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Partners For Transparency issues the third "Corruption Register

Observatory" report
85 corruption incidents in September, and the legislative procedures are
still absent
Partners For Transparency (PFT) issued its third monthly report in the "Corruption
Register Observatory" series, for the period between 01-30 September 2015, where PFT
launched an observatory to monitor corruption cases revealed by media, oversight
bodies and concerned investigation authorities along with monitoring the actions taken
by the concerned state apparatus since the beginning of July 2015.
The report focused on monitoring and analyzing the relative legislative and procedural
development to fighting corruption, as well as compiling the addressed incidents by
media during September 2015.
September 2015 observation revealed 85 incidents by a decrease of 20% compared to
August 2015.
The report pointed out increased relative state statements to fighting corruption
compared to the previous months, the main reason for this might be the political and
media hype that accompanied the exposure of the Ministry of Agriculture corruption,
and then the change of the Prime Minister along with some ministers. Hence, the
tendency of many officials to declare strict positions towards corruption in their sectors.
At the same time, the legislative solutions are still absent, despite its powerful stances
led by the acceptance of the government's resignation, the state did not intervene during
September by laws and decisions to address the spread corruption in Egypt.

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The activities organized by governmental entities and organizations relevant to fighting

corruption mainly aim at raising their employees awareness and qualifying them to be
engaged in corruption fighting efforts, practically, those activities lack for connection,
methodology and proper planning needed to measure their impact and return on the
employees behavior and practices later on.
The report highlighted that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and the Ministry
of Local Development took the lead for the sectors suffering from corruption for the
second month in a row by 18 and 12 incidents in September 2015.
Concerning the corruption cases during September, the report also pointed that the cases
under investigation took the lead by 60 cases, followed by cases under trial by 14 cases,
then the cases that sentences were issued in by 7 cases, and finally the cases that have
not been investigated by 4 cases.
Partners For Transparency (PFT) is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered
according to the Egyptian law provisions. The Foundation is independent and politically
and ideologically neutral. PFT works to assist communities in consolidating and
applying integrity, transparency, and accountability values in order to achieve inclusive
human development and respect for human rights, along with establishing good
governance systems.
PFT is based on an ideological and legal framework relevant to the international system
to protect human rights, social development principles, and good governance standards.
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