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European LEO Information Center

Austria & Hungary

August 21st - 28th 2010 Effective: January 2010
Welcome to Austria & Hungary!

My friends,
We, as LEOs, are hel-
ping people in need;
people who are in
Dear LEO Friends, a vulnerable situ-
with this LEF a dream ation.
will true for us, which first ap- We, as LEOs, are lea
peared when we thanks to lot ning for our upcomin
of random occassions, first took lives, as we are yo
part at LEF in 2004 in Finland. LEF President AT HoPe and open-minded.
Tamás Szabados and me spent And, nevertheless, we
, as LEOs are
the greatest week of our lives Offering friendship
in Saariselka. On the way back Earning friendship
home we started to fantasize how it would Living friendship.
feel to organize a LEF once in Hungary, but We, the Austrian an
at the end we came to the result that unfor- d Hungarian
LEOs, are pleased to
tunately it won‘t happen in the next 25 years. welcome you
with all our hospitality
And how incredible life is... Just one year la- to LEF2010 So-
pron to feel the UNITE
ter at LEF2005 during a lunch we started a D spirit of all
of us!
conversation with some Austrian LEOs and
See you soon,
accidently the idea of a common LEF was
born. From that lunch table we had a long
way to go till 2010, but now we are more
than ready to welcome you at our Forum.
Our goal is to re-explore together the basics
of LEO, to show you the values of both Hun-
gary and Austria and of course to party like a
real LEO rockstar. See you in Sopron! LEF President HU Pand

Eszti - the perfect girl for The Perfect Day

u see
ceremony - if yo
Isi as masterkeofthis then it means he
him smile li company LEF Vice Presid
enjoys your ent HU Tamás
Strict!!! Walter a.k.a. Lei-Lei y dialect
Get used to his funn

Zita - program team and good cop

Roland - LEF Treasurer who likes ice tea

am Andi - the only

d g ir l of the program te local boy
Andi - b a
Get familiar with the Red & Green Guys
Whatever you need (concerning LEF of course)
– we are the ones who will do our best for you be-
fore, while and (maybe) after LEF. Some faces are
already well known, some faces are new. And in
real life they are almost never red or green.

LEF Treasure LEF V

(the official GrreeHU Gábor (the offiicce President AT
ial Red G H
n Guy) uy) iasi

Dós - don´t worry about his red eyes -

he can transport everything/everybody Rene - on
to Sopron e of the Styr
ian wild
ost of boys
p r oducingl m t LEF
U r si is
tu ff y ou wil e a
u s
the s

Harri - doesn´t belie

of chairs ve in the value

Steve - knows ev
the constitution er ything about
Dani - if you see her then Lydia
Jürgen - the Joke must be close

Dió - program team and bad cop

ess Lydia
Little par ty princ
n insider
Lilly - Sopro Shanyi - master of the t-shirts
LEF Secretary AT Babs

Hello to all LEF newies, veterans
and heroes!
As time goes by …
A few more months/weeks/days (depending on when you read these lines) and LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 will
proceed in the beautiful city of Sopron in Hungary near the Austrian border. We did and still do our best to ensure
that this will be one of the best LEFs in LEO history. On the following pages you will find out what we are planning
to offer you as a program.

Some words to the new participants

Every LEO started to join a LEO EUROPA FORUM at some point. You will do that in August 2010. Be prepared for a
whole week of LEO spirit and some sightseeing and get in touch with Austrian and Hungarian hospitality, culture
and history. This ELIC (European LEO Information Centre) should be a guideline for the Forum, a small guide on
what to expect and what to bring. The program is wide spread and should help you to improve your LEO skills
(Leadership, Experience, Opportunity) and to build international friendship with LEOs all over the world. Have a
great time, enjoy being a LEO (not only on the Forum) and bring new thoughts, experience and ideas the other
participants can learn from. We will be happy to get to know you in August 2010. It will be a pleasure to welcome
you at our LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 in Austria and Hungary.

Some word to the LEF experienced LEOs.

All of you who already got in contact with the LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 have a first impression what this LEF will
stand for: Back to the roots of LEOnism as well as having a really great time living the LEO spirit together for a
whole week. We learned from the former LEF orga teams, we got inspired by you and your ideas how to organize
a great LEF. The result will be seen in August 2010, but you can already get some good impressions of the upco-
ming Forum in this ELIC. Some program points have changed, some are still the same and some are new – all of
them together define LEF 2010. We promised to organize a different LEO EUROPA FORUM and as you can see we
are on the best way to fulfill this promise.
We will be honored to see all of you again in August 2010 in Austria and Hungary! Keep the LEO spirit alive until
The LEF 2010 orga team

If there are still questions left from your side just ask your Country Contact Person (CCP) listed on the last page
of this ELIC.

Greetings from

Greetings from Lei-Lei &

n LEF orga
the Aus tria

Photo by Lívia

ike a star
, visit the
pron, f ee l
nd say
Come toioSon of Green Guys a
popul a t

ELIC contents page

Introducing Austria & Hungary 6
Sopron & LEF Hotel 7
LEF program in general 8
LEF program details – LEO-LIONS Pan-European Picnic 10
LEF program details – Day trip to Vienna 11
LEF program details – Social Activity `The Perfect Day´ 12
LEF Par-Tays 13
LEF Workshops 14
Good to know 15
Good to bring 16
Registration 17
How to come 18
LEF Webshop 19
LEF Pre-progam 20
Some last words 21
Sponsors 22
Country Contact Persons 24

The parliament of Hungary
Chain B
Detail of former Emperor´s Pal
ace in Vienna for the Hruidge at night - the n
ngarian org o
a team tormwal time
ake up
Miss Austria 2003 - 2009
Get prepared for wild parties!!!

e highest mountai
Großglockner as th
of Austria
is a
n a – the balcosny
in Vienw government
e Palace e
Belvedelar ce to declare n
g oo d p
Horses are a com Boats still have to be invented in Hunga-
Hungar y so do mon transpor t sy ry! Please bring some blueprints for our
transpor tationn´t expect any busses for in engineers!

