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Entered as second class Accepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923, special rates of postage
at the post office at Des provided for in Section

Moines, Iowa, under the 1103; Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.:
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Volume 17 January 15, 1939 Number

Number. 1
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Senior A's Our Department of Surgery "The: Stillonian"

Having passed the qualifying II To the alumni:
examinations your reporter has11 I expect that by this time you
contacted the following Seniors I have received a letter telling you
as to where they may be found about the Stillonian and also a
in the great near future. card upon which you may enter
Clyde Hyink will return to his i your subscription.
garden spot, Colorado, and take So far the response has been
the board. fair. 'When the first idea: of
Edward Jeranson will mush publishing the Stillonian was
northward to take the Minnesota I considered, I was told 'yoou can
*-i'.rs-t'y l : --- -.- ,.. ----..-,, ^..-- „.;_.
onily count on ten pier cent of f
George W. (Peter) Marston alumni." Now I'm beginning to
will encompass Iowa, Illinois wonder if that is true.
and Oregon and take their re-
spective boards. As alumni of one of the finest
Velma Gehman will take the Osteopathic Colleges' have you no
board in Iowa. pride in that fact? Don't you
Harvey Bridenstine is going tc realize that an undertaking like
take the Iowa and Missouri the publishing of a year book
boards. requires the co-operation of
William Costello will take the Only a few of the many millions in our country appreciate everyone-students, faculty and
Iowa board and then travel east- the intimate relation between Surgery and Osteopathy. The alumni alike.
ward to Ohio and West Virginia. majority think of Surgery as the pinnacle in the medical pro- I do not wish you to think
Eugene Luebbers will take thefession. We, as Osteopathic Physicians, would be content to we are begging for your sub-
Iowa, Michigan and Missouri know that this was fully understood by this vast majority, for scription fo'r don't you realize
boards. Surgery is widely divergent from Internal Medication, in fact that altho whether you help: or
Alvin Yarrows-Colorado and it is largely mechanical. Drugs, as therapeutic aids, play a not-the Stillonian.will be pub-
Michigan boards. very minor role in the Surgeons plan for the recovery and well- ished. The Stillonian staff asks
Ernest Light will take the being of his patient. This very fact ties the science of Surgery of you only two things-your
Iowa board. and that of Osteopathy so closely that each fully realizes the subscription and any type of
Thomas Griffith will take thedependence on the other. The competent Osteopathic Surgeon news about yourself 'or associ-
Iowa and Florida boards. has everything that the competent Medical Surgeon has. In ates.
A fine assembly program has addition the Osteopath has his science which has been proven The subscription price is only
been planned by these "soon to in all osteopathic institutions and many medical hospitals as $3.00 and if you wish your busi-
graduate" for Friday, January being a necessary adjunct to Surgery if better results are de- ness card inserted, the price is
l13th. On the following Friday, sired. Dr. George A. Still proved the value of Osteopathy in only $3.50. Let- us hear from
January 20 they will receive Surgery many years ago and the practices of our present day you NOW!
their "much coveted" degrees. Osteopathic Surgeons bear out his earlier findings. Jean LeRoque, Editor
Your reporter wishes them Our college is fortunate in having at its disposal a fine
Godspeed. modern Osteopathic Hospital under the expert guiding hand of
Dr. J. P. Schwartz. Many of the staff of the hospital are also Faculty on. Xmas
members of the faculty of the college and are therefore able to
Mrs. Walker offer the students authoratative information on the osteopathic Vacation
hospitalization of all types of institutional cases.
Still College was deeply Dr. J. P. Schwartz occupies the 'chair of Surgery at the Dr. Arthur,,p., Becker, presi-
grieved by the sudden death fd -ollege'and ' is asisted-n'aHe;ivision~ of this subject :by Dr. .; dent -f- the and; .Mr.S- -
Patti Handley Walker, wife of A. Graney, Dr. B. L. Cash, Dr. J. L. Schwartz and Dr. H. V. Becker had a rather extended
Glen E. Walker, a member of Halladay. trip during the Christmas holi-
the class of May, 1940. Mrs. The course in Surgery at the college consists of 255 hours days. They drove to Louisville,
Walker's brief illness and death, of didactic work covering Orthopedic, Minor and Major Surgery. Kentucky where Dr. Becker
which occurred January 12, re- In addition to the classroom lectures attendance at surgical spoke to the Jefferson County
sulted from a brain tumor. clinics at the hospital totals 144 hours with the opportunity of Osteopathic Association. They
Mrs. Walker was the president increasing this time if the student is ambitious. then went on to Winchester,
of the Women's Osteopathic Col- During this period of training the student is privileged to Kentucky where Dr. Alan Becker
lege Club. ;Her very capable see operations of the most delicate and difficult type and also is located and then up to Pon-
execution of this office, her in- quantities of the more common minor surgical operations for tiac, Michigan for a Christmas
terest in the organization, and which the staff of the Des Moines General Hospital is widely visit with Dr. Rollin Becker and
her devotion to its members, are known. family.
outstanding characteristics. Her Students at the Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy A most pleasant trip is report-
loss is felt by her many friends. appreciate the opportunity of seeing and being a part of the ed, marred by the incident that
Services were held locally at highly efficient work of the hospital and the profession in the during the Michigan portion' of
Dahlstrons after which service state of Iowa and bordering communities are well aware of this the journey Dr. Becker' was con-
and interment was made at expert service obtainable in Des Moines. fined to the house for a few days
Wichita, Kansas. Des Moines continues to graduate trained physicians in the with an attack of acute bron-
B. F. complete definition of the title. chitis.
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Marshall
WINS PRIZE and family journeyed from Des
CALENDAR Moines to Mexico City and thence
Dr. R. B. Bachman won a $25 to Apoca. The Doctor reports a
district prize and a cup in city- GRADUATION --- January 20 very enjoyable vacation.,-
wide competition for unique and REGISTRATION _ January 21 Highlights of the trip seemed
outstanding Christmas decoration ROLL CALL .------ _January 23 to be, swimming on Xmas day,
and lighting of his home at 4416 EASTER RECESS ---. _April 7 a new trick with quartered limes
Ingersoll, Des Moines. GRADUATION
A, ..
I i
----- May 26 (Continued
I on
- Pa
' -l'ua.-e i3),
-. : -, -~'j - ,
I _ _
_ _

.fP itTNY nOTaS e7 r for entrance into the organiza-

tion. Our senior banquet in
ner and lots of midnight oil is
burning. We all anticipate a
The return of the Phi Sigs honor of E. E. Light was held post-final finale Thursday night
brought endless resolutions on January 10th in the Florentine (We'll have plenty to forget!)
ideas for a prosperous and Room of the Hotel Savery. Dr. The newly elected officers for
successful year for the fra- R. J. Forbes, a charter member the coming semester are:
ternity and the school. From and country coroner at Ft.
what I gathered everyone had a I. Iverson, Noble Skull; T.
Dodge, acted as toastmaster. Dr.
joyous holiday, with the excep- Hewetson, Occipital; J. Watt,
O. E. Owens, president of the
tion of Gordon Fischer-in his Grand Council gave a short talk Sacrum; H. Johnston, Pyloris;
own words, "I didn't do a thing." and Dr. A. D. Becker gave the J. Clapperton, Stylus; E. John-
"Strutting away" at the Detroit senior address. son, Receptaculum, and R.
Osteopathic Ball were seen Bro- Drews, Styloid.
We were pleased to have as During the past month visitors
thers H. Bowden, H. Taggart, guests four representatives from
A. Ferris, J. Yagoobian, G. G. included: Brothers Gorey and
Beta Chapter of the Kansas City
N. O. I. C. Pease, Pledge Bob Woods, Dr. College as well as our local field
Stillman from Axis chapter; Bro-
ther Ballard from Mastoid chap-
K. E. Corey, and Dr. Jerry men. The new semester is start-
O'Berski. I want to take this ter, and Brothers Forbes and
ing off with the following new of- Ketman, former alumni of this
The first of January has come opportunity to congratulate the ficers: P. E. Kimberly, president, chapter.
and gone and as promised I'm Alumni-of Detroit for their won- E. O. Hanson, vice president, A. We are always happy to be
listing below responses from the derful work on Student Recruit- E. Borchardt, recording secre- visited by members in the field
various members of the Council. ing. tary, R. D. McKay, treasurer, G. and by brothers from other chap-
This office cannot go ahead with The first meeting of the year A. Walker, corresponding secre- ters. J. S. C.
the work that must be done un- brought a change in the Phi Sig- tary and A. A. Ferris, reporter.
less the membership completes ma Gamma Executive Commit- The fraternity extendsi its sym-
work assigned by a certain date. tee. The new elections were as
This delay means ,delay at the follows: Archon, C. W. Millard;
pathies to Glenn Walker on the
recent death of Mrs. Walker.
At our last regular meeting we
other end "Of the time limit. Dal- Sub-Archon, J. E. Miller; Pro- As this was going to press we
had election of officers for the
las is waiting'for orders and this natarius, J. M. Yagoobian; Sub- were informed that our graduat-
coming year. Tony Sloan is our
office waits. for information that Crusophulax, H. C. Plautz; Ex- ing member E. E. Light has ac-
new president, taking over the
should have been in by the first astase, John C. Edgerton; Phu- quired an internship in the hos-
lax, T. R. Koenig. pital at Garden City, Kansas. duties of Brother Sib Barnes,
of the month. other officers are Scott Fisher,
Honor Roll Congratulations to the two A. A. Ferris
By P. E. K. vice president, Eldon Blackwood,
The following organizations proud fathers of the senior class treasurer, and Charles Gray, cor-
have appointed their representa- -Neil Kitchen and Frank responding secretary.
Schneider. The fraternity ex- The Xmas, vacation saw the
tives and have paid the small
tend&s sympathies to Glen Walker A~m
annual fee: brothers scattered far and wide,
in his hour of bereavement. The Christmas party held at "Ferdinand II" Sporck to Ohio
Alpha Tau Sigma. Advice to the graduating sen- La Vonne Overton's home for the and points east, came back claim-
Sigma Sigma Phi. iors-"don't forget your Osteo- clinic children was very much of ing a "Safe and Sane" New
Lambda Omicron Gamma. pathy." J. M. Y. a success. The girls seem to en- Years.
Phi Sigma Gamma. joy the party as, much as the
Axis Club. ,Barnes to-well something
kiddies. After dinner was serv- mysterious and sinister about a
Half-Honor Roll
Delta Omega (No local repre-
Aor ed the big event of the evening several day absence .from Des
took place. Santa Claus came Moines.
sentative). The Calvarious Chapter of and distributed gifts to the awed Blackwood says "just in Des
Lambda Omicron Gamma extends children. Santa rose nobly to
Psi Sigma Alpha (No local Moines and home to see the
its heart-felt sympathy to Dr. H. the occasion with his version of folks."? ??
V. Halladay who at the time of "The Three Bears" (Good work Tony Sloan was busy playing
Dishonor Roll this writing, is laid up with an Max) and after having pictures Santa Claus to his family, "Its
The following have not ap- attack of herpes. Tough luck, taken all around the children the truth fellows."
pointed a local representative, Virge; have a speedy recovery. were taken home. "Swede" Jeranson-a matter
and have not paid their fees: Installation of officers took The Delta Omega sorority of conjecture.
Acacia Club. place at our last meeting. This wishes to offer congratulations
Iota Tau Sigma. is our third election and it is to Mr. and Mrs. Phil Sheets who "Scotty" Fischef-Time divid-
H. V. Halladay, Exc. Sec. with deep gratitude that we were married on New Year's Eve ed between Eagle Grove and Des
watch the growth of our newly in Dayton, Ohio. Good luck to Moines in his own words "with
formed organization. both of you. my gal, every day seems like
Cerebrum Al Yarrows will be Along with the congratulations Xmas."
with us only two more weeks, to Dr. Neil Kitchen, we expect in Ken Wooliscroft "Home to
The members of Sigma Sigma I then graduation and Al will-set about twenty years hence. How see Cozie."
Phi have returned to school after out to conquer the unknown- about it Neil? Bob Lindquist - Attending
the Christmasi vacation rested and were betting our boots he'll What with finals and holidays Tonsillectomies at the Des
and full of New Years resolu- do it. the activities of the sorority have Moines General.
tions that are bound to be of Tuesday, January 10th, sees not started to function very ac- Iosbaker - The old Santa
benefit to the fraternity in the Frater Feldman tackling the tively as yet. Claus gag. In the near future
coming new year. With only Iowa Basic Science Board. Watch losbaker will receive his second
two weeks of the old semester I that chemistry, Paul, and be sure
remaining the banquet honoring I of your Pyranose rings. -ATLA CLUB degrees.
Before graduation a Senior
our graduating seniors and the II Frater Greenhouse and Pledge We were glad to see all the Banquet will be held.
election of officers for the com- Ansfield attended a dinner of boys back from their vacation,
the Milw. County Osteopathic without mishap-evidently, the F. P.
ing semester occupy our time.
At our first 1939 meeting Jan- Association over the holidays Holiday must have done them
uary 10, the various details of Max waxed eloquently for 15 lot's of good, as they are all in Births
the banquet are to be arranged. minutes praising D. M. S. C. O fine fettle, and plenty energetic, To Mi. and Mrs. Neil R.
The nominations have been made and we are sure that nothing he especially Brother Bridenstine Kitchen, a six pound baby girl,

for the various officers and an L said was exaggerated. Nine days and his "Brigadiers," who, from Colene Kitchen, on December
election as spirited as, the one of to finals-back to work. all appearances, must have let 29th.
November between the two ma- E. Kanter Pons off plenty of steam. To Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank
jor parties is another little detail I The Atlas Club will have the Schneider, an eight and three-
that will draw our attention. Senior Banquet at Younkers Tea quarter pound boy, Mowbary Nu-
Everyone at school is busy as3I Room Saturday night for the gent Schneider on December
can be down the home stretch I Psi Sigma Alpha approaches graduating Seniors - William 28th.
to the final exams, that lead to the close of the semester with o Costello, Harvey Bridenstine and
commencement or advancement Lfeeling of gratification at the re Tommy Griffith. We are all sorry Neil and Frank are of the
toward that coveted goal. csults achieved during the fall un to see them leave; they have Senior "B" class.
We all extend our congratula- der the leadership of past Presi been fine Brothers and we extend To Dr. and -Mrs. W. R. Mc-
tions to the graduating class and I dent Neil Kitchen. to them our best wishes on their Laughlin of West Virginia, a six
wish them success. Seven new men were initiatec venture into the field. pound baby girl, Sandra Lee Mc-
A. S. B. and thirteen pledges are waiting Ul:rln
i I rid~1
-u-inui,6L arelt
r JUl~le cLIULLLI'..
tL L11 r T nilrl'in - an Tap/anmhar 1 nh.
· ~ ~~~~~~~
- : ·.

-- - -~ --

necessity of a careful diagnostic But if we or others should say

The LoS Book survey in each case.
Osteopathic treatment meets
Open Your Eyes-III
By E. Harwood
that our profession is threatened
with oblivion it certainly would
the problem, or a considerable be news.
The Official Publication of No osteopathic physician needs
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE part of the problem, in many to accept gratuities and least of The colleges are prepared.
OF OSTEOPATHY cases of headache. A critical all those who have proved them- They are ready to educate twice
survey will usually reveal lesions selves capable of teaching. There- as many students as we have en-
President ----.- Arthur D. Becker in most cases. These lesions may fore this plea for more students rolled at the present time. The
act either as causative factors or is not a protective plan institu- lack of preparation is on the out-
Faculty Adviser -- H. V. Halladay as maintaining factors. Lesions ted by those in charge of our side and if we, the college, are
may be found in the neck and educational institutions. The to be blamed it is because we
Editor-.------------- E. Harwood upper dorsal area disturbing plea is for Osteopathy and not have not given you the frank,
vaso motor control of head cir- the individual. As to the pre- unvarnished news of the numeri-
Osteopathy Without Limitation culation, either intracranial or paration for this reduction in stu- cal decline of the profession. We
extracranial. Lesions may be dents we may say that the only have been too proud.
found anywhere in the spine or college of any kind that would You have that news now.
Osteopathic Therapeutics pelvis, directly or indirectly as- be prepared for a 50 per cent
sociated with headache. These reduction in attendance would be Faculty on Xmas
(Number 5 in Series) lesions must be carefully evalu- one that had a sufficient endow-
Region of Head and Neck ated and corrected. Contraction, ment to make up the deficit. If Vacation
Continued or contracture, of the occipito- any of our colleges of osteopathy
Headache frontalis may need to be relaxed. close on !account of lack of funds (Continued From Page One)
Headache is a symptom and it Tempero-mandi'bular articula- it will be because that college and experiments with the extract
occurs as a part of the problem tions must be normalized. An- has not been given the two kinds of the Magay plant.
in many widely varying condi- terior cervical tissues, both supra of support that Alumni of most
and infra hyoid, should be care- During the holidays Dr. and
tions. Headache, however, pre- colleges do give. These as you Mrs. Lonnie Facto entertained
sents itself as such a common fully ---relaxed. The - clavicles well know are (1) a continuous
should be raised and carefully Mrs. -Turo Schabt, Mrs. -'Facto's
ailment, and is the cause of so year after year drive for new mother and Mr. and Mrs. Lynn
much distress and disability that articulated at both the acromial students and (2) constant alert- Henson, her. sister and brother-
it seems wise to include a few and sternal ends. Treatment to ness for endowments. in-law of Knoxville, Missouri.
suggestions concerning its treat- free and normalize filaments of You cannot call the fir,st fine
the fifth nerve at points of em- Dr. Mary Golden played host-
ment. ergence and in the temporal and young man or woman that you ess to seventeen relatives at a
Accurate diagnosis of the eti- masseter muscles is of great see to your office and tap him or Xmas day dinner.
ological factors in a given case value in neuralgic type of head- her on the head with a femur Those present were: her bro-
is! a necessary prerequisite to the ache. and say, "I dub thee Osteopathic ther's and nephew's family of
prescription of proper and suit- Physician." We must have col-
In many cases due to chronic leges of osteopathy and we must Des Moines, Dr. Golden's sister,
able treatment. A brief and toxemia. there may be found in- Mrs. L.. Fuller and family of
somewhat general consideration make the necessary. effort to Illinois, and Dr. Wright and
of some of the more common durated masses in posterior cer- keep these filled. We have to
vical muscles where they are in- work two and one-half times family from the northern part
causes will be of value. of the state.
serted into the inferior surface harder than we did from 1892
Headache presents as a symp- of the occipital bone (probably to 1905. We have to work one Dr. Woods kept house and
tom in intracranial diseases, as due to a chronic toxic myositis). and two thirds times harder than spent considerable time improv-
in brain tumor, in meningitis These indurated masses produce ing his bowling, in preparation
acute or chronic, and in cerebral we did from 1905 to 1916 and
pain in the scalp due to involve- we have to work one and one- for the return of the noon bowl-
abcess. ment of the occipital nerves pass- half times harder than we did ing club members.
Headache presents as a symp- ing through them. Steady pres- between the years 1916 and Dr. Owen spent Xmas day at
tom in many acute infectious sure applied to these indurations 1937. The course in Osteopathy his home in Indianola with a
diseases, as, in typhoid fever, in- and deep manipulation of them, has lengthened in that propor- delightful home cooked goose
fluenza and small pox. Headache within the reasonable tolerance tion. dinner.' On New Years Eve. Dr.
presents as a symptom in ocular of the patient, produce absorp- If the colleges are to be blam- Owens visited' Dr. Joseph Peter-
involvements as in glaucoma, eye tion and relieve the associated ed for the decrease in number of son of Waterloo, Iowa.
strain due to refractive errors headache. students it is because their litera-
and in muscular imbalance. Mrs. K. M. Robinson and.
In headaches occurring as se- ture has not been frank in re- "Sandy" the Pontiac traveled to
Headache may occur as a re- quelae of sinus disease, it ifs of gard to the actual situation. I
flex disturbance as in pelvic di- Duluth, Minn., to visit her sister
great value to thoroughly spring said last month that we had men- and brother-in-law, Dr. and Mrs.
sease and involvements of viscera the cranial sutures. This may tioned this matter of the need A. B. Stuart.
supplied by the vagus nerve. be done by applying firm pres- for students in earlier issues of
This type of headache is com- sure between the forehead and the Log Book. I have just looked
monly known as the congestive the occiput, between the two back thru the files of this little Appreciation
type. parietal bosses, between the mal- publication for the past fifteen
One of the- more' common ar bones, between the mastoid years -and the rare thing is to A lot of invisible effort is put
causes of headache is chronic process of one side and the front- find an issue without some men- forth in the monthly publication
toxemia, possibly due to poor al boss of the opposite side and tion of this subject. For the of the Log Book.
elimination. It may be due to in the corresponding opposite most part these appeals have The individual who has been
foci of chronic infection. Chronic plane. In this connection, it been written with the idea of responsible for this greatly de-
toxemia is a part of chronic in- seems well established that im- bringing out some superior fea- tailed piece of work, is now con-
fectious diseases such as pul- pacted lesions of the cranial su- ture of the college that in the fined to his room in the Des
monary tuberculosis and syphilis. tures act as maintaining causes majority of cases was not news Moines General Hospital. I say
Chronic toxemia may be due to of head pains. to most of the readers. If this "to his room" since they haven't
fatigue toxins as a result of ex- college had only twenty obstetri- successfully kept him to his bed.
cessive work, worry and care and Additional treatment may con- cal cases a year instead of four
is often associated with poor ven- sist of surgery, rest, properly hundred it would indeed be news Thru long hours of work on
tilation. fitted lenses, diet, enemata, in- and you would be startled by it. alumni lists Dr. (Virge) Halla-
Headache may be an associat- creased fluid intake, specific anti- You already know that our stu- day lowered his resistance to
ed symptom in blood disease as syphilitic treatment and many dets handle more cases of this such an extent that he succum-
in anemia, primary or secondary. other possible methods as may type in one year than some col- bed to Herpesi Frontalis. In
It is frequently a symptom in be indicated in the individual leges see in ten years. It is not spite of his intense pain, he still
cardio-vascular diseases in such case. news to you to know that our continues his work to complete
conditions as' hypertension and in It is only possible, in the space Seniors take care of 'about two the alumni list.
aortic regurgitation. available here, to outline rather thousand five hundred athletes Perhaps most of us have never
I!t is obvious that it is not sketchily considerations in the each year, a multitude of cases realized just how much "Virge"
within the possibilities of these treatment of headache. It is in the general clinic and have really does. We certainly owe
brief articles to exhaust the pos- hoped that these suggestions will more than they can do without him a rousing enthusiastic vote
sible causes of headache. Enough prove of value to the reader. sacrifice of recreational time. of appreciation and thanks.
has been given to indicate the A. D. B., D. O. These facts are not news to you. H. S.
- -- I _ _ . _ . . . _ I-- ... .
--- , i _
. . ... .


_ ______ __

sit. Mr. Brayton left a number

- a i -- - - - -------------------

phabet I finally mastered all

--· ·I-
Assemblies of excellent blasic ideas with the Wedding twenty-eight letters. Fastened
student body. He urged us to on the windshield of my car was
With Gene LaRoque at the avoid being "Masters of Medioc- Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Hollen, a similar photograph from which
head of the committee from the racy." We have too many of that 114 Lawnview Ave., Dayton, I practiced while driving between
Student Council for the arrange- degree now in every walk of life. Ohio, announce the marriage of house calls. For good measure
ment of programs we have en- "Plan your work and work your their daughter, Dorothy May, to both hands were taught to spell
joyed a rapid fire of interesting plan," was another good motto Mr. A. Philip Sheets of Washing- against that time when, sheath-
and instructive meetings. to follow and "Plan as if you ton Courthouse, Ohio. ed in sterile gloves, one of them
October 14 expect to live forever but work The wedding, a simple ring might be busy.
Dr. D. W. Morehouse, presi- a's if you will die tonight." If ceremony took place at the home Thus I conversed with my pa-
dent of Drake University, waJs Mr. Brayton follows these excel- of the bride at 7:45 p. m., De- teient on prenatel check ups,
the guest speaker and spoke on lent bits of advice it has not cember 31, 1938. spelling out each word, painstak-
the "Instrumentalities of caused him to lose any weight The bride was attired in a ingly at first and then with
Science." This su'bjject might nor has it soured hi's disposition. gown of coral crepe, fashioned greater ease. Till finally with
'frighten the average listener but The student body will be ready along Princess lines and carried a few extension and flexion com-
u'sing the new giant 200 inch to greet Mr. Brayton any time a bridal boquet of white carna- binations of the fingers I could
telescope as an analogy Dr. he may be inclined to visit us tions and baby breath. She was say quite a handfull.
Morehouse brought out some again. attended by Miss Jane Ann Van False labor pains brought me
comparisons that were clearly November 4 Winkle , while Mr. George H. out to their quiet abode late one
applied to our own future. He Dr. Arthur Wheelock, refrac- Sheets, brother of the groom, afternoon. In an attempt to
expanded on the need for more tionist of note, inventor of diag- acted as best man. learn some of their abbreviations
'light, greater resolving power, nostic optical instruments and A reception, at the Hollen that I knew existed I asked the
t 'consultant in our clinic appeared home was held immediately foYl-
in creasing magnification and the husband if they had any short
elimination of chromatic abbera- this Friday with an excellent lowing the ceremony for the cuts. He scratched his head
tion by piitting these technical surgical film. The fine thing young couple and was attended puzzled, then smilingly led me
astronomical terms into our pro- about the film was that it wa's by the immediate families. by the arm to the Kitchen, lifted
fe'ssion. They mean more know- made in our own hospital, this Both Mr. and Mrs;. Sheets are the lid from a large pan and
ledge, the. u'se of it, the spread fact adding considerably to it's students at D. M. S. iC. O. laughingly gave me to under-
of our influence and the elimina- interest. The film in color, R. R. stand it wasn't short cuts I
tion of false leads or influences. showed the new technic for the smelled, but instead, a Pot
removal of a cataract by the suc-
This was certainly an excellent
address and highly appreciated tion method and was so realistic Polk County Roast. I finally learned the ges-
ture signifying "I don't under-
by the entire student body. that one of the younger students
f'ailed to see the entire operation.
Osteopathic Association stand," or "what does that
Dr. Morehouse is personally mean." This proved to be the
known to many of our profes- The pause during the removal of The January meeting of the Rosette Stone for me. When-
sion. He was a classmate oif Dr. the student, was brief and im- Polk County Osteopathic Associ- ever they used an unfamiliar
George Still and until recently mediately followed a hint by Dr. ation was held Wednesday eve- sign I would use this, my key
Mrs. Guy Brunk a sister of Dr. Halladay that this might hap- ning, January 11th, at the Des sign, and they would spell out
George Still, was a member of pen. The hint was not intended Moines General Hospital. A the meaning. What a revela-
the board of trustees of Dr'ake as a suggestion but must have splendid buffet dinner was served tion this was, the simplicity, the
University. We appreciate this been taken in that light. Dr. in the dining room to forty peo- imaginative appeal and the hu-
visit and hope' that we may have Wheelock prefaced the film with ple. morous accuracy of this silent
the privilege of hearing Dr. explanitory remarks and provid- The group inspected the new language was at last clear to me.
Morehouse again. ed the entire student body with General Electric 220 K. V. P. It was like visualizing for the
printed information about the X-ray therapy unit which has first time in the dissection lab-
October 21 .operation. These cases quite just been installed at a cost of oratory all the nerves, blood
The hint that a representative often come to the osteopathic I ~ rla c - -~·n vessels and muscles that "Virge"
of the Community Chest would physician for treatment and it is taught us in class.
Doctor Cash presented a paper
be present threatened the speak- well to be informed about the on the subject: "The use of Deep From here on I made rapid
er with rows of empty seats but most modern methods of relief X-ray Therapy in the Treatment progress. I learned this type of
the foresight of a member of the by surgery in the more advanced individual was not immune to
of Cancer." He explained the
faculty prevented the exodus and types. We will welcome a return frictions, f o r,
merits of the new equipment in mother-in-law
those who heard Mr. Morrison visit from Dr. Wheelock. signs dealing with the female of
contrast to older methods and
were enlightened mentally and November 18 the species, sisters, mothers,
not lightened financially. Mr. pointed out the more favorable
The "Stillonian" staff was in- results which can be obtained. wives and inlaws, were signified
Morrison has the full time re- troduced to the student body. by placing the fingers in rela-
sponsibility of keeping tra'ck of The meeting proved to be one
Plans and price were revealed. of the most valuable thus far on tion to the CHIN. I also learned
the ramifications of this com- Mr. Hirschmans xylophone stu- that a labor pain was indicated
munity service in Des Moines the year's program of scientific
dent, Misis Shelia Taylor contri- papers. TIle Association wishes by approximating index fingers;
and it was certainly a revelation buted several unique and out- three fingers on the pulse signi-
to thank the hospital staff not
,;_owy, :of the many things that standing selections. only for the dinner provided, but fied a doctor; two fingers on the
this organization is called upon December' 9 pulse meant a nurse; tracing the
to do that are.. not ordinarily for the opportunity of becoming
Dr. Paul Park appeared with familiar with the very latest esophagus with thumb and index
thot of a's apart of the service. a talk on "Appreciation of Osteo- finger apart meant hunger; point
The cooperation necessary be- methods in the treatment of can-
pathy" as a stimulus for student cer. to the wrist (watch) and hold-
tweeen the official divisions of support at the Clinic Benefit ing up the corresponding num-
the work is brought about by a O. E. Owen, D. O., Sec.
dance sponsored by Sigma Sigma ber of fingers indicated the hour;
clearing house that must be on Phi. placing the middle finger on top
the joib every day and have Dr. Halladay gave a brief and Figuratively Speaking of the fore head indicated ill-
available complete records of instructive dissertation on stu- ness; clinched fists, ground to-
more details than the average dent recruiting. "A look is worth a thousand gether as Dr. Becker demon-
person could imagine. The December 16 words" is a Chinese proverb strates a lesion, meant coffee,
Community Chest is an in'stitu- The assembly hall vibrated often quoted. How remarkably etc., etc., ect.
tion and with the present effici- with the "bubbling over" enthu- apropos is this axiom to the Sign At the delivery all went well,
ent organization actually saves siasm of the student body and language of the Deaf and Dumb. the crew consisting of Edgerton,
Mr. Average Citizen each year Yuletide cheer was at its peak. Th'is past summer one of my Emory, Kimberly and Richard-
many dollar's and considerable Miss Sheila Taylor, popular O. B. Clinics was a deaf mute. son were unusually silent, suc-
annoyanmce. We were gl'ad to xylophonist rendered several With the purpose of facilitating cumbing to gesticulation, desert-
'learn the facts of the plan and beautiful numbers. her delivery and also dispensing ing articulation.
distribution of our fund's thru Miss Razel Pere;semen of Des with note writing, I began to pry After the delivery the new
our own Community Chest. Moines sang two selections in her into their means of communica- father was seen apparently
October 28 own imcomparable way. tion. pinching his chin and brushing
Mr. Arthur Brayton of the Max Greenhouse, Senior B, Between my patient and her soinetning away from his mouth...
Chamber of Commerce proved a played Santa and quite nobly too. husband, who was similarly af- Yet to the initiate it meant "It's
most intere'sting speaker. His The assembly was climaxed flicted, they initiated me into a a girl-phooey."
rapid fire delivery and interpola- with Dr. Becker extending Xmas new and eloquent language. Thanks to Dr. Ed. Leininger
tion of amusing stories took the greetings and Virge leading us From a composite photograph for a most interesting summer
student body from the sublime with the old Xmas favorite "Jin- depicting ;the positions of the in obstetrics.
to the ridiculous via rapid tran- gle Bell's." fingers in ea'ch letter of the al- M. N. Greenhouse.
: -* ' >y ,~~~~~~~;
.T . I F'" -- /

Entered as second class 1 i N

r. n*)~

Accepted for mailing -at

matter, February 3rd, 1923,
at the post office at special rates of postage
provided for in Section
Moines, Iowa, under the
act of August 24th, 1912. I L^1,
.f~ i.^^ V^ D III ^* ~J l8 ~
1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
Feb. 3rd, 1923.
<&v- - ________
-6 ^ LO OOK ,


