic, Ametheric,)” Webster's New World Dictionary also informs us that the prefix “semi-(., akin to Gr. Hemi-, Sans. Sami-, AS. Sam) means half, as in semidiameter. Thus, both of the words Semite and Hamite (the later from the Greek “Hamite”) could refer to peoples who were Black, but a mulatto- type mixture of Black and white and combinations thereof, hence “semi"-or “hemi’-half Black and half white. The word Semite is from the Latin prefix “semi”- means ‘someone whose ancestry was a Black and white mixture, therefore Black (since Black in genetically dominant). The word “Semite” derives from “Shem”, or “Sem”, who in the biblical context was the pro- genitor of the Semitec line from which Abraham was produced (Genesis 11: 10-27). In the biblical text. Moses people were introduced to Egypt (Africa) through Joseph being brought into Eaypt by Midianites; ‘who bought him from his brothers for twenty pieces of silver (Genesis 46: 7-34). These people are called “shepherd kings” in the field and study of Egyptology. They were foreigners who entered Egypt from the northem lands, through the Sinai Peninsula (land of Canaan)-(Genesis 47:1-4). You could find thi ‘occupation in Egyptology under the 16® to the 18° dynasties. It is known as the “Hyksos” invasion. This ‘will further clear out the fallacies mentioned in biblical scripture, and give you a more clearer Understanding of the “Shepherd Kings”, the Semitic race. The bible and Qur'an are the only books that ive historical accounts of a so-called man called Moses. There is no reference of him in Egyptian records, ‘only the “Hyksos” invasion is mentioned. So the study here has confirmed that the Honorable Elijah Mubammad knew what he was talking about, the man was not crazy when he called Musa (Moses) 2 hal-original man. He (Musa) was a “Semite”, from the ine of Shem, the son of so-called Noah, Musa, being born a Hebrew in the land of Egypt dida’t make him a half-original man, nor was his two-fold mission in teaching the devil “how to build a home for himselfplus some ofthe forgoten trick-knowledge which Yacu had taught them, which was devilishment”, these understandings are allegorical and do not confirm the fact that Musa was half original. The Nation of Islam is all-wise and does everything right and exact-actual facts, Reference to Musa, the half-original man Black man of the Nile Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-jochannon Akenation, Pharaoh _p. 3-6, 12, 104, 174, 235-36, 256, 322, 354-55, 365. 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