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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

157 / Tuesday, August 16, 2005 / Notices 48233

comment (or signing the comment, if intermodal equipment are obtainable in DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
submitted on behalf of an association, the event of a national emergency.
business, labor union, etc.). You may Maritime Administration
Need and Use of the Information: The
review DOT’s complete Privacy Act information contained in the inventory [Docket Number 2005 22107]
Statement in the Federal Register provides data about U.S-based
published on April 11, 2000 (Volume Requested Administrative Waiver of
companies that own or lease intermodal
65, Number 70; Pages 19477–78). The the Coastwise Trade Laws
equipment and is essential to both
Statement may also be found at http:// government and industry in planning AGENCY: Maritime Administration,
for contingency operations. Department of Transportation.
Issued in Washington, DC on August 10,
Description of Respondents: Owners ACTION: Invitation for public comments
of U.S. steamship and intermodal on a requested administrative waiver of
Grady C. Cothen, Jr.,
equipment leasing companies. the Coastwise Trade Laws for the vessel
Deputy Associate Administrator for Safety VIKING IV.
Standards and Program Development. Annual Responses: 22 responses.
[FR Doc. 05–16152 Filed 8–15–05; 8:45 am] Annual Burden: 66 hours. SUMMARY: As authorized by Pub. L. 105–
BILLING CODE 4910–06–P 383 and Pub. L. 107–295, the Secretary
Comments: Comments should refer to of Transportation, as represented by the
the docket number that appears at the Maritime Administration (MARAD), is
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION top of this document. Written comments authorized to grant waivers of the U.S.-
may be submitted to the Docket Clerk, build requirement of the coastwise laws
Maritime Administration U.S. DOT Dockets, Room PL–401, 400 under certain circumstances. A request
[Docket No. MARAD 2005 22108]
Seventh Street Southwest, Washington, for such a waiver has been received by
DC 20590. Comments also may be MARAD. The vessel, and a brief
Information Collection Available for submitted by electronic means via the description of the proposed service, is
Public Comments and Internet at listed below. The complete application
Recommendations Specifically address whether this is given in DOT docket 2005–22107 at
information collection is necessary for Interested parties
Notice and request for
ACTION: proper performance of the functions of may comment on the effect this action
comments. the agency and will have practical may have on U.S. vessel builders or
utility, accuracy of the burden businesses in the U.S. that use U.S.-flag
SUMMARY: In accordance with the vessels. If MARAD determines, in
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this estimates, ways to minimize this
burden, and ways to enhance the accordance with Pub. L. 105–383 and
notice announces the Maritime MARAD’s regulations at 46 CFR part
Administration’s (MARAD’s) intention quality, utility, and clarity of the
388 (68 FR 23084; April 30, 2003), that
to request extension of approval for information to be collected. All
the issuance of the waiver will have an
three years of a currently approved comments received will be available for unduly adverse effect on a U.S.-vessel
information collection. examination at the above address builder or a business that uses U.S.-flag
DATES: Comments should be submitted between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. e.d.t. (or vessels in that business, a waiver will
on or before October 17, 2005. e.s.t.), Monday through Friday, except not be granted. Comments should refer
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Federal holidays. An electronic version to the docket number of this notice and
Richard Walker, Maritime of this document is available on the the vessel name in order for MARAD to
Administration, 400 Seventh Street World Wide Web at properly consider the comments.
Southwest, Washington, DC 20590. Privacy Act: Anyone is able to search Comments should also state the
Telephone: 202–366–5076, Fax: 202– the electronic form of all comments commenter’s interest in the waiver
366–6988; or e-mail: received into any of our dockets by the application, and address the waiver Copies of this name of the individual submitting the criteria given in § 388.4 of MARAD’s
collection also can be obtained from that comment (or signing the comment, if regulations at 46 CFR part 388.
office. submitted on behalf of an association, DATES: Submit comments on or before
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: business, labor union, etc.). You may September 15, 2005.
Title of Collection: Inventory of review DOT’s complete Privacy Act ADDRESSES: Comments should refer to
American Intermodal Equipment. Statement in the Federal Register docket number MARAD–2005 22107.
Type of Request: Extension of published on April 11, 2000 (Volume Written comments may be submitted by
currently approved information 65, Number 70; Pages 19477–78) or you hand or by mail to the Docket Clerk,
collection. U.S. DOT Dockets, Room PL–401,
may visit
OMB Control Number: 2133–0503. Department of Transportation, 400 7th
Form Numbers: None. By Order of the Maritime Administrator. St., SW., Washington, DC 20590–0001.
Expiration Date of Approval: Three (Authority: 49 CFR 1.66.) You may also send comments
years from date of approval by the Dated: August 10, 2005. electronically via the Internet at http://
Office of Management and Budget. Joel C. Richard, All comments
Summary of Collection of will become part of this docket and will
Secretary, Maritime Administration.
Information: This collection consists of be available for inspection and copying
an intermodal equipment inventory that [FR Doc. 05–16228 Filed 8–15–05; 8:45 am] at the above address between 10 a.m.
provides data essential to both the BILLING CODE 4910–81–P and 5 p.m., e.t., Monday through Friday,
government and the transportation except federal holidays. An electronic
industry in planning for the most version of this document and all
efficient use of intermodal equipment. documents entered into this docket is
Further, this collection is intended to available on the World Wide Web at
assure that containers and related