Volume 17 February 15, 1939 Number 2

- -- Number
----- .-
- I--

Dr. Carl McConnell To the Alumni of D. M. S. . 0. Senior Affairs

I -- II
There are times when word; . , -- 1 - A - Ad \ 4
During tne American usteo- mittee, wais formed. Dr. J. Paul
really fail. Words are impossible pathic Association The last two weeks of January
convention Leonard of Detroit was named are filled to overflowing with the
to find that can convey the feel held in Chicago the summer of General Chairman. Dr. John
ing when the full realizatior 19'37, a group of the Alumni of Rogers, past president of the A. many obligations having to do
with the graduation of the class.
,comes that a dear friend, com- the Des Moines Still iCollege of O. A., waisi named General En-
The several banquets given by
bining the finest qualities of Osteopathy met at a breakfast dowment Councilor and Dr. Fred
the fraternities were climaxed by
character and integrity and :and formed an active Alumni. or- Campbell of Des Moines was the one complimentary to the
miarked als our ideal in osteo ganization with the following of- named General Student Recruit- clasisi and arranged by the truis-
pathy, has passed on. I knen ficers: Dr. Harold E. Clybourne ing Councilor. It is the duty of tees of the college.
him years ago and have known of Columbus, Ohio, as president this committee to supervise the This was
held January 19 at Yclinkeirs and
..and . appreciat.edc ._him_ J;better andi Dr. Robert Homan of_ Detr oit -organization .. f state. Alumni proved ---no-exce-ption--- toe-r-ul --
the years advanced. There has as secretary and treasurer. groups as: subdivisions of the col- that while we enjoy these there
not been a week in nearly twen- The Des Moines Alumni at- lege and to secure gifts of is alwiays that note of sadness
ty five years of teaching. that tending the A. 0. A. Convention money for the endowment of the that a farewell to a class always
I have not had use for some of in Cincinnati last summer again college. carriels. With Dr. Arthur D.
the fine things from the brain of met for breakfast and re-elected Under their able leadership, Becker in charge, the program
Carl McConnell. the same officeris. Thits, group Iowa, Michigan and Ohio Alumni which followed a fine dinner,
A group of his friends express realizing that the raised educa- are now formed into active Alu- moved along with several talks
the sentiment of all of us and tional standards would cause a mni groups with Dr. Paul Park by the faculty and a response by
I am 'sure that each of us would hardiship on the college, for the of Des Moines as Iowa State Clyde Hyink, president of the
consider it a privilege to sign next few years, formulated plans president; Dr. Robert Morgan of class.
with those below. We quote. for the organization of the entire Cadallilac, Michigan as Michigan Graduation for this class was
"iCarl P. McConnell, the man, Alumni of the Des Moines Still State president and Dr. Tlracy held the following evening, Jan-
is gone. The coast sent us this College of Osteopathy. By so Patrick of. Norwalk, Ohio as uary 20 at the college auditor-
sad news. Our friend and col- doing they wish to aid the fac- Ohio State Alumni president. ium. Judge Ralph Powers in ad-
league of many yealrs, after a ulty in maintaining the high Within the next few weeks dressing the claiss stressed the
long, increasingly difficult strug- 'standards of teaching which they every Alumnus will receive a let- need for alertness and individual-
gle to regain health, at the end hlave established in the past few ter telling him of the proposed ity in meeting the problems of
surrounded by palm trees and years under the able leadership aims, of the Alumni Assolciation the present generation. Judge
the warmth of desert sun and of Dr. Becker. and I trust that each Alumnus Powers is thoroly familiar with
sand's, has yielded, and it is done. To give the College the aid will prove his loyalty to his the benefits of osteopathy and its
school by joining us in our ef-
But, the Carl McConnell per- necessary fo'r it to function as it many opportunities and offered
forts to put this necessary pro-
sonality, modest, unobstrusive, has in the past, it was decided sincere congratulations to the
quiet devoid of all personal ag- that this help must be of two gram across in a big way. clalss for the good judgement they
grandizement, student, truth types;. First, enough students Dr. L. Verna, Simons, Grand had used in selecting Osteopathy
must be enrolled to carry the Rapids, Michigan, is making the foir their life's work.
seeker, sicientist, nature devotee,
second only to that olf Dr. An- running expenses of the school arrangements for a big Alumni Dr. J. P. Sichwartz, Dean of the
drew Taylor Still himself, in il- throughout the year. Second, an dinner to be held on Wednesday, college presented the class and
luminating and proving the fund- effort must be made to secure June 28th in Dallas during the Dr. Arthur D. Becker, President,
amentals of Osteopiathy, by re- enough endowments to give the A. O. A. Convention. If you
conferred the degrees and award-
)search, writing, and pra!ctice, school a fixed income so that are making arrangements to at- ed the diplomas. The invocation
physician, and lover of men, lives plans could be made for expan- tend the convention plan your was pronounced by Dr. Lester
and will continue to live and in- sion and for the carrying out of schedule to include this first big Fagen and Mr. H. M. Cleveland
Alumni Reunion of your old
fluence his fellow men through research work. accompanied by his wife sang
To carry out these plan's, a school. Sincerely yours,
_all _.time.. ........ committee-called the Student-Re- -Harold- E.- Cybourne,--D--- several, appropriate numbers.
. -
The blow is a hard one, and cruiting and Endowment Com- Pres. D.M.S.C.O. Alumni As!sn. Our sincere congralulations
because the Continent stretches -- - - and best wishes go with this
its width between, we as his Harvey R. Underwood -- 1898
. vicinity. We are looking for- class. It is not large. The ten
friends gather to cherish a mem- Charles F. Bandel ------ ---. 1899 ward- to our invasion of the graduating will not repace the
ory which shall always live. Some Richard Wanless ------- --. 19 00. South with pleasurable anticipa- deaths in our profession in one
of u'si knew him, when as ,an al- Charles E. Fleck 1---
9 tion. Having been there a few month but these ten will make
most blind youth, he entered an Walter A. Merkley ----- ---. 1901
. times we know where fried a name for themselves and will
infirmary and college as a pa- Harry L. Chiles -------- .---- 1901 chicken can be secured at a very add to the prestige of Osteo-
tient and student, and on grad- William D. Fitzwater- ...--- 1903 reasonable price and you can eat pathy. They are all good stu-
uating-sight restored he re- George W. Riley ---- --... 1904 all you want. We are anxious dents and we can recommend
mained as a teacher and gave to Charles IS. Green ----- ---.. 1905 to see if Rabbit Williamsl still them. Already we record four
hundreds of students the impetus Thomas R. Thorbuirn ----. 1911 sings the trains at the Union who have entered hospitalis; for
and courage which still moves II. V. H. station. We want to take a trip experience as interns. The re-
them. around the circle of fine perma- maining six members of the
All of us have valued his nent attractions that Dallasi of- classsi have very definite plans and_
friendship, land have gloried in On To Dallas fers in her gardens, museums, will be located soon where their
the high place, as scientist and etc. And of course we will eat service as osteopathic physicians.
researcher, he attained, and have Two thirdsi of the year has once or twice at the Original and si needed.
marvelled at the character and passed leaving us only one third have some enchaladas, tacos y
volume of the enduring work he in which to complete our plans tortillos. But comment of these old friends. We
accomplished in a short life time. for the coming convention at The main reason for ouir an- want to meet some that we have
All who are going the road he Dallas. The four months left in nual trek to the convention is to not had the pleasure of seeing
marked so well, can gain an in- which to get everything ready is 'see you. It has been a year since before and we want to know first
spiration foir achievement by be- not too much time. At this end we met. Sorry, but all of us are hand the progress of our profes-
ing familiar with his simple but of the line we hiave meetings to a year older and not that that sion during the past year. We
efficient life. schedule, banquets; to select, pro- makes any difference but we are a part of all this and we
Horton Fay Underwood -- 1896 grams to plan and we must take cherish the old friendships and want to remain a part of it as
Evelyn U. Wanless ---- 1898 some time off to see Dallas and we enjoy the personal, if critical, long as we can.
- a
_ ___
Iverson find all "those platees" ? red from Kirksville. Glad to readers, and Beta is proud to
ifWI TE4 ITY OT35 Why Pledge Gegner has suddenly
become a confirmed Babtist?
have you Don and good luck.
A. F.
have recognized "Sib" as a man
of worth and talent Beta wishes
Why Brother Callahan shivers at to welcome at this time all new
the sound of a siren? students and transfers to D. M.
"The chief aim of education is S. C. O. We hope they will en-
to do the thing that ought to be Having recovered from the joy immensely their stay here.
done, when it ought to be done, shock of final examinations, we S. F.
whether you like it or not." sincerely hope each and everyone
Huxley. J. S. C. has become reconciled and
pledges himself to greater and
deeper osteopathic thought and
study in this, the new semester. Initiation of plegdes Ansfield,
As a farewell 'courtesy to our Feinstein, Friedman and Bate-
Upon the opening of the new
graduated member, Velma Geh- man took place at our Crainal
semester the Phi Sigma Gamma
Fraternity cordially welcomes man, a dinner was! given Sunday Vault on January 24. Proceed-
The Senior Banquet of the
the new men and women of the evening, January 15th at Mrs. ings went off as planned and our
Fraternity, honoring William
College into Osteopathic work. O'Malley's Tea, Room. Combined sincerest congratulations to them
Costello and Clyde Hyink was
The new term again brought with this, the sorority honored and the pledges of other frater-
held Thursday, January 19th, at nities who have taken the long
back to life that proverbial ex- the new bride, Mrs. Dorothy Hal-
the Pastime Club Short talks len Sheets with a linen shower. waited step.
were given by Drs. Leninger, pression: "I'm really going to With the new term well under
study thi:si semester." Miss Georgianna Harris open-
Marshall, Rose, and Kelsey. way, most of us! are back to our
The Freshman Smoker, which ed the semester activities with an
Tuesday, February 14th will informal tea,, Sunday afternoon, books and already longing for
was held at the house on Thurs-
see the initiation of several new
day, February 2nd, marked the January 22. Miss Edythe Gates the good old summer time. Our
men into active membership, best wishes and ever present
beginning of our semester's ac- and Misls Emma Louise McAdams
thots to our Past Cerebrum
namely: Jon Hagy, Iirving Wal-
tivities, at which time new were guests. Miss Gates is a rows! who is now interningYar-
ters, Dale Widmer, Harold Bow- at
friends from the Freshman class junior transfer from Kirksville, Lamb's Hospital in Denver.
den, and Jack Miller. They
was made. Dr. 0. E. Owen was Misis MacAdams a freshman stu- tell us it's
Now that the new semester is beautiful country up
the principle speaker of the eve- dent from Michigan. To these there and we know Al hopes it
well under way, finals over and new girls welcome.
the pressure off for the time be- ning. is true, especially the feminine
The organization enjoyed the A business meeting, the pur- scenery.
ing, several activities that have pose of which was to elect our
been planned will be started. presence of Dr. J. M. Woods and B. Weis's!' R. B. Count is well
his family at a Sunday dinner, officers for the present semester, on the way up, now reading at
A bowling tournament is in was held the evening of January least three and one half million.
the offing, and we are hoping for February 5th. Stories of fishing
trips were the main topic of dis- '25th at the home of Beryl Free- If it keeps up he will soon have
a full six or eight team league man.
with some 'close competition for cuspsion. to pass his house haunting busi-
The date for initiation of The piresident'sl chair was ness to someone else.
the plaque now held by the Atlas again bestowed upon the should-
Club. More definite information pledges has been set for the Friday, February 3 a very in-
week-end of February 25th. ers of Rebecca Richardson. The teresting talk was heard by the
will be given out in the near other elected officers are: Vice boys from Rabbi Monroe Leven
future so get your teams or- A certain "nose and throat
specialist" claims to have killed president, Dorothy Sheets; re- in Socialized Medicine. Pros and
ganized and into training. cording secretary, Georgianna cons were discussed by the M.
E. S. I. countless numbers of little germs
with his little atomizer. Now if Harris; treasurer, Beryl Firee- D.'s in the audience and a heated
he ican just keep the girls away man; escort, Maxine Seablom debate was narrowly avoided.
as well as the germs, oh what a and corresponding secretary, However, a brilliant address and
boy he'll be. youris! truly, L. Overton. educational to all. E. K.
A new semester means new There is a rumor going on that The sorority held their pre-
classes which call for new books Al Ferris got his new Chevrolet pledge "smoker" Wednesday
and the like and we're sure that with two Roi Tan Cigar wrap- night, February 1 in the form N. O. I. C.
we have all resolved to put more pers and twenty-five words tell- of a theatre party followed by
time on our books, and study ing why he enjoyed the smoke- supper at Boyce's Uptown. On Februiarry 3 we mailed ten
more diligently for the next se- but I can't see why he would Delta Omega extends friendly letters to ten fraternity and so-
mester. So has; it been for many, care to go through all that trou- congratulations to all new stu- rority representatives with in-
many years. We haven't adjust- ble for a Chevrolet. dents, to those who have return- structions for them to report, on
ed ourselves to our new routine "Gird yourself with the ed after being absent, welcome or before a stated date, certain
as yet, but hope to get down to armor of Osteopathy, for it's laws back, and to the graduated class, information necessary for this
business before long. are as infallible as; the laws of best wishes for your success. office to complete its, work for
Three brothers have been Nature." J. M. Y. L. C. O. the Dallas Convention. Julst to
graduated and have left the show you what can be done by
ranks to take up their places in an old timer in Dallas we have a
the field. We are sorry to lose letter in tbh.s mornings mail from
Brother Griffith, who is interning The last month has been one Dr. Ja,mes! L. Holloway of the
at Miami, Florida; Brother The last semi-monthly banquet of great activity for Beta chap- Atlas Club with all the informa-
Bridenstine, who is now intern- of Psi Sigma Alphia was held ter Early in January we held a tion we asked for. Sooooo-oo
ing at St. Joseph, Missouri, and Jan. 23 at the East Des; Moines Senior Banquet honoring Ed. the Atlas Club is the first under
Brother Costello, who has taken Club. The speaker for the eve- Jeranson at the opening of the the wire and wins the gold plated
the Iowa and Michigan State ning was Professor Galloway of new semester. A smoker was theoretical plaque for prompt-
boards, and expects to interlne. the Des Moines, College of Phar- held for all new men of the ness! and cooperation. The stand-
Sigma Sigma Phi is again macy, we heard practically all school, whiich made us all realize ing of the remaiining members of
sponsoring the bowling team, the latest information in regards just how far we have progressed this Council follows:
and the boys here are "champing to the vitamines and the results in a short two years, since at Out in the open at work-
at the bit" in order to get start- of late research. All of us hope that time only two active mem- Alpha Tau Sigma
ed, and hope to retain the platc- to have Prof. Galloway back in bers remained in the chapter. Axis Club
que for another year. the near future to hear more in- This function saw 19 active and Delta Omega
The Atlas Club entertained the teresting facts in regards to vit- pledges present which is very en- Lambda Omicron Gamma
new men at a Smoker on the first amins and minerals. couraging to us, and shows the Phi Sigma Gamma
of February with movies, food Prof. Galloway is a recognized full cooperation of the active Psi Sigma Alpha
and talks by Drs. Woods, Halla- authority on vitamins, and car- chapter. Sigma Sigma Phi
day and Forbes. ries on research work in this Dr. Cash talked to usi on "The Theta Psi
Recent visitors at the house field. Status of the Osteopathic Phy- Half out of the Dog House
included Dr. J. Robert Forbes of Other guests for the evening sician in the U. S. Army" whi'ch Iota Tau Sigma
Fort Dodge, and Dr. Paul were: Dr. Woods, Dr. Leininger, proved to be quite interesting. Still in the Dog House-
O'Shana, of Carlisle, Iowa. Dr. Owen, Dr. Berck, and Dr. Under the capable guidance of Acacia iClub
We wonder- Fagan. President Sloan the fraternity is We feel sure that by the next'
Why Brother Berger has that Psi Sigma Alpha wishes to slated for many interesting announcement that all of these
, contented look? take this opportunity to welcome events, for the coming semester. will be under the! wire except
Why, Brother WBorster iis so my- the new students and wish them Brother Barnesl article in the possibly the Acacia Club and to
terious of late? i the best of success in their new January Osteopathic magazine on date we have not had one reply
Why Brother Blunge has that work Bacteria---"Mansl Enemy; and from five appeals' to their presi-
Ji "hang: down" look? We have a new member among Friend" has been ithe subject of dent, Dr. A. G. Reed of Tulsa,
How Brothers Hewetson and
us, Donald Brail, who transfer- very favorable comment from all Okla.
.I . . : ..
H.: V. N.
wi ,. . .1'.
I I - :,
I·^__ I_____
in women than men and may trathoracic goitresi may become graduates with the honor certi-
The Loe Book show a familial tendency. Com-
mon symptoms are: increase in
weight with dense brawny edema
surgical. Exophthalmic goitres
(Graves' Disease) respond well
to rest and osteopathic treat-
ficates given by the college.
General Clinic-Velma Gehman,
The Official Publication of which does not pit on pressure; ment, if treated before they are Gene Luebbers and Pete Mars-
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE dry, rough skin; hair dry and too far advanced. Many brilliant ton.
OF OSTEOPATHY harsh; features become coarse results have been obtained in OiB-Velma Gehman, Gene Lueb-

and thick; memory poor, pulse these cases. Most such cases re- bers, Tommy Griffith and Pete
President------- Arthur D. Becker slow; B. P. low; and basal met- quire several months treatment. Marston.
abolic rate minus 120 to 40. It is in the toxic adenomatous Anatomy-Velma Gehman and
Faculty Adviser -- H. V. Halladay type of goitre that surgery has Gene Luebbers.
While our present knowledge Band--Banjo Jeranson.
of endocrine glands iis still some- made an enviable reputation and
Editor -....---------.- I-E. Harwood in many cases iis, the treatment of Sigma Sigma Phi Awasrds: Os-
what incomplete, it is quite ap- teopathy Bill Costello.
parent thlat there is, a close in- choice. Most ca'sers of myxedema
Osteopathy Without Limitation Service to the College--Velma
terrelation between these so of adults will respond favorably
to osteopathic treatment. Cases Gehman.
called ductless glands. The pit-
of 'cretinism and post operative With everyone happy and yet
Osteopathic Therapeutics uitary gland seems to occupy the
most important controlling and myxedema require thyroid ex- realizing that this class was
tract in suitable dosage. Malig- about to leave us as friends and
regulatory position, affecting to
nant disease of the thyroid is coworkers, the assembly closed
(Number 6 in Series) a more or lesis marked degree all
Region of Head and Neck best treated by deep X-ray iand the lunch hour declared.
of the other endocrine glands, as
(Continued) well as having various: general therapy. A. D. B., D. O. January 27
effects as: stimulation of growth, The first assembly of the new
water balance and fat metabol- semester is always devoted to
The thyroid gland may become
abnormal in several days. Con- ism. There is a very close rela- Assemblies the presentation of the faculty.
gestion with slight enlargement tion between the thyroid, the This time the "letter-of-notifica-
of the thyroid is common in girls adrenals and the sympatheti Senior Class Day, Jan. 13 tion-method" was used with con-
at puberty. Acute inflammation nervous system. According to siderable success and the stage
Pottenger (Symptoms! of Visceral The final assembly of each
(thyroiditis) may rarely occur as semester is looked forward to was well filled. Dr. Halladay
a complication in acute infectious Disease; 1938: pp 414) the thy- back on the job introduced the
roid with other endoctrine glands with considerable interest being
diseases. Tumor of the thyroid devoted to the graduating class. members of the faculty and each
may occur, the most common be- affects gonadotrophic activities, responded with advice, congraltu-
blood sugar, growth, energy, cal- Dr. Halladay being confined to
ing malignant (carcinoma) and lations and an occasional story.
cium, metabolism and blood pires- the hospital, Al Yarrows acted
more frequent in women than We sincerely thank several of
sure. The chief function of the as' M. C. and called the numbers
men. Malignant change, when it offered by the finalists. our busy teachers who made a
thyroid is to increase oxidative Dick
occurs, is usually found in the McGill opened with a number on special effort to be present tak-
adenomatous type and after the pro'cesses. ing time from other duties.
the piano that called for more
age of forty. The nerve supply to the thy- but time must go on. The A. I. February 3
One of the more common dis- roid gland is both para sympath- B. instrumentalists appeared Another set program is that of
turbances or diseases of the thy- etic and sympathetic. The para next and were loudly cheered.
sympathetic is from the vagus by the second assembly of each se-
roid gland is enlargement, called Then the class stepped out with mester. This is specifically for
goitre. Goitres may be classified way of the superior and inferior the old high school standbys that
laryngeals and by a direct the introduction of new students.
into two groups, simple and toxic. we all enjoy. Harvey Briden-
branch. The effect of this in- Each semester we 'see new faces
The simple goitres include par- stine condensed the historical
enchymatous, colloid, 'cystic, fib- nervation is not well understood. not oniy in the beginning class
events of the past four years but in transfers from other col-
rous, vascular, and a simple ade- The sympathic nerve supply is into a thiree minute review hit-
nomatous type. The toxic goitres from the upper 4 or 5 dorsal leges and old students who, hav-
ting the high places and occas- ing been out of school for some
consist chiefly of two varieties, segments of the cord by way of ionally dropping a class member
the toxic adenomatous goitre and the cervical ganglia and is both time, have returned to complete
into one of the low places. Of
the exophthalmic goitre (Gravess' vasomotor and secretory. their course. The new class al-
the original fourteen, six re-
or Basedow's Disease). The toxic Osteopathy early established a mained but four had been picked tho small isi far from discourag-
adenomatous goitre develops favorable reputation in the treat- up along the way. The eight ing in numbers. It nearly re-
gradually land insidiously as a ment of goitre and thyroid dys- lost along the road were not a places, the number graduating.
secondary change in: the simple functions. The blood supply of total loss for four of these are Michigan leads with Iowa, Colo-
adenomatous type and occurs in the various endoctrine glands is distributed thru other classes in rado, Minnesota and Ohio follow-
the late thirties oir early forties nerve controlled and their secre- the college. ing. Remember Alumni, we need
as a rule (Adenomatous goitres tory activities are nerve con- more than replacement and we
do'not always become toxic). The trolled (the possible exception is Banjo Jeranson then came for- do thank our friends in the field
exophthalmic goitre may be the secretory activity of the ward with the Will. The wit who for this fine class but for the
acute, sub-cute or chronic and ovary and testes). composed this classic put a good of osteopathy lets have
occurs more commonly in women punch in each, and altho many them larger.
The discovery of lesions of the In the check of
than in men, 5 or 6 to 1. Ex- of the attributes were not trans-
cervical spine and of the upper the matriculants we find two re-
ophthalmic goitre, when it oc- missable they certainly were ap-
dorsal spine and associated ribs plicable. After 'leaves" by all of turned after having been out for
curs, ,appears after puberty and and their evaluation and correc- some time and to make us all
usually before the age of thirty. the class' the author ended with
tion is most important. Particu- "Jeran:son happier we find five transferring
Toxic goitres are characterized leaves the school,
lar attention should be given to just leaves." from other colleges.
by more or less marked symp- lesion of the third dorsal verte-
tomisl of hyperthroidism, as ex- bra and to upper cervical group Bill Costello as Prophet was This list of additions to the
ophthalmos, tachycardia, tremor, lesions. Lesions; of the clavicles not to be outdone by any of roll sincerely does make us feel
loss of weight, thyroid enlarge- should be discovered, if present, those preceding him. Assuming much better. The practical re-
ment and definite increase of the and corrected and the 'clavicles the role of the Delphine Oracle placement of our graduates, the
basal metabolic rate. thoroughly raised and freed. It Bill sicaled the heights of hils im- return of old students and the
Lack of minute quantities of is iraare indeed to find a toxic agination but with much that transfers will give us a very
iodine in the food or water in- goitre case that does not have a could come true, least of all slight increase over the number
take is generally accepted as be- well defined third dorsal lesion. sparing himself. Ais the good of the past semester. Michigan
ing an etiologi!cal factor in goittre These lesions of the upper dorsal prophet, which he should be, he is out in front with new students
and iodized salt is held to be and cervical areas may also more did not predict any failures and this semester and that means
preventative. Chronic infections or less profoundly affect the with thisi in mind we hope he that the two rivals for this honor
seem to stimulate the thyroid pituitary gland by way of the had the low down on his class- -Iowa and Ohio will have to
gland. superior cervical ganglion and mates. square their shoulders and take
Hypothyroidism (insufficiency) the internal carotid nerve. Lower a firm step forward before the
Dr. Woods, councilor of the
occurs in three chief forms: cre- dorsal lesions should be detected class, was called to the front and first of September.
tinism, myxedema of adults, and and corrected because of the presented with a fine pipe and
post operative myxedema (stru- close association of the thyroid a load of Iowa soft coal, the
mapriva). Cretinism becomes and the adrenal glands. combination to keep the chill DR. ALAN R. BECKER-
apparent at the' age of six months The progno!sisi of most cases of of the May '3,7 class and a
Winter as far away as the length
to two years. The diagnolsits is simple goitre is good under os- of the pipe stem. recent intern ;at Wichita, has-
coomplaratively easy owing to lack; teopathi'c treatment. Cystic goi- opened offices in Winchester, Ky.
of development and characteristic tres and fibrous goitres may re- With the official class'i cere- A very optomistic letter was re-
appearance. Myxedema of adults quire surgical treatment if pres- monies at an end, Dr. Becker ceived from him last week. We
(Gull's Disease) is more common sure symtoms are extreme. In- took the dais and presented the hope he needs an assistant soon.


3, L

In Memorium-Dr. U. S. Par-
- (O*
ish, Still College '03, died sud-
denly from a heart attack, Janu-

special broadcasts over WHBF,

Rock Island, and WMT, Waterloo
in connection with these meet-

Polk County
Osteopathic Association
The Polk County Osteopathic
Association held the Febiruary
Dinner Meeting at the Hotel
Kirkwood on Friday evening the
_ __
pital gown that I am sure must
have been designed for a 5 year
old girl. My only consolation
was: thlat within an hour I would
have my own necessities but to
my chargin that hour dragged
out to a mere matter of five
hours of mental torture with the
ary 25, 1939. All who knew this ings. As usual, Dr. N. A. Cun- tenth !at six-thirty. bed clothes drawn tightly up
loyal pioneer regret the loss of ningham is ably handling the Two important issues were around my neck.
his valued counsel. Dr. Parish press relations for all meetings. brought before the business ses- I will skip the details and try
has been a continuous member In addition to the above guest sion. First, the report of the to bring out only the high lights
of the State and National Os- speakers, and local district speak- Des Moines Still iCollege Alumni of the week that followed. Os-
teopathic Association down thru ers, there will be presented for Committee created a very lively teopathic treatment, hot packs
the years. Dr. R. W. Parish, the first time in Iowa Dr. Ralph dis'cus'sion following the an- and violet ray with rest con-
past president of Wisconsin As- Rice' new movie on "Second nouncement of the plans set stituted the routine. The first
sociation, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Dorsal." This was quite the sen- forth by the alumni of the city forty eight hours were! the worst
is a son of the deceased. 'sation of the Cincinnati conven- to augment the college staff. Fur- as it was hiard to change some of
Board of Trustees tion. All meetings begin prompt- ther announcement will be made my regular habits and during
ly at 1: 30 and will continue th'ru in the near future. that time the pain increased and
The Board of Trustees, in a
dinner for important evening ses- Second, the Legislative Com- the swelling closed my right eye.
special session January 8, accept- mittee of the Iowa Society pre-
sions. Plan now to attend the Hemorrhages begin to appear on
ed the resignation of Dr. W. C. sented a very vital report of its
nearest meeting. the forehead and scalp and the
Chappell, and designated Dr. recent activities in regard to
Rolla Hook of Logan as presi- Legislation sores were really collosal or
measures coming before the cur- something. The end result of
dent for the remainder of the The legislative 'committee re-
rent session of the forty-eighth these are some dimples where
current fislcal year.. By virtue of port that to date (1-27-39) five Iowa Assembly. they do not add to my beauty at
his long service on the legislative bills have been introduced which
Doctors Graney and Woods all.
icommittee, and his 'service this concern the profession. Ask your
presented ;a very comprehensive
year on the Executive committee, representative to send you HF. To compensate for this con-
symposium on "Kidney Diseases"
Dr. Hook is intimately familiar 13, HF. 30, HF. 54, HF. 57, HF. finement Paul Park, Fred iCamp-
which was, followed by an open
with the major problems con- 58, and HF. 59. Your legislative bell, Emil Brauns'chwig and
forum led by Doctor Campbell in
fronting the profession in Iowa committee has held many long other local wits came in and of-
which a goodly number of phy-
at this time. His committee re- sessions during recent months. fered sympathy in their own in-
They have not requested, nor do sicians: present, contributed val-
sponsibilities during the past five imitable way. Flowers and num-
uable suggestions from their own
years have required at his ex- they expect mileage, meals nor erous cards from the students
experiences in the treatment of
pense, many hundreds of miles per diem. But, to carry out kept up the morale and the priv-
kidney 'disorders.
of driving. Probably the prac- their well considered plans in- ilege of dictating some and help-
0. E. Owen. D. O., Secy.
tice of no member of the profes- volves cash money. In view of ing to pllan the Log Book whiled
sion in Iowa demands more of the situation from various an- away ,some of the dragging
his time than is the case with Dr. gles, the Board of Truisltees ex-
Hook. Previous to his advance- pressed appreciation for their Speaking of Cooperations hours.
ment, he had this year developed faithful efforts as they voted While still in the red of con-
a Four-State circuit of speakers unto themselves the responsibil- When this is read by you (if dition the hospital put on their
for their annual conventions next ity of securing definite district it ever is) I will have been out annual Polk County meeting so
May. Your 19139 Iowa conven- quotas to make up funds needed of the hospital a month and most I dressed and went down attend-
tion will be too good for anyone NOW. The Trustees from your of the incidents pushed back ing the feed and stayed over for
to miss. He will tell you of it district will appreciate knowing farther into the dim and distant a meeting of the State Alumni
in detail in the next issue of Log that you are one who wants this past. This being one of my un- Association immediately follow-
Book. We predict that the So- work done. Tell him so with a common appearances in the role ing. This. was not enough so at
,diety is due for a new record of personal check TODAY. of an invalid it seem's, to have the invitation of Paul Park I
efficiency under the leadership of excited considerable interest stood in with camera at a de-
Public Health
Dr. Hook. All of which goes to from the beneficiaries of my in- livery which necessitated a pod-
A revised edition of "Rules alic and I doubt if I could have
prove the contention that if you and Regulations" of the Iowa surance policies and a few
have work which must be done, friends. I feel duty bound to done better myself. Paul really
State Department of Health re- knows how to make an acrobat
give it to a busy man. Who, lating to communicable and oth- chronicle the events of the four
then can be too busy to help out of an: unborn child. The
er reportable diseasess is now or five days preceding the hos-
At that same meeting the pictures came out normal so I
available. This edition (1938) pitalization and make a final re-
Trustees directed that a commit- felt my technic was equal to that
repeals a.ll regulations prior to port, all for the benefit of pos-
tee from the Board should pre- of the accoucheur.
1935. If you have not received terity.
pare amendments to the By-laws Herpes Facialis Ophthalmia By the end of the week I was
your copy, it may be secured by
providing for a House of Dele- addressing your request to Iowa It begins' with headache a few fairly presentable yet still look-
gates, as a means of more effec- State Department of Health, Des daysi before any visual evidence ed as if I had been greeted by a
tive management of the activities Moines. appears. I consulted J. P. about right half-breed Sioux. The cof-
and business of the Society, with- this constant headache fearing fee had begun to taste less like
out interruption to the conven- Membership Applications Tourist's Special, the food was
that it might be a brain tumor.
tion program. These and other In accordance with Section 1, good and I was in a good old
"Anatomically impossible," was
amendments will be in the hands Article II of the By-laws, the fashioned grouch so J. P. said
following applications! for mem- his reply, thus confirming the
of the membership about March that being the best sign of re-
1st. Please give them your bership, received during Janu- universal belief of his friends in
his uncanny ability as a diagno's- covery I could go home. Aside
studied attention. ary, 1939, are submitted: from the pain which still hangs
tilcian. Well, at least I have that
Circuit Meetings Myron Bos, Des Moinesi; J. K. consolation left, that, like the on I am back at the old stand
The annual February Circuit Johnson, Sr., Jefferson; J. K. fellow with no appendix; with no and carrying on about as usual.
of District meetings will bring Johnson, Jr., Jefferson; 'B;ernice appendix-no iappendicits. My thanks, to the staff for their
President Hook, and Dr. J. S. DeConly, Council Bluffs; E. H. The swelling and vessicles ap- attention; to the interns for os-
Denslow of K. C. 0. S. as guest Phillips, Garner; L. A. Utter- peared and the day came when it teopathy and for the enlighten-
speakers to the following dis- back, Perry; Eugene Luebbers, was thot best to hie to the hos- ing bull sessions (after 9:30 p.
tricts participating in the plan: Still '39; Thomas R. Griffith, pital for consultation. This m.); to the nurses for overlook-
Third District, Washington, Still-'39; Frank Ward, K. C. O. ing my sarcasm; to Howard
proved my Waterloo for there
February 14th; First District, S. '39, Oskaloosa. Sporck for hisi work on the Log
was no 'consultation. I was' put
Davenport, February 15th, (Ho- F. A. Gordon, D. O., Secy. Book and to my friends for their
to bed.
tel Black Hawk); Fourth Dis- kind solicitations. H. V. H.
The pain and inconvenience
trict Waterloo, February 16th,
(Hotel Russell Lamson); Second was not lessened by the know-
District, Council Bluffs, February South Dakota ledge that here I was! on my way
to ia room without my flannel DR. BERNIE MOELLER-
17th, (Hotel Chieftan). of the May '38 class has
Dr. Hook presents a message The next examination will take nightgown and I was not sure
on Association affairs, and Dr. place, Malrch 15-16 All applica- about my sox. It seemed to me changed her name. On Decem-
J. S. Denslow will present and tions should be sent to C. Rebek- that the right one had a hole (a ber 16 she and Mr. Joseph Con-
demonstrate "STRICTLY TECH- ka Strom, secretary, 321 South very small one) in the toe. My nelly, Jr., were married and are
NIC." Radio Chairman Dr. Thos. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D., embarrassment was heightened now at home at Boone, Ia. Our
Lange, is developing plans for before March 1. when the nurse handed me a hos- best wishes, Bernie.
Entered as second class
T HE'. i> -

Accepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923, special rates of postage
at the post office at Des

provided for in Section
Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
>' I............................
1w &---
:·- ----

Volume 17 March 15, 19139 Number 3

. .

