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38882 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

128 / Wednesday, July 6, 2005 / Notices

entity.’’ However, for the purposes of and responsibilities of the entity. 6. The conforms with the antidumping or
eligibility, a U.S. entity shall be defined company’s size and ownership, product countervailing duty law of the country
as a firm incorporated in the United or service line and major markets in that made the determination.
States (or an unincorporated firm with which the company operates. Under Article 1904 of the Agreement,
its principal place of business in the ADDRESSES: Submit application which came into force on January 1,
United States) that is controlled by U.S. information to Lindsey Dickinson, 1994, the Government of the United
citizens or by another U.S. entity. An Director, Office of Advisory States, the Government of Canada and
entity is not a U.S. entity if 50 percent Committees, U.S. Department of the Government of Mexico established
plus one share of its stock (if a Commerce, Room 4043, Washington, DC Rules of Procedure for Article 1904
corporation, or a similar ownership 20230. Binational Panel Reviews (‘‘Rules’’).
interest of an unincorporated entity) is Deadline: All applications must be These Rules were published in the
controlled, directly or indirectly, by received by the Office of Advisory Federal Register on February 23, 1994
non-U.S. citizens or non-U.S. entities. Committees, by close of business on July (59 FR 8686). The panel review in this
Priority may be given to chief executive 29, 2005. matter has been conducted in
officers or a similarly-situated officer of accordance with these Rules.
a tourism-related entity. Priority may Panel Decision: The panel affirmed in
Lindsey Dickinson, (202) 482–0087. part and remanded in part the
also be given to individuals with
international tourism marketing Dated: June 30, 2005. International Trade Commission’s
experience. Lindsey Dickinson, determination respecting Gray Portland
Officers or employees of state and Director, Office of Advisory Committees. Cement and Clinker from Mexico. The
regional tourism marketing entities are [FR Doc. E5–3552 Filed 7–5–05; 8:45 am] panel remanded on the following issues:
also eligible for consideration for Board BILLING CODE 3510–DS–P
1. On remand the Commission is to
membership. A state and regional apply the ‘‘probable’’ or ‘‘more likely
tourism marketing entity, may include, than not’’ standard announced by the
but is not limited to, state government DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE CIT in Siderca when making its
tourism office, state and/or local determination regarding likely volume,
government supported tourism International Trade Administration likely price effects, and likely impact on
marketing entities, or multi-state the industry.
tourism marketing entities. Again, North American Free-Trade Agreement 2. With regard to the likely volume of
priority may be given to chief executive (NAFTA), Article 1904 Binational Panel subject imports if the antidumping duty
officers or a similarly-situated officer. Reviews order is revoked, the Commission is to
Secondary selection criteria will (a) explain how it is probable that
AGENCY: NAFTA Secretariat, United subject imports would increase if the
ensure that the board has a balanced States Section, International Trade
representation of the tourism-related antidumping duty order is revoked, and
Administration, Department of (b) render a complete analysis of how
industry in terms of point of view,
Commerce. the various third-country antidumping
demographics, geography and company
size. The Board members will be ACTION: Notice of decision of panel. duty orders would affect the likely
selected on the basis of their experience volume of subject imports to the United
SUMMARY: On June 24, 2005 the
and knowledge of the tourism industry. States.
binational panel issued its decision in 3. With regard to the likely price
Members will serve at the discretion of the review of the five year review made
the Secretary of Commerce. effects of subject imports on the
by the International Trade Commission, industry if the order is revoked, the
Board members shall serve in a
respecting Gray Portland Cement and Commission is to (a) explain the price
representative capacity presenting the
Clinker from Mexico, NAFTA implications of revocation of the
views and interests of the particular
Secretariat File Number USA–MEX– antidumping duty order with sufficient
tourism-related sector in which they
2000–1904–10. The binational panel clarity to show how the record supports
operate. Board members are not special
affirmed in part and remanded in part the Commission findings that revocation
government employees, and will receive
the International Trade Commission’s of the order would be likely to lead to
no compensation for their participation
determination. Copies of the panel significant negative price effects on the
in Board activities. Members
participating in Board meetings and decision are available from the U.S. domestic industry, (b) explain how
events will be responsible for their Section of the NAFTA Secretariat. revocation of the antidumping duty
travel, living and other personal FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: order would be likely to lead to
expenses. Meetings will be held Caratina L. Alston, United States significant price underselling by subject
regularly, usually in Washington, DC. Secretary, NAFTA Secretariat, Suite imports of the domestic product, and (c)
To be considered for membership, 2061, 14th and Constitution Avenue, explain how subject imports are likely
please provide the following: 1. Name Washington, DC 20230, (202) 482–5438. to enter the United States at prices that
and title of the individual requesting SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Chapter otherwise would have a significant price
consideration. 2. A letter containing a 19 of the North American Free-Trade depressing or suppressing effect on the
brief statement of why the applicant Agreement (‘‘Agreement’’) establishes a domestic product.
should be considered for membership mechanism to replace domestic judicial 4. With regard to the likely impact on
on the Board. This letter should include review of final determinations in the domestic industry if the
the applicant’s tourism-related antidumping and countervailing duty antidumping duty order is revoked, the
experience. 3. The applicant’s personal cases involving imports from a NAFTA Commission is to (a) explain how it
resume. 4. An affirmative statement that country with review by independent reached the conclusion that the order
the applicant is not required to register binational panels. When a Request for should remain in place in order to
as a foreign agent under the Foreign Panel Review is filed, a panel is protect the highly-profitable, regional
Agents Registration Act of 1938, as established to act in place of national industry, given the continuing solid
amended. 5. If a state or regional courts to review expeditiously the final demand in the region and a substantial
tourism marketing entity, the functions determination to determine whether it increase in non-Mexican cement