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48234 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 157 / Tuesday, August 16, 2005 / Notices

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Additionally, you should send a copy (c) Ways to enhance the quality,
Michael Gordon, U.S. Department of of your comments to Mark Menchik, utility, and clarity of the information to
Transportation, Maritime OMB Desk Officer, Office of be collected;
Administration, MAR–830 Room 7201, Management and Budget, New (d) Ways to minimize the burden of
400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, Executive Office Building, Room 3208, the collection on respondents, including
DC 20590. Telephone 202–366–5468. Washington, DC 20503. Electronic mail through the use of automated collection
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: As address is techniques or other forms of information
described by the applicant the intended FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: You technology; and
service of the vessel VIKING IV is: can request additional information or a (e) Estimates of capital or startup costs
Intended Use: ‘‘Private passenger copy of the collection from Mary H. and costs of operation, maintenance,
charter.’’ Gottlieb or Camille Dixon, (202) 874– and purchase of services to provide
Geographic Region: Serving coastal 5090, Legislative and Regulatory information.
waterways of Maine, New Hampshire, Activities Division, Office of the Dated: August 4, 2005.
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Comptroller of the Currency, 250 E Stuart Feldstein,
Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Street, SW., Washington, DC 20219. Assistant Director, Legislative and Regulatory
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The OCC Activities Division.
South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. has submitted the Bank Secrecy Act/ [FR Doc. 05–16140 Filed 8–15–05; 8:45 am]
Dated: August 10, 2005. Anti-Money Laundering Risk BILLING CODE 4810–33–P
By order of the Maritime Administrator. Assessment (Risk Assessment) to OMB
Joel C. Richard, under the emergency processing
procedures in 5 CFR 1320.13. Further, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
Secretary, Maritime Administration.
[FR Doc. 05–16227 Filed 8–15–05; 8:45 am] the OCC has requested OMB action
under these procedures by August 24, Internal Revenue Service
2005. Thereafter, the OCC will seek Proposed Collection; Comment
clearance of the Risk Assessment under Request for Form 8846
OMB’s standard procedures.
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Title: Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
Laundering Risk Assessment. Treasury.
Office of the Comptroller of the OMB Number: [1557–To be assigned]. ACTION: Notice and request for
Currency Form Number: N/A. comments.
Submission for OMB Review; Abstract: The Risk Assessment will
enhance the ability of examiners and SUMMARY: The Department of the
Comment Request Treasury, as part of its continuing effort
bank management to identify and
AGENCY: Office of the Comptroller of the evaluate any Bank Secrecy Act/Anti- to reduce paperwork and respondent
Currency (OCC), Treasury. Money Laundering risks associated with burden, invites the general public and
the banks’ products, services, other Federal agencies to take this
ACTION: Notice and request for
customers, and locations. As new opportunity to comment on proposed
products and services are introduced, and/or continuing information
SUMMARY: The OCC, as part of its existing products and services change, collections, as required by the
continuing effort to reduce paperwork and the banks expand through mergers Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
and respondent burden, invites the and acquisitions, management’s Public Law 104–13 (44 U.S.C.
general public and other Federal evaluation of money laundering and 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is
agencies to take this opportunity to terrorist financing risks must evolve as soliciting comments concerning Form
comment on a proposed information well. Absent appropriate controls, such 8846, Credit for Employer Social
collection, as required by the Paperwork as this risk assessment, these lines of Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on
Reduction Act of 1995. Currently, the business, products, or entities could Certain Employee Tips.
OCC is soliciting comments concerning elevate Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money DATES: Written comments should be
an information collection titled ‘‘Bank Laundering risks. received on or before October 17, 2005,
Secrecy Act/Money Laundering Risk Type of Review: New collection. to be assured of consideration.
Assessment.’’ Affected Public: Businesses or other ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments
DATES: Written comments should be for-profit. to Glenn Kirkland, Internal Revenue
submitted by August 24, 2005. Number of Respondents: 2,042. Service, Room 6516, 1111 Constitution
Total Annual Responses: 2,042. Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224.
ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments
to the Communications Division, Office Frequency of Response: Annually. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
of the Comptroller of the Currency, Total Annual Burden Hours: 21,364. Requests for additional information or
Public Information Room, Mailstop 1–5, All comments will be considered in copies of the form and instructions
250 E Street, SW., Washington, DC formulating the subsequent submission should be directed to Allan Hopkins, at
20219. In addition, comments may be and become a matter of public record. (202) 622–6665, or at Internal Revenue
sent by facsimile transmission to (202) Comments are invited on: Service, Room 6516, 1111 Constitution
874–5274, or by electronic mail to (a) Whether the collection of Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224,
REGS.COMMENTS@OCC.TREAS.GOV. information is necessary for the proper or through the Internet, at
You can inspect and photocopy the performance of the functions of the
comments at the OCC’s Public agency, including whether the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
Information Room, 250 E Street, SW., information has practical utility; Title: Credit for Employer Social
Washington, DC 20219. You can make (b) The accuracy of the agency’s Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on
an appointment to inspect the estimate of the burden of the collection Certain Employee Tips.
comments by calling (202) 874–5043. of information; OMB Number: 1545–1414.

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