Alumni News On To Dallas

Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy
Our national Alumni associa- We have very little time to
tion under the leadership of Dr. Presents a Full Week of remind you of the coming na-
H. E. Clybourne of Columbus, tional convention at Dallas. We
Ohio has undertaken the real do have on our desk, letters and
job of 'getting you graduates or- POST GRADUATE REVIEW AND CLINIC other items that p'lainly indicate
ganized and informed. Another that Dallas is getting ready and
important feature of this pro- everyone concerned with the
gram is the annual banquet and May 29 to June 3 Inclusive convention is at work for your
reunion this year at Dallas. As comfort, entertainment and in-
to the first part of the program struction. The program is com-
w-e_.arve. glad .-orep ort coinsidder- -pletely.plannod- and wi11 -be filled
able progress during this past Make your plans now to attend this concentrated review and with all those things that you
month. Iowa is perhaps a little want to hear. The arrangements
in the lead towards the com- clinic. As usual there will be no charge. Our board and faculty,
are such that will enable you
pleted program for they have augmented by two nationally known leaders in specialistic fields, to attend in comfort even if the
had a number of important meet- invite you as our guests for this week. temperature does ascend beyond
ings and have completed arrange- your ideals, for the, housing is
ments for several talks to be in reliable air conditioned ho-
made in the Junior colleges and Dr. R. R. Norwood of Mineral Wells, Texas, nationally known
for his research and practice in the field of Rectal Diseases will tels. The last part of June is
other schools in the state. Bob ideal in Dallas for the city has
Forbes of Ft. Dodge is getting lecture and demonstrate for the week. Many of you have wanted burst into full bloom and will
out a state Alumni bulletin and this course and this is one of the few chances you will have to offer you many forms of beauty
the secretary reports that the and other entertainment for the
membership is gradually increas- hear and see a physician who knows. Dr. Norwood is an Alumnus
eye and ear.
ing as the contacts are made. of our college having graduated in 1903. His private hospital in Many reservations have al-
Iowa needs to do something, for Mineral Wells is recognized as an outstanding institution and his ready been made and while there
Dr. Willard's report on the state is plenty of space left if you are
is not very flattering. standing in the profession is evidenced by the high offices he has
at all choosy it is best to make
Ohio and Michigan have state held in his specialty group. You will want to hear every one of this contact for your accomoda-
organizations at work and while Dr. Norwood's lectures. tion's before another month has
no report has been received dur- passed. In less than three
ing the last month we know months we will be there. That
from letters that Tracy Patrick Dr. H. E. Clybourne of Columbus, Ohio, nationally known in
is not a long waiting period and
of Ohio and Boib Morgan of the field of foot research and technic. Dr. Olybourne is also a Time has that habit of marching
Michigan are on the job and graduate of our college and the national president of our Alumni on with a quickened step.
have plans that are being carried
out. Appointments have been Association. He not only plans to give you the latest in foot care
received of new states added to but will conduct a special meeting of our Alumni in the interest Basketball
the three that have been work- of the college. The past week has been one
ing. We sincerely hope that of considerable activity with the
these new appointees will soon state girls basketball tourney on
catch up with those that have tap. Four of our Senior girls
been working a little longer. OUR POST GRADUATE FACULTY have been in attendance in-the
Dr. L. Verna Simons of Grand capacity of trainers ,and physi-
Rapids, Mich., is in charge of the cians when the need and oppor-
annual banquet and reunion to Arthur D. Becker ------ ------------
. -- -Cardiollogy tunity offered. Louise Michael
be held at Dallas this year. She R. B. Bachnman Rebecca "ichardso, i Edythe
is working on some plans that ..-------------------- ------.... Obstetrics
Gates and Gertrude Ganfield have
will make the program outstand- B. L. Cash ------------------------ - Roentgenology been on the job for the four
ing. A recent letter written by days of the meet. The week of
Dr. Becker asked for your pres- L. L. Facto .-------.--.
..-. ..... Clinical Osteopathy March 13th will see the boys go
ence at this: banquet and an ex- into action and several of the
pression from you as: to possible Mary E. Golden ..--------------------.---...
- .....Pediatrics ,Seniors will be at the Drake field
attendance. If you have not an- C. L. Gordon ----- ------------------.--- . . Technic house in constant attendance.
*swered this please do so for we The Drake Relays are not far
want to plan for you. H. A. Graney ..----..--------....-----
-- --..--.--..
_Surgery away and thru these events Still
H. V. Halladay College students make actual
.-------------------..........- Athletic Injuries
The Big Snow contacts with some of the largest
athletic events in the country.
E. F. Leininger ----------------- -----.------- - - Gynecology
Everything practically stopped
in Des Moines for one day when H. J. Marshall ......-------.-........ Oto-Laryngology
we awoke the morning of Feb- A Fine Gift
ruary 28 covered with a blanket O. E. Owen .--.----. -----------........ Clinical Pathology 'Des Moines Still College of
of about two feet of snow. Char- Osteopathy has received $30.00
lie and a few students managed J. P. Schwartz ...............-----..-- ... -Surgery
S...--.. from the Iowa State Osteopathic
to get to the college but Old Man
Winter, giving us a last kick in
J. M. Woods - :........... Osteopathy Auxiliary to be used in providing
.l----------l.inical ,.,

hospitalization, when neccessary

the pants, kept nearly every one in clinic confinement cases, and
busy aJll day shoveling a way out. A complete program of this special week of review and where the clinic case is not able
A few more inches were added clinics will be ready for you in the next issue of the Log Book. to finance such needed care. This
March the fifth but at the present
writing the sun is out and the Watch for it and make your plians to be here for the first hour and is a most constructive activity
streets cleared and we hope that remain thru the week. Time will be gained by attendinfg this and the Auxiliary is' to be highly
complimented in this fine ges-
Spring is just around the corner.
. , .
ntensive course. -. I ture. Thanks.

l -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ·

road work last month, and seem- midst TT.

H alls himself "C'.hipf tertainment. Tickets $3.25.
ed to enjoy it. Bluff." We'll be hearing more Axis Club-O.K. Banquet and
Last month, Doctor Owen about him. Reunion Tuesday, June 27 at 7
spoke on "Adiposity" which was The noise in the dormitory p. m. Parlor C, Adolphus Hotel.
very entertaining and interesting doesn't seem to bother Brother Tickets, $2.25.
to all his audience. We hope Ferris anymore. I wonder why? Delta Omega-Will meet and will
to have the privilege of hearing
With the semester thinning have the usual banquet and busi-
him again, in the future, on our
Practical Work programs. away, there seems to rest upon ness meeting. The place is not
the faces; of the Seniors a pale, definitely decided upon yet as
We were quite surprised to
see our bowling team turn out in expressionless look. Can it be the first choice did not conform
the approaching of the crucial exactly with the ideas of the con-
their new outfits at their first
public appearance. hour? vention committee.
We are ex-
Adx ,l s
v u lJJGs, iuU uu6Cn l, 111m-
Lt; Lur During the last month the Iota Tau Sigma-O.K. Banquet
ber," since the outfits should fraternity entertained one of its and Reunion Tuesday, June 27
help. What say-keglers? alumni, Dr. Zyzelewski, who is pat 7 p. m. Parlor A, Addlphus
The first banquet of the month at the present time practicing Hotel. Tickets, $2.50.
was held at the East Des Moines We have received a short re-
port from the Social committee in that Golden State of opportun- Lambda Omicron Gamma-Have
club, February 15. Dr. B. Ruth, ity-Michigan.
Orthopedic surgeon was guest and they inform us that many their official meeting in April in
speaker for the evening, he gave interesting things are in store "Man should study and use New York, but may get together
us a very interesting talk on for the Club. the drugs compounded in his for an informal dinner. Not
"Fractures and Dislocations of Many of us have been working own body."-A. T. Still. definitely settled yet.
the upper extremity," A profit- at our utmost, to get the first J. M. Y. Phi Sigma Gamma-Repeated ef-
able evening was spent by all edition of the At'las Bulletin forts have not been successful
members and pledgesi. We were ready for publication. It should in getting any information from
happy to have the following as be of great interest to all of us. the local representative L. K.
.gues.ts for the banquet: Drs. You should: Now, that the six weeks exam- Wilson. L. J. Grinnell writes
Becker, Cash, Fagen, Graney, See Ivy's new pajamas! inations are over and a "bit" of that they will have definite plans
Leininger and Owen. Hear Brail and McGill at the relaxation is in order; the fra- by the first of the month.
Psi Sigma Alpha had charge piano ternities are concentrating on Psi Sigma Alpha-O.K. Banquet
of the assembly program Friday, Watch Bergers face when a bowling. Two rounds have been and Reunion Monday, June 26 at
February 24 and presented Rev. certain girls name is men- played and four more are to be 7 p. m. in Parlor of the Adolphus
Dawson, a minister in the city, tioned played which will determine both Hotel. Tickets, $1.75.
who spoke on "The Ideals of See Watt racing to answer team champion and individual Sigma Sigma Phi-O.K. Banquet
Democracy," he gave us many "that" phone. champion. Thus far, Joe Rob- and Reunion Monday, June 26 at
new ideas and we also learned Talk to Drews about his latest ertson has been very fortunate 6 p. m. in Parlor of the Adolphus
a few things about the Scotch -"Below the diaphragm with to win honor in first round, scor- Hotey. Tickets, $2.25.
and it wasn't scotch -and soda. Drews" and McGill's "Grass ing 196. Jack Miller had the Theta Psi-O.K. Banquet and
around the Gracilis" high average for the night. We Reunion Tuesday, June 27 at 8
Then came the storm and what p. m. in Parlor 1 Mezzanine,
a storm "the worst in Des Moines We like Jackson's; Casanova's are hoping during the duration
excuse for piano lessons at the of this fine tournament will stir Baker Hotel. Tickets, $2.50.
history" and consequently the N. 0. I. C.-O.K. Luncheon Mon-
second banquet of the month was Pub but we do believe there are up enough interest in each and
other things more attractive everyone of us to go out and day, June 26 at 12 noon. Room
postponed. Dr. Facto was to be 424 Baker Hotel. Tickets, $1.00.
guest speaker for the evening there than just the music. "root" for his or her favorate
Taylor's smooth temperament team. S!igma Sigma Phi . is Notice that eight out of twelve
and all of us had been planning have their plans completed. Two
on a very enjoyable evening. We is no doubt due to his connec- proud to announce new addition-
tions with the Chamberlain lab- al members: Irving Walters, have done something but not fin-
hope to have Dr. Facto with us ished and two have done noth-
in the very near future. oratory-or is it? Jack Miller, Harold Bowden, and
John Hagy. E. S. I. ing. Six prompt letters could
Mlarch the 4th marked the Clean white shirts have re- finish this job if those in charge
opening of the Annual Bowling placed sweatshirts and sweaters would do their part.
Tournament sponsored by Sigma and smoothly shaven faces, are
indicative of one thing-pictures
N. O. . C. H. V. Halladay, Exc. Secy.
Sigma Phi. Our first opponents N. O. I. iC.
were the Alumni and we had for the Stillonian. The. ordeal We are in a little better hu-
thought that those in practice seems to have been too much, mor than last month but not per-
would be out of condition but for most of us are hesitant to / A New Trustee
fectly happy yet. Give twelve
were we taken. iCatching those view the results. people something to do by a cer-
OB';s certainly gives a wicked J. S. C. tain time and at the call, ten of At the meeting of the board
throwing arm. What about it them will have it done but the of trustees February third the
Dr. Leininger.
But we did discover a mighty
@Zgr law of averages rules that two
will, not have the job cleaned up.
resignation of Dr. Glenn E. Fish-
er was accepted and his place
bowler among us, he turned in On Saturday, February 25, Phi
Sigma Gamma held its informal This month shows considerable filled by the election of Dr. How-
a collasal score of 29. What progress but every organization ard Graney of the faculty and
have we got to worry about with initiation of pledges. The formal
initiation was held on Sunday, at this time should have some- hospital staff. Dr. Fisher in his
Jess on our team. The evening thing very definite and the pre- letter of resignation made it
was a success and a lot of fun. during which time Howard W.
Morey, Robert M. Woods, Charles liminary plans completely made. very plain that he wanted to still
Don't forget bowling on Friday. Read down this list. Clip the retain his; membership on the
The second monthly meeting X. Hall, James N. Fox, and G.
Howard Wirt were taken into information that you are inter- corporate board and we are very
of Psi Sigma Alpha was held at ested in and file it for your fu- glad to keep him in the family.
the Phi Sigma Gamma house and the organization. A banquet fol-
lowed the proceeding, at which ture conduct. We are reporting Dr. Graney graduated from
among other things we were re- according to alphabetical listing. the college in 1933. He spent
Dr. O. E. Owen was the princi-
minded of the annual Interfra- Acacia-Some very indefinite in- one year as an intern in the Des
pVle speaker. Brother John Ed-
ternity Council banquet to be formation received. They plan Moines Generail Hospital and an-
held March 15. Try to be there. gerton, pledgemaster, was in;
charge of the initiation. a banquet and reunion but have other year taking post work in
A. F. not given u:s either the price or Surgery. For the past four years
May 27th is the date set for place. We may have this in an- he has been first assistant to Dr.
Brother Millard's marriage to other month or we may not have J. P. Schwartz who divides the
ATLAS WCLE Miss Charlene Henson of Des
Moines.. Judging from all the
it. Unless this information surgical lectures with him at
The forced vacation a couple comes to us soon this organiza- the college. We welcome Dr.
planning, it is going to be a very tion will be left off of the list Graney to the responsibilities of
of weeks ago, due to the heavy
snow, was a God send to many elaborate affair, and everyone is and will have to shift for them- the more detailed management
students who were stricken or looking forward to it-especially selves at the convention. of college affairs.
convalescing fro!m the recent flu' the cigars. Good luck Cliff. Alpha Tau Sigma--O.K. Banquet
epidemic. The one day or rest On Sunday, March 5th, the and Reunion Tuesday, June 27 DR. J. W. CLARK-
helped the Sophomores, especi- fraternity entertained Dr. Kil- at 7 p. m. Parlor 2 Mezzanine of Delphos, Ohio was re-
ally, who are always glad of a gore at its noon luncheon. In- of ;Baker Hotel. Tickets $2.00. cently appointed Health Commis-
"breather." teresting discussions were.heard Atlas Club-O.K. Banquet and sioner of the city. Newpaper
Max Bergau and Don DBrail until late in the afternoon. Reunion Tuesday, June 27 at clippings state that his selection
have been pledged to the Atlas We have been unaware of the 6:30 p. m. at the Palm Garden wasi by unanimous approval. We
Club. The pledges did their first fact that an Indian is in our of Adolphus Hotel. Special en- also approve.
I . .. 1. I
i I

Th~e e0Lo
T T -T
Bekand bronchitiis vary with the extent
'Lo intei
nsity of the involvement
and withi the local and general
Assemblies Northwestward Ho!!!
.. · I·. - . ,resistanc e of the patient. Early On February 8 the college was We recently received an opti-
The Official Publication of symptoms consist of a sense of honored by the presence of Drs mistic communication from an
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE weight and Blackborn and Whipple of Ken-
substernal oppres- old friend in the N. W. He tells
.OF OSTEOPATHYn sion amoamo unting in some cases to tuck state associations that they us that Basic Science reciprocity
extreme are anxious for more graduates
President.-...... Arthur D. Becker is p fu distress. Cough early is now possible between Oregon
l1 and frequently of a in osteopathy to come into the and some of the middle western
state. There was no doubt in
Faculty Adviser.I H. V. Halladay spas-modi ic character and is non
product re or with possibly their sincerity and undoubtedly
states 'and that they need more
a members of the profession in the
there are many opportunities N. W. Territory.
Editor ..-......-.....
_ E. Harwood slight st iicky sputum. In very
there as in other localities spar-
The time at
,acute cs Lses the sputum may which these examinations have
Osteopathy' Without Limitation show blo od streaks. There may cely populated with our profes- been given in the past has been
O be fever or one or two degrees, sion. discouraging to some students.
accelerat, ed ipulse, a slight leu- A fine film of the anatomy and Now that these can be taken
physiology of the foot was of- earlier in the course and with
Osteopathic Therapeutics ccytosis and aching of head and
If the medium and fered on February 17. This film reciprocity assured we feel cer-
smaller bronchi are involved is to be sent to the library of tain that more of our graduates
(Number 7 in Series) there ma y be early sibilant rales. the A.O.A. for use by the pro- will locate in the Northwest.
Region of the Thorax As the exudate becomes more fession. If we may offer some Personally we have 'a most
ACUTE BRONCHITIS free the pain in the chest les- comment it would be that too kindly feeling for this part of
Acute bronchitis, or more ac- sens, the e cough becomes loose much is covered in too little the country. The fellows we
curately, Tracheo-bronchitis, is and pro ductive and bubbling time. It seems to us that one know out there are doing won-
a very common condition and rales mia y be heard. subject only should be attempted derful osteopathic work. Several
occurs as part and parcel of Many mild cases of acute in these films 'and that taken up of them are old time windjam-
many common cold's; by direct tracheo b'ronchitis get along well in considerable more detail than mers and there is: always a
extension. It is infectious and under tr eatment without being thims and some other films we stronger bond between members'
usually contagious and may oc- confined to bed. Avoidance have seen to show. Our profes- of that tribe. We have always
cur in more or less localized fatigue and of cold sion certainly needs more educa- been able to get a handout when
air, with
epidemic form. It is more com- adequate fluid intake, tional films; but they must not we stopped regardless of the
a light
mon with the onset of cold wea- nutritiouss diet and make us think too fast. time of day 'and the scenery and
ther, in the fall, land again in of osteo pathic lesions The Psi Sigma Alpha frater- opportunities for recreation are
of the
the late winter and spring. Lack cervical area, nity sponsored the assembly of there 'in profusion for your en-
the cervicodorsal
of adequate humidity in artific- junction and February 24 bringing to the plat- joyment. Osteopathy. is, in need
of the upper tho-
ally heated rooms is an import- rax is emntirely adequate form Rev. Dawson of the city. of more practitioners in this part
in a
ant predisposing factor. Osteo- large ma jority of cases. His talk was: an inspiration since of the country as well as any
pathic lesions of the thorax, tion of le sions of it was along the line of our other part and if you are looking
the upper four
more particularly the upper tho- or five r ibs are of duties and privileges as a citizen for a location where you will be
marked im-
racic vertebrae and associated portance of our country. His interpreta- welcome in every way give this
ribs also act as; predisposing carefully These cases should be tion of the integrity of the indi- section of our country a thot.
examined to detect
causes by impairing the normal lesions, vidual as shown by our popular We personally like a hot dry
not only of the areas
inherent resis;tance of the tis- mentione and free democracy was fully ap- climate and tha;t may account for
d but of
sues of the upper respiratory and of ti ie entire the clavicles preciated by the student body. our enthusiasm for the more
tract. Such lesions impair nor- Osteopati thoracic cage.
A highly entertaining and in- southern climes but we certainly
maJl vaso motor tonicity and ment con aic diagnosis; and treat- structive Hawaiian program was have enjoyed several marvelous
change the chemical balance of evaluatin silsts in finding lesions, enjoyed March 3 thru the efforts trips into the Northwest and we
g lesions, and then nor-
tissue fluids. malizing
ralizing of Max Bergau. A film secured will be out that way again as
The infection is usually a associatec those lesions and the from the Chamber of Commerce soon as time and finances permit.
mixed infection with the pneu- the coug I lesion pathology. For of Honolulu together with orig- We must add this which is
mococcus, the influenza bacillus, should be h, particular attention ina'l musical accompaniment by a for all of you. If you want
streptococcus, staphlococcus, and of contra 2given to normalization real Hawaiian, George Kahel'i and more osteopathic physicians in
the micrococcus catarrhalis be- muscles i Ected and contractured with occasional interpolations by your state send them to' us as
ing among the more common or- intercosta n the second and third Max in person, transported the students from your community
ganisms found. 1 spaces (especially on
The mucous the right entire student body to the beau- and we will send them back to
membrane of the trachea and fbres of side) and to the upper tiful isles for the entire assembdy you with the best in osteopathic
the large and medium sized the trapezius.
In the time. With the temperature education.
bronchi is swollen and reddened sistent ca more severe and per- hovering around zero outside it
and for the first twenty-four to mia and ises, with marked toxe- left us with that sad feeling of
forty-eight hours is dry and hy- toms, res other aggravated symp- coming back to earth and Win- Deaths
persensitive. Usually after thirty- with oste st in bed is necessary ter in Iowa but with the know- Dr. John P. Eneboe of the
six to forty-eight hours a mucous daily opathic treatment twice ledge that Hawaii is ours if we class of 1902, passed away at his
exudate is poured out upon the chest is ounter irritation of the but travel there for it.' Thanks home in Sioux Falls, S. D., Jan-
surface of the mucous membrane beneficial and the use to Max and George. uary 20. He had practiced oste-
which rapidly becomes mucopur- the entire umonia 1
jacket, to keep opathy in the same location for
Ethical publicity was the topic
ullent and in many c'ases becomes well ndi thoracic wall warm, is of an interesting and very in- 37 years and up until a very
purulent. the air icated. Saturation of structive lecture with slidesshort time before his death had
Acute tracheo bronchitis oc-means of in the sick room by given on March 10. Dr. Becker been able to see a few of his
curs as an associated condition t the evaporation of wa- received this from Dr. 0. M. patients.
in typhoid fever, in measles, in drops e taining three or four Walker, Bloomfield, N. J., and it The death of Dr. Don Baylor
the ordinary pulmonary form of andp o l ch of camphorated oil should be seen and heard by of Salem, Oregon was a shock
influenza, as part of labor pneu- te ben(f eucalyptus is of defi- every member of the profession. to his many friends. Don, dur-
monia, in asthma and in whoop- n efit in relieving chest We know this is a subject for ing his four years at Still Col-
ing cough. It may occur as the pan an cough. A daily enema discussion but the limits of dig- lege, was an important link in
result of the inhalation of irri-i to e used if necessary. Any nified and ethical advertising areall student activities and editor
tating substances such as chemi- aactive c e or *marked purgation i's clearly drawn and they must be of the Log Book fo'r three of the
cal fumes, dust and gases. unwise a, s it lowers general re- seen to be appreciated. four years. We have not been
The ordinary case of acute sistance. Sedative medication able to get the detail report of
tracheo bronchitis in the adult t r elief of cough is to be hisi last illness but we know his
is usually not a serious disease avoided, if possible. Excessive Seniors Married practice was very heavy and for
and responds readily to treat- use of e:xpectorants is undesir- 'some time he has not been in the
Two popular members or the best of health. An unconfirmed
ment. In babies and little chil-able beca ulse it tends to upset January, 1939 graduating class report states that
dren, and in the aged, it is; much the stoma ich. Refer again to the he died of
who have been under suspicion Hodgkin's Disease in
more likely to be serious and has preceding paragraph on the os- the Veter-
for the past several months were ,an''si Hospital at
a marked tendency to extend teopathic treatment of cough. Portland.
married March 3 at the Little
into the finer bronchiols and into Art]hur D. Becker, D. O. B!rown Church in the Vale at DR. MARY GOLDEN-
the capillary bronchi. Today we Nas;hua, Ia. They are George of the faculty, spoke be-
recognize that the condition for- DR. AND MRS. W. S. ASPEN- (Pete) Marston and Velma Geh- fore the Nightengale Club March
merly diagnosed as acute diffuse GREN- man. Our congratulations and 14 on the subject, "Woman, Whi-
capillary bronchitis is really of DeKalb, Ill., announce best wishes go with this couple ther Goest Thou."
broncho pneumonia. Guests in-
the arriva 1l of Alfred Emil, Feb- to Lewis, Iowa where they will cluded the Nightengale class of
Symptoms in acute tracheo ruary 12. open an office soon. the Central Church of (Christ.

there would be one State group, treat for these men all have a
Is, ..

May I thank you one and all come Health Insurance minded.
X and instead of it being a volun-
tary pre-payment scheme sup-
ported entirely by private con-
tributions, it would be a com-
pulsory pre-payment plan sup-
ported by contributions from
wonderful message well worth
And it is now time to get your
dues to the A. O. A. and State
taken care of if you are not a
member please note the follow-
for the hearty reception, receiv- And as Osteopathic Physicians to employers, employees, and the ing.
ed at the various districts meet- protect our practice and our State. COPY OF A LETTER RE-
ings last month, and for your patients for Osteopathy we must In the meantime, there are CEIVED BY A SECRETARY OF
splendid cooperation, this kind go into the insurance business. A BOARD OIF OSTEOPATHIC
things to be done.
of cooperation goes a long way Sell our patients or instruct In localities in your territory EXAMINERS.
to help us make this a stronger them on cooperative plans or where there are enough of you (This letter would not have
organization and to terminate a companies that include O;s;teo- to feasibly do it, you ought to been written had Dr. -----
successful year. pathic Physicians, Rc-Medical ,arrange a get-together to con- been a member).
"Publicity" Cooperative or Health Insurance. sider offering a partial or com- Dear Doctor:
During the year 1938, public Any group of individuals can plete professional and hospital This office is today in receipt
health radio programs prepared form an association to purchase care to the low income persons of ,a communication from the
under and approved by the Com- medical care for themselves. The in the locality giving choice of United States Employees' Com-
mittee on Public and Profession- medical care they purchase may physicians among the participat- pen:sation, Washington, D. C.,
al Welfare were used' by regional be exclusively allopathic, or it ing members of your local so- with reference to a voucher in
divilsional-district and local so- may be exclusively osteopathic, ciety. There is. no use trying to the amount of $6.0,0 submitted
cieties in 449 broadcasts (mostly or it may include both. So long crash private (as distinct from by Dr. --------- for services
fifteen minutes each) over 83 as it is supported by the private State subsidized) medical rendered a Government em-
radio stations in 71 cities in 27 contributions of the members of schemes inspired and controlled ployee.
states. This activity is being the association, the type of med- by the medics. All employee or- This letter states that Dr.
most ably handled by Chairman ical caire is absolutely in the con- ganizations in your territory are -...--.-.--..- is listed in the 1938
Lange, and his sub committee. trol of the association. now group health conscious. Directory of Osteopathic Prac-
This form of public education by Local medical societies and They are all ripe for the sug- titioners: as a non-member, and
radio is becoming more and more hospital groups are burning the gestion of group medical care. it would be greatly appreciated
an important part of the profes- midnight oil concocting schemes They wi'll all be sewed up by if you would advise this office by
'sions plan of Public Relations offering the services of their the M. D."s if the organized return mail whether Dr. ----------
and Public Health. It was a member physicians and institu- osteopathic profession in their is licensed to practice in. the
great privilege to broadcast tions to low income individuals localities does not come forward State of .----.--------- and also
health topic over W. H. B. F., on a monthly pre-payment basis'. and assert a willingness and advise the scope of practice per-
Rock Island and W. M. T., Wat- They are doing that with a will cooperate. San Fran- mitted under his license.
erloo in connection with the dis- frenzy in order to forestall cisco, has 'adopted a health ser- Works Progress Administration
trict meetings and I wish to urge health insurance legislation. In vice plan for its employees. The Division of Finance
that the local committees con- the meantime these schemes are plan provides for choice of os- Yours very truly,
tinue these contacts, now that being applied to a larger and teopathic physicians by the em- The executive offices receive
they are established. Thi;s is a larger body of the people of this ployee and it gives all osteopathic letters, of this type frequently,
great source of Publicity and country. All of them offer medi- physicians the right to partici- do you want to be in this pre-
education for our profession. cal care cheaper than the indi- pate. Consider whether such a d!icament.
Stations, K. F. J. B. at Marshall- vidual could buy it elsewhere, p'lan ought not to be adopted in Rolla Hook, President
town, Ia., and K. F. 0C. J. of and all of them are restricted selected parts of your territory. Applications for Membership
Boone, Ia., are the two other to the services of M. D.'s. The The Iowa Society of O;steopathic During February the follow-
stations available for health low income individual who HAD Physicians and Surgeons, Inc., ing applications for membership
talks. Lets make this form of PAID IN ADVANCE for com- will advise yith you in all these in the Iowa Society were re-
education and Publicity a major plete medical care from M. D.'s things, BUT THE INITIATIVE ceived: Velma Gehman ('39)
issue for the coming year. is CERTAINLY NOT A LIKELY RE'STS WITH YOU. Des Moines; Geo. W. Marston
"Legislation" PATI F OR OSTOPATHY.
O PATIENT We have recently learned ('39) Dexter; H. M. Patterson,
through the Insurance; Compan- Mediapolis; T. C. Stephenson,
Your legislative committee If we take no part in provid- Cedar Falls; H. D. Meyer, Lu-
ing care under private coopera- ies that do recognize D. O.'s In-
has been very active during this formation as to these companies verne.
session of the legislation, and tive or group health plans' or F. A. Gordon, D. 0.
when health insurance comes, if will be gladly given, by Execu-
has been most successful in tive Committee. Secretary-Treasurer.
overcoming adverse and di;scrim- our participation is not protect-
inatory phases, of numerous ed, then our practice of the fu- "State Convention"
bills, which would have been ture will be restricted to the
group in the income level of
Mark your calenders now for
May 11th and :2th for State
Polk County
mo:st deliterious to our profes-
sional welfare. Dr. Klein, with $3,000 or more per year. That Convention. We have just com- Osteopathic Association
the able assistance of Attorney would drive us into the field of pleted our tentative program de-
James have been untiring in 'an upper crust specialty, and no veloping a Four State circuit of The March meeting of the
their efforts; spending hours school of medicine can survive speakers. These speakers mak- Polk County Osteopathic Assoc-
from their practice day and night on any such basis. That is why ing a circuit of meetings from iation was held at Hotel Kirk-
whenever the occassion demand- the Iowa Society of Osteopathic Danville, Ill., to Minneapolis, wood on Friday the tenth. After
ed, making the proper contacts Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. Minn., to Huron, South Dakota the dinner, Dr. Farmer con-
necessary to amend our needs. advised you following the ;Cin- the program chairman of the ducted a brief business meeting
I want to thank the members cinnati convention last year, to to Des Moines. In contacting which was adjourned in favor
here for the most pleasing man- prepare for all types of local above mentioned states, we had of the very constructive papers
ner in which they have respond- unions, cooperatives, garages, each prepare a list of speakers presented by Doctors Woods and
ed to the call for the legislative Farm Bureaus, etc., to take up wanted to be heard; from this Graney.
quota-it has been indeed grati- with inspired plans for volun- compilation, a rostra of speakers Doctor John Woods discussed
fying to your Executive and tary purchase of medical care. was built and sent to each chair- the subject of nephritis from the
Legislative Committee to see this Your society is committed to the man for him to select six men standpoint of etiology, classifica-
cooperative response. The legis- policy of cooperation for develop- with the thought that all would tion, diagnosis and treatment.
lative committee wi;ll have a ment of a compulsory type of not be available, these six were Doctor Howard Graney pre-
great report to make at the State Health Insurance Law in Iowa invited to make the circuit, only sented a practical consideration
Convention. PROVIDED FREEDOM OF three were available. The three of the problems arising in the
"Constitution and By Laws" CHOICE OF PHYSICIAN AND to make this four state circuit lower excretory tract, laying
SCHOOL OF -PRACTICE ARE are Dr. C. C. Reid, Denver, Poly- chief emphasis on stricture.
Within a few days you will re- EXPRESSLY GUARDED IN clinil and Postgraduate School, Following the formal papers,
ceive the revised copy of Consti- THE LAW. Dr. J. Donald Sheets of Detroit both of which were very well pre-
tution and By Laws with the Health insurance is an exten- Osteopathic HospitaJl and Dr. sented, the meeting was turned
new amendments. Please read sion of the group health pre-pay- Wallace M. Pearson of Kirks- into an open forum on the gen-
them over and over and digest ment idea from local private ville College of Osteopathic and eral problems arising in the
the contents, and have them well plans to a State plan with--a Surgery these will make the ma.- handling of kidney pathology.
in mind at the business meeting coverage of all the people below jor part of the program, other The April meeting will em-
of the convention. 'a certain income level in the features being added. Can you body a discussion of the gall-
"Health Insurance" State. In other words, instead get 'a more variable group? You bladder by Doctor Paul Parks.
The public mind today-has be- of a number of local groups, can't afford to miss this rare 0. E. Owen, D. O., Secy.
v < > n*4 z~~~~~~~~A

N .

Entered' as second class Aecepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923, special rates of postage

at the post office at Des provided for in Section
Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
',E-- -- -- :--_--<4


Volume 17 April 15, 1939 Number 4


All graduate members of the Osteopathic Profession are invited to join with us in six days of
study and clinical demonstration.
May 29 to June 3rd inclusive
Classes begin at 8:00 a. m. each day
No Tuition Charge Certificate of Attendance

8 Dr. R. B. Bachman Dr. E. F. ILeininger Dr. R. B. Bachman Dr. E. F. Leininger Dr. R. B. Bachmaln Dr. E. F. Leininger
A. M. Obstetrics Gynecology Obstetrics Gynecologic Obstetrics Gynecology

9 Dr. A. D. Becker Dr. A. D. Becker Dr. A. D. Becker Dr. L. L. Facto Dr. L. L. Facto Dr. 0. E. Owen
A. M. Cardiology Cardiology Cardiology Neurology Backache Endocrinology of
Examination Classification Arrhythmias Obesity Illustrated

10 Dr. M. E. Golden Dr. J. M. Woods Dr. H. V. Halladay Dr. O. E. Owen Dr. J. M. Woods Dr. H. V. Halladay
A. M. Nutrition Nephritis Athletic injuries Anemias Non-surgical Inter-vertebral Disc.
Gall Bladder

11 Dr. J. P. Schwartz Dr. H. A. Dr. J. P. Schwartz

Graney Dr. H. A. Graney Dr.J.P. Schwartz Dr.H. A. Graney
A. M. Surgical Urinary Surgical Minor Surgical Minor
Diagnosis Obstruction Diagnosis Surgery Diagnosis Surgery

Dr. H. E. 'Clybourne Dr. H. E. 'Clybourne Dr. H. J. Marshall Dr. B. L. Cash Dr. H. J. Marshall
Foot Foot Differential Roentgenology Differential
P. M. Program
Problems l Problems Diagnosis Diagnosis Program sub.ect
Throat Eyeto change
to change

Dr. R. R. Norwood will conduct his presentations in Proctology as neessity

in 1st floor Amphitheatre may
3to2 ~~~_ __
_ __ __ __ _ __I_ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ indicate
5 P.M.
Each day there will be presentations in Osteovathic Technic
on 5th floor Assembly by

I <,3~~~~ 1.i~~~~~ |I~ 3I~ !i~ I~ I Register

°to promptly
5 P. M. Dr. L. L. Facto Dr. R. B. Bachman Dr. J. M. Woods Dr. A. D. Becker Dr. C. I. Gordon
at the office
on arrival
Banquet Thursday evening at 7:00 P. M.