LEF 2010: What is good to know in advance? Why are things the way they are?
There are no kangaroos in Austria (shame on the guy who had the idea for this stupid t-shirt) and being hungry is
not every day‘s problem in Hungary.

To Austria:
Some program parts will take place in Austria. If by any chance you did not have the great opportunity yet to
pay shamelessly high prices in ski resorts, you did not watch The Sound Of Music or Sissi I – Sissi III, here is the ulti-
mate crash course for the land where the Red Guys came from.
First of all, you will be surprised that it is not tradition to color your face red. Silly hats on the other hand are traditi-
onal, but nobody wears them (except some old gentlemen driving VW Golf I). Austria is famous for One-Hit-Won-
ders (Opus, DJ Ötzi, Falco), geniuses who died before their time (Mozart), Frosch, bad football teams and winter
sports. Except the winter part you should get a good impression during August 2010. Don‘t be scared, enjoy it!

To Hungary:
Most of the time we spend in Hungary. The cultural differences to Austria? Many – but not too many. Everybody
who has already visited this country knows that Hungary is famous for the Red Bull Air Race, moustaches (the LEF
orga team lost a bet so they had to shave), spicy cuisine and the Hungarian wine.
As is the case with Austria, you will find exactly one guy whose face is colored green. You will find this Green Guy
in his natural environment (every single party he is invited at) – and Hungarians sure know how to party! That is
what history tells the world about this country. Furthermore, Hungary has no mountains at all. When an Austrians
can cover a distance by ski, the typical Hungarian has at least a stable of horses for it.

from Hotel

Firetower of SoeprHon
ot el from the top
you ca n see th

The room
this pictures ,ofmhot el Fagus – mem
your bed for thay be you will re ber
e whole week never see

dern, Area around

– h i sto rical, muorope- Lake Neusiedl
y E
t‘s the cit apital of
Well thraone week the c
and foO movement
an LE

In case you get lost and you find this

tree - wait there we know the position

Where will the Forum take place?

Well there is no discussion about that it would be less stress to join a LEF that takes place directly at Vienna Inter-
national Airport or at Budapest Airport. But we would like to show you a bit of Austria and Hungary. We decided
for the city of Sopron in Hungary near the Austrian border. Here are the reasons.

The city is a really lovely place with a historic city center, a famous university including a lot of student´s pubs and
it is situated in a wine-growing region near the Lake Neusiedl. The city is big – but not too big for a LEO EUROPA
FORUM and after a few minutes of driving you are at the beaches of the lake or in the middle of nowhere. Sopron
is influenced by Austrian and Hungarian history and culture, both languages are official and since centuries it was
a place which guaranteed one essential promise: Uniting People. So we will in August 2010.

Hotel Fagus
From LEOs who have already participated on a few LEFs you can take it serious: This hotel rocks!!! Fagus is loca-
ted in the middle of a forest, it has its own big park, a spa area and a highly competent and well talented Chef
de Cuisine. We will have our own indoor and outdoor party area, most of the rooms have a separate balcony
and the prices are LEO-friendly too. So let this LEF paradise be ours!

s from La
ke Neusie

Body pain
Austria antidng has a long tradit
Hungary! Get ion in

Lake Neusiedl is a kitesurfer´s paradise.

Wear a helmet when you go swimming!

LEF program in general

LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 in Sopron / HU

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

21st August 22nd August 23rd August 24th August 25th August 26th August 27th August 28th August

Opening Sopron
Workshops Brunch
Ceremony Sightseeing
LEF workshops
Trip to Lake
Arrival/ Half Day Trip Neusiedl
Check-in to Hungary incl. Sport Work-
POC Paneuropean Day Trip to
Presentations Picknick Vienna
incl. Workshops The
Perfect Day
POC Activity Gala
Preparation Preparation
Meeting Meeting Ceremony
Meeting Meeting
Tears and
35 Years Austrian &
of Austria Charity LEF Ending
POC LEF Birthday Hungarian Gala Evening
& Hungary Concert Party
Party Party
Welcome Party

Agenda: program location

Hotel Fagus is in the middle of
- a good place to par ty and nowhere
/or to relax

