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Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers - Inventory Module Part II

What is an item?
An item is a part or services where you can Purchase, Sell, Plan, Manufacture, Stock, Distribute and
Explain the steps required to define an item
1. Create an item in the item master form.
2. Copy the template from the tools menu to assign specific attributes to the item and save it.
3. Assign the item to a category from tools menu and save your work
4. Select organization assignment from tools menu and assign the item to different inventory
organizations by ticking the checkbox next to the inventory organizations.
Define item attributes?
Item attributes are the collection of information about an item. These are used to store specific
characteristics of an item, such as item status, unit of measure, revision control, etc. these can be
controlled at either the master or the organization level. These attributes are stored in a table
named mtl_item_attributes
What is the use of item template?
An Item template is a set of attributes that enable the user to quickly create an Item. Existing
templates can be used / new custom template can be created.
What is an item category and category set?
A category is a logical classification of items that have similar characteristics.
A category set is a distinct grouping scheme and consists of multiple categories. An item can belong
to any number of category sets. We can assign item to one category within each category set. The
categories can be retrieved from the table mtl_categories_b and item category set from
Explain unit of measure (UOM) and UOM class?
The unit of measure (UOM) helps us count the number of items involved in a transaction or the
number of items that are stored in a subinventory or a locator.
UOM classes let you group different UOMs into one category.
Example: Quantity could be a UOM class under which each, dozen, lot etc are separate UOMs.
Define Item Master Organization?
An item master organization is a logical entity where the items can be defined. After the item
definition in the item master, it can be assigned to any number of other organizations.
Define Inventory Organization?
An inventory organization is a facility which will enable you to store and transact the items. It can be
a manufacturing unit, ware house, distribution centre etc.
What is a subinventory?

Sub-inventories are unique physical or logical separations of material inventory. These can be raw
material, finished goods or defective material subinventory. You must define at least one
subinventory. Sub-inventories are of two types: Storage and Receiving.
In which table does the subinventory related information for an item is stored?
What is a stock locator?
Locators are structures within sub-inventories. Locators are the third level in the enterprise
structuring scheme of Oracle Inventory. Locators may represent rows, racks, or bins in warehouses.
Items can be transacted into and out of locators.
What are the Key flex fields in oracle Inventory?
Oracle Inventory consist of below flexfields:
1. System Items,
2. Item Catalogs,
3. Item Categories,
4. Stock Locators,
5. Account Alias &
6. Sales Order
In which tables are the transactional details are stored?
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