. . .- - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----.
- -. ; ' -. __~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
_______ I __
prestige gained thru the osteo-
Wisconsin Visitors pathic education offered by our Interfraternity Dinner
college, the tuition paid falls far
The latter part of the month short of the actual value re- We may not be unique but we
was filled with an exceptionally ceived. do have one dinner a year that
strong diet of Osteopathy. Drs. Our visiting speakers during certainly is not duplicated in
Rogers and Heilman of Wiscon- the past two weeks have given many other colleges. Our own
sin came to see us with a double us- much more than could be local Interfraternity Council
duty planned and they left an measured 'in dollars and cents. sponsors an Interfraternity Din-
inspired faculty and student Our thanks are sincere. Those ner each Spring semester and
body that hope for others of the of you who talked to us have this year our Tiny Sporck of life
same type. raised us all from the routine of led us to the Hyperian Club ten
Dr. John E. Rogers is a busy education into the realm of in- miles N.W. near Camp Dodge.
man, but those who are busy spiration. You came at a time Over 100 of our students
N. O. I. C. have time to do things. Having in the semesters work that need- made this trip and paid for their
own dinner. The food was good
made his inspection of the col- ed an uplift from problems that
lege Dr. Rogers stepped into his seemed drab and burdensome. and the company better .Short
We are happy to report that role as Chairman of the Endow- You gave us that extra push that talks were made by representa-
the business of the Council for ment Committee of the Alumni put us all over the top for a tives of each organization and
the year is rapidly drawing to ,better year's work. It will be per- members of the faculty who were
and met with the Alumni of Des
a close. The present status is Moines at an informal dinner manent for when we see live present. Affairs like these and
that the copy for the tickets is Saturday, March 25. His plans forces at work the impression is others sponsored by the Council
all in except for two organiza- and ideas are logical and the not passing. We thank you. are putting the fight where it
tions and we expect these in the entire assembly of our graduates belongs. We have no excuse to
next mail. Rooms are all as- felt inspired by his remarks. scrap among ourselves. Our
signed, menus selected and en- fighting must be done by a co-
tertainment has been contracted Dr. George Heilman of Ripon, Alumni ordinated profession and we at
for. Following the printing of Wisc., filled us all with a glow Still College believe that this
the tickets the next move will be of pride when he said that he coordination and cooperation can
was startled with the many im- The work of the National and
the final letters to the Local several of the State Associations best be begun at home. With the
Representatives and to the Presi- provements at the college since common objective of expanding
his graduation eight years ago. continues. Michigan reports that
dents of the Grand Chapters of meetings are being held and the usefulness of our science we
the eleven organizations that He added that he wished that need to work together and play
every graduate could make the talks are planned and we know
make up this Council. Things that when Michigan starts to do together more and lose our own
have been rushed during the last trip that he did to prove that the personality and selfishness for
college is advancing rapidly and something, that it can be marked
few weeks but we have checked as done. No official report is in the common good and the higher
back for errors and find none to with the exception of some ideal.
minor matters has a most com- from Ohio but we are expecting
date. Obligations have been met a contact with the national Our Trustees and Faculty
by all except one of the group pletely equipped plant for osteo- thank the Council and Howard
pathic education. We must add president shortly and he will
and we expect that settlement to have some important news by Sporck for this evidence of al-
be made before the end of the in piassing that Dr. Hodson, who legiance to the college and Os-
that time. Iowa plans a luncheon
year. appeared at two assemblies dur- during the state convention and teopathy.
H. V. Halladay, Exc.-Secy. ing the past month made a trip another during the week of post
thru the building and expressed graduate review which follows
surprise at the facilities we have the regular college semester. Dr.
for the education of a physician. Halladay will meet with the Did You Know
We Are Sorry Drs. Cam'pbell, Halladay, J. P. Texas Alumni at a luncheon
Schwartz and Howard Lamb of April 8 and when he goes to the The outstanding publication of
So much space was of neces- Denver also talked at the dinner state meeting in Griffin, Ga., in the month seems to be the Text-
sity taken this month by our and added to the enthusiasm of May will also have lunch with book of Neuro-Ana'tomy and the
program for the week of May 29 the Alumni group. several of our Alumni. Wiscon- Sense Organs by O. Larsell. It
that the usual reports from our To the delight of the entire sin is planning an Alumni lunch- is a practical approach to Neuro-
own local organizations had to student body a special assembly eon during the state association Anatomy, including a clinical in-
was called Monday, March 27 so convention also. terpretation of various lesions.
be cut. Please do not think for
that all could hear the three Roy Mount will be chairman It is an ideal reference book for
a second that they have been
visitors. in Ill., P. F. Benein in Okla., L. the student and the physician.
laying down on the job. All of
them have been working and Dr. Lamb, who had remained J. Grinnell in Texas, Anton Kani There is a newly discovered
in the city for a conference with in Nebraska, A. L. Quest in important function of the eye
have their reports in. These will
Dr. J. P. Schwartz, talked on the Kansas, George Heilman in besides its job of seeing. It was
have to be condensed and incor-
function of the American College Wisc., C. M. Parkinson in S. found that the eye produces a
porated with the next report in D. and W. R. MicLaughlin in W.
of Osteopathic Surgeons. Being substance which is essential for
the May issue of the Log Book.
president of this association he Va. Alumni in these states will normal growth. This substance,
Our frats and sorority unselfishly be given the opportunity to do
give way to news of state and spoke with authority and clearly a "principle," acts in a regula-
explained the ideals of this di- their part in putting over the tory manner in achieving the
national importance that is hot program for more students and
and can not be held over until vision of our therapeutic plan. growth-promoting effect by way
We congratulate Dr. Lamb on increased prestige for osteopathy. of the pituitary.
the next issue.
the progress he has made per- tProlonged injection of acetyl-
sonally and in being instrument- choline, a chemical liberated into
al in raising the standards of Alumni Note!!! the body by the nervous system
our osteopathic surgeons of and believed the means by which
Proctological Cases whom we are very proud. nerves influence certain body ac-
If you have any of the old
Dr. Heilman, president of the tivities', caused cancer in animals.
catalogs of the college that
It is planned to arrange ex- Wisconsin Alumni again brought This suggests that one cancer
out the many improvements in should be placed in the archives,
amination for diagnosis and pos- cause may be the body's failure
please send them to us. We are
sible treatment for a limited the building and faculty and as- to destroy this chemical rapidly
sured the assembly that they short some of the early ones due enough.
number of proctological cases for
should be very proud of their to a fire in the old building sev-
the attending physicians during The newly discovered vitamin
eral years ago. Other old records
the week of Post Graduate Re- association with such an institu- K was found to decrease the ten-
tion. will also be welcomed. We
view and Clinic. Treatment in dency to bleeding in obstructive
have collected a number of old
the clinic will be limited to am- Dr. Rogers also paid tribute jaundice when given with bile
to the advancements made by the newspaper clippings and find salts.
bulant cases. Such cases must
'college and stressed the point that these add considerably to The injection of pure 110%
be registered by May 15th and a
that we must develop into gen- the developing records of the dextrose causes
registration fee of $10.00 paid an increase of
early history of our college. vitamin C in the adrenal glands
at time of registration. Every eral practitioners first, letting
reasonable effort will be made to the specialistic study develop and liver.
see that registered patients re- with added experience. He closed DR. G. J. HOWLAND- J. M. Y., Librarian.
ceive examination. Registered pa- with the firm statement that of Decorah, Ia., candidate
tients not receiving attention every student leaves his Alma for re-election on the school DR. AND MRS. E. C. HERZOG
will have registration fee re- Mater with an obligation that board received the unanimous -of Brainerd, Minn., an-
funded. cannot be measured. With the vote of the populace. This rmst nounce the arrival of Mary Ann,
Dr. A .D. B. added ability, earning power and be some kind of a record. March 24, weight 7-8.
- I~~~~~~~~~
I - -- -
I . .i .I - . ...

- T -
spasmodic character and may
The Log Book Assemblies Boy's State Basket Ball

last a few hours or several days

or even weeks. The chest is dis-
tended, as in full inspiration and It is necessary at. times to i
Thru the courtesy of George
The Official Publication of the accessory muslcles of respira- take an assembly period for the Brown of the tournament man-
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE tion are brought into play. Per- purpose of attending to affairs agement several of the Seniors
OF OSTEOPATHY cussion shows hyper-resonance that are of common interest to were privileged to work with the
and auscultation discloses wheez- the entire student body. This teams entered in the contest. All
President -...--- Arthur D. Becker ing and sibilant rales. There was done on March 17 and the report favorable on the attitude
may be slight fever. In severe major theme was a report on the of the 'coaches but also report
Faculty Adviser .H. V. Halladay cases there may be cyanosis and progress of the Year Book. The that due to the fine condition of
evidence of weak heart action. collection of material has ad- the players that there was little
Editor-...--...... E. Harwood vanced according to plans and to do. A number of minor char-
Treatment during the attack the presses will soon be turning
is directed mainly toward secur- lie horses were treated and a
Osteopathy Without Limitation out pages that will furnish many few cases of rhinitis that might-
ing relief. The marked rigidity of you with a permanent record
of the chest makes corrective have led to serious infection if
of the college. The matter of not controlled. All four teams
treatment difficult. Deep steady
Osteopathic Therapeutics pressure at the second to fourth
finances was discussed and some that stayed until the finals were
items that were rather hazy treated, the two taking first and
dorsal close to the spines of the were cleared to the satisfaction second places given more atten-
(Number 8 in Series) vertebrae is of value in many of all. Dr. Becker was glad to
icases. Strong steady traction tion than the others. Coach
make a second announcement re- Varner of the Diagonal team and
performed by hooking the fingers
REGION OF THE THORAX lative to Dr. A. G. Hildreth's Coach Hopkins of Creston each
in the anterior axillary fold and
ASTHMA book, several copies of which expressed their appreciation of
pulling strongly toward the pa- have been requested by students
True bronchial asthma is a tient's head for several minutes I
the service and remembered our
fairly common disease, charac- who did not take advantage of work on previous visits to the
will give prompt and complete the first opportunity.
terized by dyspriea of an expira- Before state meet. As an added duty
relief in most cases. It may be closing his talk Dr. Becker re-
tory type and occurs at all ages necessary in stubborn cases to this year Mr. Brown put the-boys-
from early childhood to advanced viewed the progress of our osteo- at work taking care o!f some of
use five to fifteen minims of ad- pathic education from its begin-
age. It is caused by sensitiza- renalin sol. 1-1000, either hypo- the spectators. The boss of
tion to a foreign protein in ning to the present time. this group of Senior workers laid
dermatically or as a nasal spray.
about fifty pericent of all cases. Assembly closed with an an- low on a high perch and snapped
The use of adrenalin may preci-
In early childhood, this foreign nouncement of the All-school some good action pictures.
pitate an attack of angina pec-
protein is usually of an ingested toris in patients having any such Dance that evening. Our new
character as egg albumin or oats piano duo consisting of McGill
or wheat. In young and middle-
tendency. The use of an oxygen
tent may be warranted and usu- and Brail furnished 'music for Mrs. Frank Dunlop
aged adults, the foreign protein ally gives temporary relief. the assembly. Some were surprised and oth-
is commonly of the inspiratory The Delta Omega sorority ers merely lifted a knowing eye-
variety as plant pollens, house- For permanent relief, osteo- brow wihen the news leaked out
pathic corrective treatment be- sponsored the assembly of March
hold dust and animal emana- 24 with Becky Richardson as that Lilly McClure was an old
tions. This group is often sea- tween attacks has yielded many .married woman with a family.
successes. Emsee. Taking advantage of
sonal and of the hay fever- The lesions at the Our only fears for her future
third dorsal and of the associat- the visit of Dr. Walter Hodson
asthma type. Asthma beginning to the city, the girls brought him are that she is not likely to be
in people past middle life is often ed ribs should be normalized as thot of as a dignified matron
rapidly as possible and main- to the college and without any
due to sensitization to a bacter- fear of contradiction we can bu't always as Lilly with that
ial protein. tained in correction. Flexion cheerful smile as a morning
group lesions of the upper dor- state that he gave us the most
inspirational talk we have heard greeting even in the first class.
Since sensitization to a foreign sal area should be freed. Lesions
protein accounts for only about of the cervico-dorsal junction in many months. Dr. Hodson
half of the cases, we know that and of the upper cervical area has been known to members of
about fifty percent of asthma
cases must be accounted for
should 'be carefully and com- the profession for some time for
his fine lectures on health but
George Bunge
pletely corrected.
upon some other hypothesis. none of us suspected that he
Pathology in the nose and Our hearts were sadden-
Pathology in the nose and phar- could talk Osteopathy in such a
throat should receive surgical at- convincing manner. We will not ed with the unwelcome
ynx, suich as deflections of the
tention if indicated. Where pro- news of the accident which
septum, nasal polypi, sinusitis forget that, "When you walk
tein sensitizations can be deter- resulted in the injury of
and chronic infection of the ton- into your office, your first pa-
mined and defined, attempts at Howard Johnson and Don-
sils act as causative factors in tient is there. Your health is
many cases. Most important con- desensitization have met with the foundation of your own suc- ald Brail, and in the death
tributing causes are osteopathic some small degree of sucdcess. cess." of George Bunge.
lesions of the upper dorsal and Many cases are multiple sensi- Following the precedent set by ,George will be remem-
cervical areas. It is rare to find tives. Where ingested proteins the Deltas the Phi Sigma Gamma bered by his fraternity bro-
a case of bronchial asthma with- are causative, the patient should mindful of the good things of thers at the Atlas Club as
out a lesion of the third dorsal avoid their use. Pollen sensitives the previous week again present- one of the most co-operative
vertebra and the associated ribs. can often obtain relief or avoid ed Dr. Hodson. His reception and affable men they have
Lesion of the third rib on the attacks by change of location or proved his popularity and he had for some time, by the
right is apparently of outstand- of climate. again held the student body at faculty as a steady con-
ing importance in many cases. A. D. B., D. O. attention with a discussion of the scientious student, and by
These spinal and rib lesions are ever present topic of Science and the student body as; a good
matters of consideration and Religion. His viewpoint certainly citizen and worth while
importanlce in cases where there offers an opportunity for a set- friend.
is also a definite protein sensiti- Board and Faculty tlement of the argument and his Many fellows attending
zation. statement about "definite de- school away from home are
In asthma there is a narrow- cisions" was one that should be want to forget the home
ing of the lumen of the bronchial The regular meetings! of the taken seriously by all of us. We folks, not so with George
tubes due to spastic contracture board and faculty have been held were very glad to be able to hear Bunge whose thoughts were
of the bronchial musculature or thruout the year but have been Dr. Hodson again and hope that ever with Mrs. Bunge, tfeir
there is swelling of the bronchial confined to the routine necessary when he returns to Des Moines daughter and the members
mucosa, with the secretion of in the conduct of the business of that he will be available for of his immediate family.
thick tenacious mucous, or both the college and the problems of other talks to our group. So death climaxes our
factors in pathology may be act- teaching. At the meeting held Easter Holiday, at a time
ing in any given case. In cases the first of this month the im- DR. H. V. HALLADAY- when ones memories have
with bronchitis the sputum con- portant matter of planning the got around this last been refreshed with the
tains Curschman's spirals and program for the Post Graduate month. One of his pictures was confidence of spiritual re-
Charcot Leyden crystals. Eosino- and Review Week came up for printed in the Register's Roto surrection, and though we
philes are found in the sputum discussion and you may see the selction, he addressed the Wo- join in mourning with the
and are also found increased in result by referring to the front men's Division of the Chamber Bunge family, we are al-
the blood, usually five to ten per- page. We sincerely hope that of Commerce on "Archiology and ways with the memory of
cent, but sometimes as high as you will plan to be with us for Anthropology" and met with the that great promise.
twenty five to forty percent. The this valuable week of review and Rock Garden Division of the
sputum may become muco-puru- contact with friends who may Garden Club of the city showing "Though ye die, yet shall
lent or purulent. give you just the inspiration you movies and discussing "Cacti in ye live." H. S.
The asthmatic attack is of a need for another year. the Rock Garden." I I' II
__ _L __

Kansas News Texas and Return

4 .( .i Al
For the past several weeks we Space is limited but we must
say a word about the quick trip
have all been waiting for news
to Texas. Having some import-
It is lust a few days short of Hospital Association). from Kansas. Just what bear- ant business to conclude relative
four weeks and then our annual Subject-The Osteopathic ing it may have on other states to the N. O. I. C. we took our
convention at Hotel Savery, May Physician and Hospital is hard to predict but it certainly Easter vacation for the major
11th and 12th. This is the time Ins. is up to us to watch carefully
object of getting this done. Left
to prepare your patients, inform- 11:30 Business Session. any moves in other states similar
We on Thursday p. m. and arrived
ing them of your intentions to 12:30 Lunch. to the Kansas situation. in Dallas Friday p. mi. early after
attend this state convention. WVe 1:30, Dr. C. C. Reid. Subject- have a fine letter from Dr. Wal-
having stayed all night with Dr.
have prepared a great feast of Personality in Practise lace of the hospital in Wichita J. W. Halladay in Afton, Okla.
good- things osteopathically, one (Continued). and will quote briefly from it.
And in passing must say that
you can not afford to miss. Look 2:30 Dr. J. Donald Sheets. Sub- "Replying to yours of recent Afton is not the hottest spot in
this program over now, be there, ject-Diagnosis of Genito- date, will say that we failed to the U. S. We nearly froze to
partake and be filled, with that Urinary Pathology (Illus- get our osteopathic bill out of death there. At Dallas found
morsal of sustance which goes trated). the calendar committee, so it everyone was over at Ft. Worth
to make better osteopathic phy- 3:30 Dr. Wallace M. Pearson. was not given any consideration at the state convention so drove
sicians. Subject - Demonstrating by the legislature. We all felt the 31 miles there. McAnally
PROGRAM Technique. confident it would have been had already arranged some work
41st Annual Convention IOWA OISTEOPATHIC passed had we been able to get for us so contacted him and
THE IOWA SO'CIETY OF OSTE- MOMENS AUXILIARY it to a vote, but the situation found everything set. Got the
OATHIC PHYSICIANS AND Officers Mrs. B. C. Elliott, was so hot that many of the leg- business of the Council finished
SURGEONS, Inc. President; Mrs. Rolla Hook, Vice islators appeared to prefer to and certainly enjoyed the re-
HOTEL SAVERY President; Mrs. W. L. Tindall, have it remain on the calendar maining few hours of the stay
Des Moines Second Vice President; Mrs. H. and the committee take the re- talking with old friends and
H. Jennings, Secretary-Treasurer sponsibility rather than wanting finding out about what we may
THURSDAY AND FRIDAY the opportunity to vote on the expect in June. Enjoyed a lunch-
May 11th and 12th, 1939 CONVENTION PROGRAM
issue. eon with 'Grinnell and others
9:00 Invocation - Rev. Stod- Thursday, May 11, 19139 from the Alumni of the college
dard Lane, (Congregation- Younkers Tea Room "Everyone is continuing to and talked with Benien about the
al Church. 12:00 Noon practice as they have been doing Alumni group in Oklahoma.
Address of Welcome Program Chairman-Mrs. B. for the past twenty-five years Spoke on the program early in
Mayor Mar'k L. Conkling. L. ;Cash, Des Moines. under the present law, as we feel the p. m. of Slaturday and on
Response President--Dr. Welcome-Mrs J. JP. Schwartz, that is the only thing to do since the radio at 3:15. Enjoyed a
Rolla Hook, Logan, la. President, Des Moines Auxiliary. the legislature failed to give us banquet with the association in
Response Mrs. M. G. Tinacher, a hearing. So far no arrests the evening and to bed early as
10:00 Dr. C. C. Reid, Denver
Polyclinic and Post-,jrad- Fort Madison. have been made and if such an early start was necessary.
uate college. Subject- "In an Insane World"-Rabbi should occur it is probable an- Made a stop at Drumright to visit
Personality in Practice. Eugene Mannheimer, Des Moines other clase will be carried to the for a few minutes with Dr. How-
Business Meeting-Mrs. B. D. Supreme Court. A case is pend- ard Martin and his father and
11:30 Business Session. Elliott, President, Oskaloosa. ing in the Federal Court regard- found Howard delivering the
11:30 Lunch. ing our narcotics which will second of two babies born in his
1:30 Dr. A. E. Allen, Minine- Friday, May 12, 1939 probably be determined before hospital on Easter Sunday. To
apolis, Minn., President 10:00 A. M. very long. The Supreme Court Augusta to gab with the Quests
of American Osteopathic Breakfast - Walnut Woods Decision made last June appar- and on home Monday.
Association. Subject - State Park. ently did not contemplate taking
Des Moines Auxiliary Entertain- narcotics away from us as the Texas is ready for you and
Professional Affairs. you will not be disappointed with
State Auxiliary Court said we could not use
2:15 Dr. Wallace M. Pearson, ing Members of any feature of the program. The
Kirksville College of Os- drugs as remedial agents, leav-
ing the inference that we could record was broken on attendance
teopathic and Surgery. at the state convention this year
Subject Osteopathic Polk County use palliative drugs.
even with the national so close.
Problems relative to Ner- Osteopathic Association "The campaign for legislative Real enthusiasm is being shown
vous Physiology and the action has been of great value to by every one in the state. We
Vegitative Nervous Sys- the profession from an educa- have made our reservation. Many
tem. The April meeting of the Polk tional standpoint as it presented of the best rooms have already
3:15 Dr. C. C. Reid. Subject- County Osteopathic Association the opportunity to give a great been taken. Plenty are left but
Sinuses in General Plrac- will be held on Friday evening deal of information to the pub- don't wait until you get there
tise. the fourteenth, with the dinner lic regarding osteopathy and the and expect the best room in the
at the East Des Moines Club and educational standards which we hotel. It will be taken before
4:15 Dr. J. Donald Sheets, De- and business session asked the legislature to set up."
troit Osteopathic, Hospital the lecture that time. You will miss a fine
Subject -Diagnosis and at the office of Doctors Park and We have heard so many ru- program of entertainment if you
Treatment of Prostatic Farmer in the Teachout mors about this fight and its re- do not come to Dallas. We were
Hypertrophy. ing. surprised to find that Dallas is
This place of meeting was sults that it is a pleasure and only 66 miles south of the Red
6:30 Banquet-Address Gover- an authority
at the invitation of Doc- privilege to quote
nor, George A. Wilson, chosen may be River which divides Texas from
tors Park and Farmer on the on the outlcome and what Oklahoma. So while you may
Des Moines, Ia. in the re- expected in the future. We cer-
C. W. event of completion think you are pretty far south
Entertainment - along tainly are indebted to Dr. Wal-
Schmidt, Agency, ,121 modeling of their offices you still have a good many miles
with the installation of a new lace for this fine bit of last- to travel before you get to the
Fleming Bldg., Des minute news.
X-ray unit. Gulf. Dallas is 15 hours driving
Moines, Ia.
Doctor Park will present the time from Des Moines. The
May 12th paper of the evening on the sub- thing that puzzles me is how
9:00, Dr. Wallace M. Pearson, ject of "Diagnosis and Treatment Missouri Board did that Texas bunch manage to
Kirksville College of Os- of Gall-Bladder Disease." buy so much space in Life that
teopathy and Surgery. There will be some very im- came out this week under the
Subject-The Use of the portant items of business to "The Missouri Board will con- date of April 10. Better start
X-Ray in Understanding come before the group. As the duct their regular examination now to get ready for the conven-
Osteopathic Principles. year's activities of the organiza- May 24, 25 and 26, 1939, at both tion and see these characters
9:45 Dr. J. Donald Sheets, De- tion comes to a close, it is the the Kansas City College of Os- making a personal appearance.
troit Osteopathic Hospli- desire of the Executive Commit- teoplathy and Surgery and the We will be there Friday evening,
tal. Sulbject-Diagnosis tee to express their appreciation Kirksville College of Osteopathy June 23 ready to go to work Sat-
and Treatment of Q)uo- to the various members of the and Surgery. Blanks must be in urday morning. H. V. H.
denal and Gastric Ulcer. association for the splendid way the office of the Secretary fifteen
..(Illustrated). in which they have cooperated days before the examination. For
blanks and further information, DR. AND MRS. G. S. FOLKMAN
10:45 Fred E. Rankin, Omaha, not only in committee work but Dr. -of Decatur, Ill., an-
Neb., World Insurance by attendance at the regular please write the Secretary, nounce the arrival of Janet Sue,
Special Representative monthly meetings. Leon B. Lake, 314 Central Trust
0 .- E.- --
Owen. - I ,O..I .
D. _ Secy. Building, Jefferson City, Mo." March 26, weight 7-12.
(Nebraska Osteopathic I. -7 , -
Entered as second class THE <+)

Accepted for mailing at


matter, February 3rd, 1923, special rates of postage

at the post office at Des provided for in Section

Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
<§>------------------- 4 \t-p w---



Volume 17 May 15, 1939 Number 5

S*4 4- ,
All graduate members of the Osteopathic Profession are invited to join with us in six days of
study and clinical demonstration.
May 29 to June 3rd inclusive
Classes begin at 8:00 a. m. each day
No Tuition Charge Certificate of Attendance

I A 11 -.
I - - .-
Our Graduates
A 'I

Alumni Assembly N. 0. I. C. O. W. C. C.
The next three weeks will see Occasionally we are present SORORITIES AND FRATS The O. W. C. C. will soon con-
the finish in one way of'a fine at an event that leaves with us FINAL NOTBICE clude a most enjoyable and
class of 36. All have passed the thot, "Why haven't we done Six weeks from the date of profitable year, full of 'interest-
their Qualifying Exams with this before?" The inspiration this publication you will be in ing lectures and good times.
honor and many have already enjoyed by all present brought Dallas, Texas enjoying the con- Among the speakers the club
completed part of one or more that thot to many and probably vention and with a ticket in enjoyed were: Mrs. J. P.
state boards. A few have Basic the reason for this was that with your pocket for your Sorority Schwartz, who spoke on her trip
Science Boards to their credit. the fine work of the several or- or Fraternity Reunion and Ban- to Alaska; Dr. Halladay.on New
We doubt if any class has grad- ganized states in Alumni work quet. Run down the list below Mexico; Dr. Bergau on Hawaii;
uated from the college with a we felit the need for a closer and put the date, time and place also interesting to the club was
better foundation for the future. contact in the college. This in your book or: clip the notice a cosmetic lecture by Mrs. Wil-
They heard the warning and contact was certainly felt Fri- and keep it for future reference. kinson of the Luzier Co., sand a
heeded it and their only fault day, May 5th. If you belong to one of the Hon- most informative talk on the
will be that they are just a The Iowa State Alumni under orary Fraternities notice that Osteopathic Care of Children by
little too proud of their schol- the leadership of Dr. Paul Park they are having their reunions Dr. Rachel Woods. May the
astic record. Look out for that had planned thlis meeting but on Monday night and will be iclub again thank all of these
fall and come down to earth. with the departure of Dr. Park thru in plenty of time to attend speakers, and also thank the
The week of the 15th will and Dr. Fred Campbell for the the President's Ball that eve- Gordons, Dr. Halladay, the J. P.
see this group being entertained Alumni meeting in Milwaukee ning. Schwartz' and the Beckers for
with farewell banquets and oth- the program was turned over to Your social organization meets opening their homes to the club
er social affairs that mark the Dr. Halladay as Emsee. Dick Tuesday night. Here is good for meetings.
end of four years of college at- McGill opened the assembly with news. We have just figured the Another of our most enjoy-
tendance. May 19th is set asilde a fine rendition of Begin the average coast this year against able meetings was a tour
this year for the class as their Begien and altho the audience the charges last year and you through the lovely Week's home.
Class Day. The assembly will called for more the old pest of will save about two bits per One of the high spots of the
provide for them an outlet for Time kept us close to a sched- 'ticket. In other words, the Dal- social year was the joint Christ-
most of their pent up emotions ule. las convention is going to cost mas party of the 0. W. C. C.
and the college will award them Dr. Halladay prefaced the pro- you less than some in the past and the Osteo. Auxiliary. Each
the certificates of honor in the gram with appropriate remarks and since we have been down member brought an inexpensive
various departments in which showing the necessity for a there making an investigation toy, all of which were later do-
they have served extra curricu- closer relationship between the we will assure you plenty of en- nated to poor children.
lar time. Alumni, the Student Body and tertainment and a fine program. The O. W. C. ';. also started
On May 25th the college en- the College Board in securing That gives you three reasons for another "tradition in the form
tertains the class at a banquet for the college the additional attending. We will be at the of a party for the faculty wives."
and the evening of May 26th students 'and funds needed to in- end of the registration line to This affair is to be an annual
will grant to each a well de- crease our output. greet you and have dusted off one in the future.
served diploma indicating a sat- Dr. Arthur D. Becker, spea'k- our Southern dialect and our The club will conclude its
isfactory completion of four ing for the college, covered the best smile for the occasion. WE yea'r's activity by a "husband and
years of intensive osteopathy. subject of the future of osteo- Goin' be there. wives" picnic at the Becker's,
As to their future we may be pathy and the college. He ACACIA CLUB-Tuesday, June and on May 16 by the semi-an-
permitted to peek at some in- stressed the need for more of 27, 7:00 p. m. Parlor i3 Hotel nual banquet for graduating
formation gathered recently. our profession and assured those Baker. wives, at the Grace Ransom Tea
L. Augenstein, Ohio Board; A. present that places were waiting ALPHA TAU SIGMA Tuesday, Room.
S. Barnes, Colorado and Iowa for them and for many others. June 27, 7:00 p. m. Parlor 2 The only dark spot of the year
Board. Internship at Lamb Hos- Dr. Farmer, Vice-President of Hotel Baker. was the death of our beloved
pital, Denver, Colo.; Leigh Bea- the state Alumni associaition ATLAS CLUB-Tuesday, June former president, P'atti Walker,
mer, Iowa and Illinois Board; read a message from Dr. Park 27, 7:00 p. m. Palm Garden, but the club carried on as we
K. Blanding, Michigan Board; and added an announcement of Hoitel Adolphusi. knew she would want us to.
(Continued on Page Four) (Continued on Page Four) (Continued on Page Four) J. ;Boysko, Sec.
-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - -

girl friends and wives-not both.
'W . .. - - - . - - - - - - -
We regret that Brother Braile
the Faculty to an Honorary
Membership in our Fraternity.
the Phi Sigs in assembly Friday,
May 12 th at the same time as
I i

will not be able to attend but
at the same time are very glad
Since our last report, the fol-
lowing doctors have honored the
the individual awards. These
were in the form of keys pre-
to know that he is making fast Atlas Club with their presence sented to "Becky" Richardson
his convalescence. and valuable and interesting lec- and Jack Miller for high scores
For six of our members; tures: Dr. Humphreys, on Tech- in the men and women's division
namely: Robertson, Kitchen, nique; Dr. Facto, on the Pitui- respectively.
i I
Gurka, Blanding, Augenstine, tary Gland and Dr. Campbell, on Tuesday nite, May 9th, one of
and Hooper, this will be the Pneumonia. the largest classes ever to enter
grand finale in P. S. A., as they Howard Johnston has return- were initiated into Sigma Sigma
will be graduated with the re- ed to Detroit where he reports Phi. The following menNa¢me
----- ·C~- ~ Icrr ·- a ~ I

mainder of the senior class on everything is going swell. Bud into active membership: Harry
May 26. Brail is still in the Des Moines Plautz, Dale Widmer, Harland
OTS General Hospital, taking it easy
and feeling for the Sophs and
Hofer, Harold Taggart, Charlie
Grey, Jes Clapperton, Thomas
At the last three regular
meetings of the Iota Tau Sigma
..An their finals. Koenig, Earl Lindsley, John
Miss Louise Michael and Miss Comes now-the time to say Schott, John Engeman, George
much has been accomplished, a
new method of pledge payments Emma L. MacAdams were for- -Au Revoir. J. S. C. Sutton, and Lester McNichols.
mally pledged into Delta Omega We are happy to announce these
has been worked out, which we
think will prove very satisfact- Sorority Wednesday evening, men as new members, and wel-
ory, representatives to the na- March 15 at the apartment of come them into active member-
Miss Rebecca Richardson. The Phi Sigma Gamma annual ship.
tional convention at Dallas,
Texas selected, party committees Miss; Georgianna Harris was spring dance was held Saturday,
hostess to the girls of D. M. S. April 29th. We give a vote of
appointed, and many other items
that needed discussion settled. (. O. at her home, March 19, thanks to Chairman Charles X. Aar
Everything is now organized at which time the girls were in- Hall and his co-workers for the To our new Fraternity Bro-
as it should be so that next fall troduced to a very charming lit- splendid party. The house dec-
thers of C. C. O., whom we had
we will be able to start at full tle guest, Richard Frank oration's were mainly blue and the privilege of officially install-
strength. Much credit should "Dickie" Dunlop, the two and white aided by green foliage and ing as the Claviculae Chapter of
go to our President, Tony Sloan one-half year old son of Mrs. spring blossoms. About fifty L. O. .G National Fraternity, we
for the good work he has been Frank Dunlop known to us as couples, members, and guests en- extend our hearty congratula-
doing in getting things fixed up Lillie M:cClure, junior student at joyed the music of Walter tions.
in good shape. the college. Wickshire and his orchestra.
We wish to The Ritual Team who made
Guests present were Dr. and
thank Charles Gray for the use The boys of the Phi Sigma Mrs. Howard A. Graney, Dr. this pleasurable and memorable
of his room for most of our and
Gamma Fraternity royally enter- Mrs. Edward Leininger, trip were Dr. Berck Advisor,
meetings thi;s year, as well as Dr. a.nd
taained all the girls, March 212, Mrs. Byron L. Cash, Drs. John Cerebrum Feldman, Arthur
Sib Barnes who secured the at a dinner and party given at and Rachel Friedman, Irv. Ansfield and Max
beautiful chapel of Dahlstroms Woods, Dr. and Mrs.
the fraternity house. Greenhouse (M. C.)
funeral home for the initiation S. Klein, Dr. O. E. Owen and
The Sorority joined with the guest Miss Ann Soter, Mr. and Following the Instiallation
of Ercell Iosbaker. fraternities March 23 to enjoy Mrs. Neal Kitchen and members Dinner at the Mayfair Hotel,
Probably two of the best or- the second annual Interfratern- of other fraternities and sorori- two of the honored guests, Dean
ganizers and leaders in the field ity council banquet, given this ties. Whitten and Prof. Sy. Hirtzfeld,
of Osteopathy will be lost from year at the Hyperion Club. How- April 23rd Paul Kimberly and courteously showed us through
the Beta chapter on graduation ard Sporck, senior student, acted fiancee M'iss Blaney were guests the fine Chicago College of Os-
this semester. They are the as toastmaster and called upon for Sunday dinner. teopathy and Hospital.
two big members in our organi- !ta member of each organization We are also proud to say that
zation both in weight and lead- The National L. O. G. conven-
to speak a few words. the Phi. Sigs won the school tion was held at Philadelphia,
ership, brothers Spork and An orchid to the Council for 'bowling championship for 1939,
Barnes, so instead of giving a April 29.
their efforts and interest in cor- and prospects look very good for
big dinner for these two fellows, relating the activities of the 1940. Fraters are urged to save all
we are going to have a picnic various organizations to the bet- lesions for the next meeting.
The remainder of the term
where there will be no food but terment of our institution. will probably find most of us Principals of Technic will be the
plenty of exercise !available. main topic of the evening.
busy with banquets, picnics and
Our erstwhile pledges will
Well fellows there is a little
more than two more weeks left ATLAS CLU least minute cramming.
We wish the graduating sen- give the A. B. C. of Embryology,
in 'a nutshell, as it were.
of school this year, so remem- The semester is rapidly com- iors the best of luck and plenty
ber this vacation to make a few ing to an end and soon, as Virge of it. G. H. W. News from Dr. A. Yarrows in
contacts with prospective stu- has warned, "that day will Colorado, comes to us. Congrats
dents, because the more students come-". Freshmen, Juniors and on passing the Colorado board,
you yourself send to this school Sophomores are all busy study- and thanks for writing.
the better chance your organiza- ing and reviewing that "Fundla- With this issue of the Log Flash! L. O. G. in Bowling
tion has for a new pledge. mental Stuff". After that week, Book Sigma Sigma Phi con- finals! A ball whizzes down the
.we are all looking forward to a cludes in many ways one of its alley. Strike! "Love is on my
well-earned vacation. most successful years in its side!" burbels Iverson. Another
. YA March and April marked a existence. ball speeds in the same general
The last meeting of the Psi busy series of days for the mem- 'The fraternity beginning on direction. "Woe is me;" moans
Sigmia Alpha was called to order bers as well as the pledges. May 17th will conclude activi- Hagy. It's a "split." P. N.,
at the Phi Sig house at seven "Hell-Week" loomed up and sur- ties: for this semester in a fitting Howie, and Bud made up the
o'clock, April 18, 1939. In as prised a good many pledges. The fashion. We are expecting a remainder of the Atl'as team,
much as this was the last busi- days of work and horseplay were large turnout of activities as who succeeded in spilling more
ness meeting of the spring sem- terminated on Saturday night, well as pledges and alumni lumber than the L. O. G.'s, but
ester, there was a lot of "mop- with the pledges acting as members. it was a lot of fun, and we are
ping up" of 'old business and "house-men" at a M'illionaires' Thursday, May 11th, the ban- looking forward to another suc-
final discussion on the location, Party. Quite a few games of quet was held honoring our cessful tournament next year.
speakers, and entertainment for chance were set up and a mil- graduating seniors. The entire Sigma Sigma Phi really did this
the classical event of the term- lion dollars in fake currency, group was present, among them one up right and to them we
the senior banquet. We have was gambled here and there. It several alumni members who extend our heariest congraula-
planned on having Dr. Hardy, all turned out to be a great suc- spoke. Several of our faculty tions.
an outstanding man in 'Osteo- cess. members were among those mais- This semester is drawing to a
pathic Eye, Ear, Nose and Sunday, April 2, was our day sing due to the conflict with the close. Preparation;s for finals.
Throat work, for guest speaker. for Formal initiation. The fol- State Association Banquet the Basic Science and State boards
Dr. Hardy will come to us from lowing men became active mem- same 'nite. It was a pleiasanet are industriously under way.;
Kirkville. Dr. Becker will be bers of Xiphoid of Atlas Club: evening, and the Keo Grill Books and cars are being swap-
our inimitable toastmaster for Lyle Ackerson, Paul Taylor, served an excellent meal for us. ped, and in one instance, a trail-
the event which will take place Robert White, Herman Gegner, The Bowling Tournament this or being repainted, all aimed at
May 9, at 7:00 P. M. in the East Paul Rutter and Merton Wor- year was by far the most suc- hitting the trail for home. God-
Des Moines Ciub. Most of the ster. We were also very happy cessful of any held yet. The speed to all, and best of luck!
members plan on bringing their to initiate Neal R. Kitchen of permanent plaque was awarded M. N. G.
I - - I','