The cultural trips will give a deep

insight in historical monuments
The temperatures end of August will
The Sound climb up to maximum 30 degrees
Armin - theofCDMusic - cover version by
the webshop - fowill soon be available at
LEF program in general r DLs & ILOs obli
gatory :)
Meet new friends and keep the old ones. What else can we say.
Let the games begin! After the inofficial introductions the evening before, the
time has come for the official one. And another inofficial again – this LEF the
POC is scheduled already on Sunday. But don‘t worry, supermarkets are open
in Hungary.
Monday Time for tipps
Happy birthday united Europe, happy birthday LEF. A picknick at the location All LEOs who already par
were the Iron Curtain has been opened for the first time in 1989, followed by cipated at a LEF know whti-
the ultimate birthday party. The lucky birthday kid? LEF, in other words you, you mean when I am talking at I
and me! LEF par ties … spending abo a
time with old and new LEO t grea
Tuesday from all over the world, hav friends
mood, good music and goo a good
Vienna – famous for Mozart, Sissi and Frosch. Take some pictures, spend some
money, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the trip. And I guess all of you maded drinks.
perience that controlled alco the ex-
Wednesday sumption makes the next hol con-
morning much easier
That‘s the serious part of this LEF. Following the LEO spirit we give children to handle.
in need in Romania a wonderful Christmas Eve. Maybe one of the biggest To all LEF newcomers
enjoying the parties –: To enjoy a LEF includes
worldwide LEO activities carried out by LEOs from all over the world. can also enjoy the progrbut at a level that you
Thursday organize a whole we am during the day. To
Exploring the wild wild East, and back in time to get properly dressed for the tria and Hungar y is/ekwafor you to show you Aus-
Gala Evening. On this LEF this evening highlight is already celebrated on
want to show you the s a pleasure for us. We
It would be a real pitbes t parts of our countries
Thursday – so no departure stress next morning. And no dancing with tears y if
LEO style but be LEO en you miss it! So party
in your eyes. Yet. week including the ough to spend the whole
Friday the other participants.program together with all
It‘s not over until it‘s over (thanks to Rocky VI for this meaningful phra-
se!). The last day of LEF ends with the Closing Ceremony followed by the Hiasi, Austria
LEF Ending party. Share your last reserves, because this evening will be
Departure. Met new friends and old ones. See you next year in Romania!

1989 - thusz ta nea
e first oprenSopron August 19th Monument in Fertörakos near the picnic
ing of the b area to remember the historical happenings

LEF program highlights in details Original invitation flyer

Monday August 21st – LEO-LIONS Pan-Euopean Picnic
„Uniting People“ is the motto of the LEO EUROPA FORUM, which will take place in August 2010 near this historical place.
One of the principal pillars of the LEO movement is the idea of peaceful coexistence – the same idea that united the
people of Europe 21 years ago. In 2010 this European idea will be celebrated anew at the very same site.
LEOs from all over the world, LIONS, politicians and citizens from the Austrian and Hungarian border regions will come
together in order to celebrate a free, borderless Europe. Therefore, `Uniting People´ as the motto of this LEO EUROPA
FORUM is the perfect message to send to Austria, to Hungary, to Europe and to the world. And it will be sent from the
perfect location: Sopronpuszta.

Program: • presentation about the historical events in Hotel Fagus – it will give you a better understanding of the
importance of this area and the historical happenings
• meeting people who participated in 1989 crossing Sopronpuszta; guided tour through the area –
walk on historic ground and learn things you will hardly find in a tourist´s guide
• picnic – well what a LEO-LIONS event would it be if there was no food? Therefore we will serve you
typical Austrian and Hungarian dishes
• workshops – play the same games Pandi, Gábor, Dió, Tamás and the others played in their childhood,
get a further feeling of 20th century history or just have a talk with the other guests
• group picture – guess how you will look at the LEO-LIONS Pan-European picnic in 2029 ...

LEO ne
Fo r u
the ul

picnic timate

ea n

ask yo ir we would
blank u to bring

et and a
wine f a b o
rom h ttle of


The la
formersIt existing watch Memorial to the historical happenings
ron Cur t
ain in tthower along the in 1989 in the area of Sopronpuszta
e area

Greetings from Vienna!

s lost in
a ch - ev e ry body who gpetron this way
Fiaker co ight come back to So
Vienna m
Riesnrad - not as famous as the Eiffel Tower
but also created for the World Exhibition

ytrip to Vie
LEF program highlights in details Da nn
Tuesday August 22nd – Day Trip to Vienna visitin r

UNO C g Vienna

Let us all be Sissi for one day! This vision as a guideline we proudly present you the

pleas y complex
capital of Austria. For all Sissis and Sissi-doubles we can offer you:
• Sightseeing and museum trip of Elisabeth (Sissi) 1st, Empress of

g Unite
Austria, Queen of Hungary.
regist declare at
For all other LEOs we can offer you the following highlights. You can choose from: ration
• The city of artists like the famous Vienna Expressionists (Klimt, Schiele,
quite . UNO is


• The city of musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Bach

• The historical city of Vienna sO n
• The city to explore on your own by a treasure hunt rganisation
• The modern city of Vienna including a guided tour at the United
Nations (IAEO, UNHCR, UNICEF, …)
Please declare your preference already at the registration – every trip can be chosen by 50 participants,
especially for the United Nations Tour we have to declare the participants in advance.

A special thank to LIONS MD 114 Austria

Thanks for helping to make the
LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 possible!
The Austrian and Hungarian
LEF 2010 orga team

LEO Europa Forum Austria-Hungary Sopron/HU
Trip to Salonta Oct th
In order to emphasize the
17 2009
LEF 2010 and to meet im por tan ce of the social activity at
of LEF 2010 decided toour supported children, the Orgateam
the Saint Francis Fou visit one of the orphanages run by
Salonta (Nagyszalonta)ndation. Our visit in October 2009 to
the Hungarian border , a little town in Romania, close to
The Orgateam was very, was a great experience for all of us.
LEOs from Timisoara glad and thankful for the Romanian
end. We had the opportwh o were also with us on
this week-
them for a day and see unity to meet the children, stay with
could talk with the ho w they live, what they do.
We also
helped to cook the diir foster-fathers and mothers. We even
We realized that nn er !
children they still although the fosters take good care
foster home more need lot of suppor t in order to makof the
children really ne comfor table. We talked about wh e this
provide these thingsed and agreed that we will do our at the
of basic sanitation after LEF 2010. They especially inbest to
products, school pr
cil, pen, booklets etc oducts (such as ne ed
s visiting the organisation of Frater Csaba canned vegetables, .), an d ba sic durable foodstuff (su pen-
Members of the LEF 2010 & LEF 2011 orga team for the children meat, chocolate etc.) and of co ch as
store one of the oldare always welcome. They would likurese toys
children, so financiabuildings at the orphanage to house to re-
Now it is up to l suppor t is also more
2010 to make theth e Orgateam and tha possibility.
e pa rticipants
to fulfill their nelife of these children happier. Let us of LEF
spirit and unite LEeds and dreams! Let us show the truall help
for a really good caOs from Europe and all around the e LEO
Tamás use! world
, Hungar y

