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Attendance Policy

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Principles on which CIA attendance policy is based
Students entitlements
Students responsibilities
Absence due to illness
Absence due to maternity
Absence due to appointment
Absence due to illness while in Academy
Absenteeism with permission
Absence due to an accident while in Academy
Absence during the Academy day

Teaching staff responsibilities

Academy duties

Standards by which the success of this policy can be evaluated

Responsibility for implementing this policy

Review of this policy


Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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This policy is in response to the requirements presented by the UK Border Agency (UKVI) to
international students which are subject to immigration control. Its formulation is designed to
increase consistency in the approach of students attendance across different programmes
offered by Care International Academy. The Academy is committed to offering opportunities for
the development of all students in ways that meet individual needs. One of the most important
aspects of this Academy is its commitment to improving students academic progression and
retention by raising the standards of attendance and punctuality.

This policy aims to support all students to take responsibility for their full attendance, which is a
vital ingredient to enhance their learning experience and to further develop their personal skills.
In addition, this will also aid in promoting retention, achievement and academic progression.

Principles on which CIA Attendance Policy is based

There are four main principles that the Academy emphasises to the students attendance.

1. Student attendance should be managed across the Academy on all of its programmes.
2. Targets for student attendance rates (85%) will be monitored across all Academy
provision; the Academy however encourages all students to meet 100% attendance to
enhance academic performance and progression.
3. Punctuality and full attendance should be and will be the Academy benchmark by which
the value of provision is judged;
4. Every effort should be and will be made by all Academy Staff members to maximise
punctuality and attendance of all its students.
Students Entitlements

All students are entitled to the best opportunities possible to be successful in their studies. If in
such cases that the students attendance and punctuality created a concern for the Academy and
there is a worry in the students academic progression and on the completion of his/her studies,
the student will be contacted by the Academy Officer/Administrator to talk about how the course
is going on. This contact aims to identify any problems or difficulties the student is facing and
may arrangements may be made if necessary such as special tutorials and support. In such

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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cases a member of staff will listen to any problems raised and will try to give support and
guidance needed to help in the success of every learner.

Students Responsibilities

Care International Academy requires all of its students be punctual and to attend all classes
and meet 100% attendance if possible according to the learning agreement and
scheduled/timetabled days of the course. Students should not knowingly miss a class for any
other reason than illness or exceptional circumstances. In addition, CIA does not encourage
students to take holiday in term-time. If a student needs to miss a class, he/she needs to
consider the following circumstances:

Student absence due to illness

If a student need to stay at home because of illness, he/she should notify the Academy. The
student may contact the Academy Administrator/Student Welfare Officer, on the first day of
absence before 17:30. Until he/she have informed the Academy of the reason of absence the
student attendance will be marked ABSENT as it is unauthorised absence.

Student absence due to maternity

If a student is pregnant and require some time off from her studies, the Academy will only grant
only maximum 4 months authorised holiday. This is pre and post pregnant period and the student
should plan the leave based on pregnancy leave. The Academy will also require evidence of
pregnancy from hospital along with a letter confirming the intended period of leave. We
encourage however CIA students to minimize this leave in order to avoid disruption to studies.
Furthermore, if the student has complications during or after pregnancy this will be reviewed and
will be considered on compassionate ground by the Academy on the Doctors/Midwifes advise. In
such cases, CIA strongly recommends seeking advice from a solicitor or lawyer and informs the
UKVI of her circumstances and obtains permission or advice from the UKVI for leave more than
4 months otherwise the student will have to arrange to leave the United Kingdom and make a
new application to come back in the UK when able.

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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Student absence due to appointment

If a student needs to leave the Academy during scheduled/timetabled classes because the
student has an unavoidable appointment, he/she must inform the Academy contact and his/her
tutor at the time of leaving. As far and as much as possible, appointments should be made
outside Academy hours to avoid disruption of your programme of study.

Student absence due to illness while in academy

If a student falls ill during a scheduled/timetabled class, he/she should report to the Student
Welfare Officer, who will decide whether the student should go home, if needed will call an
ambulance, in such cases Student Welfare Office will inform the students tutor of his/her
absence. The student should not go home during his/her scheduled/timetabled class without
informing the Student Welfare Officer.

Student absenteeism with permission

The Academy will only deal on compassionate grounds to any request for absence from the
student or the lecturer on students behalf only for extraordinary circumstances. In the event of
sickness the student is expected to inform the Academy by EMAIL or PHONE and stating his/her
reasons for absenteeism. In such cases, the student must produce an authorised medical
evidence/certificate for any absence over one week.

Student absence due to an accident while in Academy

In such cases that a student cannot attend his/her classes following an accident which needs
medical intervention, then the student should inform his/her tutor and should also be reported to
the Student Welfare Officer about his/her circumstances.
Student absence during the academy day
If a student is present at the start of the morning session, and then he/she left the Academy
during the day without permission, The Student Welfare Officer will follow up the student
absence and if found that the student reason is unjustified, then the student attendance will be
marked ABSENT as it is unauthorised absence.