I ·. - ...I -:. -
apical, interlobar and diaphrag-
The Log Book matiq- types the friction rub is
not readily obtained.
Alumni Activities presided and introduced the
speakers. Dr. John E. Rogers
of Oshkosh,' Wisc., National En-
The sympathetic nerve supply A seed is planted in the cen- dowment Councilor and past
The Official Publication of ter of a concrete block.
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE to the pleura is from two differ- There president of the A. 0. A., ex-
OP OSTEOPATHY ent sources according to Potten- is no natural or logical reason plained the endowment plan for
ger (Symptoms of Visceral Di- for it to grow and bear fruit. the college and stressed the rea-
President .....-. .ArthurD. Becker sease, 5th edit. 1938 p. p. 335) sons why Still College and the
. The visceral pleura innervation A seed is planted in a fertile profession needs this program
Faculty Adviser ....H. V. Halladay comes from the first six dorsal field and with reasonable care completed. The ideal location
ganglia with the pulmonary in- it rewards us with rich returns. and the advantage of teaching
... E. Harwood nervation. The parietal pleura A seed was planted last Sum- facilities built up during the
receives its sympathetic nerve mer by our national president, forty one years of its life means
Osteopathy Without Limitation supply from the entire twelve Dr. H. E. Clybourne, and we a great deal to any college. Os-
dorsal ganglia. Sensory fibres have watched the growth of this teopathy can be taught better
are connected with each dorsal idea into a live working organi- where there is the quantity of
Osteopathic Therapeutics segment from one to twelve. The
ptara sympathetic innervation is
zation that is filled with visible patients anxious for osteopathic
care. Drs. Davis, COampbell and
evidence of healthy fruitful re-
by way of the vagus. turns. The Alumni of Still Col- Park followed adding to the en-
(Number 9 ,in Series) thusiasm initiated by Dr. Rogers.
Many cases of dry pleurisy lege are at work and will con-
run a fairly mild course and tinue to produce. They have Among those assembled Drs.
REGION OF THE THORAX respond promptly to treatment. the best of reasons for the ef- Hitchcock, Gordon and Friend
PLEURISY Care should be exercised to de- forts they are making. This ,brought out suggestions and
tect fluid if it develops. Rest college has for over forty years voiced their willingness along
Inflammation of the pleura is with all present to do just a lit-
in bed while there is fever or graduated osteopathic physicians
a common involvement. It is tle more to put over the con-
severe pain is indicated and the of the highest type. Forty years
usually secondary to disease of structive program planned in
patient should have a light, nu- have developed a clinic that is
the lungs or bronchi. More each state. The time passed too
tritious diet. invaluable in teaching osteo-
rarely it occurs by extension quickly. Dr. George Heilman
The best and most efficient pathy. We may be slow to real-
from disease of the ribs, verte- was elected to the presidency of
treatment in these cases of dry ize this but there is a very great
bra, mediastinal lymphatic the state Alumni association
pleurisy is the careful articula- advantage in this prestige. With
glands, oesophagus or even from with Dr. Ralph Davis as Secre-
tion of the heads of the ribs on the need for greater numbers
the abdominal viscera. In oc- tary-Treasurer. This meeting
the side involved, This should in the profession the Alumni of
casional instances it may be was a true inspiration to carry
be done daily, or more frequent- our college have set for them-
primary. on and Dr. Campbell and myself
ly if the case is severe. Gentle selves a goal that will add to
Pleurisy is the result of an in- the number in school and will felt amply repaid for the trip
fection, the most common or- but insistent stretching of inter-
costal muscles and tissues is a assure the college of funds for to Milwaukee."
ganism the tubercular bacillus. research and additional activi-
The pneumococcus and the necessary part of such treatment On May 6 Dr. Park and Dr.
and the normalization should ties of great benefit in the edu-
streptococcus are relatively cation of osteopathic physicians. Campbell met with the Alumni
common causative organisms in extend from the first to the in St. Plaul under the leadership
twelfth rib. By gentle but in- At this' time we see the organi-
pleurisy, complicating the pneu- zation of about two thirds of the of Dr. Doyle Richardson of Aus-
monies. Staphylococcus, typhoid sistent leverages the dorsal tin, Minn. Dr. Halladay drove
vertebra should also be articu- Alumni into state groups. Others
bacillus, colon bacillus or Fried- will follow and we want every to St. Paul for this meeting also
lander's bacillus mray occur alone lated one with another. This and repForts 27 attended a lunch-
articulation of vertebrae should Alumnus of this college to have
or as a part of mixed infections. the opportunity to become a part eon at the Lowrey Hotel. This
Most so called idiopathic pleur- include the cervical vertebra to was more than was expected for
normalize the action of the of this commendable work initi-
isy occurring in otherwise ap- ated by Dr. Clybourne and his the notices were not mailed
parently well people is tubercu- vagus affecting the functional quite as early as they should
capacity of the pleura, lungs and officers. We want the enthusi-
lar. Pleurisy following chill asm already evident in those have been and this group showed
and exposure or chest trauma, heart. plainly that they were attending
states with the larger represen-
with the exception of perforat- The involved side may be tation to be extended to those something that filled a long felt
ing wounds, is usually tubercu- strapped by the use of adhesive that have only a few of our want. Following talks by Drs.
lar. A very high percentage of plaster tape to limit movement. graduates. You who are not al- Park, Campbell and Halladay
patients who have repeated at- These straps should cross the ready a, part of this program do many of the Alumni expressed
tacks of pleurisy will later give middle line both front and back not have to wait. their appreciation of the meet-
Write the
clinical evidence of pulmonary and should run at right angles national president, Dr. H. E. Cly- ing and pledged their support of
tuberculosis. It is a safe rule to the direction of the ribs. any movement that would in-
bourne of Columbus, Ohio and
to consider idiopathic pleurisy They should be smoothly and he will put you to work. crease the number of osteopathic
The physicians in Minnesota.
as tubercular in origin until it smugly applied in full expira- whole is only as strong as its ThIe
is proven otherwise. tion. An ice bag applied to the individual units and every grad- heavy downpour of rain did..nor
Pleurisy may be classified as painful area is well indicated uate of this college has a duty dampen the spirits of any pres-
fibrinous or dry pleurisy; sero and often gives additional relief. to the college that needs to be ent for most of the group as-
fibrinous or pleurisy with effu- Some patients prefer heat to fulfilled. sembled wanted to say some-
sion; empyema or purulent cold and apparently the results thing and were gladly given the
are quite exactly similar. The The Iowa group under the di- chance. Graduates from as early
pleurisy, and hemorrhagic. It rection oof Dr. Paul Park has
may also be designated as local- need of anodyne medication is as date as 1902 on up to 1938
rare under this plan of treat- completed part of its years pro- were present and it would be
ized, encapsualted, or diffuse, gram. Much is to be done yet
unilateral or bilateral, apical, ment. difficult to judge which were the
but with the meetings planned most enthused by the prospects
interlobar or diaphragmatic de- (Discussion of pleurisy to be and the work outlined results
pending upon its extent and lo- of something to be done and the
continued) will begin to show in the Fall willingness to do it.
cation. A. D. B., D. O. class in September. In addition
Acute dry pleurisy (fibrinous to his duties in the state of Dr. Doyle Richardson of Aus-
or iplastic) is characterized by DR. H. V. HALLADAY- Iowa Dr. Park accompanied by tin, Minn., was reelected state
sharp pain, usually in the side drove to Galesburg, Ill., Dr. Fred Campbell, National president and we will soon have
of the chest, dyspnea and fre- April 20 to appear on the pro- Student Recruiting Councilor, the completed list of officers and
quently there is a dry cough. gram of the district: meeting. drove to Milwaukee to aid in the further announcements on the
There may be fever, usually His talk on "The Intervertebral state organization May 4. Dr. organization of our sister state
slight in degree. The important Disc and Foramen" was follow- Park's report which follows will to the north.
diagnostic finding is the friction ed by a clear explanation of the make you stop and think.
rub which is easily heard in Ohio is planning an Alumni
work of the legislative commit- "After a very enjoyable drive luncheon May 16 and Georgia
typical cases and which may be tee by Dr. Willard Brown, state to Milwaukee Dr. Campbell and
evident also upon palpation. The will have one May 13. Michigan
president. About thirty mem- myself arrived in Milwaukee and started this at the state meeting
pain is aggravated by the cough bers of the district association met with the Wisconsin Alumni
and by respiratory movement. In. last Fall and it proved so popu-
attended, many driving thru assembled at, the Pfister Hotel lar and enjoyable that other
apical pleurisy :-the pain is not heavy rain. Dr. Halladay will for a luncheon May 4. Eighteen states have fallen into line real-
marked and. is described as meet with the Georgia State As- very enthusiastic Alumni of Still
sticking pains. izing not only the accomplish-
In diaphragma- sociation at Griffin May 12 and College were present and the
tic pleurisy, the pain may be ab- ment of a purpose but the pleas-
13 and expects to broadcast over meeting lasted uintil about 2 p. ure of an hour of good fellow-
dominal 'and simulate biliary, W.IS.B. Atlanta at 3:45 p. m., m. extending into the business
gastric or renal colic. ship with fellow graduates of
In the Saturday, May 13. program. Dr. George Heilman our college.
our national president, Dr. J. P. I want to thank the Dallas
Our Graduates Leonard, our national chairman Committee and especially their
of state organizations, Dr. F. D. official worker on this' division
(Continued from Page 1) Campbell, our national Councilor of the program, Dr. Mary Lou
This column carried last John Boysko, Missouri Board; of Student Recruiting, Dr. Rob- Logan, for her diligence in
month a complete program of E. G.: Callahan, MinnesoQta ert Morgan, state president in bringing this work to asuccess-
Board; Chas. Creighton, Michi- Michigan and Dr. Tracy Patrick, ful completion at the right time.
the meeting to be held in Des
gan and Maine Board; Arley state chairman of Ohio. We have checked and rechecked
Moines, May 11 and 12. Since
Edgerton, Nebraska and Minne- Henry Goeken, representing the above list. As an officer or
the Log Book goes to press too
.early for details of this meeting sota Board; Carl Ellis, Iowa the student body thru the Stu- member of any of the organiza-
and itoo late for any additional Board; Ervin Emory, West Vir- dent Council, next talked for a tions; listed it is your duty to
advice from your officers we can
ginia and Kentucky Board; Paul. short time on loyalty to this im- also check this list and write us
only say that those of you who
Feldman, Oklahoma Board; portant cause and urged greater ,immediately if you discover any
will attend the meeting will be Gordon Fischer, West Virgnia activity individually among the errors.
and Tennessee Board; Laurence students. Neal .Kitchen, presi- H. V. Halladay, Exc. Sec.
given full reports of the work
of the various committees thru- Ford, Iowa and Illinolis Board; dent of the Interfraternity Coun-
:out the year. The report of the Beryl Freeman, Iowa and Texas cil, spoke on the importance of
Legislative Committee which was Board; Max Greenlhouse, Mis- the fraternities and sororities in Drake Relays
to appear will be better under- souri Bloard; Joe Gurka, Maine this drive for support of more
stood as given at the official and Massachusetts Board; John and better osteopathic physi- Each year the last week in
meeting. This is also true of Hagy, Illinois and So. Dakota cian's. Both of these students April attracts about two thous-
Board. Internship at Widney are to be complimented for the and athletes to the clity of Des
other detailed reports. Our next
issue will 'report for those so Hospital, Lexington, Nebr.; G. excellent manner in which they Moines for the purpose of exhib-
unfortunate as to not be able Hooper, Colorado and Wyoming presented these important sub- iting their prowess in the field
to attend. Board. Internship at Lamb Hos- jects. of trac:k sports. As in the past,
pital, Denver, Colo.; H. Hutson, The time passed quickly. No Still College sent itts Seniors out
Applications for Membership Iowa and Minnesota Board; Er- one got up to leave, finding the to the Relays to offer what aid
win Iver;son, Nebraska and So. meeting dull or boresome and we was necessary in the care of this
J. R. Forbes ..--------- Fort Dodge Dakota Board. Internship at
Marvin Green ------- Storm Lake believe that every student left fine assembly of anatomical per-
Anton Kanti Hospital; Neil Kit- inspired to assume a part of the fection. This year due to the
chen, Michigan and Kentu!cky responsibility for our program fine condition of the contestants
Polk County Board. Internship Detroit Osteo- to augment the size of the stu- and the perfect weather the in-
paithic Hospital; Bohdan Kogut, dent body. It is unfortunate juries were few and far.between
Osteopathic Association Michigan Board; Don Leigh,
that those of you who, on ac- so the boys, most of the time,
Maine Board; R. W. Long, Flor- count of distance, could not at- sat out on the bleachers and ac-
ida Board; C. E. Mathews, Mich- tend, should be denied the thrill quired a sun burn that plainly
The Polk County Osteopathilc igan Board. Internship Detroit of such a meeting. Our feeble told the story. Augenstine,
Association will hold the last Osteopathic Hospital; Louise
meeting of the year at the Hotel efforts at reporting this assem- Barnes, Emory, Hutson, Kitchen,
Michael, Ohio and West Virginia bly cannot carry to you.the sin- Munroe and Sheets report a very
Kirkwood on the evening of Board; ,C. W. Millard, Wiscon-
May Nineteenth. cere enthusiasm that followed enjoyable work-out with some
sin Board; P. N. Munroe, Mich- each message. We can only ask valuable contacts made for os-
The speaker of the evening igan and West Virginia Board;
will be announced in the very you to listen when atime student teopathy. It is quite evident
TI' Mnnrllm. Tlliinni nnt- TYn a tells you-__ ot it some tnis-!
near future.
Ei. xwu . 1x 11U,[
t .[. . .E.u.
tells you of iRt some time this from some of the reports that
Board. Internship at McCallister Summer for assemblies like this we still have some colleges and
One of the main features of Hospital, Houston, Texas; R. W.
the business meeting will be the do not fade from- the memory. universities over the country
Ritter, Michigan and Florida that do not know the value of
election of officers for the com- Board; Joe Robertson, Ohio and Osteopathy or any other method
ing year. There will also be some
other very important items of
Texas B'oard. Internship at Mc-
N. O. I. C. of caring for the injuries of
Callister Hospital, athletes. We thank Pitch John-
business to be brought before Texas; J. F. N. Schneider, Com- (Continued from Page 1) son of Drake for his cooperation.
the group. plete the Ontario Board; Phil
As the year's activities near a AXIS CLUB-Tuesday, June 27.
Sheets, Ohio Board; H. Sporck, 7:00 p. m. Parlor G, Hotel
close, it is the desire of the Exe- West Virginia and Pennsylvan'.a
cutive Committee to thank all Board; Irving H. Walters, Mich-
Adolphus. Born
of those who have served on DELTA OMEGA Tuesday, June
igan and West Virginia Board. Parlor D,
committees for various purposes 27, 7:00 p. m. To Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Hinds
toward making the events of the Hotel Adolphus. of Hillsboro, Ore., April 11 a
year a success. There has been Alumni Assembly IOTA TAU SIGMA Tuesday, son, William Ernest.
good attendance ait all of the June 27, 7:00 p. m. Parlor A, To Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Michel-
meetings, ' with whole-hearted (Continued from Page 1) Hotel Adolphus. man of Bonested, S. Daik., a son,
cooperation of all. The open PHI SIGMA GAMMA Tuesday, April 26.
the meeting to be held May 12
forum discussions which have June 27, 7:001 p. m. Parlor E,
during the Iowa State Associa- To. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ben-
followed many of the meetings, Hotel Adolphus.
tion meeting and another May 19 a daughter,
proved to be of great 'interest PSI SIGMA ALPHA Monday, nington, April
30 during the Review and Post June 26, 7:00 p. m. Parlor Maris Lynn.
anrd benefit, may we have more Graduate Week. May we add To Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stan-
like them. F, Hotel Adolphus.
our congratulations to the Iowa
We will look forward toward SIGMA SIGMA PHI Monday, ford, April 26 a daughter, Mar-
D. M. S. C. O. Alumni for the June '26, 6:00 p. m. Parlor A, ilyn Rose.
an even more interesting and fine constructive program they
profitable year to come. have and are putting into ef-
Hotel Adolphus. To Dr. and Mrs. J. I. Royer
O. E. Owen, D. O., Sec. THETA PSI-Tuesday, June 27, of Woodward, Ia., a son, John
7:00 p. m. Parlor I, Hotel Thomas, April 12.
Dr. Rachel Woods was pre- iBlaker.
DR. GEORGE RILEY- pared with cards indicating To Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Buch-
of New York, rated a half N. O. I. C. Monday, June 26, acker of Marseilles, Ill., a daugh-
prospective students who were 12 m. Parlor D, Hotel Adolphus!. ter, Roberta Elaine, April 30.
column in the! Times May 2 an- to be contacted personally and
swering a statement made by Members of the National Os- To Dr. and Mrs. G. K. Nei-
put over her part of the con- teopathic Interfraternity Coun- house' of Salt Lake City, Utah,
Dr. J. F. Rooney on the status tribution from the Alumni.
of the profession in New York cil will receive shortly an official a daughter, Sheilah Ann, April
State. As is usually found in Drs. Caldwell, Moore, Bar- notice of the meeting and the 30.
these statements made by our quist and Sargent responded to routine of business. The mern-
medical friends, the claims were requests for talks; and Dr. Della bership of the sororities and
based on antiquiated records and Caldwell, representing the class fraternities will not be served DR. L. J. MILTNER-
of 1902 made a lasting impres- with a special notice except in (M. D.) of Davenport,
when a true comparison was
sion with her recital of many of this published form. Members Ia,. spoke to the state Medical
made our profession rated just
as high as those carrying the her interesting experiences of who are expected to attend a Society recently in Des Moines
M. D. degree. Dr. Riley is to more thaan thirty years ago. special business meeting will be on the subject, "The Technic of
be complimented on this reply Letters full of inspiration were notified by the officers of the Examination of the Spine and
and the space given it. read from Dr. H. E. Clybourne time and place of such meeting. Manipulative Treatment."
I -



Entered as soecond
matter, Februar 'Y3rd,
THE Aec cepted
1for mailing at
---- >

pei al raters of postage

at the post off ice at Des po-i(ded fo r in Section
Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. 3auth
rized 1Peb. 3rd, 1923.
kOOK -------- ,$


Volume 17 June 15, 1939 Number 6

. . , ... . .; S L L,~~~~~~~~~~~~N
mb r

Graduation OUR LEADERS Corporate Board

The final ceremony necessary
in the making of an osteopathic We have closed a good college year. Our student body did not Each year in June the presi-
d en t
physician is the one that re- deol:ine in numbers altho our increase was nothing to brag about. of the c o l le e calls together
quires only five seconds to Our students left with the promise that they would return either those members of the profession
known as the Corporate Board
change a student into an Alum- with a new member for the Freshman
nus. The members of this class class or a certified promise of the college, for the purpose
will remember Friday, May 26 of a n early matriculant. Our faculty worked hard all the year of hearing a report of the ac-
at 8:48 p. m. as the day and and have just been complimented highly by the visiting P. G. o elec offcers of theyextar
hour. Classs. Much of this inspiration has originated with our leaders. month period.
Dr. Arthur E. Allen, president Still College is proud to picture below
of the American Osteopathic As- the two men who have the Dr. Arthur D. Becker called
sociiation, delivered the address. most to do with the regulation of the policies of the college and the meeting to order at 8:00
It was the proper length and it the conduct of its classes and clinics. Neither of these leaders p. m. sharp and following a roll
consisted of sound advice and need to be introduced to you. call declared a quorum so that
promises of future success. Fol- I ~~~~~~~~~~I
thle business oSf boardI enuld~ll
the .
lowing the presentation of the be transacted. May we in pass-
class by Dean Schwartz and the ing offer the information that
awarding of the degrees by all members of the corporate
President Becker, Dr. Allen was board were not present. Some
next in line to extend congratu- did not express their interest
lations. This was highly appreci- even by proxy, but those attend-
ated by the members of the ing were certainly repaid for
class. their interest in the affairs of
Mr. George Sutton of the the college.
Junior class furnished appropri- The auditor's report this, year
ate music for the occasion. was very encouraging. The col-
An informal reception was lege year closed in la satisfactory
held immediately after the re- manner showing a wholesome
cessional for the many relatives and sound financial condition..
and friends. I Comment from the group pres-
This class has been highly ent indicated the satisfaction
(Continued on Page Three) of all with the efficient adminis-
I trative methods of the Trustees
The Senior Banquet Arthur D. Becker, John P. Schwartz and oter officers
Dr. Arthur
r t h u r D.
D Becker, presi-
Over eighty gathered at Youn- B. S., D. O., D. Sc. O. D. o ., F. A. S. . Beckegr, presi-
kers to honor the graduating Ou dent of the college gave a brief
olrpresident graduated fro Work melts before him. Our report of the year's activities in
,class at its final banquet spon- this
sored by the college. The class time lest holege hn 19had Sprh the busy Dean has many irons in all departments of the college.
os deo a pthic
education the fire but he makes use of all. He stressed the loyalty of stu-
of thirty five was augmented by broad
many relatives and the faculty of a, ley mas tothin profession He is a recognized authority on dents and faculty members and
nythe binin 'e g ofhessio. Surgery and Diagnosis and views the few cases where friction of
and the room was filled with a From the beginning of his grad- his work from an osteopathic any consequence occurred.
contented crowd. The meal was uate alctivities he has been an standpoint. Young in years but The
small enrollment in the last two
enjoyed by all and the decora- integ]
tions were tasty. part
for th e bettermentof every
movemen old in experience, for the past classes was again mentioned and
of the science twenty years have seen him tak- the fact that the augmentation
Dr. Arthur D. Becker, presi- of os1teopathy. Early in his a- ing only a few short vacations. in the upper classes from other.-'.
dent of the college, introduced eer he bserved on state osteo- He is devoted to the advance-
colleges had saved the total en-
Dr. J. P. Schwartz, Dean, who pathi(
urged the class to cooperate in office, ss boards, followedii acthe ment of his specialty and deeply
of state association activ- interested in the success of Ihe
Irollment for this year. The col-
lege authorities are optomistic
all things, keep out of a rut and ity ar id assumed the ob~ligations
m ite wot .ocollege. His clear and concise for they know that the Alumni
add constantly to their mental of nat tieal committeee
work. manner of presentation of his are at work and there is that
equipment. Dr. Facto, "War- many yearshe has been known subjects keeps the interest of the greater feeling of pride thruout
den" of the Class, spoke to the as an authoratative teacher and student to that extent that our the profession that will add to
class on their obligation as the write] trand i n. demad s a graduates are in demand as in- our strength in the next and
best physician in their commun- consu
ity. He reminded them of the honor every offie o fered b the terns in osteopathic institutions following classes. Dr. Becker
sion having been presibdent all over the country. As a mem-
change in responsibility with the profes son also mentioned the many im-
hving Oeprsident
beern ber of the Board of Trustees of provements in the facilities and
acquisition of the degree, D. O. of the
Dr. Bachman brought out the sociat Americn 31. n Oteopthic A- both the college and the hospital faculty and ended with a report
need for persistance and self- has b een elected repeathen he he understands the problems of of the P. G. Couirse just finished
reliance and Dr. Halladay asked the be aeerdof terutepeatedl toe each and brings the two institu- and complimented so highly by
the class to keep a contact with tional association. Students tions together in close associa- those attending. We are sorry
the college for neither wants to traine assoiatin. Studentfuls tion. He is in demand as a that is is impossible for us to
hid unde hisae ile
lose sight of the other. teopat thic eye have little reason reason speaker at all professional meet- repeat his remarks in full but
Howard Sporck, speaking for to wa inder from the truths of ings and his advice is sought in we must add !that his entire talk
the class expressed the apprecia- our s¢ ience. Hfis experihnces in legislative and other legal mat- radiated an enthusiasm not
ience. His experinces enl ters having to do with the wel- found in years past.
tion of the Seniors for the op- the fieeld of pract'ice enable himi
portunities offered and assured to vie w the future for the stu- fare of the profession. Knowing With the opening of nomina-
the faculty and trustees that we dentt, and his keen appreciation the answer is his hobby and at tions for the offices of the presi-
would hear much good from this of the problems of teaching fit his home you will find the rea dent, secretary, treasurer and
group. him t:ruly for the responsibility . board of trustees, Dr. Lovegrove
Before closing, Dr. Becker of diJrecting the education of son in the form of the most com- rose and made the motion that
read a' telegram of congratula- youir Iprospective students of os- plete private medical and osteo- the entire official famlily be re-
(Continued on Page Four) teopat hy. pathic library in the state. (Continued on Page Three)
N. O. I. C. day (also dressed, for protec- Our P. G. Course Schwartz, respectively President
and Dean of Des Moines Still
tion, as a tropical hunter) took
the job of announcer and asked Coillege of Osteopathy, to the
This is our last message this Dr. Becker to make the honor We are afraid that too many faculty and visiting instructors,
year. Attention all members of awards to the class. superlatives will creep into this and to all who have helped make
the organizations that make up report for from 'the opening day our week's study a profitable
Clinic certificates were gliven to:
our National Osteopathic Inter- Beryl Freeman, Joe Gu'rka, Maxuntil the last lecture of the week land pleasant experience.
fraternity Council !! !!! Greenhouse, R. W. Long, Chase we heard nothing but compli- "AN W AS
At the end of the line of reg- Mathews, Ralph Ritter, Frank ments on the work given and "AND WHEREAS, the memr-
Schneider, and Irving Walters.the full enjoyment of the fellow- bers of this class have been the
istration at Dallas you will be
Those earning special mention ship. When a couirse attracts recipients of the generous giv-
greeted by a couple of young
ladies who will take your money 136 graduate osteopathic phy- ing of time, knowledge and in-
in Obstetrics were, Beryl Free-
for a ticket to your Reunion and man, Max Greenhouse, Neil Kit-sicians from 17 states and they terest on the part of the faclty
Banquet, Tuesday night. This chen, Chase Mathews and Louisestay the full week, you knowof the post graduate school.
affair is in the early part of the Michael. they are interested and happy.
The single certificate 2. "THEREFORE BE IT I 3-
week. There is not much time in Proctology was awarded to Dr. R. R. Norwood of Mineral SOLVED: That we extend to this
to figure on attendance unless Joe Gurka. Anatomy certificates
Wells, Texas, and Dr. H. E. Cly- group of able instructors our
you complete this registration at were given to Kenneth Blanding,
bourne of Columbus, Ohio, both sincere and whole-hearte
the time you Sign with the A. Alumni of the college were the thand
C. H. ,Creighton, Paul Feldman, ank wea
O. A. and the Local Committee. Max Greenhouse and Cliff Mil- guest speakers and were the fea- "AND WHEREAS, we nrac-
Those who expect to drop in lard. Carl Ellis and Spoon Hult-
tur attractions. Dr. Clybourne ticing physicians deem ir a valu-
nonchalantly at five minutes' be- son had acted the heavy in thecould remain only the first two able privilege to participate in
fore the meal is served, may find band and were given recognition
days but not only gave some ex- this course of study.
themselves without even a nap- for their services. cellent work on the foot and in
kin. Henry Goeken, president of orthopedics but was instrument- . "THEREFOREBE IT RE-
Plans iare complete at this Sigma Sigma Phi, awarded the al in putting over one of theSOLVED: That we heartily en-
trophy for Excellence in Osteo-
best Alumni meetings we have dorse dorse the conltinua.nce ....of
the . contiuance of tlis iis
writing for the accomodation of
ten luncheons and banquets un- pathy to Max Greenhouse and had. Over fifty of our graduates annual school of ost graduat
der the Council pilan. The local the one for Special Service toattended a luncheon served in review.
men and women who have been the College to Howard Sporck. the college building in one of "AND WHEREAS, we appre-
working on this for months have Joe Gurka was announced thethe spaceous laboratories. A se- ciate the high standard of in-
everything ready and have woirk- par'ate item will complete the struction which we have re-
winner of the $25.00 Essay Con-
ed hard to make your meal and report of this meeting.
test and in accepting it stated ceived, and the outstanding os-
other features the best. I am thalt he hoped that more would Dr. Norwood has a style of teopathic atmosphere which has
leaving early for the convention. compete in the future. There
lecturing that is individual and pervaded the class-rooms.
Registration will begin Saturday, was much to be gained by the his work is of the highest stand- 4. "THEREFORE BE IT RE-
June 24th and we hope to see extra research necessary. ard. The week was crowded SOLVED: That we devote our-
each of you there. Make your Freshman Osteology Keys
Iwith interesting clinics and each selves to Ithe recruiting of new
plans to be with your organiza- were awarded by Dr. Halladay afternoon the pit was filled to students for Des Moines Still
tion Tuesday night, June 27 or to Anderson, MacAdams, Radit- capacity. Even with two addi- College of Osteopathy.
Monday night with Sigma Sigma sky, Rosenthal, DeLauirier, Hally
tional fans going at full blast
Phi or Psi Sigma Alpha. and Woods. These students
the heat was a' ittle trouble- 5. "E IT FURTHER RE
H. V. H. made a grade of 95 or over onsome but the enthusiasm neverSOLVED: That a copy of these
tion to the beLog
to resolutions for publica-
the final in Osteology. waned. The
waned. The class was there
class was thereto aan to
The assembly closed with alearn and they did. At the close on to the Log Book, and to
Senior Class Day of ithe
of Norwood ex-
course Dr. Norwood
'the course ex- the Journal of the American Os-
rousing song by members! of the
pressed his appreciation for such teopathic Association, and that
Senior Class with some aid from
the audience and all departed a fine crowd of interested phy- copy be filed the college of-
May 19
All of the pent-up something- sicians
with tags and various souvenirs ana tney in turn com- i (Signed)
plimented him highly for his
collected by the class from gen-
oir-others came out at the assem- carefully prepared condensation James E. Gray
bly dedicated to the Senior Class erous! merchants in the city. It
of the course. T. A. Kapfer
of May, 1939. With Max Green- was a great day.
Hazel A. Clark
house at pedestal in the role of On Thursday night of the
Emsee, the several contributions week an excellent banquet was
by the class moved rapidly and served at Grace Ransom's Tea
left no doubt in the m'lnds of Our Local Organizations Room and there wasl no argu- Dr. Eddie Baird as secretary
the students and visitors where ment with the fried chicken or and treasurer of the class later
to find entertainers. Costumes With the advent of the vaca- any part of the meal. presented the college with a gift
were the order of the day and tion period our fraternities and of money to be used to extend
Dr. George B!asore, president
the stage and halls presented a sorority have closed an especi- of the class, acted as toastmas- the usefulness of the college li-
varying picture, the characters ally active year of excellent ter and the following responded: brary.
depicting all classes and stages work. All have successfully car- Dr. R. R. Norwood, Dr. A. D. The, college officials are very
of existance, even being taken ried out their plans for the year Becker, Dr. J. P. Schwartz, Dr. happy to be abile to offer each
firom some of the more popular and have elected officers and H. V. Halladay, Dr. J. M. Woods, year to the profession a com-
ones of the comic strips. made arrangements, for their Dr. H. E. Graney, Dr. O. E. plete week of review. We try
The usual features of History, I opening shots to be fired early Owen, Dr. M'ary Golden, Dr. Paul to bring to you the latest in the
Will and Prophesy were clever in the month of September. The Park, Dr. Fred Campbell and Dr. several subjects that are of the II
and offered the usual opportun- few students who remain for M. E. Sutphin. most importance to you in the II
fielrl TrP
llt-1U. irirct-i- Ib
, o utbLu iq ir -«narn
nr\ft, Ub1^J111VVU
ity of embarassment to those II clinical c:redit during the Sum- ll-tS J 1;Sl
mentioned. Tiny Sporck stepped mer act together as one unit Dr. James Gray, chairman of for undergraduates. It 'is con-
lively from one role to another I and 'organization names are for the committee on resolutions, densed and new and in addition
and in the office of Class Presi- the time being forgotten. Our nearly made a speech but retired we try to bring you some special
dent presented ithe college with I August number will carry the in favor of Dr. Hazle Clark who features that we know many of
a file cabinet for the clinic rec- Fall officers of each of these had been selected to read the our profession are deeply inter-
ords. This was ireceived by Dr. groups and we assure you that resolutions. A copy of these fol- ested in. The fact th'at we have
Becker and is truly a fine gift. they will be on the job before lows: repeats each year is certainly
The satires on members of the 1, I the opening of school. They Resolutions indicative of the high type of
faculty were tinted a little high II. will be glad to aid in securing work offered. We, as officials
"WHEREAS, we have been of the college, feel deeply in-
but they got the laughs and that comfortable rooms for new stu- duly appointed by the Post
is what we all need. Dr. Halla- dents and offer their services in I Graduate Class of Des Moines debted to those who attend. We
day and others were shocked 1 any way that may make the Still College of Osteopathy, May enjoyed the week with you and
almost into a coma to see a fine Freshman feel at home sooner. 29th to June 3rd, 1939, to draft we hope to have you and many