Some of the orga nisation Fratkierds
with giftfrater Csaba‘s su Fou nder of
his suppor ted
s from th
e delegpp or ted Böjte with one of
ation kids LE O S O


s e

P l e a

o x e s and

shoe b
Wednesday August 23rd – The Perfect Day
i t h t
What to br

fill them othes,
The Social Activity day should remind us of what we are: LEOs. We
are realizing the Perfect Day for Romanian children in need. We use
, cl
this Forum activity to prepare Christmas presents for more than 6,000
children which will be given to the organisation of Frater Csaba Böjte
l s t u f f , etc.
before 24th December. The symbolic delivery will be made by the the
in g

orga teams of LEF 2010 and LEF 2011 and will be the inofficial ending
of this Europe-wide Social Activity. We ask you to bring a shoe box www.le

with presents for children to LEF including among other things toys,
y pp
cloths, writing materials, sweets and sanitation products. It is little ef- ct o rt
The Perfe
fort for every single participant but the effect will be enormous! 6000
happy faces at Christmas Eve as the result of one of the biggest Euro-
pean Social Activities in LEO history.

Organized by LEF orga team 2010, LEF orga team 2011 and by all participating LEOs!
Living LEO!

dies ... A fun
ty stands for: hot la ny and
What a LEF par color fu
l mixt
ure on
... and cool guys - that´s for sure! ever y

Every day´s night fever

As you can see on the pages before, the program of LEF 2010 is exciting. Even more exciting will be the nights!
We will have a separate area of the hotel restaurant in combination with the big park. We are in the middle
of nowhere, so we have the opportunity to party LEO style. Long, until the End and in original LEF style – that
means some crazy theme parties. Bring your dresses to the Forum, be creative in pimping yourself and keep
the good mood until the end of the week.

What to be prepared for.

Saturday 21st: The ultimate Welcome Party – we will introduce you to Austrian and Hungarian highlights. Dress
however you feel like except totally red and green with colored face. That‘s someone else‘s job.
Sunday 22nd: POC – the Presentation of the Countries. For the preparation get some old clothes that can get
dirty, afterwards have a shower and dress the way your Delegation Leader wants you to (whatever it may
mean) ...
Monday 23rd: 35 Years LEF Birthday Party: Dress for celebrating LEF, the LEO movement and us!
Tuesday 24th: Austrian & Hungarian Party – dress red and/or green – everybody can be a Red or Green Guy!
Wednesday 25th: After one whole day of working or a great and noble Social Activity let‘s dress like some guys
who did other great things. Be invited to the Elvis & Marylin Party!
Thursday 26th: After the Gala Evening we will come back late to the hotel.
So keep the dress code or change – your choice.
Friday 27th: LEF Ending Party – wear the last proper clothes you have.
What else can we say.

and ot
rties he
Pa r
m As
the -


g a

lon n´t esca


i es do to party
nious ac

p a r t
l free e LEF
f e e rilyn pup as your
late nvite th
Orang ar ty (Du idol at th
e Guy) tch m e Elvi
but i team ☺
ay also s & M
dress u a-


p as

s Special LEF party guest Brüno (acted by

Sacha Baron Cohen) from Carinthia

To work on a successful LEO future
LEO presentation workshops:
Monday is the Presentation of the Countries Day. The first half be will be reserved for the participating dele-
gation to present their LEO work in their countries. So please Misters and Misses Delegation Leaders: Make a
short powerpoint presentation (max. 5 minutes) to show your LEO projects of the last years.

LEO development workshops:

For Wednesday morning the LEO workshops are fixed. This will be one of the most important parts of LEF 2010.
All topics concern the further evolutions of European/worldwide LEO movement.
Check the workshops in advance so you can chose easier on LEF which one you want to participate.
• LEO workshops by Aziz
• Internationally connected Social Activities (The Perfect Day) – as the base of a Europe-wide
LEO Activity
• LEO/LIONS Activity – Presentation of the Austrian LEO-LIONS Service
• Back to the Roots – what are the core competences of LEOs?
• A European LEO Newsletter and homepage – is it realistic?
• LEOs as LIONS of tomorrow? The crossover from one club to another. What makes it attractive,
what doesn‘t?
• How to organize an own LEF. A short introduction how to handle it.
• ICG (professional trainer workshops):
professional trainings - for more details look forward for the LEF-newsletters.