If the student reason for being absent during the day is valid and the Academy decided that it is
justified, and then the student attendance will be marked as on LEAVE as his/her absence is
Should the level of your absence exceeded 15% at any time, the Student Welfare Officer will
follow up the student absences and will arrange for an interview and will agree necessary action
if needed.

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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Teaching Staff Responsibilities

All teaching staffs are required to:
1. Advise all students of the Academy Attendance Policy during the induction;
2. Inform the Academy Administrator/Officer if the student has been absent for two
consecutive lessons or where the students punctuality is a concern.
3. Mark attendance as ABSENT or LATE in the register.
4. Ensure that the attendance sheets are completed to the best of knowledge and passed it
on to the Admin Office for entering attendance record onto the CIMS (Academy
Information Management Systems)
5. Help to support students return/ retention to the Academy, as appropriate;
6. Start and Finish class on time

Academy Duties

For international students whose visas are subject to immigration control and regulations Care
International Academy has the following conditions on attendance to keep both the students and
the Academy in full compliance with the law. These standards have been outlined in the
attendance policy and have been informed to the students at the time of their enrolment.


Attendance and punctuality are important for students to attain success and
academic progression, they are also a condition of their student visa as a Tier 4
student in order to study and remain in the United Kingdom.


Care International Academy is also required by law to report to the UK Border

Agency (UKVI) on the following circumstance:

1. Failure to enrol on a course or withdrawal from a course

2. Unauthorised absences of more than 10 consecutive/missed contacts.
3. Change of course
4. And any other significant change of the students circumstances that may
affect their visa conditions.


Care International Academy will report the above circumstances to the UKVI
within 10 working days of the occurrence, however, where appeal is in process,
the Academy will not inform the UKVI until this process is complete.

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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For non-attendance with genuine reasons must be reported to the Student

welfare Officer or agreed in advance as already outlined in this policy. Medical
Evidence WILL BE REQUIRED for illness lasting more than 7 days, where no
medical evidence is provided your attendance will be marked as ABSENT as it
not considered as authorised.

Standards by which the success of this policy can be evaluated

1. Annual targets for the attendance are met;

2. Continually improving students attendance and punctuality;
3. Actions taken to support students with below acceptable level for attendance and
4. Improved student success;
5. Positive feedbacks in assessment reports

Responsibility for implementing this policy

1. The Academy Academic Head has the overall responsibility for the implementation of this
2. The Academy Officers/ Administrators are responsible for overseeing the operation of
this policy, and ensuring that the course leaders collaboratively address the requirements
of this policy;
3. The teaching staffs together with the Academy Officers and Administrators are
responsible for meeting the Student Entitlements.

Review of this policy

1. Academic Board is responsible for the periodic review of this policy

2. The next review date is January 2012.
3. The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored through the consultation with students
and staff.

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

Page 7

Unexcused Absences

If a student is absent for 3 consecutive classes or below 90%, a 1st Warning letter (see
Appendix 2) shall be issued by the Registrar and the student informed of the
consequences of their non-attendance. The student shall be placed on the students in
jeopardy list and will be asked to recommit to their previously signed attendance policy

If the students attendance does not improve within the next 3 sessions, they will be
issued with a 2nd Warning Letter (see Appendix 3) by the Registrar, citing 6 missed
contacts, and informed that if they do not attend immediately, they are liable to be
reported to the UKVI and expelled from the Academy

If the student amasses 10 absences they will be given a Final Warning Letter by the
Principal and informed that they are being reported to the UKVI and may be expelled
from the Academy. This copy of letter is also sent to the UKVI. (see Appendix 4)

The Academy UKVI Authorising Officer then reports the student to the UKVI within 10
days of the 10th absence. (see Appendix 5)

Monitoring and Review

This Policy will be monitored and implemented by the Principal

The Policy has been produced in Dec 2011 by the Principal and will be reviewed
immediately upon any changes being introduced by the UKVI.

Attendance Policy

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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Appendix 1
Under our Tier 4 sponsorship duties we are required to contact the UKVI should your attendance
fall below a certain level. We will undertake to work with you to ensure that you are kept informed
of your attendance patterns. If we have to contact the UKVI concerning your attendance, it may
lead to your being expelled from CIA. However, our aim is to assist you in meeting your
attendance requirements under your Tier 4 visa regulations and ensure that you become a
successful CIA graduate.

Students Register

Details kept in Admin


Enter details into

sheets and CIA

Sheet to teachers


Record Daily Attendance

in Database

Result of

Below 90%

3 Contact Points


Send 1 Warning

Improvement of


6 Contact Points, Send 2

Warning Letter

Personal Action Plan


Attendance Policy


Improvement of



10 Contacts Point Breached

/ Final Warning Sent / Expelled from CIA

Version: 01, Issue Date: 04/2014

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