Hawaiian Orchestra emerge from l With a member of the National resolutions for the 'class, the others back next year for an-

the curtains and made up entire- Council on our faculty you may committee submits the following other review.
ly of members of the class. be assured that each of our or-F resolutions:
Three of the five had hidden ganizations is carrying out itsS

under a bushel for four years.. part of the program as an in- 1. "Be IT RE!SOLVED: That MR. AND MRS. DON SLOAN
Following the entertainment t dividual and in cooperation with1 we express our appreciation to
announce the arrival of
planned by the class, Dr. Halla- I-all of the others. Dr. A. D. Becker and D'r. J. P. James Emerson, Friday, May 12.
I ~~~~
. ; ·.. i
__ _ _
amination by means of X-Ray surgical and should be carried
The Log Book gives definite information and
should be done when possible.
out promptly. The pus should
be evacula'ted and free drainage
At Dallas
We will not be able to reach
Treatment of serofibr'inous
The Official Publication of pleurisy may be carried out as Here again in these cases of all of you with this issue of the
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE follows: Rest in bed with limi- empyema every effort should be Log Book for some will have
OF OSTEOPATHY made to maintain nutrition. Diet left for Dallas when this arrives.
tation of fluid intake and a sailt
free diet is very important. As and nursing care are of major Those of you who 'are not yet
President -------. Arthur D. Becker importance. started should be reminded again
much fluid intake may be given
each day as the amount passed A. D. B., D. O. that there are two items of in-
Faculty Adviser --. H. V. Halladay terest to you that you must not
in urine on the previous day.
Osteopathic treatment once or neglect.
Editor---- ....--.......-
E. Harwood
twice each day is of great value. Corporate Board The Booth
Osteopathy Without Limitation Careful articulation of dorsal The college, following its cus-
vertebrae and of rib heads se- (Continued from Page 1) tom for several years, will have
cures normalization of vaso mo- elected for the ensuing year. a booth at the Dallas Conven-
Osteopathic Therapeutics tor tone, promotes absorption of
the -effusion and enhances re-
This was; seconded and passed
without a dissenting vote. Dr.
tion. Mrs. K. M. Robinson will
be there to answer your ques-
cuperative processes. It is a Lovegrove stated that she felt tions and to furnish you with
(Number 10 in Series) fundamental law in osteopathic obligated to make this motion tickets to the banquet. Every
therapeutics that the inherent in view of the excellent report member of the profession is in-
REGION OF THE THORAX recuperative powers of tissues from the president and the audi- vited to visit this booth and
PLEURISY (Continued) involved in pathology are set tors. ' Drs. Owen and Leinlinger register. If the Log iBlook is
Serofibrinous pleurisy may be free activated and made avail- were elected to the corporate coming to you and yet with the
acute in onset with pain, cough, able by normalizationl of osteo- board and the business of the wrong address you are fortunate.
chilliness, moderate fever and pathic lesion pathology of ana- year was apparently completed. See our secretary and give her
-increased pulse rate. In other tomically associated spinal seg- .... r. .Caldwell feeling the urge any change in your address and
cases the disease develops slowly ments. The ribs should be care- to express her sentiments added also any new names to be added
and without pain or other fully raised and the intercostal complimentary remarks in behalf to our Log Book roll or list of
marked symptoms. Some febrile tissues gently but insistently of the official family and wished prospective students.
reaction is usually found even freed. Cervical normalization that others could feel the same The Banquet
in these more insidious types. should be accomplished daily. high degree of pride in being a Wednesday evening
Lower dorsal and dorso lumbar Baker
Loss of appetite, sense of fatigue member of the' corporate board Hotel - Room No. 1 7:00
and slight dyspnea may be the treatment supports elimination. and a graduate of Still iCollege. P. M. All Alumni put this date
only symptoms. The leucocyte The clavicles should be raised Dr. J. P. Schwartz took the down as one to make if no other.
count is usually within normal and carefully articulated at both opportunity to express the feel- An excellent program has been
limits in serofibrinous pleurisy. the sternal and acromial ends. ing of all present of confidence prepared for you and it consists
Idiopiathic serofibrinous pleur- If after ten days or two weeks in the future and pride in the of some of the best in the field
isy is usually of tubercular of conservative treatment the progress of the past four years of entertainers. Do you want to
origin. The exudate may be pale amount of fluid is not measur- under the able leadership of our see a dancer that was a hit at
yellow and clear or it may be ably (less or if there are trouble- president, Dr. Arthur D. Becker. the Casa Manana last year? Of
cloudy, milky, or hemorrhagic. some symptoms such as cough, He expressed the hope that we course not, but you do want to
The specific gravity is usually dyspnea, cyanosis, or other un- could 'continue to advance the hear the fine reports that will
1.020 or over and the fluid toward symptoms, paracentesis interests of the college by main- be given at this meeting. Bring
coagulates on standing. should be done. Withdrawal of taining the same efficiency and your wife.
The exudate may be small in a part of the exudate may serve leadership for many years to
amount and encapsulated, when as an effective stimulus for the come.
it may be difficult to discover. absorption of the remaining por- It was indeed a meeting that To Georgia
If the effusion is of considera- tion. As a matter of choice left those present with a warmth
ble size, it is readily detected paracentesis may be done with- of heart and an inspiration for
After a lapse of several years
by physical examination. In- out waiting. For technic of the future. It is regrettable that
we finally got into the S. E. in-
spection shows limited move- paracentesis ,thoracis, its contra more of the profession cannot stead of the S. W. and what a
ment of the involved side and in 'indications, possible complica- attend and be a more intimate
wonderful time we had. The
thin individuals may show prom- tions and accidents the reader is part of this extremely important trip had to be made on the
inence of the intercostal spaces. referred to any good surgical phase of the development and train but the boresomness of this
Palpation shows loss, of vocal text. The diet should be liberal growth of our profession. was amply compensated for by
fremitus over the effusion. Per- and every effort made to main- A short meeting of the board the fine reception in Georgia be-
cussion is a valuable means of tain nutrition. of trustees of the college im- ginning at Atlanta with the
investigation and shows flatness Empyema or purulent pleurisy mediately followed that of the family of Dr. Hoyt Trimble.
over the area of fluid. A peculiar may be purulent from the begin- corporate board. At this meet-
Forty of the 62 members of
woody resistance is detectable ning or it may go through the ing Dr. J. P. Schwartz was re-
the state association were at the
by Ithe pleximeter finger. The phases of plastic pleurisy, sero- elected Dean of the college and official meeting held in Griffin
upper limit of fluid (Ellis' line) fibrlinous pleurisy and finally Dr. O. E. Owen was elected to
and from the beginning to the
may be determined. Change of empyema. It occurs as a com- assist Dr. Schwartz in the dis- end all were enthused over theiir
fluid level may be demonstrated plication in lobar pneumonia, as charge of the duties of this of- program. Our part consisted of
on change of posture but several a pneumococcus infection, and fice.
four talks on the regular pro-
minutes may be required for in streptococcus infections of We are now ready to meet gram and two broadcasts, one
sulch change to occur. The lung the lung, as in streptococcus you in Dallas.
from G'rliffin and the other from
above the fluid may show hyper- broncho-pneumonia possibly as a Atlanta. It was a great pleas-
resonance (Skoda's). A paraver- part of influenza. It may occur ure to see ouir next A. O. A.
tebral triangle of dullness or as an independent stretptococcus Graduation President again and also to meet
flatness on the well side (Groc- infection. In occasional cases with several others whom we are
co's triangle) is due to disloca- saprophytic bacteria may pro- (Continued from Page 1) sure, deserve Ito be given recog-
tion of the mediastinum by the duce putrid empyema. praised for its acedemic stand- nition for their fine work. Dr.
weight of the exudate, if large The physical findings in emp- ing and its attention to the more Trimble and others have put
in amount. The heart is pushed yema are much the same as in practical part in the college over a legislative program that
toward the uninvolved side in serofibrinous pleural effusions. clinic. As evidence of the con- is almost unbelievable consider-
cases with large effusions. In empyema there may be edema fidence that many of our osteo- ing the few that are practicing
Auscultation over pleural ef- of the chest wall over the exu- pathic hospitals have in the in the state.
fusions shows absence of breath date. The symptoms usually graduates of this college we are It was! a real thrill to get into
sounds and of vocal resonance. indicate a moire serious involve- pleased to report that more than the South at this time of year
Occasionally one can hear breath ment. Evidences of sepsis, with one third of the class start im- and to see flowers of every de-
sounds and vocal resonance and chills, irregular fever, sweats mediately as interns and we scription in bloom, to be able
even detect vocal fremitus over and pallor are present. The have more opportunities for this to get into the lighter weight
fluid. These paradoxical find- leucocyte count is h;igh (18,000 additional training than we can clothing and to hear first hand
ings are probably due to large to 50,000). Exploratory punc- fill. Every member of this class the many stories of osteopathic
and dense bands of adhesions ture is warranted as a means of tis placed either in practice or success from some of our former
acting as bridges between the diagnosis to determine the char- as an intern. This is a record students. We salute the South
visceral 'and parietal layers of acter of the exudate and thus to that is difficult to exceed. We and hope we got by with them
the pleura. Friction sounds are confirm other findings. sincerely extend our congratula- half as well as they did with us.
absent in cases of effusion. Ex- The treatment of empyema is tions and best wishes. H. V. H.
: -

Polk County
Osteopathic Association
The 41st annual conventior The Polk County Osteopathic
of the Iowa Society of Osteo- Association held the last meet-
pathic Physician & Surgery, Inc. ing of the year on the evening
was one of the best attended of May 19th at the Hotel Kirk-
conventions ever held in the his- wood.
toiry of the profession. It was The meeting consisted of im-
most gratifying to see the good portant committee reports, cor-
fellowship and harmony that relating the work of the organi-
prevailed through the entire con- zation during the past year,
vention. along with the discussion of
I wish to thank all those, who plans to be carried out when the
were instrumental in helping tc group convenes again next fall.
make this convention such a tre- The following officers were
mendous success. elected to serve for the coming
The following is the official vp.,n
»r 1 1
*1on t
Ablu llu,
J'1,. v.
7 IxxiI
family and committees appointed ALUMNI NEWS Owen; Vice-President, Dr. Earl
to date. A complete list will be ALUMNI
NEWS Sargent; Secretary, Dr. Ruth
printed at some future time. aul; T r ea su r er Dr
President, Hook, Rolla, Logan. The Merry Month of May fur- to see the work of our Iowa D. , . Robert
Vice President, Jordan, Hol- nished two important luncheon M. S. C. 0. Alumni continued gen.
comb, Davenport. dates for our graduates. Both under the officials that initiated of continued activity for b onee
Secretary Treasurer, Gordon, were exceptionally well attend- it in the state. mutual advancement ofr the
ed and each contributed a great Another luncheon of consider- advance aentof every
F. A., Marshalltown.
deal to the expansion of our ma- able importonce was held during teopaic ysian
Ces in
DEPARTMENT PUBLIC jor Alumni idea. We want you the P. G. Course. Dr. Clybourne,
M o n es an
R d P o lk u
ont y.
AFFAIRS in the field to take advantage national chairman of our Alumni uth Paul, D. ., Secy.
D. E. Hannan, Perry, Ia., Chin. of every opportunity to get to- conducted the meeting which
Maternal and Child Health: gether and talk over the ad- was held in the college building. The Year Book
Mary Golden, Des Moines, Ia.; vancement of the college. Lunch- Fifty two attended and not only
Industriail and Institutional: P. eons and dinners will do it bet- enjoyed an excellent meal but
0. French, Cedar Rapids; Pub- ter than any other method. Our according to some pictures snap- It will be out soon. At the
licity: N. A. Cunningham, Col- annual breakfast at the national ped by one of the photographers, present writing the book is in
fax, Ia.; Public Edutcation: M. convention has been, in vogue enjoyed being together as former the hands of the printer and will
Biddison, Nevada, Ia.; Radio: foir many years and this year is classmates. (See above). Talks be ready for binding in the next
0. Edwin Owens, Des Moines, changed to an evening dinner. were made by Drs. Clybourne, few days. We have looked over
Ia.; Child Health Conference: These affairs are bound to bring Campbell, Halladay, Park, Far-much of the text and pictures
Lydia T. Jordan, Davenport; together a congenial group and mer, Paul, Woods and Beckerand find them well arranged and
Convention Exhibits: L. A. Now- one that can accomplish much and spontaneous expressions certainly interesting You will
lin, Davenport, Ia.; Veterans good for the college and the pro- came from the floor at every not be afraid to leave this in a
Committee: E. D. Wright, Hamp- fession. Keep this idea in mind opportunity.
ton, Ia. when you meet even in the The major theme here, as at any of yourplaenftr The
rusal by
DEPARTMENT OF smaller groups and make it a other meetings like this, was altho small and too busy with
PROFSSIONAL AFFAIRS habit. that a unification is needed now. the college work has done a fine
J. J. Henderson, Toledo, Ia., Chin. On May 12 during the annual The increasing need for t rained.
Convention Program: Holcomb Iowa state convention the of- osteopathic physicians is getting If your copy is ordered you will
Jordan, Davenport, Ia.; Hospi- ficers of the state Alumni as- beyond our number. We need get it soon and it will be a pleas-
tals: W. D. Andrews, Algona, soiation called a meeting of all more in the colleges in order to ure to loo thru its pages
Ia.; Ethics and Censorship: those attending the convention. advance the services of the pro-
Della E. Caldwell, Des Moines, This followed closely the Alumni fession. Any ~increase in the total
Ia.; Vocational Guidance: M. G. luncheons held at Milwaukee number of practicing osteopathic Married
Tincher, Ft. Madison; Conven- and St. Paul and with the Iowa physicians must be rotated thru
tion Arrangements: Carl Sea- officers in charge the program our colleges first and if we are ....
strand, Des Moines, Ia.; Special moved swiftly and was enthusi- to look ahead four or more Two weddings of considerable
icommittees:, Constitution and astically received. Nearly fifty years we must start with more importance occurred immediate-
By-Laws: Bert Rice, Cedar Rap- attended and as a compliment to students in the class entering ly after the close of the college
ids, Ia. the excellent services of the of- this Fiall. Each of the speakers year.
LEGISLATIVE ficers, they were reelected for brought out some item of inter- On Saturday evening, May 27
D. E. Hannan, Perry, Ia., another yeair. est to all present and as on Dr. Clifford Millard and Miss
('44); S. H. Klein, Des Moines, We want to compliment the other occasions, it was difficult Charlene Henson were married
Ia., ('43) Chairman; R. P. West- official Alumni group here in to find a good time to stop. The at St. John's Lutheran Church.
fall, Boone, Ia., ('42); N. A. the state of Iowa. Dr. Paul college appreciates this new life This beautiful ceremony was
Cunniingham, Colfax, Ia., ('41) Park who has assumed the lead- and energy that is being put to followed b a hort informal re-
Secretary; J. P. Schwartz, Des ership in this movement has excellent use in many of ourception in the lobby of the
Moines, Ia., ('40). given freely of his time and states and we are anxious to seechurch and later in the evening
It is but a very few days until funds to put over a program of it continue to gain in strength. by a formal reception at the Ft.
we, can again rub shoulders at really great constructive possi- W. C. Holloway of Thomas- Des Moines Hotel.
Dallas. We all need this vaca- bilities. Dir. Bruce Farmer has ville, Ga., will assume the lead-
tion once a year to refresh our also been of great assistance in ership in that state and John Saturday evening, June e,
minds, of the new things taking the organization of the state Hall of Kendallville, Ind., will Paul Kimberly and Miss Aileen
place in the profession, to con- group. Dr. Ruth Paul is the act in the same capacity in his B aney wee married at the
talct old friends, classmates and efficient secretary and treasurer. state. Give these voluntary presHighland Park hurch of Christ
colleagues. Dr. Rachel Woods is very much dents your support when a meet-Th d e oubing ceremony being
I urge the entire profession alert to the possibilities of stu-ing is called and do your part used. Open house for the couple
of Iowa to attend this conven- dent recruiting. This association towards increasing our numbers was held at the home of the
hals a fine compact organization--- _ ------. bride's parents on Sunday, June
tion if at all possible.
Expecting to see you at Dal- getting deeper into the needs of The Senior an4th.
las. the college for the program of e enor Banquet We extend our sincere con-
Rolla Hook, D. O., Pres. expansion. More students bet- (Continued From Page One) gratulations to these couples.
June 6, 1939 ter teaching facilities and clini- tions from the Los Angeles col- Dr. Milllard a member of the
Applications for Membership cal service and more in the lege and expressed his apprecia- graduating class will probably
D. H. Stone, Knoxville. field will increase the strength tion of the courtesy. The Psi lociate in his home state of Wis-
H. M. Fredericks, Ankeny. of our profession so that we can Sigma Alpha award for academic consin. Mr. Kimberly will grad-
Paul E. Eggleston, Winterset. get things done. There was excellence was won by Neil Kit- uate in January and has proved
J. H. Broadston, Newton. never a time when we needed chen with Beryl Freeman, Paul his ability as assistant in the
A. S. Barnes, Des Moines. both quantity and quality more Feldman, Lowel Augenstine and department of Anatomy of the
F. A. Gordon, Secty. than the present. We are glad Joe Gurka dangerously near. college for the past year.

Entered as second class THE Accepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923,
special rates of postage
at -the post office at Des
Moines, Iowa, under the provided for in Section
act of August 24th, 1912.
I <> -.
1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
OOK, <


Volume 17 July 15, 1939 Number 7

THE DALLAS CONVENTION * * * * * * e * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ST. LOUIS NEXT Jones. Dr. Gordon, better knowr

as "Pat," will be our president
A considerable degree of en
joyment of the convention ir
vention for some time. She has
picked up a number of good
a year from now. Iowa takes Dallas was fulfilled through the prospective names and has con-
The fact that we predicted pride in this distinction.
last October that the next con- Pat efforts of the Women's Auxiliary tacted some of the Alumni who
has served the state well for sev- This was reorganized and now have been hiding. Each conven-
venltion would go to St. Louis
eral years as its secretary and in assumes the name of the Na- tion brings a few out of hiding
had nothing to do with the final
his odd moments has. done a tional Women's Osteopathic Aux- and we are always glad to get
decision of the board of trustees
of thie "AO.A. vas:t -aamount- of work as- amem- ilila,iies,..-
wit-h -M-rs:.- WV. -K. Fas- these names ba-ck-on the roll. :- -
OA We figured that ber of the board of trustees of
it would be the logical place to nacht of Cranford, N. J., as pres- The D.M.S.C.O. Reunion and
the A.O.A. He is a well known ident and Mrs. J. M. Peach of
go next and we are glad to start Banquet was lattended by 62
leader in progressive things. We Kansas City as V-P. The office
now to make plans to attend the graduates and their wives. Dr.
have his statement below, which of Secy-Treas. is yet to be filled. H. E. Clybourne took charge of
44th annual meeting of the pro-
although brief is comprehensive. C. Haddon Soden of Philadel- the program of speakers and it
fession. St. Louis had better be-
gin now to make a few changes "I fully appreciate the great phia will be program chairman clicked through on schedule. The
in her climate or date the meet- responsibilities not only of the for our next convention. His reports from the officers of the
ing at a time when fairly cool anticipated year of my presiden- assistant will be selected later by Alumni association were encour-
weather will prevail. Dallas! has cy but of this coming year in the president-elect, Dr. F. A. aging, and we wish that every
tempered the wind to the shorn preparing the path I expect to Gordon. With Soden at the helm one of our graduates could have
lamb and given us weather that follow. This is an honor and a on the program we will be as- been there to hear labout the vast
many did not anticipate. Some great privilege and I hope to sured of a continuance of deep amount of work that has been
of you who stayed away for cli- discharge my duties in such. a osteopathic study and inspira- done and is yet to be done in the
matic reasons were sweltering in way that Osteopathy wfll con- tion. next year. We are glad that- Dr.
heat' at a higher degree thian tinue to step forward unhesitat- Rambling Around Clybourne has assumed the lead-
those of us here at the conven- ingly. I urge you to make every Registration started off with ership for another year. Dr.
tion. effort this year and from now on a bang on Saturday, June 24. Paul Leonard of Detroit will be
In rambling around we ran to fill our colleges. We are Sunday opened up well and re- secretary of the nation'al organi-
into Walter Bailey. He makes a too few in number. We need peated the records of past ye'ars. zation and the other officers are
statement here below for your greater strength and this Monday fell a little below the to be retained. Many good sug-
consideration. We predict one of strength must be drawn from our usual number and Tuesday did gestions came from the floor.
our largest conventions in this graduating classes. Start now to not do so well. The registration These were not planned reports,
city. In about 50 words Walter help make 1940 the beginning was satisfactory, but not record but spontaneous and enthusias-
has covered the items that in the of a new year in osteopathic attendance. As mentioned before, tic talks inspired by the reports
future will attract the conven- power." many no doubt stayed away for given previously. We predict
tion to any city. F. A. Gordon. fear of the heat. Right now we continued and added interest in
"St. Louis should attract a Iowa is certainly back of you, are writing this at the Baker Ho- the. policies of the D.M.S.C.O.
large group of members and ex- Pat, and we know the rest of tel in Dallas. We have the air- Alumni Association. We know
hibitors in 1940. Geographic lo- the profession will cooperate in conditioning turned off and the that each of you wlant to be a
cation (The Hub of the Nation), every way possible. window open in order to gather part of this group and if you are
trained and organized associa- C. R. Stark's of Denver iis now in a little heat. The day is not doing something, get in
tion workers in the local com- 1st V-P. and Eva Magoon of darkened by a few clouds and a touch with any of the officers
mittee, adequate facilities, com- Providence, R. I., 2nd V-P. E. little rain fell laust night. The and you will be given the oppor-
fortable housing and pleasant W. Culley of Melbourne, Austra- weather has been fine and we tunity. Des Moines had the sec-
pu ibH'l 'elationS sh-ould:~aslsure a: lia, was elected -3rd- V-P.- Dr. are-sorry-some of you used thrat ond- largest-- Alumni' banquet.
successful convention and the ad- Arthur Becker, our president, as an excuse to stay away from Four other colleges had planned
vancement of Osteopathy." and Dr. Chester Morris hiave re- Dallas. You have missed some- banquet's and it is quite natural
Walter E. Bailey. tired from the work of the trus- thing. with the large number of Alum-
We are headed away from Dal- tees, each by self request. Elect- The exhibitors did not favor nli of Kirksville thlat they should
las and the South. We have en- ed trustees are A. G. Reed of us, with quality this year. Those have the greatest number. Des
joyed a fine convention in many Tulsa, T. T. Spence of Raleigh, who have attended have ex- Moines Alumni responded be-
ways. We are now ion our way N. Car., Grace McMains of Bal- pressed themselves in different yond our original prediction of
to St. Louis. timore, 0. M. Walker of Bloom- ways. Some have kicked because the number. We are starting
Officers field, N. J., and Frank McCrack- of the splitting of the crowds be- now to get you together next
We are always interested in en of Fresno, iCalif. Williard tween the two hotels. That year, and so save that one night
who will lead us through an- Brown of Springfield, Ill., takes brings up the matter of facilities!, for your college.
other year. Our election of the the place of Dr. F. A. Gordon, and we covered that last year in Entertainment
national president in the preced- filling his unexpired term. We the Log Book in the October is- Every one has had a good
ing year gives us a chance to agree with others that this is a sue. We still think that the city time. We have been kept busy
get acquainted with him a,nd strong group of osteopathic phy- asking for and securing a con- with the scientific program and
gives him that opportunity to sicians, all with recognized abil- vention should h'ave the proper the entertainment featurels. Mon-
acquaint himself with many of ity. facilities for a convention. The day night the ball room was
the problems of the profession. The O.W.N.A. reelected Geor- A.O.A. is getting too big to be filled and the orchestra and en-
We know in advance that Frank gia B. Smith as; president. Mary housed in one hotel of average tertainers excellent. No one will
Jones of Macon, Georgia, will Lou Logan of Dallas will be 1st size. Thisi needs real serious ever forget the two little negroes
make us an excellent president V-P., and the other officers are thought. and their act. It was big time
for the coming year. That much retained for another year. We are sure that Des; Moines stuff and should be featured in
is assured. Associated colleges this year has enjoyed the convention. Our many centers of entertainment.
Dr. F. A. Gordon of Marsh'all- will be under the leadership of Booth, wi!th Mrs. Robinson on Tuesday night is taken by the
TXT IXT 'T'r T)_-'. -..A -. __ T A -
o1 ; 1 1,,- 1 -- 41 - -- 4
town, Iowa, drew the office of w. w. w. rritcnara 0r -Los An- ine joo, iias ueen tne meeting Frats, iand Sororities.. The at-
interest to all, since he steps geles. J. S. Dens!low was re- place of many of our graduates tendance was not quite up tot
into the shoes vacated by Frank elected 4lecgel,talE . ' -; that have not attended a con- (Continued on Page Four) .:::
-- c'--- _ L I-~~~ i -I -
-- ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