LEO fun workshops:
During the LEO-LIONS Pan-European picnic on Monday and on the half day trip to Lake Neusiedl you will have
some opportunities to improve your physical skills. Details are a surprise.

n for Newcomer
Some informatio
Dear new LEFings, learning and
consists of fun, par t(y)s,nds, and lear-
A LEO EUROPA FORUM countries, fin din g new frie
seeing about the host nis m all over the world and
especially in
ning more about LEO : A LEF means extending your mind.
Europe. In other words will find various workshops on a LEF :
As you can see above, youy introductions, as well as sessions about
fun workshops, countr to improve it together!
LEO-Movement and how opportunity to learn mocom re about how
Fur ther, you will have the have“ on a LEF in the New ers‘ Work-
a LEF works, how to „being of LEF 201 0 – thi s is you r chance to be
shop right at the beginn
the upcoming ones!
well prepared for LEF 2010 and nce: you might have heard already
for the offi cial One thing to men tion in adva
Bird Watch“, star ting at
Get properly dressed about the habi t of the „Ope ratio n
re you are „bor-
If not ...
, whe
workshops! the POC at a pred
d time
othe r coun tries
rowing“ flags give
(when you are not seen!) and! If you
them back at the end of the LEFse keep
are joining this tradition, plea less
it in a smooth, friendly, and harm ded
way so nobody gets hur t or offen
and nothing gets damaged! watching
Don‘t forget: birds are for
– not for catching!
So far, so good! s for you
Choose the right workshop topicicipa te on our
in time so you can actively part
See you this summer in Sopron!
HoPe, Austria
We will take any possible opportunity to
pimp you up :)

Believe it or not - but Hungaria Hunga
n cui-
sine offers more than Gu lash & Salami the firstriavn LEOs may see
really nic iew- But believ m different on nt
e guys e us - they
are il ly h a ts - be tolera
love s
Austriantso ignore it :)
g h
Check this – it makes LEF much easier enou

It will be warm!
With a little luck we will have nice weather the whole week. The Forum is dated in the end of August so the summer
is already nearing its end. It will be warmer than in Beg Meil but it will also be cooler than in Cappadocia 2008 and
Bussolengo 2009. Dress adequate but don‘t forget an umbrella for worst case. The orga team has two of them but
we will need it for the guided tours through Vienna.
It will be hot!
ion for Ram
On some of the evenings there will be theme parties so please check on page 105 for the
dress code. Be as creative as always and get dressed for the night! e rat a
We offe r

Official Documents
Having co akfast and
separate bre separate

Austria and Hungary are Schengen countries – so for all EU-citizens and member coun-

during LEF
tries of Schengen (e.g. Switzerland or Liechtenstein) no special documents are required. and
LEF participants from other countries please contact your CCPs concerning visa and dining hours If you have
travel documents. program pa tact
e s ti o n s ju st get in con
Can´t buy me love … q u ountry
Austria is a EURO country – the official currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), with your C
Contact Pers

the exchange rate EURO:Forint is about 1:270. For the partys you can pay with vouchers
you can buy with EURO, for shopping we recommend you to get some local currency.
In the Hotel bar and at the LEO Parties you can pay with vouchers or you can pay at
check-out with HUF or by credit card.
But good to know: There is an ATM around 200 m from Hotel Fagus!

Local Cuisine
There is more than Goulash and Wiener Schnitzel and we can prove it! The typical food Time for tipps
is widespread, meat, vegetables, fish and famous sweet dishes. If you have special Party-party-party! This is wha
There is an old tradition at LEFst mak es a LEF real LEF.
demands (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, no pork, no alcohol, …) please declare them party“. It means that the LEOs inviwhich called „room-
at the registration. their rooms for a drink, they talk to te each other into
know new ones. After a while, they old friends and get
Hotel Rooms in the party-area to join the othe go down together
dance till dawn. If you get thirs r LEOs there and to
Hotel Fagus offers the LEF participants single and double rooms. So have fun alone, will find good prices in the LEO-bar.ty, don‘t worry: you
with a LEO friend or whomever you want. Internet access is possible for a little amount It is important to know that this ;-)
of money. where people are chatting, is kind of room-par ty,
ported. This tradition belongs tofull y allowed and sup-
Smoking ... love it as well. But please keep inthe LEF spirit and we
never forget that you are not the onlymind the rules and
... is strictly prohibited in the indoor area of the hotel. It activates the fire-alarm and one in the world.
If you are not sure what
all the costs will be charged for the smoker. Smoking is allowed only outside and in is
and what not, please askallowed
the „Room 124“ - we are sure you will find this. ;-) gaTeam; we will be glad the Or-
you any time. to help
(A good news is that hop
Damages... will fill up the whole hot efully we
... must be avoided. Please note that you are responsible for any damages you will be no other guests wh el, so there
o might
cause and everything what happens in your room. disturb us ;-) )
If some nations would like
nize an after-party, it is to orga-
sible. Please let us know also pos-
so we can prepare everythin time,
your satisfaction. ing for
Gábor, Hungary - Room Par
15 ty King
Time for tipps
Bring a suit for the Gala
Under the impress ion that in the
rk ish summer a cho-
middle of hot Tu oon jacket and a
colate-brown afterntrousers would do,
pair of matchingg on and eventually
I ended up tryin per black eve-
having to borrow a proqui te suite me
ning suite that did n‘t
in ter ms of size . Th e sto ry has also a
bright side to it, in a sho rt time I got
, rat her closely,
to know lots of people ir own clothes.
so close as to we ar the
Don‘t risk it though;
there might not be
another person just
like you, in terms of
figure,with a spear
suite at the LEF.
Aleksander, Poland Bring som su aving
getting sunebu ntan lotion to
avoid e f a m ous for hshow solida-
rnt ians ar ant to LEF
Hungaarches - if youthwis par t until
Check this too! must on´t shave
rity d
Dress code
A LEF should be both fun and work. For the first: surprise us! For the second, especially the official parts of LEF,
formal clothes are recommended.