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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 128 / Wednesday, July 6, 2005 / Notices 38883

imports; (b) explain how it reached the stage 1 data and selection of applicants DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
conclusion that the regional industry for consensus, pre-site visit conference
would be likely to suffer material injury, call with team leaders, review of Stage National Oceanic and Atmospheric
having found that the regional industry 3 process documentation, update on Administration
is not in a vulnerable states; and (c) revisions to Judges’ survey, and
explain how the decreasing market summary of Improvements Day. The [I.D. 062805A]
share of the regional industry, due to a applications under review contain trade
substantial increase in demand, was not secrets and proprietary commercial Marine Mammals; File No. 932–1489
attributed to imports of non-Mexican information submitted to the AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries
cement. Government in confidence. All visitors Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
5. With regard to the Commission’s to the National Institute of Standards Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
conclusion that the producers of all or and Technology site will have to pre- Commerce.
almost all of the production in the register to be admitted. Anyone wishing
Southern Tier region would likely suffer ACTION: Issuance of permit amendment.
to attend this meeting must register 48
material injury be reason of the dumped hours in advance in order to be SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that
imports if the order is revoked, the admitted. Please submit your name, the Marine Mammal Health and
Commission is to (a) explain why time of arrival, e-mail address and Stranding and Response Program
producers of all or almost all of the phone number to Virginia Davis no later (MMHSRP), National Marine Fisheries
production in the Southern Tier region than Friday, July 22, 2005, and she will Service, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver
would likely be materially injured if the provide you with instructions for Spring, MD, has been issued an
order is revoked, (b) explain what admittance. Ms. Davis’ e-mail address is amendment to Permit No. 932–1489 to
percentage of regional production and her phone continue stranding response activities
would likely suffer material injury, and number is 301/975–2361. for marine mammal species under
(c) explain what its aggregate and
DATES: The meeting will convene July NMFS jurisdiction.
individual plant analyses consisted of
and what anomalies, if any, the 28, 2005, at 9 a.m. and adjourn at 4:30 DATES: Written, telefaxed, or e-mail
individual plant analysis revealed. p.m. on July 28, 2005. The entire comments must be received on or before
6. The Commission is to fully evaluate meeting will be closed. August 5, 2005.
the information concerning the ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at ADDRESSES: The amendment and related
proposed Southdown acquisition. the National Institute of Standards and documents are available for review
The Commission was directed to issue Technology, Administration Building, upon written request or by appointment:
it’s determination on remand within 60 Lecture Room A, Gaithersburg, See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION.
days of the issuance of the panel Maryland 20899. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
decision or not later than August 23, Ruth Johnson or Amy Sloan, (301)713–
The Panel affirmed the Commission’s Harry Hertz, Director, National Quality
determination in all other respects. Program, National Institute of Standards
932–1489–00 was issued on July 2, 1999
Dated: June 30, 2005. and Technology, Gaithersburg,
(64 FR 37933). The requested
Maryland 20899, telephone number
Caratina L. Alston, amendment has been granted under the
(301) 975–2361.
U.S. Secretary, NAFTA Secretariat. authority of the Marine Mammal
[FR Doc. E5–3551 Filed 7–5–05; 8:45 am] SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Protection Act of 1972, as amended (16
BILLING CODE 3510–GT–P Assistant Secretary for Administration, U.S.C. 1361 et seq.), the Regulations
with the concurrence of the General Governing the Taking and Importing of
Counsel, formally determined on Marine Mammals (MMPA; 50 CFR part
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE December 20, 2004, that the meeting of 216), the Endangered Species Act of
the Judges Panel will be closed pursuant 1973, as amended (ESA; 16 U.S.C. 1531
National Institute of Standards and to section 10(d) of the Federal Advisory et seq.), the regulations governing the
Technology Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. app. 2, as taking, importing, and exporting of
amended by section 5(c) of the endangered and threatened species (50
Judges Panel of the Malcolm Baldrige Government in the Sunshine Act, Pub. CFR 222–226), and the Fur Seal Act of
National Quality Award L. 94–409. The meeting, which involves 1966, as amended (16 U.S.C. 1151 et
AGENCY: National Institute of Standards examination of Award applicant data seq.).
and Technology, Department of from U.S. companies and a discussion The permit has been amended to
Commerce. of this data as compared to the Award extend the expiration date of the permit
ACTION: Notice of closed meeting. criteria in order to recommend Award by two years; allow aerial surveys as a
recipients, may be closed to the public method for finding injured or entangled
SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Federal in accordance with section 552b(c)(4) of marine mammals or to survey the extent
Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. app. title 5, United States Code, because the of a disease outbreak or die-off of
2, notice is hereby given that the Judges meetings are likely to disclose trade marine mammals; allow harassment of
Panel of the Malcolm Baldrige National secrets and commercial or financial marine mammals on land incidental to
Quality Award will meet Thursday, July information obtained from a person other MMHSRP activities authorized by
28, 2005. The Judges Panel is composed which is privileged or confidential. the permit; and allow development and
of ten members prominent in the field Dated: June 27, 2005. maintenance of marine mammal cell
of quality management and appointed lines for diagnostic testing. The
Hratch G. Semerjian,
by the Secretary of Commerce. The objectives of the permit amendment
purpose of this meeting is to review the Acting Director. remain the same as the original permit:
stage 1 process, consideration for [FR Doc. 05–13261 Filed 7–5–05; 8:45 am] to implement the Marine Mammal
moving applicants forward, review of BILLING CODE 3510–13–M Health and Stranding Response Program

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