the mind of the average phy- from district to national groups,

H. J. Marshall, sician. In Dr. Halladay, head E. F. Leininger, D. O. but she finds time to associate
D. 0., F. I., S. 0. of our department of Anatomy, herself with many local clubs.
we have that keep appreciation It is not unusual for her to ap-
of the osteopathic viewpoint and pear several times each month
at the same time the ability to speaking before civic or educa-
impress the detail and scope of tional gatherings on the subject
the subject upon the studenIt's of health or like topics.
mind. Hlis experience was gain- Dr. Golden's specialty of Ped-
ed in the laboratory where his trics is one that can win many
research on the spine proved friends and develop an extensive
many of the theories of osteo- practice, for she stresses the
pathy and put o',teopathi.c tech- osteopathic viewpoint beginning
nic on a true scientific basis. with the child and her success in
For the past 25 years he has this field can be repeated by
been a regular speaker at the anyone who will devote their
national convention and many talents and time as Dr. Golden
state conventions. His interest does.
in Orthopedic's and trauma has
resulted in him being known
thruoult the country as an au- rvl di~c-
O. E. Owen,
thority on athletic injuries not
1 In uiepyarIimenlL ui VUSLeLII;ll1 B. S., M. A., D. 0.
continues to cause this member
only within the profession but of the staff to lose too much
Another member of our fac- among coaches and trainers of
ulty in charge of a department sleep. With the care of nearly
many of our best known teams. four hundred cases a year and
is Dr. Harry J. Marshall. To
Dr. Halladay has also gained dis- the responsibility of the clinical
list his activities would take too tinction as a writer, having com-
much space for since his early laboratory in Gynecology the
piled his research into book form matter of regular lectures in the
association with osteopathy he and is a frequent contributor to two subjects is a mere small
has assumed many responslibili- the scientific publications of the item. Dr. Leininger has no
ties. These have mainly been profession. As Executive Secre-
office's having to do with his hours that he may call his own
tary of the National Osteopathic for hi's work requires attention
specialty of ear, nose and throat Interfraternity Counlcil he has
but he has served on the state the full twenty four per day.
done much to raise the standing Following his graduation from
board of examiners and is now a of our osteopathic organizations the college in 1935 he extended
member of the board of trustees and bring them into a harmoni-
of the college and also treasurer. his studies as an intern at the
ous working group. He is a Des Moines General Hospital and
In addition to hils lectures and member of the board of trustees
clinical supervision of cases at spcialized in the care and treat-
of the college. ment of Obstetrical and Gyne-
the college, Dr. Marshall is a
busy member of the staff of the cological cases. His success in
Des Moines General Hospital John M. Woods, D. O. this tyke of work led to his be- The subjects of Pathology and
- - I ing elected to the faculty as a
and one of the licensed surgeons. the Bas'ic Sciences need a teach-
The minor surgical clinic at the full time member of the staff. er well grounded in all sciences
hospital has grown almost be- His statistics covering ,the cases yet with a full appreciation of
yond the capacity of the institu- in the department for the past the osteopathic application. Dr.
tion due to the efficiency of this year will soon be available and Owen fills this requirement for
work in the hands of experts always show the superiority of his preosteopathic college and
like Dr. Marshall and others of osteopathic treatment and care university training and teaching
the staff. Such experience a's this in this specialty. Students at
of science gave him a back-
is invaluable in planning a prac- Still College enjoy the privilege ground essential in the success-
tical course of -lectures and de- of quantity in this clinic that is ful interpretation of these sub-
monstrations for students. New not found in many medical insti- jects. To be able to actually see
methods must be tried. The bet- tution's. the story told by a microscope
ter ones accepted and constant is only half of the duty of an
attention is given to the results
before authorative instruction
Mary E. Golden, D. 0. instructor. He must also be
able to separate these finding
can be given. Dr. Marshall Eis into units that may be under-
methodical and conservative and stood by the novice so that the
as such is a valuable member of field "is not a confusion of stains
the staff of both institutions. but an interesting story of the
Beginning 'in September '38 m'inute changes that mark the
Dr. Woods assumed full time re- beginning of disease in the body.
H. V. Halladay, 'sponsibility on the faculty tak- Dr. Owen takes pardonable
F. A., D. 0. ing over part of the clinical ex- pride not only in the excellence
amination schedule in the after- of his class and laboratory
noon and continuing with his courses but also in the accumu-
regular class schedule in ,the lation of a fine museum of Path-
mornings. This was filling a ology which Is of great value in
much needed place in the clini- demonstrating the gross changes
cal staff. Dr. Woods has been that are found in diseased tissue.
with the college since his gradu-
ation in 1923 and except for one For the past two years he has
semester's absence due to illness been aiding with the evaluation
has been a most reliable and of credits and with the schedule
popular teacher. His experience Men are not the only success- of classes acting as an unofficial
in the field plus his keen detail- ful members of our profession. aid to the Dean. This year the
ed knowledge of the several clin- Dr. Golden, head of the depart- trustees seeing the need for a
ical subjects have fitted him es- menlt of Pediatrics, not only is permanent office of this type
pecially for the role of contact an instructor in the college and have elected him to the position
physician between the patient conducts a large practice but has of Assistant to the Dean and re-
and the student. been president of the O.W.N.A. cently the Corporate Board
and for the past year Third V'ice elected him to membership in
Dr. Woods is interested in all
President of the A.O.A. that body. Added responsibility
student affairs and extends his
Her activities since her grad- means crowding more closely the
In the very beginning of os- influence into county and state many useful things he does and
teopathy Dr. A. T. Still stressed organizations also. He has serv- uation from our college prove
that there is a distinct place in thru it all we see the sincere
the importance of a thoro know- ed thru several of these offices interest Dr. Owen takes in rais-
I 1;1 or
,ledge OF A -.4-wo
Anatomy.- 1-X;,> r rVI ,.D A .nr i .
ilms concep- president
al. l +h
t1-hr hir nf the profession for women. Not
I of thei l aII stateas-l ing the standard of the teaching
tion of the subject was different pres.ident of ithe Iowa state as- only is she busy with the usual
nfnai.rc! .f nregnieT.d Ost.onnathv and practice of our science.2
in interpretation from that in ii sociation. IV D ll . Vu
1 .L.............
v . ---- X-- - - --- - -- - ---
, ,- - -7 - - --
Treatment should be given every
The Lo, Book day in mild cases and twice or
more daily in more severe cases.
Gentle but insistent 'leverages
The Official Publication of should be devised which will se-
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE cure through and through move- I THINK * -if
OF OSTEOPATHY I were sending HOSPITAL * -training is a
ment of the upper dorsal spine. ·*****8****
a student into Os- ******
* * .necessary part of
Editor _E. Harwood The treatment of the ribs should teopathy this Fall I would look
incorporate gentle the education of:e-very physician.
but .firm over Ithe offerings of
the various I want to know :'fatht the oppor-
Faculty Adviser_- H. B. Halladay stretching leverages which give colleges
and weigh carefully a tunity is there for my student
ample opportunity for freeing number of items that
President ------- Arthur D. Becker I am sure to become acquainted with hos-
the intercostal tissues, affording would
be major influences in the pital methods and the routine in
mobilization of the entire thor- development
Osteopathy Without Limitation of a better trained more common usage. I do ex-
acic cage, enhancing the func- Osteopathic Physician than I
pect my ::student :-to: graduate
tioning capacity of the heart, was when I left college. All
of from four years- of Osteopathy
promoting more efficient respira- our colleges have improved
Osteopathic Therapeutics tion and thus improving the gen- we have no perfect
but carefully trained in modern sur-
(Number 11 in Series) college yet. gical diagnosis and methods.
eral circulation of blood and I am going to run over some of
REGION OF THE THORAX lymph. I do want him or her to be
THE HEART the things that I think should well rounded in the more com-
Gsteopalthic treatments to nor- influence your decision. You
The first heart problem to be malize the entire cervical spine may not agree with me but you mon "General Practice" and not
discussed in this series of ar- narrowed to one specific applica-
are indicated, which normaliza- can bear wiith me.
ticles is a serious one and one tion of the osteopathic concept.
tion should include the cervico-
which has. not received the at- I think that if he shows a tend-
dorsal junction area. Vasomotor LOCATION -is an important
tention which logically it de- ancy to specialize that this will
tonicity of the circulation to the · ********** item. The city
serves, namely, the heart in soon manifest itself in General
medulla is maintained as a re- should be of sufficient size to
acute-toxemia. In acute infect- Practice and he will then con-
sult of such treatment. It is to furnish. the quantity .and variety tinue his study- along more speci-
ious diseases ranging 'fromacute be remembered that cardiac cen- of clinical material that wiill en-
follicular tonsillitis to more ser- fic lines. I do want him to have
ter's, respiratory centers and heat able my prospect to really make the opportunity to contact all of
ious diseases, such as pneumonia, regulating center's have their lo- contact with a sufficient number
many vital organs are injured these including Surgery but not
cation in the brain stem. of cases so that the scare is Surgery at the expense of Gen-
either temporarlily or permanent- Osteopathic treatment of the eliminated.
ly. The kidneys, the liver, the We gain confidence eral Osteopathic Practice with
cervical spine and upper thorax, by experience with Osteopathy manipulative therapy as the
bone marrow, the spleen and the as indicated during the acute and if this is offered in quantity
heart suffer pathological change. basis.
disease, serves a further value in our college work we have that
In this connection and at this in the fact that it tends to pro- added background that is neces-
time it is the cardiac problem tect the cardiac tissues from sary for the presentation of the EXPENSE * may be an im-
which is to be considered. damage by enhancing troph!ism science to the clienteil we expect ** * * * portant item in
The pathology in the heart in o these tissues through repeat- in the field. Our patients expect convincing a student that.he or
'short and--mild acute toxem'ias is ed normalization of their inner- us to be practiced as well as she should study Osteopathy. I
chiefly that of cloudy swelling vations. would look into this not from
and granular degeneration of the practicing physicians and our
Careful normalization of the students need quantities of clin- the standpoint of the least
heart -tissues, predominantly the charge lin tuition or living ex-
lower dorsal, dorso-lumbar junc- ical material to get Ithis training.
myocardium. Such pathological penses but what is secured for
tion and lumbar spine ils a most
changes are not inconsistent wiL. the financial outlay. There is
complete resolution. In the more importan:t method of supporting THE FACULTY * should be
elimination by way of the klid- ·**8**8*8* **** one that is also the item of the opportunity
severe and prolonged acute tox- for self-help in the way of part- the nDathonlnov is p'rpfatpr neys and bowels and a further moire interested in Osteopathy
Lmethod of successfully combating than any other subject. Regard-
time work. If a student is cer-
and focal areas of necrosis and tain of earning his board by
even actual acute myocarditis toxemia. It is to be remembered less of the specialty that they
that whenever there is; irritation have developed they should be working two hours ia day out-
may occur. Such advanced path- side of his college work that
ology in healing doe's not obtain or inflammation of viscera, reflex teaching it from a purely osteo-
might be the little arid necessary
complete normality and more or or viscerogenic lesions will oc- pathic standpoint. I would want to insure his entrance and con-
less permanent damage results. cur in anatomically associated the best known authorities ob-
tinuance of the course.
Cardiac symptoms at the time areas of the spine. This fact tainable in those subjects that
of the involvement are not such supplies the logic for the neces- build the foundation for the os-
as to attract attention as a rule. sity of repeating treatments and teopathic concept. I would want DECIDE * for yourself which
maintaining spinal areas in nor- the more advanced teachers to *** * **** of the recognized
The heart sounds may be blurred
or less distinct, the rate is in- malization. In many of these keep constantly before my stu- colleges you think is the best.
acute toxemia cases, impaction dent the theory and practice of for youir student. Weigh care-
creased more than the tempera-
ture would warrant, a soft sys- and immobilization are more Osteopathy, for this is the one fully the above items that have
tolic blowing murmur may be common spinal lesions than is therapeutic agent that we have a bearing on the future of your
heard at the apex and the-pa- malalignment.. -Re.peating- here a.- that others need and are using student. You certainly want
tient may complain of subster- statement that should always be more and more. One more ideia your student to have'advantages
nal discomfort. An irregular in the very fore front of osteo- that I would want to be ceirtajin that you did not enjoy. What
pullse may give evidence that the pathic thinking, reflex or visscer- about is-are these members of did you lack when you graduated
cardiac conduction apparatus is ogenic spinal lesions act as main- the faculty paid or do they serve and where can that loss be best
disturbed. Such arrhythmias may taining causes of the pathology for the honor of the position. I eliminated? Keep in mind that
that produced them. wan't a faculty that is paid so none of our colleges have an en-
vary from premature systole to
complete heart block and are Attention should be called to that I know they will be there dowmen't. Support must come
usually transient, frequently dis- a very common error in caring every day and not just when from within and you in the field
appearing as the toxemia is for acutely toxic cases. This er- they are inclined or have noth- must give some of your time to
overcome. Appreciation on the ror consists in allowing patients ing else to do. the encouragement of more stu-
to resume activity too quickly EQUIPMENT dents for our profession. Each
part of the physician of the -is most es- student adds to our strength and
probable involvement is a most following such acute toxemia ************* sential in the helps to build a more secure os-
important element in the diag- without allowing adequate time teaching of Osteopathy. I want
for repair of Vital tissues and to know that my student is en- teopathic, future for. you. More
nosis. students assure the permanence
One very 'important factor in organs involved in pathological tering a college with sufficient
changes. These patients, with laboratory equipment and all of our osteopathic colleges and
treatment is that of combating other institutions and each new
toxemia. To th'is end increased mild toxemias, 'should be given other physical facilities that are
member of the profession in
fluid intake, sponge baths, ene- several days rest after the more necessary in the training of a
practice adds to your prestige
mas and good ventilation are of acute symptom's have subsided, modern physician. I want to
in the field.
great value. Osteopathic treat- and, in more serious and severe know that these cou'rses requir-
ment is of primary and outstand- toxemials, they should be given ing a specified number of labora-
ing value. The upper dorsal several weeks of carefully guard- tory hours do conform to the SEND YOUR STUDENT TO
.spine (first to eighth dorsal ed rest during which time reflex regulations of the A. O. A. or THE COLLEGE THAT WILL
vertebrae) and t he. associated spinal lesions: should be normal- other educational boards. I
ribs should be carefully ex- ized two or three times each want to know that thi's equip- PREPARE -HIM TO PRACTICE
amined for lesions and all week. ment is being used and in, such OSTEOPATHY AS ,A TRAINED
lesions normalized and main- '(Discussion of the heart, to be a way that the student. has the
tained in normalization by continued) opportunity to put his theoreti- PHYSICIAN.
gentle but insistent leverages. A. D. B., D. 0. cal knowledge into practical use. -E. H.
_ I L- --
sessions of our profession, but ing trips to this Summer hide-
our duty to them has not been out.
I 3 fully conceived. The Osteopathic
practice had its birth in the os-
Dr. H. V. Halladay will con-
tinue on South following the
<^------------------------------------^> teopathic college and has much convention and stalk a few more
of its subsequent development cacti in the Big Bend region of
(Dr. Rolla Hook gave an ex- the willingness of your commit-
cellent address at the state there. No professional group Texas. He expects to annoy the
meeting this year. We have the teeman, board and executive can possibly develop without
committee to work gratuitously, Peterson's at Marfa part of the
complete. manuscript but our strong institutions to train men time.
spae- is limited ,-and we regret we have done well. By multiply- and women for practice, for re-
that it cannot be -published in ing the power of the individual
toto. We have taken the edi- search, for teaching, and to NOTICE
torial privilege of cutting it to by organization, national, state teach men and women already in
the salient features and hope and local, we activate the influ- practice. The surest way to keep Reciprocity has been opened
you will expand his-thots. With ence necessary to our existence for a limited time in Texas with
this as a- pla-tUfo rm-:w-e hope for a profession from evolving is to
the continuance of the fine plans as a separate school of 'herapy. cripple its colleges by forcing or the states of Iowa and Missouri.
initiated unde-r his leadership leaving them to a precarious If you are interested write and
and wish for him the best year To date our profession has no send complete qualifications to
in the life of the Iowa state existance.
association. E. H.) plan or solution to the voluntary It is logical, that to increase Dr. R. H. Peterson, Wichita
Insurance problem as we had enrollment, to improve and Falls, Texas.
On January 8, 1939 your hoped would take the place of evaluate our institutions, the ef-
board officially designated that existing County Medical Plans. fort should come within the pro-
I be youir President. By this ac- Until a possible solution has fession first rather than appeal DALLAS
tion they conferred upon me the been inaugurated either through from the outside to foreign and
highest honor within their power Voluntary Insurance plan or unfriendly sources. *** (Continued from Page 1)
to grant. With this honor comes some enactment by state of fed- Let's you and I go home with
eral legislations, we should be the average but the reports are
responsibility and with responsi- full intention to help th'is schol- that every one had a fine dinner
bilities come opportunities, and educating our patients and F. S. arship plan materalize and send
A. borrowers to be alert to any and the meetings were satisfac-
those opportunities are oppor- a student a year from our respec- tory.
tunities of service. contract which does not allow tive community to an Osteopath-
free choice of physician.*** Wednesday night now seems to
One must accept such an ic College.*** be given over to Alumni dinners,
honor with humility, for one How will we do this? How I wish to congratulate and and we have reported on that.
must realize that one cannot educate-by word of mouth to commend those of the profession The big dinner and ball Thurs-
discharge efficiently the duties the patient over the treating who have so stolidly and stead- dlay night was' a complete suc-
that one assumes and must be table, in the community by be- fastily adhered to the true Os- cess.
called on frequently to make de- ing community minded, talking teopathic :Concept. The Program
cisions that will not be approv- before civic organizations at The Osteopathic School of The usual complaint was heard
ed.*** every opportunity, through the Practice is the tangible out- here as at other recent conven-
Our security in legislation lies press, through the radio. We live growth of the idea of one man- tions. Too much going on and
in the balances of those friends by Osteopathy, but are we living its founder Dr. Andrew Taylor the various meetings scattered
of Osteopathy made through for Osteopathy?*** Still-that is the discovery of over two hotels made it a little
friendly and personal contact, As we start on a new year, the lesion and its correction. Dr. hard to get orientated. How-
and the desire of those to see look about you and see whether Still at one time said: "Our ever, the two hotels; were across
fair recognition for a principal you're doing your piart. If not therapeutic house is just large the street from each other and
that is right. do something, small though it enough for Osteopathy and when the little delay at two stop lights
By virtue of that fact, your may be. It's all needed and will other methods are brought tin was made up for by the few ex-
legislative committee has func- react to your own good as well just that much Osteopathy moves tra seconds offered for more per-
tioned through the past legisla- as the good of others. Our pro- out."*** sonal contacts as members of the
tive session, with the result that fession requires the good will In closing I wish to thank all profession streamed from one to
we have gone through the ses- and respect of the people and to committeemen, and women, for the other. We agree that it
sion without any discouraging maintain that good will and re- their splendid cooperation and would be ideal to have the entire
or descriminatory acts being spect lis to maintain the quality affiliation during these few short convention housed in one build-
passed. I wish to commend this of our professional service to the months, that I have served you, ing, but the program wias ex-
committee for their consistant public. *** and may you continue to give as cellent. Collin Brook is to be
endeavor and untiring efforts in One of the heaviest duties now good service to my successor in congratulated for bringing to the
bringing us successfully through resting on the profession today the coming year. profession able speakers with a
this legislative year. is recruiting students for our Rolla Hook, Pres. definite message, and much that
The pioneer Osteopathic Phy- colleges. If we must maintain showed the many advances; made
sician established a. basic legis- our profession and quality of Applications for Membersiip by our profession during the past
lative poilicy designed to keep professional service, we must H. A. Crawford, Dyersville. year. With Collin on the job in
Osteopathy an independent make our problems interesting St. Louis, we will be assured of
school of medicine. Our present to the educational world. It be- expert help in many ways,
policy includes, in addition, the hooves each and every osteopath Vacations smoothing over some of the little
protection of the public in its to delegate him or herself to rough spots found here.
right to free choice of physician. send a student to an Os'teopathic The popular time for a week We are glad we came to Dal-
With a basically sound constitu- college a year. I Dr. Tincher of or two or relaxation this year las. We knew we would like it
tional form of Government and Ft. Madison, Iowia, chairman of must needs be after the Dallas and we have not been disappoint-
a basically sound organization Vocational Guidance Committee ,convention for the majority of ed in any feature of our 43rd
and legislative policy 'adopted by has instituted a plan: He has the faculty and others interested Annual Convention of the A.O.A.
our profession, we need only started a campaign of direct con- in the welfare of the college. Turn your eyes now to St.
adapt ourselves to changing so- tact to educate Presidents and Northwest seems to be the fav- Louis.
cial forms, to continue our the instructors of Vocational orite direction but other vaca-
steady evolution and prog- Guidance in 'all colleges, both tions spots have attracted our
ress.*** large and small, in the state, of staff. Dr. Homer E. Bailey Dies-
This in turn comes to mem- Iowa, by sending them informa- Dr. Arthur D. Becker expects
bership, and the well-intentioned tive osteopathic literature. to divide his vacation time be- The entire assembled conven-
but uninformed non-member Another step along this line tween the two sons, the one in tion was shocked to learn of the
constitutes one of the greatest to interest both colleges and Kentucky and the other in Mich- death of Dr. Homer Bailey on
hazards to progress of the pro- students is to establish several igan. A drive into W. Va. is Sunday, June 25. Dr. Bailey, the
fession. We need the member- Osteopathic Scholarships. The planned and golf and fishing in father of Dr. Walter E. Bailey
ship, which means funds to di- plan is that each district sup- northern Michigan will help con- of St. Louis, hias been one of our
rect the policies necessary to port one scholarship of $100.00 siderably with his Fall vocabu- strongest pioneers in the ad-
keep the machinery of this or- each year. This need not be con- lary. vancement of O:steopathy. He
ganization proficient.*** fined to districts, but could be Dr. J. P. Schwartz takes time graduated in 1898 and is one of
Financially 'and numerically sponsored by any division, indi- off at his cottage at Lake Oko- a family of many osteopathic
we are at a 'great disadvantage vidual or auxiliary. boji and will avoide the heat of physicians. Our sincere sympa-
but by great good fortune and Our colleges are priceless pos- June, July and August by mak- thy is extended to the family.
- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PT 5
--- --------- i
Entered as second class
THE Accepted for mailing at
rmatter, February 3rd, 1923, special rates of postage
at the post office at Des provided for in Section
Moines, Iowa, under the * 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
____OOK < - --.- <>


Volume 17 August 15, 1939 Number 8

I ---- -L s----c------cl--' I
i - I

Looking Around
The college building about this
D. M. S. C. C. 13-Count 'Em
By H. V. H.
time of year begins to look like When I planned my Summer
the flowers in the Spring. New tour, which included the conven-
paint and cleaning thruout brings tion at Dallas, the primary ob-
light into corners that have jective was the collection of a
been a little dull due to the few Cacti. I impose on Cacti,
smudge deposited during the making them the excuse to get
Winter months. Charlie and Ole away for a couple of weeks into
Man have worn out several or- a hot dry climate that bakes part
ders of sponges and other clean- of the meanness out of me each
Jingtools and needs in chasing Summer. The extent.of my ex-
dirft out of sight. plotrations for Cacti would take
New laboratory supplies and up too much space and has little
equipment will soon be in place to do with Osteopathy, but from
and in about two weeks from the out of dust and sand there em-
time you read this the place will erged a feature of my Summer
hum with the activity of a begin- tour that has left a deeper im-
ning school year. pression on me than the cacti.
Prospects look much better The sharpness of their spines
than last year. There is no doubt cannot compare with the acute-
but that we will have a fine large ness of many osteopathic brains
class register September 5th. For that I encountered on this trip.
the past month the office has The surprising thing is, that this
been busy with letters to new was not planned. It grew with
students who have waited until the trip and I wish all of you
almost the last minute to ask could go thru the same experi-
the final questions. ence. I visited thirteen osteo-
The Clinic hias been exception- piathic hospitals this Summer. I
ally busy all Summer and these am going to list these in the
records will be available for our order of the visit and make a
next issue. We compliment the brief comment about each. The
few who stayed over to extend major fault with me is that I do
their clinical knowledge. They not stay in one place long enough
have had a busy Summer with to get the proper perspective of
very little time for vacation pur- a place. In reality this is good
poses. sense for it leaves me with an
The hospital has also been unfilled ambition to go back and
running at top speed all thru the get the rest of the story. This
vacation season land has already is true of elaich of the following
scheduled an unusually large except one where I ta(rried for
number of tonsil cases for the two or three days sandwiching
month to date. Fair Week means the hospital in between Cacti. I
overtime for the entire hospital -- will have to paragraph it.
staff as many of the Fair visitors TULSA OSTEOPATHIC
take advantage of their presence HOSPITAL and CLINIC
in Des Moines-to have minor Vacations
.... Tulsa, Oklahoma;
surgical work done.
We have learned from years Drs. John and Rachel Woods This is the institution at which
got some fine pictures in color
of experience that if a vacation enjoyed a two weeks tr:ip into Cousin (not brother) John digs
and enjoyed the big show. On
is in order that it cannot be the Northwest visiting Seattle. for hemostats and is successful
N. W. he made Yellowstone and now and then. My short stop in
taken in Des Moines. The farther Victoria, Vancouver andl Lake the Tetons and brought back
away the better. There is always Tulsa on the way to the conven-
Louise. both movies and stills of that
something to be done around the tion did not permit of any de-
Dr. 0. E. Owen drovee West great scenic country.
college or hospital. tailed inspection of the institu-
taking in Colorado and on up Mrs. K. M. Robinson drove tion but it is well situated just
into Yellowstone Park. With North into her favorite Minne- off of the main east and west
The Year Book plenty of camera equipm lent in sota and Southern Canada terri- arterial hiway and is a model of
color and black and whiite Dr. tory. She will come black with efficiency. It has everything that
Owen should return with a good tales of the beauty of the woods any modern hospital has and is
After two unavoidable delays coat of tan and plenty of pic- and the lakes and the tasty food giving a service that is fully ap-
in the making up of the Year tures to prove he left towTn. found only in this vacationland. preciated by the people of Tulsa
Book it is in your hands now. land surrounding territory.
Considering that it is the prod- Dr. Mary Golden took t:ime off Dr. H. J. Marshall is spending
uct of a staff that filtered down before the convention to see week ends at Clear Lake but will SPARKS, CLINIC and HOSPITAL
to three workers in the end and some rare spots in Miss issiippi, make a trip later in the season Dallas, Texas
the majority having had no prev- Louisiana and Texas. Nattchez, and probably go out after big I was in this ultra-modern hos-
ious major experience on year New Orleans, and Corpus Christti game again in the late Fall. pital twice during the convention
books we think it is exceptionally seem to be her favorites. Dr. Shumaker is doing some week. In architecture and ap-
well done. There will be objec- Dr. E. F. Leininger drove research work this Summer in poinltments it is out in front. It
tions to the photographs and the West and made his first E stop at Minnesota but will sandwich in is the only air-conditioned hospi-
(Continued on Page Three) the Rodeo at Cheyenne, WTyo. Ed considerable fishing. (Continued on Page Four)

___ _ : _

__ _ ____ I

period of years and covering not by most of us is to get the fund-

Local Chapters only the usual type of X-Radi- amental idea and using it as a
ence but the use of its many va- basis apply it to the three di-
Still College boasts of active riations. Having taken special visions of the study that are use-
chapters of the majority of our courses in Chicago, at the Uni-
Council membership. When we versity of Michigan and in Cali-
designated them as "active" that fornia, Dr. Cash is qualified to
is exactly what we mean. These judge and grade the work of
local chapters have banded to- others and is familiar with the
gether to form their own local newest equipment in Roentgen-
interfraternity council which re- ology and Physio-Therapy. The
gulates certain activities of the installation of the new high volt-
group. Last year much was ac- age machine at the hospital has
complished and this year we will enlarged the work of the depart-
N. . .C. expect more to be done. Below ment in both photography and
we will list the local chapters of therapy and enables Dr. Cash
our membership, together with and his assistants to more ac-
Even as of last year, some theiir president and secretary.
members of the Council failed to curately diagnose and treat the
These organizations will be here cases that come under his juris-
be at the business-luncheon on ready to go to work the day that diction.
Monday of the Dallas convention.
school opens. September 5th you
No one can say that they did not He is in demand as a speaker
will find them ready to help the
receive the notice as it was pure- and consultant and takes an ac-
Freshmen and other new stu-
ly a matter of neglect. Several tive interest in the professional
rather important things happen- dents with any of the problems
that new students may find un- groups of the state and national ful to us in therapeutics. Pro-
ed. One was that in the rotation organization. His laboratory, fessor Shumaker knows Chemis-
solved. Introductions, directions
of President if fell to Pat Gordon advice and findings are available try. He thoroly understands it
to take over the reins. And true straightened out, streets named,
friends located, rooms secured, to the student body, his lectures but his hardest job is to get
to form Pat has been giving the at the college being supplement- these fundamentals across to
matter some thot. He has re- help with baggage and all of
those little things that go to ed by many interesting films you. He is a graduate of Cornell
vived and regenerated an idea taken from his extensive library. and Iowa State University and
initiated about three years ago make a new student feel glad he
came and not sorry. The spirit has had teaching experience in
by R. C. McCaughan who wanted several colleges including Still
to know what the fraternities of the college itself is reflected
in our active fraternities and so- frlom 1929 to 1931. This Summer
and sororities we're doing aside
rority. We are ready. Howard A. Graney, D. 0. he 3as been in Minnesota doing
from passing out pins and col- research work in Chemistry and
lecting dues,. Pat has initiated a each year takes time off to keep
friendly contest among the or- ATLAS CLUB
up with the newer ideas that are
ganizations to see who can make Dale Widmer, Noble Skull. presented for us in the labora-
the best showing in membership James Clapperton, Stylus. tory and commercial field.
in the A. 0. A. next year. It is
not too early to get busy on this. DELTA OMEGA
Baird's Manual came up the Georgiana Harris, President.
first thing after the return from Rebecca Richardson, Secretary. Polk County
a little trip. In fact it was wlait-
ing when I opened the door.
Blanks have been sent out to the Don Sloan, President Altho the season is not quite
colleges and to all members of Charles Grey, Secretary. upon us the Polk County Osteo-
this Council. Most of them have pathic Association has already
been returned. The laggards will started the years work. In an-
have to be reminded again. This Martin Friedenburg, President ticipation of the first meeting the
is a very important publication Edward Kanter, Secretary. Executive Committee met at a
and we muist not let this oppor- PHI SIGMA GAMMA noon luncheon at Grace Ran-
tunity slip by to improve our som's Tea Room Thursday, Aug-
standing and classification. We Edward Reese, President. ust 3rd to consider plans for the
want the young college boys and George Wirt, Secretary. When a surgeon selects an as- coming year and to approve the
girls to see that we have well sistant it is done with the utmost appointment of the following
PSI SIGMA ALPHA care and consideration. Dr.
organized fraternities in the Os- committee chairmen. Earl 0.
teopathic Profession as well as Robert McKay, President. Graney is first assistant to Dr. Sargent will be in charge of Pro-
in others. Harold Bahling, Secretary. J. P. Schwartz of the Des Moines grams this year. Robert Fagan,
G ereral Hospital and as ,ulch as well befits the job of treas-
This next month will see the SIGMA SIGMA PHI has- a responsibility that requires
beginning also, of our work with urer, will increase the member-
Ercell Iosbaker, President. comlplete understanding and a ship. Saul Klein will watch Leg-
the St. Louis Committee. It trained and steady hand. Two
looks like the next convention Dan Toriello, Secretary. islative matters. Matry E. Golden
years as an intern and four years will maintain the Public Educa-
is a long time off but you will as an assistant has brought Dr.
be surprised at the time it takes
to make and polish the plans for
Byron L. Cash, D. 0. Graniey up in surgical work and
tional program. Arthur
Becker will regulate the Ethics.
his lectures and demonstrations Fred D. Campbell makes the
oulr little part of the annual are highly praised by the student
meeting. It would take less time Public Relations contact. Bennie
body. Surgery is a mechanical Devine is responsible for Enter-
if all would respond in a reason- art. It is therefore closely re-
able length of time. I expect to tainment.
latod to Osteopathy. Each has
make a trip to St. Louis early in its place and the successful os- Dr. Earl Sargent is preparing
the Fall to get a line on some teo)pathic surgeon fully apprecia- an unusually interesting program
things and I want responses be- tes the value of each and applies for the first meeting of the 1939-
fore that trip. When I write you thliz knowledge. Dr. Graney has 40 year which will be held at
personally try to get the reply proved his ability. 6:30 p. m., Friday, September 8
back at the time indicated. at the Kirkwood Hotel. Reserve
The Council has grown in that evening now and let's see
ideas and this year will make a every osteopathic physician in
contact with each chapter of each J. B. Shumaker Polk County at this meeting.
organization and the colleges. With our numbers in the city
We all want a little closer and A. B., M. S., Ph. G.
we should have at least fifty
more efficient practical program there.
carried out in each of the sub- Chemistry under any other
ordinate chapters. Each of our name would be as difficult and FLASH The subject for the
Council members stands for I
tay would, as it has in the past, con- meeting September 8 will be
something. We are not satisfied machine and the interpretation tinue to be an oil burner into "Mastoiditis in General Prac-
with "standing." We want "pro- of its finding is not a job for a the wee small hours and eerie tice," Dr. Vern Wilson, speaker.
gression towards a definite goal." novice. In Dr. Cash we have a wail at the heels of all students. 0. E. Owen, Pres.
H. V. Halladay, Exc. Secy. man of vast experience over a The difficult problem confronted Ruth Paul, Secy.
5 ------- ----. -- I I I i j~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

a rule, results from a repetition heart-failure attacks and for the from a family osteopathically in-
The Log Book of attacks of rheumatic infec-
tion. Severe and even fatal dam-
age may result from the initial
relief of such symptoms as may
occur in chronic rheumatic heart
clined and with his mother a
practicing osteopathic physician
The Official Publication of involvement. Normalization of it is no surprise to find him
attack. The heart symptoms at cervical and upper thoracic les- thinking Anatomy along the
the acute attack are ions adds to the patient's re- more strict osteopathic plan.
OF OSTEOPATHY usually obscure and may easily sourcefulness in the establish-
Charles Stull
Editor E. Harwood be overlooked. The discussion in ment of compensatory mechan-
of Westerville, Ohio re-
the immediately preceding arti- isms essential in these cases. The
Faculty Adviser _--H. V. Halladay cle in the July Log Book on value of treatment is evidenced ceived his degrees from Otter-
"Cardiac symptoms in acute tox- in many cases by the relief of bein College in science. He will
President -.. .---Arthur D. Becker emia at the time of the acute symptomatic distress such as assist in the department of Bac-
involvement" apply equally well dyspnea, cough, pain, and gravity teriology and is spending the
Osteopathy Without Limitattion here and Summer taking a special course
will not require repeti- edema. Osteopathic treatment
tion. has made large contribution to in the subject.
the therapeutics of rheumatic
Osteopathic Therapeutics It is to be remembered that
heart disease.
rheumatic infections in young
Removal of foci of infection,
The Year Book
children may occur without any
(Number 12 in Series) evident joint involvement or with such as infected tonsils, devital-
(Continued from Page 1)
very slight joint involvement. ized teeth, and other foci, is in-
Region of the Thorax dicated. Building up general electroplates but there can be no
The so-called "growing-pains" of criticism, except complimentary,
The Heart (Continued) childhood are, without doubt, resistance and doing awiay with
dietary deficiencies are valuable on the makeup of the book and
Rheumatic heart disease pro- manifestations of rheumatic in- the text. We will prize it for it
vides a problem of great import- fection. Rheumatic heart dis- measures.
The consideration of acute and is our first Stillonian for several
ance to both physicians and pa- ease may develop without any years. It does carry very com-
tients. It is a common disease other symptom of rheumatic in- subacute bacterial endocarditis
(malignant types) has been plete information about the col-
a-d -has*-its-beginning chiefly be- fection. In many cases, the evi- lege and the activities of not only
tween the ages of five and twen- dence of the heart involvement omitted in this discussion.
A. D. B., D. 0. the departments but also the
ty. The results of rheumatic is discovered weeks or months or several special groups. It con-
heart disease may be in evidence even years later, with the typical tains a very accurate listing of
for varying periods of years fol- and characteristic symptoms of
lowing. It is, by a wide margin, chronic valvular disease. Attacks Hugh D. Clark, Ph. D. our Alumni. There will be er-
rors in this for it is impossible
the most common heart involve- of heart failure of increasing se- to keep a directory up to date.
ment of children and young verity are common in this type Too many move, retire or die
adults and constitutes approxi- of condition, and may occur over without any notice coming in to
mately fifty per cent of all heart a period of years. Many of the college.
diseases. these cases have their final at- Paul Green waved a magic
The cause of rheumatic heart tack of heart failure between the wand when he talked to adver-
disease is without doubt due to ages of thirty and fifty. One tisers and without their support
an infection by one or several may find organic murmurs and the book could not have been
varieties of the streptococcus other evidences of heart involve- published. The cost per volume
5IrUnlln . Uurll a 1 InIon
ar- IL ia
griup,. sualiily ieco;nUiiLary, 1L isi enic1L jullouwlg re
U limatiLl intec- exceeded the original plans of
closely related to acute rheuma- tions, in patients who have never . _fi - w .^

the staff by nearly 100%. Jean

-- - L- _- -

tic fever, chorea, and follicular had any actual attack of cardiac LaRoque did a fine job of edit-
tonsillitis. There seems to be failure. ing, keeping the material clean
good evidence that rheumatic in- i and yet with an occasional touch
fections have a familial tendency. Osteopathic treatment has
of humor found only in a college
It is more common among the much to offer in this type of of our type. Joe Prior hals shown
poor and among those who live heart disease, both at the time his artistic ability all thru the
in unsanitary surroundings. of the acute attack, and in later
book. The rest of the staff
The chief pathology in the developments. At the time of
heart in this disease is usually the acute attack, treatment is Dr. Clark comes to us this year worked hard also but these three
from the University of Michigan put in many long weary hours
considered to be an endocarditis, logically directed to the problem
but in recent years there is in- of the primary disease. Correc- having been teaching assistant not only during the Spring se-
creasing appreciation of the fact tion of all thoracic osteopathic and research assistant in the de- mester but for several weeks
that the heart muscle and the lesions with thorough mobiliza- plartmenlts of Anatomy and Bi- after the college year closed.
pericardium are involved in most tion of the upper thorax is an ology. His record in science is a
cases to a measurable degree. osteopathic measure of primary very enviable one and he will fill
The endocardial inflammatory importance. Such treatment is a long felt want in the subjects May 1938 Class
reaction affects chiefly the mitral an important prophylactic meas- now classified largely as the Bas-
ic Sciences. With the coming re- Early in June the May '38
valve. The aortic valve is also ure and tends to protect heart
involved- in many cases. The en- tissues from damage. This treat- arrangement of the schedule due Class almost had a reunion in
docardium covering the chordae ment also serves to minimize to the additional pre-osteopathic Des Moines. The major event at
tendinae and the valve bases is damage in those cases where requirements the subjects under the time wias the marriage of
the direction of Dr. Clark will Clive Ayers and Miss Vashti
sooner or later involved, and heart pathology does occur. The
produces serious changes as time entire cervical spine should be have to be presented in a differ- Hubbard at the First Methodist
goes on. The myocardial path- carefully examined for osteo- ent manner than in the past. We Church in Des Moines. Other
ology consists for the most part pathic lesions, and such lesions, feel forunate in securing Dr. news events that leaked out at
of the formation of Aschoff when found, should be carefully Clark for this important sched- the time relative to class mem-
ule. bers made it an occasion for
bodies at the time of the acute normalized and normalization
checking on most of them.
rheumatic disease. Except in maintained. Ed Theilking was married May
rare cases of a very severe char- It will be remembered that the
acter, the myocardial involve- sympathetic preganglionic inner- Faculty Assistants 28 and is practicing in Tucum-
cari, N. Mex. This accounts for
ment is not persistent, perma- vation of the heart is from upper his absence from the P. G.
nent scarring in the muscle being dorsal segments. These fibres run It is not the policy of the col- Course.
of rare occurrence. The peri- to the cervical ganglia. The post lege to assign undergraduates to Bernie Moeller (Connelly) hias
cardial inflammation results in ganglionic innervation is by way regular faculty work unless they moved to Ellensburg, Washing-
the formation of adhesions and of the cardiac nerves given off have had special preparation for ton. Her husband is attending
may be limited or extensive. The from the superior, middle and it and are constantly under the college there.
term "ciarditis" or "pancarditis" inferior cervical ganglia. The supervision of the head of a de- Bob Irwin has located in Min-
gives a more graphic description osteopathic cardiac center is partment. Realizing the need for nesota and has moved his family
of rheumatic heart disease than third to fifth dorsal with the as- training instructors for the fu- to their new location near
does the more common designa- sociated ribs, particularly the ture we are glad to be able to tin.
tion, endocarditis. ribs on the left side. The para- use the talents of two young Charles Houghan, now practic-
It will only be possible in this sympathetic innervation of the men who have already proven ing in Ft. Morgan,
Colo., was
necessarily abbreviated descrip- heart is by way of the vagus their ability. married June 15 at Ames.
tion to outline symptoms in a which nerve arises in the med- Paul Kimberly Local members of the class
somewhat general way. One out- ulla. has been assisting in the who rare keeping track of items
standing characteristic of rheu- These anatomical considera- department of Anatomy for the of interest are Anna Slocum,
matic infections is the tendency tions are also of primary im- past two years and continues in Ruth Paul, Garth Anderson and
to recur. The heart damage, as portance in the treatment of that role this year. iComing Earl Sargent.
- --- -· ---- -
<$>----------------------------;-------~---------- rang. Miguel Alvarez-esta mal-
<I 13 Count 'Em ada-mucho dolor-ven aca pron-

