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Preventive Maintenance for Companies.

Types of Maintenance.
Maintenance can be classified as follows:
Corrective Maintenance (seeks to minimize it).
Preventive Maintenance, in its three forms: Timed, Predictive and Casual.

Preventive Maintenance.
IMELEC ( implements a preventive maintenance Plan in its clients
companies that aims at the conservation of the equipment, machinery or installations. It
involves conducting inspections and actions that provide for future damage of means of
ensuring the continuity and reliability of the production activity of the company.
Preventive maintenance made by IMELEC is implemented in equipment and facilities
that are in use, as opposed to corrective maintenance, that it takes place when
machinery or installations have flaws that make them partially or completely
The purpose of all maintenance must be the avoid or minimize the impact caused by
the damage of function or damage occurred in the equipment or facilities, taking care to
prevent these events so that they will not occur.
When it comes to implementing the process of preventative maintenance, IMELEC
takes into account the recommendations of the manufacturers of the equipment, the
regulations for each type of installation and the knowledge accumulated through
experience in the maintenance of similar assets.

Criteria for defining the type of preventive maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance. Revisions that are made arecyclically scheduled at
predetermined time periods or according to the hours of operation for each team or
element of the installation.
Predictive maintenance. Track of the performance of the equipment or installation, by
carrying out periodic checks for determining the maximum period of use without having
to make a repair is keeps.
Occasional maintenance. This type of maintenance is used to perform the action on
the times in which the system is inoperative or computers are not being used to
avoidhindering production processes or the normal operational companies.

Why is preventative maintenance in business necessary?

Through the implementation of an appropriate plan of preventive maintenance
companies may incorporate a tool that will prolong the useful life buildings, furniture,
equipment, machinery and facilities, preventing risks to people, the deterioration of
their assets and avoid the stoppage of the work activity of the company due to
unwanted events. Its main objective is to implement in a planned way the inspection
and diagnosis of the State of the equipment and facilities to perform the necessary
actions in those time periods that do not affect the normal operational work in the
company, thus avoiding emergency work timeless which cause significant economic
According to statistical indices that are handled, a scheduled maintenance can
increase the production of companies 30%, achieving a 35% reduction in maintenance
costs and extending the useful life of the facilities and equipment by 55%.
The vanguard companies understand the fact that having a preventative maintenance
is of fundamental importance in achieving an uninterrupted operating activities,
regardless of the size of the company.
The strategy of "spend on maintenance only when breaks what is working" is
considered nowadays obsolete.
Currently, if you want to maintain a continuity in production, should be aware that if you
wait until the failure to perform the action of corrective maintenance, run the risk, in the
best of cases, engage in excessively high costs and in the most critical cases, it is be
exposed to losses in production processes, decay of quality, downtime and loss of
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