For swimming
The hotel has got its own spa area with sauna, gym, whirl pools and swimming pools. Lake Neusiedl is quite
close to Sopron so you will have the opportunity to go swimming. The hotel offers towels but we suggest to
bring your own big towel, swimming suit (or the Austrian speciality `Nockerl Hose´), flip-flops and suncream.

For the LEO Pan-european Picnic

Please bring a blanket to sit on. Just like in the movies :).

For the Social Activity

We already wrote that on page 9 but please help us in organizing one of the greatest international LEO Social
Activities: we need shoe boxes, toys, sweets, clothes, school stuff, sanitation products and writing materials.
Thanks in advance.

For activities outside

Bring at least one pair of sports shoes and one garniture of clothes that can get dirty! Let‘s see what happens.

For the Gala Evening

Black tie or traditional elegant suit for men and long evening dress for the ladies. Let‘s be awesome!


• Own dental technical laboratory • Tooth whitening

• Digital panoramic X-ray • Tooth jewels
• Preservative dentistry • Laser dentistry
• Prosthesis • Orthodontics
• Implantation • 3 years guarantee
• Dental CT

How to register for LEF
The normal LEF registration starts at 1st April
and ends 15th June, the participation fee
will be 550 EURO, after 15th June the fee will
590 EURO. The deadline for registration is 16th
Registration is possible under:
So hurry up!

Bank Acount:
Normal Name: LEO EURO
ation e Bank Institute: 010
R e g i s t r RLB NÖ-Wien
5th Jun
il – 1
BLZ: 32.000
1st Apr Late Account Numb
550 € Regist IB
er: 10.181.642
16th J
une –
r a t i o n
AN: AT 7832 000
0 0010 1816
16th J B IC : R LN WAT WW
590 € uly Reference: Delegati
on -
First name -

How to come to LEF
Well there are quite a lot of possibilities to go to Sopron – for us it is not difficult because it is not too far.
For all the other LEO delegations: come by plane, by train, by car or whatever you find. If you come

By plane
We recommend going to Vienna International Airport – by car it is only about 45 minutes from Sopron. If you
chose this option we can pick you up by bus.
If you arrive at Bratislava (SK) or Budapest (HU) Airport let us know – we will organize mini-busses to bring you
to Hotel Fagus. For this occasion we have to demand a little fee of 20 €.

By train
The best way to go to Sopron is to pass by Vienna. From there you take the local train from Vienna Meidling
which goes directly to Sopron every hour.

By car
It depends from which direction you come:
Passing Austria/Vienna: Take the highway A3 (E60) until it ends at Wulkaprodersdorf – then the A-Road 16 (in
AT)/84 (in HU) until you reach Sopron.
Passing Austria/Graz: Take the highway A2 (E59), change at Katzlsdorf to S4 – then at Pöttelsdorf to S31 until
Wulkaprodersdorf – then the A-Road 16 (in AT)/84 (in HU) until you reach Sopron.
Passing Hungary/Budapest: Take the highway M1 (E75/E60) until Györ – then A-Road 86 until it ends at Nagy-
cenk – then the A-Road 84 until you reach Sopron.

If you get lost in the Alps or somewhere in the Hungarian Pampa, just call your County Contact Person :)!

You can also check
Hotel Fagus is location B

The exact address is:

Hotel Fagus ****
ia Goszton

Ojtózi utca 3 (or Ojtózi fasor 3/

9400 Sopron
Photo by Lív

Phone: +36 99 515 00

Fax: +36 99 515 01
Mail: When Try to lose th
Web: ver y cloysoeu arrive here you of Sopron are ereway – the surroundings
to LEF! are ally beautiful!

Let this LEF be awsome!

Become a Red or Green Guy on your own! 15 different claims, as you prefer on red or green t-shirts, ladie´s or gent´s cut, size S, M, L, XL, XXL

Guess what can happen

Once upon a time a real WoRKING CLaSS HeRO named TiMMäääääH got the ELIC. He
read it, found out that Hungarians and Austrians are rather PaRTY PRiNCESSes or
PaRTY PRiNCEs than MaN EaTERs so he took it like COMMaNDER CooL and joined LEF. On
the first evening he met a real DaNCING QuEEN, in his eyes MiSS SoPRON 2010. He was
to nervous to dance with her like a DiSKO PARTiZAN. The bar keeper realized and
told him: SiR DRiNK-a-LOT, you will dance like a BeASTIE BoY! Female LEO´s CHOiCE! He
did, was officially crowned to the LoRD oF The DRinKS and became PRoFESSOR CHAoS
as he lost his room keys. He won the lady by his dancing, but just for dancing.
Conclusio: Don´t spend your whole money for drinks – rather buy a few t-shirts!!!

Saying hello from LEF 2009: The offic

Miss Bussolengo, Beastie boy & the Partialy

For all the unlucky Disko Partizans, Working Class Heroes and Party
Prince(sse)s who did not get one of the 15 different LEF 2010 t-shirts yet:
You can order your own shirt on the website:
Use this unique chance - not to look cheap but to look sexy and aw-
some - on, before and after LEF 2010!
Par tizanb, er these guys? On
the third the other one is e is a real Disko
is a real B S
eastie BiroyDrink-a-Lot,
Greetings fro m Budapest
arian Parliament

Chain Bridge - connection between the

Gábor quarter with the Tamás quarter

Fisherman´s Ba
stion in Budapes

Can´t wait until LEF?

