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Dena Drost

Regional Marketing Coordinator

Nicky Tesser
Director of Marketing & Public Relations


or over a decade, Panera Bread has proudly served customers with mouthwatering

meals in an inviting, warm environment. Standing as the prominent bakery-caf in your local

area, Panera Bread strives to earn and retain every customers trust by always providing handcrafted
fresh-baked artisan bread and a plethora of soups, salads, and sandwiches.
As Panera Breads menu continues to evolve, the latest option for customers to take advantage of
is customized catering for any special event. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, organizing
a corporate meeting, or hosting a party, Panera Breads favorite menu items can be used to cater
your function. Additionally, Panera Breads delectable bakery items may be made available at a
delectable dessert bar for your guests to indulge in.
When you are searching for a caterer for your next special occasion, Panera Bread will be glad to
step in and appease all of your guests, leaving them looking forward to your next event.


enue and guest list. Dresses and tuxes. Flowers and

decorations. Your big day is approaching and there is plenty on your

plate, food arrangements shouldnt be another. No need to panic as Panera

Bread is here to help. Our catering services will provide you with a full menu
for your upcoming wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, quinceaera, Sweet 16, or
any other celebration. Whether you are planning an event for breakfast, lunch,
or dinner, Panera Bread is the perfect caterer. Do not let your food selection
become another stress factor in preparing for one of the best days of your life.
Panera Bread will take that off your hands.

Bar Mitzvahs
Bat Mitzvahs
Sweet 16

Dessert Bar

hat is better than following up a delicious meal with

a mouthwatering table full of everyones favorite cookies, scones and

pastries in a delightful mini form so that everyone can try it all! We take our
amazing bakery items and turn them into bite-size treats so that you can have
a little bit of everything. Whether entertaining guests for hours or ending your
affair, our dessert bar is sure to please your sweet tooth.

Corporate Events

Boxed/Bagged Lunches

inding just the right food for a large corporate or school

function can be hectic. Panera Bread can feed a group of any

size with our boxed and bagged lunches. These conveniently packaged meals
are an excellent choice for camp outings, golf tournaments or even small
picnics. After indulging themselves in Panera Breads boxed and bagged
lunches, your guests will be in just the right mood to enjoy the rest of their day.

Corporate Events
Schools Events
Camp Outings
Golf and Fishing Tournaments

Bridal/Baby Showers

maller parties do not translate to smaller appetites. Panera Bread

catering and favors are perfect for bridal and baby showers. We not

only provide you with a satisfying meal but we also take care of the desserts and
party favors, making your event even more memorable.


reakfast is the most important meal of the

day. Serve your guests or office a delicious

assortment of bagels, cream cheese, coffee,

pastries and breakfast sandwiches.


veryone gets tired of repetitive meals. If you are looking to change up your lunch

or dinner menu, look no further. Panera Breads seemingly infinite selection of

sandwiches, hot paninis, soups and salads will certainly serve up a delectable shakeup in your
eating routine. A savory lunch or dinner will go a far way and Panera Bread is the place to go
for just that.

Welcome Baskets/Party Favors/Breakfast in Bed

aying goodbye is never easy. Panera Bread can help you with that

by providing you with the perfect parting gifts to pass out at the

end of a celebration. We create party favors consisting of scrumptious goodies

that will surely delight your guests. Panera Bread offers welcome baskets for
your out-of-town visitors! Whether your guests are arriving or leaving,
Panera Bread is here to ensure they enjoy themselves.

Out of Town Guests at Hotels

Affair Parting Gifts