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Aerospace Engineering

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Aero Consulting Experts

Aero Consulting Experts is a group of aviation consulting specialists with more than 135 years
of combined experience in commercial aviation, general aviation, military, and corporate
flight operations. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company provides aviation experts to Law
Firms, News Media, Television and Film Production, and Aircraft Operators worldwide. It is
our aim at Aero Consulting Experts to work within a clients budget to achieve the best
possible outcomes and results no matter what the size or scope of the project.

Law Firms
The teams career specialists include professional pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians,
accident investigators, aerodynamic experts, meteorologists, flight-training simulation and
human factor experts. We provide dedicated aviation experts for discovery, document
review, pre-trail deposition, and courtroom testimony.

Aircraft Operators
Team members can assist aircraft operators worldwide in sales, management, flight
operations, and maintenance procedures of jets or turboprop aircraft. We are exceptionally
familiar with the Federal Aviation Regulations and can provide efficient and safe
management while adhering to these formalities.

News Media
We offer on demand aviation experts for commentary, news quotes, and interviews
providing impartial technical analysis on current events.

About Us
Our team at Aero Consulting Experts consists of experienced airline pilots who have senior
roles in management that include fleet managers and system chief pilots for a major
worldwide airline carrier. Several members of the team have extensive backgrounds in
military operations, commercial and corporate flight procedures, general aviation, flight
training, and flight-testing. Other team members have experience in rebuilding, preserving,
and flying historical and experimental aircraft.

We have contractual experience in buying, sales & leasing, and can establish documentation
required for FAR part 135, 121, 125 operations. Most importantly, the team is a group of
dedicated professionals who can provide you with expert aviation consulting and advice that
is not only up to the minute but accurate.

The core team of aviation consultsants includes the following people:

Ross "Rusty" Aimer

Allen AC Carrier
Captain Gordon "Kent" Holiday
Captain Alfonzo "Rick" McCullough
Bruce "Buck" Rodger

Captain Richard "Rick" Dake

Raymond R. Brice
Captain Jack Hareland
Albert "Al" Langelaar Jr
John D. McDannel
Bret R. Lee

Ross "Rusty" Aimer

Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer is a retired United Airlines
Captain and is an aviation expert with appearances on ABC
News, Fox News, NPR, The BBC, The New York Times, USA Today,
and multiple international newspapers. Rusty is the spokesman
for Aero Consulting Experts offering accurate, unbiased and
informative commentary.
Currently, part of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner initial pilot
training team
Type rated on the B-777, 767, 757, 747, 737, 727, 720, 707,
and DC-10/-9/-8 airliners
45 years of professional airline experience
Recognized for 30,000 hours of accident free flight with no
FAA violation
His vast industry expertise encompassing flight operations,
flight safety, aircrew training, aircraft maintenance, and
BS Degree in Aerospace Engineering Technology
FAA Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) License
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License

Allen AC Carrier
Allen AC Carrier served as a Congressional press secretary with a
background in military and aviation reporting, marketing
communications and global public affairs. Currently, AC is a case
manager and operations supervisor at ACE. In addition, he
developed a dynamic media training and presentation skills
building course that is used to prepare expert witnesses and
aviation lawyers for most courtroom situations. The training is used
to assist senior managers to serve as national media and corporate
spokespeople. The technique uses video feedback and message
development processes to build an individuals media and
presentation skills. Outside of his public affairs and media training
career, AC is a volunteer with the National Ski Patrol. He is a White
House political appointee as a federal trustee to the Institute of
American Indian Art.
Worked as a news reporter for United Press International (UPI); as a Managing Editor for
the Army Times News Service and as a staff writer for the Air Force Times; as well as
serving as the first aviation/avionics reporter for The Arizona Daily Star.
Managed media communications for U.S. Reps. Norman Mineta (D-CA) and James Lloyd
(D-CA); and in addition wrote Congressional speeches, news releases and policy position
papers for the House Select Committee on Intelligence, House Armed Services
Committee and House Subcommittee on Aviation. Former U.S. Rep. Mineta later because
the Bush Administrations U.S. Secretary of Transportation during Americas September
11, 2001 attacks.

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