Well this should be no problem. What we can offer you is to show you the capital of Hungary during the days
before LEF starts.
Besides the historical and architectural attractions the LEOs from Budapest will be pleased to show you their
city – during the day and during the nights.
So you will have the possibility to visit two European capitals during one LEF. That‘s new :)

We can organize affordable accommodation for you, or you can find one on your own if you like. The Prepro-
gram starts on Wednesday 18th August, the big highlight will be the 20th – it‘s THE national holiday in Hungary.
So get a mustache, check some Hungarian Forint and get into party mood even before the official LEF starts
in Sopron.

Further Preprogram information will be available on our website in time.

LIONS D119 Hungary has been supporting

indigent people and talented youngsters
for twenty years. Thank you!
The Austrian and Hungarian
LEF 2010 orga team

LEO Europa Forum Austria-Hungary Sopron/HU
p rizes r the
Wha be

wrong t is
n some co

s explanatio
postc on this
ard of
1789? LEF


LEF 1789, Pa
Guess what
What can it be?
Was there already a LEO EUROPA FORUM in 1789? Was it really
in Paris? At least in France? Was Frosch holding the Austrian
flag? Did Austria even exist as a LEO District in this time? One
thing is for sure: This picture can‘t be a fake!!!
What is wrong in this picture? Post your answer on LEF at the
LEO Information Desk (LID) and win some really cool prices. The
best explanation wins!

35 years LEF photo contest

Not to forget! Don´t
This LEO EUROPA FORUM will be the 35th in European LEO hi- pen in a2sk how this pict
story. Time to look forward to another 35 years, time to look intense 008 ... at least ure could hap
the color
backward remembering the last 35 LEFs. We want to make a s are ve-r
picture comeptition and reward the best pictures you sent us.
You can find further information on our website:


Just ask!
Well remembering our first time to go to a LEF – oh Dear ... we
should have asked so many things in advance. If you have any
good bye to their
questions just contact your Delgation Leader or your Country h way to say
The Turkicisip
Contact Person as listed on the last page of the ELIC. If we can ants :)
help, it will be a pleasure to do so. In any case we are happy LEF part
to welcome you on our LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 in Sopron!
The Austrian and Hungarian LEF orga team

- Unitning People
g US

A great thanks to all who helped us making LEO EUROPA PreFORUM and
LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 possible!
Effective: January 2010

Wiener Residenzorchester DER STANDARD

Special thanks to Special thanks to Michaela Rathgeb
Sylvia Moser (LC Wien Arte) and Hans-Christian Neubauer

Gemeinde Wien Radatz GmbH

Special thanks to Special thanks to
Mathias Vogl (LC Wien Ostarrichi) Elisabeth Radatz (LC Wien Isis)

Tutti Kft. Glovita

Special thanks to Special thanks to
Otto Prohászka (Első Győri LIONS Club) József Marton (Első Győri LIONS Club)

Solydent RZB
Special thanks to
Péter Solymosi (Első Győri LIONS Club)

Bäckerei Strauss EUROPR

Special thanks to Special thanks to
Oskar Strauss (LC Wien Hofburg) András Fésüs (Budapest Mozaik Lions Club)

Nordsee Blaguss Sopron

Special thanks to Special thanks to
Tombo Remes (LC Wien Impuls) Franz Stifter (LC Mittelburgenland)

Palais Auersperg Hotel Fagus

Special thanks to
Sylvia Moser (LC Wien Arte)

Time for saying thank

For all the following orga
LEF you need inspiration, team s: to organize a
A great thanks to the patron of LEO/LIONS Pan-european picnic! LEO spirit, a little luck AND mot ivation, a lot of
and firms who help you real–izin friends, colleagues
EUROPA FORUM. The LEF 2010 g a whole LEO
all of it, especially LIONS who orga team had
their engagement, their contactshelped us with
and financial support. We coul , their material
firms to support this greatdprog also convince
ram with
Paneuropa Kommitée Austria budget and material
Special thanks to Reinhard Kloucek goods. It is the right
time to say thanks
again. Keep in mind
when you will par
ticipate at LEF 2010-
– it was not only our
merit to make this
LEO event possible,
there were a lot
of helping hands
besides us who too
par t in realizing it. k
Hiasi, Austria
A great thanks to all LIONS and LEOs who helped us making LEO EUROPA PreFORUM and
LEO EUROPA FORUM 2010 possible!
Effective: January 2010

LIONS Multiple District 114 Austria LIONS District 119 Hungary LEO MD 114 Austria
Special thanks to GRV Manfred Pfister Special thanks to PDG András Fésûs Special thanks to MDP Walter Lackner
and PGRV Franz Stifter and DG Dr. Zoltán Farkas and Past MDP Katharina Siedler

LIONS Austria (District 114 O) LIONS Austria (District 114 M) LIONS Austria (District 114 W)
Special thanks to District Governor Special thanks to District Governor Special thanks to District Governor
Gerhard Reithmaier Ferdinand Hacker Walter Zemrosser

LIONS Austria LIONS Austria LIONS Austria

(District 114 O Zone Wien 2) (District 114 O Zone NOE/B 3) (District 114 O Zone NOE 2)
Special thanks to Zonenleiterin Patricia Special thanks to Zonenleiter Kurt Vogel Special thanks to Zonenleiter Herbert Kohn

LIONS Club Wien Ambassador LIONS Club Güssing LIONS Club Deutsch Wagram
Special thanks to Club President Jennersdorf Special thanks to Club President
Patricia Eder and to Ursula Freitas Special thanks to Club President Herbert Simkovics
Eduard Fikisz

LIONS Club Wien Concordia LIONS Club Mattersburg LIONS Club Gänserndorf
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President
Walter Schanil Hans Leszkovich Johann Kaltenbrunner

LIONS Club Wien Europa LIONS Club Mittelburgenland LIONS Club

Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Klosterneuburg- Babenberg
Peter Harold Walter Biller Special thanks to Club President
Anton Bauer

LIONS Club Wien Impuls LIONS Club Südburgenland LIONS Club Kloster-
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Karl neuburg- Futura
Denni Justa and to Tombo Remes Knotzer and to incoming Club Presi- Special thanks to Club President
dent Helmut Kirisits Martina Bauer

LIONS Club Wien Opera LIONS Club Wien Arte LIONS Club Kreuzenstein
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President
Gerhard Ries and to Isi Herget Sylvia Moser August Fetter

LIONS Club Wien St. Stephan LIONS Club Neunkirchen- LIONS Club Marchfeld
Special thanks to Club President Scharwarzachtal Special thanks to Club President
Christian Mitteregger Special thanks to Club President Herbert Kohn
Johann Dinhobl

LIONS Club Wien Society LIONS Club Wien Isis LIONS Club Weinland
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President
Karl Beer Susanne Janowitz and to Helmut Schneider
Gretchen Eder

LIONS Club Weinviertel-Nord

LIONS Club Wiener Neustadt Első Győri LIONS Club Special thanks to Club President
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to President Werner Überall
Ehsanollah Moayad Csaba Nyerges and all members

LIONS Club Wien Hofburg LIONS Club Sopron LIONS Club Weinviertel-Juno
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to President Special thanks to Club President
Oskar Strauss and to Monika Schwedler Dr. József Ocsák Renate Ellmauthaler

LIONS Club Wien Vindobona LIONS Club Wien St. Rochus

Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to President
Karim Ernst Karman and to Heinz Schmidt Elisabeth Rechberger and to Maria Blazaj

LEO Club Gänserndorf LEO Club Steyr LEO Club Burg Liechtenstein
Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President Special thanks to Club President
Helmut Legat Peter Hofer Sebastian Resch

Special thanks to LIONS supporters
András Fésus, Lajos Tatai (Győr Arrabona LC) Mathias Vogl (LC Wien Ostarrichi) Rudolf Raubik (LC Wien Excelsior), Eva-Maria Franke & Heiner Agelides
(LC Wien Stadtpark), Leopold Vavra (LC Wien Gloriette)

Country Contact Persons for LEF 2010
LEF Presidents Name E-Mail Phone
President Hungary Andrea Prohászka +36 30 2883269
President Austria Peter H. Hofer +43 699 11840477

Country Name E-Mail Phone

Andorra Dániel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Africa Roland Balasch +43 676 3803515
Albania Lydia Streller +43 650 8921754
Algeria Tamás Szabados +36 30 3655093
Asia Roland Balasch +43 676 3803515
Austria Peter H. Hofer +43 699 11840477
Australia + Oceania Roland Balasch +43 676 3803515
Belarus Lilly Stein +43 660 5524447
Belgium Gábor Marton +36 30 2567310
Bosnia and Herzegovina Rene Platzer +43 664 5006486
Bulgaria Walter Lackner +43 699 19021499
Croatia Rene Platzer +43 664 5006486
Cyprus Lydia Streller +43 699 17093130
Czech Republik Stephan Kerbl +43 676 9484181
Denmark Harald Resinger +43 650 8866560
Egypt Tamás Szabados +36 30 3655093
Estonia Sándor Nagy +36 70 5456621
Finland Harald Resinger +43 650 8866560
Finvalia Peter H. Hofer +43 699 11840477
France Matthias Kretschmer +43 650 6716869
Germany Lydia Streller, Gábor Marton, +43 699 17093130
Greece Lydia Streller +43 699 17093130
Hungary Andrea Prohászka +36 30 2883269
Iceland Harald Resinger +43 650 8866560
Iraq Zita Hajtman +36 30 6359919
Ireland Zita Hajtman +36 30 6359919
Israel Zita Hajtman +36 30 6359919
Italy Dániel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Jordan Zita Hajtman +36 30 6359919
Latvia Sándor Nagy +36 70 5456621
Lebanon Zita Hajtman +36 30 6359919
Libya Tamás Szabados +36 30 3655093
Lithuania Sándor Nagy +36 70 5456621
Liechtenstein Stephan Kerbl +43 676 9484181
Luxembourg Gábor Marton +36 30 2567310
Macedonia Lydia Streller +43 699 17093130
Malta Dániel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Morocco Tamás Szabados +36 30 3655093
Moldavia Daniela Maja Müller +43 650 8860507
Monaco Matthias Kretschmer +43 650 6716869
Netherlands Gábor Marton +36 30 2567310
North America Peter H. Hofer +43 699 11840477
Norway Harald Resinger +43 650 8866560
Poland Stephan Kerbl +43 676 9484181
Portugal Dániel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Romania Walter Lackner +43 699 19021499
Russia Lilly Stein +43 660 5524447
San Marino Daniel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Serbia Rene Platzer +43 664 5006486
Slovenia Rene Platzer +43 664 5006486
Slovakia Stephan Kerbl +43 676 9484181
South America Andrea Prohászka +36 30 2883269
Spain Dániel Tóth +36 70 6127868
Sweden Harald Resinger +43 650 8866560
Switzerland Stephan Kerbl +43 676 9484181
Tunesia Tamás Szabados +36 30 3655093
Turkey Lydia Streller, István Dióssy, +36 20 2233291
Ukraina Lilly Stein +43 660 5524447
United Kingdom Lilly Stein +43 660 5524447
Vatican Daniel Tóth +36 70 6127868