1~~~ 33 < t$P
^ ^ I
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tal in Dallas. It is perfect in my
eyes but of course by this time
to el Doctor. Could you answer
that call? John Peterson, one of
_ the War Babies, two hundred
4 _· Sam probably has found some- pounds of he-man turned quietly
(We are again assuming the please estimate, if you can, the thing that could be changed to and said, "Come on, Virg, let's
editorial privilege of cutting and improve it. I don't know where.
we do not like to do it. The re- value of one year of weekly see what is the matter with the
port of the state secrelary was broadcasts, over five widely se- He and Muriel even have a pent little Mexican boy." Out to the
full of fine things that ycu house on top and all I can say is edge of town to a 'dobie home.
should read and know about but parated Iowa stations, to your
space again Limits us to the high problems of legislation, Endow- this If I am going to die I think Dark now and I stumbled over
spots. Give these state problems ment, ;College enrollment and I would be more contented to do the rough flagstones that led to
a thot. Vacations are over and so in Sparks Hospital but if I the door. The room dimly lit by
it is time to buckle down and general public appreciation. Fif-
get some important things done. teen stations are now broadcast- am going to live take me up on a kerosene lamp disclosed not
Iowa needs to s'ep out and do ing these weekly P. & P. W. the top to the pent house. Nearly only the sick boy but numerous
some things. When needed work programs. It is interesting to 100 operations were performed anxious faces from the old
is to be done the quicker yon in this brand new hospital during
respond the sooner the ta3i, will note that once these programs grandmother down to many
be ended.-E. 1i.) have been established, (and they the convention. I mean majors youngsters peering around cor-
are only available for Publiic and not just tonsils. Sam has ners and thru windows. To be
Service or free radio time) they something there. sick and call the doctor is an
Report of Secretary-Treasurer
have never yet been discontinued NORWOOD CLINIC and event not to be missed, even this
F. A. Gordon, D. O. HOSPITAL
by the station. Your Publicity late when perhaps some should
This report is for the most Chairman has lost no opporltuni- Mineral Wells, Texas be in bed. Temperature, pulse,
part a running account of events ties to have Osteopathy and the I have been just a little skep- some questions and papation.
during the past year, with some local doctor given an official tical about this injection busi- "We'll go back and send Dan
comments on the future. press release when the local doc- ness. The anatomy of it is not out for a blood count" and Pete
Membekrship during the past tor has cooperated promptly with exactly clear to me yet but it gave some orders in Spanish to
year has maintained a constantly data. has cleared some. I watched Dr. the older sister. ,Back at the hos-
higher level than previous years. Norwood at our Review Week in pital Claire, sensing an emerg-
With the usual great number On orders from the United ency, started the machinery and
States Compensation Commis- June and stopped over for a day
dropped on September 1st there or so with him following the Nurse Moreland and others got
were still 20 more regulation sion, the Iowa Compensation Of- busy. The blood count was 17,-
convention. I saw patients and
members than in 1937. Since ficer of Wo(rks Progress Admin- 000 whites and so the boy was
istration requested a conference saw him operate. I talked with
that date 30 have been added to some of his piatients and I tried brought in. At ten the operation
the rolls, for a total of 215 mem- with your State officvers and the was started with Claire at the
Secretary of the Board of Os- to figure out the magic of it all.
bers asi of May 1st. My feeble brain does not quite ether can. It was, one of those
teopathic Examiners. From that stubborn cases with a retro-
During August warning came ,conference it seemed as if the get it yet but I saw enough to
from American Osteopathic As- convince me that Dr. Norwood caecal appendix, a small thin
administration of the Burks- youngster and gas to combat in
socation to be prepared for Vol- Drew law was to mean some- and others who are doing this
untary Health Insurance, such work are getting satisfactory re- the intestines, but Pete knew his
thing to injured employes of the stuff and I have a letter since
as has only recently started to Government. Months, passed by sults. Dr. Norwood has a fine
develop among some 9,000 Iowa place and is busy. He keeps his that says that Miguel went home
before we could obtain (and we perfectly well, recovery unevent-
farm families, who are depend- son and Dr. Brown and several
did obtain through irregular ful. What did I get out of this
ent on Farm Security Adminis- 'channels) copy of instructions to others on the jump all the time.
tration for rehabilitation. This CORPUS CHRISTI besides some good pictures of
Timekeepers which hold that the operation? I saw with my
movement has caused no little cases of doubtful disability aris- OSTEOPATHI'C HOSPITAL
conce!rn to your Chairman of Corpus Christi, Texas own eyes the fine [team work of
ing out of injury can only be two of my former students sav-
Public Affairs, who with your diagnosed by "unlimited prac- I arrived at the wrong time.
Secretary recently spent several ing the life of a little Mexican
tititioners." Timekeepers are Dr. Tyree was operating but I
hours in conference with State boy down near the border in a
therefore obliged to give did take a look around and
Director Anway of Farm Secur- lonesome place where men are
"sprains" and in some cases found a beautiful institution that men and women are governers
ity Administration in Ames. "back-injuries" a form "C-17" is also modern in every way. I
It seems truly pertinent that and I don't mean maybe. My
which precludes their acceptance hope to go back and get deeper hat is off to Pete and Clailre. To
you give immediate and serious by D. O.'s except in cases of into this small but efficiently
consideration to the approval of add to the pleasure of this visit
emergency. Government Em- built and arranged hospital. The
some plan for consideration by I found two rare cacti on one of
ployes desiring services of D. O.'s nurse and attendant that met me my daytime trips into the Big
the Medical Director of Farm Se- are expected to make special re- were very courteous and the
curity Administration. Bend region.
quest for such service. rooms th!at I did see were all
Early in September your that anyone could ask for. DONOVAN OSTEOPATHIC
Chairman of Veterans' Affairs at- Since January 1st little has HOSPITAL
tended the National Convention diverted our attention from leg- PETERSON HOSPITAL and Raton, New Mexico
of the American Legion, where islation. Those who followed CLINIC
a resolution, passed by five State closely the performance of our Marfa, Texas Last year I saw this fine hos-
Legion conventions, was present- legislative committee during the Look it upon the map, folks, pital in the process of being
ed. That resolution provided for past two General Assemblies will and
a 11 u,~ sipp if von
I-,- It ij ...
can snot it with-
... ....... .-
made. This year I saw it at work
Osteopathic services being made agree that our profession now out turning to the index. There and it is just as efficient as it
available by the Government to enjoys a new and dignified status they are, John and Claire, away was planned last year. Dr. Dono-
disabled veterans. Let's add Iowa among the Iowa legislators. Your out in the far corner of a rather van was in Denver and I saw
to that list of states adopting committee were tactfully success- desolate district. Pioneers in a him later but his assistant, Dr.
this resolution! ful in preventing usual discrimi- region where you have to speak Barber, took time off to remove
From better understanding of nation from the presented form some Spanish. A fine little hos- a nasty looking splinter of glass
the state machinery required for of numerous bills. They were pital serving a large radius and from the hand of a little fellow
P. & P. W. service, we learned equally successful in their pa- doing exceptional work. Lots of who hiad been brought in 18
in Cincinnati that our Publicity tient and frequently required ef- babies being born here. The miles by his father. Here is an-
,committee should be assisted by forts before the Health Commit- usual run of hospital cases and other of our institutions that is
a chairman of Radio and for con- tees,. too many of the knife or bullet serving a community that fully
tacting Editors. Accordingly the The Februalry circuit meetings emergency cases. Yes, they bring appreciates a better hospitaliza-
latter was delegated to your were well attended. By special them in here for miles around tion program. The bare rooms
Public Education committee and action that week had been set with half of their intestines of last year and the trash in the
a Committee on Radio was es- aside by A. 0. A. as Special Val- hanging out or two or three bul- patio have all been magically
tablished. In short order there- entine Membership Week. With lets, imbedded somewhere and ex- changed into a modern hospital
after Dr. Lange's Radio commit- the help of Dr. Becker's special pect John and Claire to sew and and a cool inviting patio for pa-
tee found itself with two weekly probe and bring 'em back alive tients that may be out during the
Des Moines Luncheon, we totaled
broadcast schedules operating. 24 A. O. A. members signed in -and they do it. day.
KFGJ, Boone and KFJB in Mar- Iowa that week. This was away- We had finished dinner Satur- (Read the rest of this interest-
shalltown. and-by-far the best report re- day evening, July 8th and were ing article in the next issue of
In behalf of that committee turned by any state. sitting talking when the phone the Log Book. Seven more to see)
I I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Entered as second class T HE WvI -

Accepted for mailing at


matter, Fe bruary 3rd. 1923, special rates of postage,

at the posstt office at Des provided for in Section
Moines, I( wa, under

the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
g,ust 24th,
act of Au 5g 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
s----- )--~------- ~~----------<I(8)


Volume 17 September 15, 1939 Number :9

Number ,:
Freshmen Eye, dar, Nose and Thrcat To Colorado
Late in the Summer we had
occasion to write to most of our For the past thirty years or more the osteopathic profes- Dr. H. V. Halladay made a
Alumni about the prospects of sion has been gradually proving its worth in the field of quick trip to the Colorado Con-
the class entering this last week. specialistic practice. At the annual meeting of the profession ference September 7-8-9 doing
The correspondence and the we find several groups convening under the title of their most of the milage in the air.
steady flow of matriculation specialty and providing a full program of scientific lectures Due to the uncertainty of the
blanks was more encouraging and reports. One of these has advanced far, not only with its train schedule out of Gleenwood
than for many years. On the organization but in obtained results by expert care including Springs he hitch-hiked to Den-
first day of August we had more osteopathic treatment. We, of course, refer to the Eye, Ear, ver in order to catch an early
already matriculated than the Nose and Throat society of osteopathic physicians. plane back home. If he really
total of the class entering a year had as much fun as he says we
This department at Still College reflects the integrity of expect to see him on the hi-way
ago so we were certain of a gain the man in charge, Dr. H. J. Marshall. For many years Dr.
this Fall. We did not antici- often.
Marshall has been closely applying his talents in developing
pate that the figures would run every phase of the diagnosis and treatment of this class of He reports that a Colorado
quite as high as they have. diseases. As a member of the surgical staff of the Des Moines D.'M.S.C.O. Alumni Association
was formed at a luncheon held
The majority of you know General Hospital he is largely responsible for the management
Friday, September 8, with Dr.
that Still College has never had and care of the many clinical cases of this type. At the Elmer Lee as president and Dr.
a large student body. Our college Dr. Marshall lectures and conducts clinics thruout the
E. M. Davis as Secy-Treas. With
classes seldom have numbered year, Many of these cases are taken to the hospital where the increasing number of our
over fifty. We do not want his surgical skill is demonstrated before the Senior class in graduates in the state and more
them too large for we firmly be- this subject. The quantity and variety of cases that come to
Colorado students in the college
lieve that the classes of about the college clinic assures the student of contact with practically we are sure that this group will
fifty certainly get more indi- every type of case classified in this department. find plenty of active service.
vidual attention and have a We asked Dr. Marshall to make a statement relative to
greater opportunity thruout the Altho the Conference was
his specialty and we quote him. held at some distance from the
course. With the added require-
ment of last year the Freshman actual center of the osteopathic
class took a decided slump and population of the state the at-
it was of considerable concern tendance was good and the
to the trustees of the college. meeting enthusiastic. Dr. Abbot
The matter was taken into of Los Angeles alternated on the
hands by the Alumni of the col- program with Dr. Halladay in
lege and we now see the results the afternoons and evenings and
of their years work. Our new assisted in the surgical clinics
class numbers over forty which in the mornings. Thru the gen-
is about 150 per cent increase erosity of a local medical phy-
over last year and brings up the sician the profession was grant-
number to about what we must ed the use of a very fine hos-
have in each entering class. pital and several surgical cases
were successfully cared for.
This class has come to us Colorado is to be congratulated
with full and complete credits on the excellent spirit of cooper-
the majority of them .having ation and the superior work be-
more than necessary ifor en- ing done by the members of its
trance into the collegei They association. Glenwood Springs
are here for work and with the is reported to be an ideal place
inspiration of its size we will not only for a convention but
guarantee that they will get the OSTEOPATHIC TREATMENT IN EYE, EAR, NOSE also for complete rest and recre-
opportunity. We as a college AND THROAT DISEASES ation. Maybe you would like to
are truly grateful to the profes- hear Dr. Halladay tell the Ant-
sion for this visible evidence of Because of the opportunity of examining large numbers lers story, which we assure you
your confidence. The class is of clinic patients at Des Moines Still College, Des Moines has nothing to do with osteo-
not complete at this writing and General Hospital and the Taylor Clinic, it has given me a pathy.
statistics as to the number com- chance to observe the results of Osteopathic treatments in
ing from each state are not avil- Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat diseases. I also have many patients
able. This will be worked out who have been referred to me from the doctors in the field.
and a report made in our next It has been my experince that the students in the College and Assembly September 8
issue. the doctors in the field who have treated their patients O;steo-
If the Alumni and friends of pathically have {a much smaller percentage of Mastoid cases The introductory assembly
this college can, with the effort requiring operative interference. Those patients who have this Fall varied from the usual
expended this last year, add this been treated Osteopathically early for colds, seldom develop plan in that the college had the
fine class to the strength of the into sinus involvement, and those who have had Osteopathy opportunity to hear Miss Nedra
osteopathic profession we know early in sinus involvement seldom need surgical work done on McCall of the A.I.B. Dr. Becker
that a little more effort and that the sinuses. If there is a place where Osteopathic treatments took advantage of the first meet-
effort spread to ,a higher per- serve as a prophylaxis, it is preventing Otitis Media, due to ing of the college group to ex-
centage of the profession, will bad head colds. Theatrical people and public speakers seek press his appreciation of the in-
work miracles for our colleges the services of an Osteopathic physician at the first sign of crease in Freshmen and to wel-
and will certainly assure the Laryngitis because experience has taught them that they can come all back to another years
osteopathic profession of the obtain the most satisfying results by this therapy. work. Miss McCall's readings
growth it so well deserves. We H. J. Ma!rshall, D. O. were applicable to the occasion,
again thank our Alumni and the opening of the college year,
friends and assure you of our We recently went thru the files of this department at the and were highly appreciated by
continued efforts to maintain college and found one case that reverses the usual reports. all present. We hope we may
and increase the efficiency in The customary plan in the publication of a case report is to have the privileges of a return
teaching that we have already bring out the beneficial effect of osteopathic treatment. This date with this talented enter-
established. (Continued on Page Three) tainer.
- -
I _

students from other colleges, we extending a warm hand of con-

it the Club extend our heartiest gratulation and welcome to new
welcome. Not only does the The first meeting of the new Estudents of this college.
E It is
freshman class have numbers; school year was held wednes- our hope that we can familiar-
but they seem to be quite a cos- day evening at Brother Black- iiize you with our activities, hopes
mopolitan group, having mem- woods apartment. and 'ambitions in the very near
bers the rock bound coast of future. G. T. F.
Maine, others from the Lone
Brothers Blackwood and
Star state, Texas, and a couple
Fisher attended the National
of others hail from Canada. We
Convention at Dallas this sum-
are all sure that they will not mer. Their report on fraternity The "usual weather" of the
regret the choice of their pro-
affairs as discussed at that time past
I week makes one think that
fession and also the choice of
was interesting and well re- school should be out instead of
D.M.S.C.O. as their college.
ceived by the fraters. We were beginning. Biut-when we see
R.J.H. glad to learn of the activities of new faces and old ones in the
the other Chapters and to note halls and the excitement of the
that all have been quite active beginning of a new semester's
The program of the Council this - past year and progress work we know the year has be-
for the year is laid out and the
first letters have gone forward.
Aar made. gun. Sigma Sigm'a Phi wel-
The first meeting of the The brothers reported on comes the new ,classmen and
Replies have been received from from
four appointing their Local Rep- season found practically all their summer activities and also those who have been so
members of the fraternity back reports it
appears that all spent wise as to transfer from some
resentatives and from the same summer, returning
from far flung corners of the a profitable other college. We are at your
number but not exactly the same with renewed enthu-
land with tales of an interesting to school service and want to help if you
ones enclosing. their annual
dues. Since this appointee is and sundry nature. Summer siasm and -coats of tan. have any problems that we can
Plans were formulated for an aid in solving.
not due until the first of. October. activities varied from the spray-
ing of bananas to selling horse early initiation'- of the present Our program of activities is
we feel that the Council is a not entirely planned yet but will
little ahead of schedule in every- blankets, and from mountain pledges and a schedule of meet-
be announced shortly after our
thing except dues. These we climbing to dispensing liver pills ings worked out for the coming
behind someone elses drug year. first meeting which will be Sep-
are sure will be taken care of by tember 26. Members take note
the first of the month. We have counter at sweat shop wages. Iota Tau Sigma greets the of the date and be there.
yet to hear from two organiza- But no one failed to reveal with new students and wishes them
minute details the interesting the best of luck in their new G. S.
tions on the matter of their ma-
terial and cuts for Baird's Man- results obtained in demonstrat- work. The members are all
ual. Unless this is in very soon ing to reluctant relatives the II willing to render any assistance Polk County
we are sorry but these two will value of ten fingered Osteopathy. within their ability to the new The Polk County Osteopathic
be left out of the listing in this The preceeding year has been students and wishes them to feel Association held its first dinner
very important book. a successful one for L.O.G., and free in asking. D. E. S. meeting of the year on Septem-
-Contacts will soon be made Cerebrum Martin Friedenberg I ber 8, at 6:30 p. m. at the
with the several chapters of our on behalf of fraternity wishes I Hotel Kirkwood with President
group according to instructions to express to our brother organ- An O. Edwin Owen presiding.
given at the annual meeting in izations an d interfraternity I Summers end, announced by The membership was well rep-
Dallas. Dr. Gordon is pounding council for their cooperation, I the ringing of the school bell, is presented. The organization is
away at the membership for in goodwill, and fellowship. here. The time has come to drop offering Associate Memberships
creased A.O.A. support and is out of the light vacation vein to Osteopathic Physicians out-
L.O.G. shall endeavor during r and into the more serious artery side Polk County but within the
getting results. the coming year to do every- and assume the role of students. vicinity of Des Moines at $1.00
I expect to make a trip to St. thing within its power to fur-
Louis about the middle of Oc- The ranks of Delta were de- per year. Several have already
ther the aims and ideals of our I pleted by the graduation of accepted this offer. The Asso-
tober to see about some things school and profession. Louise ciation heartily welcomes these
and: will want everything up to Beryl Freeman and
date by that time. A meeting Wdlcome to the freshman L Michael but we are still going new members. If anyone wish-
class! Feel free at any time to strong. ing to become an Associate
will be called of Local Repre-
sentatives and I am sure that call on us for any help which we II Louise is practicing in Al- Member will inform the Secre-
may be able to give. You have I21cester, South Dakota. Beryl is tary, a; program card will be
with this good start we will have mailed to you each month.
our work done before any other shown by your numbers that t staying in Des Moines, practicing
associated group. Remember Osteopathy is forging ahead. in the Equitable building. Don't The same offer has been ex-
that the convention this next D. G. go away Beryl, we need your tended to Senior students at
guiding hand. Still College. Very interesting
year is a little early and with and worthwhile programs have
that in mind we must be a little Dr. Dorothea Farling, Oxford,
Michigan, dropped in the other been arranged for the year.
early too.
'@)ir1 day. She's proving to the natives Plan to take 'advantage of this
H. V. alladay, Exc. Secy. that a local girl can make good. privilege.
With the start of the new In her honor the Deltas lunch-
7 The speaker of the evening
semester brought from all parts 5 eoned at Grace -- Ransom's Tea was Dr. Verne J. Wilson, who
ATh .( of the country, members and L I Room. very ably presented "The Diag-
After returning from three pledges of Phi Sigma Gamma,II To all new students may Delta nosis of Mastoiditis as it Affects
month's vacation, the fellow at back to school ready to start ttOmega extend her hand in greet- the General Practitioner." An
the Club came back to more the new semester. ing and welcome and to our open forum followed.
than books 'and lectures. Dur- The sound of wedding bellss3Alumni, let us hear from you. The October meeting will be
ing the summer, the house com- were heard by brothers: a joint one with the Polk County
mittee found a house they Osteopathic Women's Auxiliary
thought would suit the needs of H. Bowden tWA and will be held on Saturday
the Club, and with proper au- H. Wirt For the present we all seem evening, October 7. The place
thority, bought the house for E. Detlaf Reese to be busily engaged in greet- Iwill be announced at a later
the permanent home of the ing old friends coming back to date. This will be a Founder's
chapter. The new location at With the loss of Archor 1n the alma mater after' spending Day Meeting which the Aux-
Reese and Pronaterius Wir Itta profitable summer (we hape) iliary plans to sponsor as an an-
1615 Arlington avenue will ac-
commodate more fellows more from the house brother Ferrii'S at home; or getting acquainted nual affair. Dr. A. D. Becker
comfortably than the old house was elected Archon and brothe:rr with new friends from other will be the speaker. All mem-
Undoubtedly many of the mem- Koenig Pronaterius. schools of therapy and new bers please keep this date free
bers have a score of fond mem- When inventory was takel n matriculants. for one of the most important
ories concerning the old place this semester we found that the:'Y Y As yet this organization has event sof the year.
but everyone pitched into the have a capacity house. Thii-Isq had no meeting, being busily en- Ruth Paul, D.D., Sec.;
spirit of setting up the new question was settled by putin~9 g gaged in reacclamating our-
house and things are coming in J. (Ivan he Red) Yagoobian ii In n selves. Your correspondent has EDWARD D. REESE-
a fine shape. If enthusiasm is the phone booth. not fully checked up but believes of the Senior class and
any guage, the new home should Warning to 'all pedestrains!! ! all of our members have return- Miss Marjorie Bailey were, mar-
be a complete success. Be on the lookout for a gree]a11 ed to school-ready for work ried September 9 at Meadville,
Buick coupe, Munger at: th,Ee with more enthusiasm than ever. Mo. Congratulations and best
To the members of the fresh wishes.
mnn elans.. and the trahnfoei
AAAtomI j woo 0 LAA -w.
wheel. T. R., Sec. We too wish to fall in line in
I --

frequent or widely spaced. Cor-

Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
The Log Book onary occlusion may occur as a
serious complication.
The diagnosis of angina pec-
(Continued from Page 1)
The Official Publication of toris is made after the careful will be shown but the results were not obtained by the usual
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE weighing of many factors. Fam- method.
OF OSTEOPATHY ily history and past history are Mrs. K. H. came in to the college clinic September 7,
Editor -- ...----------..-. E. Harwood of great importance. Physical 1938, age 28 and employed by a manufacturer of cosmetics.
examination may reveal evi- Her major complaint was continued soreness all over the body
Faculty Adviser .. H. V. Halladay dence of cardio vascular disease centering in the upper thoracic and cervical regions. To be
or may be quite entirely neg- brief the examination showed slight throat involvement,
President ------- Arthur D. Becker ative. Wasserman or Kahn tests tonsils removed, teeth OK, eye's and ears OK and systemic
should be done in every case. reports negative. The major finding was that the cause-of
Osteopathy Without Limitatioi Electro cardiagraphic tracings the irritation was a badly bent septum. Lesions were found
give most valuable information in the cervical and upper thoracic regions.
in many cases. It was thot that the correction of the osteopathic lesions
Osteopathic Therapeutics Treatment in angina pectoris would relieve the nervous symptoms and that the condition of
obviously must take into con- the septum could be taken care of after the patient had been
(Number 13 in Series) sideration the causative and as- under osteopathic treatment for a short time.
sociated pathology, if discover- Don Sloan of the Senior class was assigned to the case
REGION OF THE THORAX able. Luetic cases should re- and instructed regarding the treatment. His observation fol-
Thei Heart
11 lkl1-1 ........-...
ceive antiluetic treatment. It is low!lng a reasonable elapse of time was that altho the treat-
Angina Pectoris.-Among a of primary importance that these ment relieved the case for a short time, that the lesions re-
number of cardiac problems angina patients should be taught curred and the symptoms, while showing improvement, did not
with pain as the presenting to live down to the level of their disappear as was expected. A consultation with Dr. Marshall
_symptom, angina pectoris or own individual cardiac capacity. resulted in the immediate operation for the straightening of
"breast pang" is the most fre- They must avoid those activities the nasal septum which was--followed by regular treatment
quent in occurrence. It must be that tend to bring on pain. especially to the areas indicated primarily by the presence of
differentiated, if possible, from Osteopathic treatment oc- the lesions. The final report shows that in a very short time
similar conditions. Pain is not cupies a high place in the ther- the case responded to the osteopathic treatment, the lesions
a prominent symptom in most apeutics of angina pectoris. were corrected iand remained normal and the pain and sore-
cases of cardio-vascular disease, Thorough and searching normal- ness disappeared completely.
Among a number of conditions ization of lesions of the upper Our comment on this case is that osteopathy recognizes
in which pain may be a prom- thorax and cervical spine is of not only mechanical lesions of the spine and other articula-
inent symptom it would be well first importance. In this con- tions of the body but also takes into consideration lesions
to include: aortitis (leutic or nection the reader is referred such as this one found in the nose. We do not often see a
atheromatous), aortic aneurysm to the discussions on osteopathic case quite as stubborn as this. The usual type will respond
(usually involving the arch of treatment in numbers 11 and 12 to treatment and we see the patient built up to where the
the aorta), acute plastic peri- of this series, duplication being operation is the final chapter. This case plainly shows that
carditis, coronary occlusion, ad- thus avoided. Where the con- the primary lesion was the bent or deviated nasal septum with
.. -A -s...I 1I- 1 - -- AD r8itinrn nf nn>inn il zr filn +tinnnl
vancea vaivuiar disease ana UtillUll
. (11
1g ~lu 1 Ull lJIullal, the resultant toxic cervical region. The contraction of muscles
neuro circulatory asthenia. To the relief from pain is prompt as a reflex, produced the lesions found in the cervical and
be carefully differentiated from and often permanent. Even upper thoracic regions and these being secondary would not
cardiovascular disease are those where the causative factors are respond until the primary irritation was removed. The tertiary
conditions in which there is pain organic, the benefits of osteo- factor which was the major complaint of pain and soreness
in the thoracic wall due to in- pathic lesion correction are thruout the body was the result of the physical imbalance and
tercostal neuralgia associated measurable and in many cases responded when the primary obstruction and secondary osteo-
with rib lesions or with spinal of outstanding value. It may pathic lesions were removed.
disease, as arthritis, potts Dis- easily take several weeks to sev-
ease, spinal cord tumor or severe eral months' treatment to secure
spinal trauma. necessary normalizations. In
luetic cases treated by antiluetic
Dr. C. I. Gordon Trustees and Faculty
Angina pectoris is usually the remedith the normalization of
result of disease of the coronary Due to the request of Dr. C.
osteopathic lesions should be I. Gordon for a year's leave of The first official meeting of
arteries. The attack may be carefully and thoroughly carried the Trustees was held Septem-
due to a vascular crisis or spasm absence from the faculty a few
out in addition to the antisyphi- changes have been made in the ber 11 and followed by the reg-
(functional), or to well defined litic treatment. ular Faculty Meeting. The usual
organic disease as the result of schedule. Dr. Gordon is doing
The use of nitrites in, many some special work in therapy routine of reports and regular
vascular syphilis or atheromat- cases gives prompt relief. The business was run thru rapidly
ous disease. The condition is and will return following the
effects are transitory and have completion of his research. in order that there might be
most common in patients over mutual congratulations on the
50 years of age (usually over no curative value. Their use as
palliative measures is well ad- large Freshman class. -It is need-
60) although many exceptions The May 1938 Class less to add that at no time has
occur. vised in many cases.
A. D. B., D. 0. here been a trustees meeting
Pain in angina pectoris is June 11 was almost a class with the outlook as encouraging
characteristically in the left reunion for the May '38 bunch as this one at; the beginning of
pectoral area and radiates down A Scholarship in Des Moines. It is a date that the year.
the inner side of the elft upper will be remembered by Clive The Faculty Meeting was; cal-
arm. It may be mild but is fre- The college has awarded to Ayers and Miss Vashti Hubbard
Dr. D. E. Johnson of Grinnell, led to order by Dr. Arthur D.
quently agonizing and associated for they were married at the Becker and following the intro-
with a feeling as if the chest Iowa, a scholarship in the Gen- First Methodist Church in Des
eral Clinic for the year begin- ductions of the new members
were being squeezed in a vise Moines and attended by as many took up the discussion of more
and further associated with fear ning September, 19.39. Dr. of the class as could be found
Johnson will assist in the work effective methods of teaching in
of impending danger or marked in the city. Other news items the several departments. Dr.
apprehension. The pain may be of the Clinic and attend certain leaked out at this event.
specified classes thus earning Clark and Professor Stull were
atypical in location and occur Ed The'llking was married introduced and responded. Sev-
in the shoulder, the neck or the his year of Post Graduate work. May 28th which accounts for the
A year ago the college made eral committees were appointed
abdomen. Attacks of angina absent mark against him at the to take care of the business of
may occur without pain (angina this scholarship and two others P. G. Course.
available to graduates of the col- the faculty group for the year.
sine :dolorae). Even more di- Bob Irwin has; located near
agnostic than the character and lege, reserving the right to Austin and has moved his family
location of the pain is the fact make the selection from the list there.
that it is induced by effort or of applicants. Bernie Moeller will shortly DR. HARRY M. IRELAND-
excitement. It may occur at move to Washington State and of Denver, Colo., a grad-
night associated with terrifying DR. LAWRENCE FORD- will practice while her husband uate of Still College and a
dreams: The pain is of short of Lamont, Ia., and Miss attends school there. former member of the faculty,
duration in most cases, lasting Francille Bloedorm were mar- Local member's of the class died August 2. His many
a few seconds to a few minutes ried August 17 at DIavenport. who can easily hold a class friends, not only in Colorado but
and 'usually arrests any activity. Dr. Ford graduated in the last meeting almost anytime are, over the profession, mourn his
Anginal attacks may occur over class 'and our best wishes and Garth Anderson, Ruth Paul, Earl passing and will miss his, ex-
a period of years and may be congratulations are extended. Sargent and Anna Slocum. pert opinion and kindly advice.

oratory equipment and enlarged

13 Count 'Em quarters and everything up to

.I---------------------------- I (Concluded from Aug. Issue)

the minute in a modern tone
thruout. Was sorry to miss Dr.
Daniels but I was too early.
Hospital Ruling it was eminently necessary to PENNER HOSPITAL
Under recent date the office change the current Quota plan Denver, Colorado
to a "Five-Dollar-A-Month" vol- North Platte, Nebraska
of the Attorney General for the Coming in on Colfax the first
State of Iowa issued a ruling on untary quota. Those attending of our osteopathic institutions to Driving back on 30 don't fail
the use of Municipal and Coun- the meeting at Hotel Savery on see is Howard Lamb's place. Just to turn south off of the hiway
ty Hospitals, wherein the facili- September 3rd will be glad to off of Colfax yet on a miain obli- for a few blocks and take a look
ties are declared available for enlighten you. Local and Dis- que avenue you will find another outside and in at Harold Fen-
the legal scope of practice of trict meetings will help you un- of our hospitals that we can be ners place. Modern in every way
any physician licensed by the derstand why the record now proud of. Ted is in the X-Ray and doing the same fine work
State of Iowa. credits many with a full fiscal department and that is all that that I found all along the route.
Highway Courtesy year's quota. This is your So- needs to be said. I went all thru, Beautiful setting and in a quiet
ciety. This is your profession. could find nothing to criticise part of town.
In a recent bulletin, issued It will command public respect
August 15, to State Highway and found everyone too busy to
in proportion to the way we pay much attention to me. An WIDNEY HOSPITAL
Patrolmen, Chief C. A. Knee in- SUPPORT it.
dicated the desire of his depart- operation was just being started Lexington, Nebraska
ment to extend every reasonable land that let me out for I was
Applications for Membership not dressed for the occasion. Still on route 30 turn north
courtesy, permitted under the off of the hiway a few blocks
law, to doctors on calls of G. H. Beghtol, Danville. iCould I come back later and
and see what the Widney broth-
emergency. A full size drawing T. S. Clarke, Bradgate. maybe we would all go fishing?
I will some day but with the ers hlave built and are running
of your A.O.A. emblem ac- W. J. Morrison, West Bend. successfully. I dropped in about
companied the articles so that Leigh Whitney, Ottumwa. place full and all so busy, when
do they go fishing? The City 9 p. m. and found Jon Hagy at
all Iowa Patrolmen, can now Respectfully submitted, the desk. A quick trip thru-in-
identify you on sight. Since Park is not far away and per-
F. A. GORDON, D.O., troductions all around and plenty
Iowa Statutes prohibit the use haps they go over there to the
Secy-Treas. of proof of efficiency in each of
of such devices on the wind- lake.
the departments. Sorry to miss
shield, Chief Knee suggests that ROCKY MOUNTAIN seeing George but the others
it be placed in the lower right made up for that and will see
corner of your rear window. Football OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL
him at some later date. You will
Such location would facilitate Denver, Colorado be pleased with this modern os-
identification from the rear, but With the opening of the Ath- Just down a few blocks you teopathi;c institution.
for prompt identification from will find another osteopathic hos-
the front, you may also want to letic Clinic there was the usual ANTON KANI HOSPITAL
pital of which we can well be
mount your metal emblem on or rush for first placements on the proud. Plenty going on there the Omaha, Nebraska
nearby your radiator. Still College squad of team phy- day we stopped. Curtis Brigham An early start brought me in
Within two weeks after that sicians. Still College is favored greeted me with, "Hi, Virg How sight of the Kani hospital be-
bulletin was issued, President in this since each of the four are you If you were not so dirty fore noon and at a bad time for
Hook tells how he would not I would shake hands with you." all were busy. This is another
have been delayed for identi- hi schools and the Catholic Col-
Too true, for he was scrubbed of our modern hospitals and with
fication if his A.O.A. emblem lege use our Seniors to take care and dressed to operate and I everything for any emergency or
had been mounted. Your official of the boys from the beginning was lucky to get a peek into the other hospitalization need. Bill
emblem for mounting on the of the season until school closes operating room, the patient al- Costello took time off to show me
rear window came with your ready being under. A trip thru thru and the quiet dignified air
current annual A.O.A. member- in the Spring. Fourteen of the gave me a chance to talk for a of the place is certainly impres-
ship card. The metal emblem class are at work and in about
minute to Sib Barnes, one of our sive. Anton and all of us are
or the decalcomania emblem are a month this group will be shift-
recent graduates, who was work- proud of this institution and I
available for members at Cen- ed and another bunch will go in.
ing in the X-Ray lab. Another was glad to add it to the list.
tral Office. Identification of In this way, working thruout place where sick folks are cared It left just the right taste in my
your automobile is an essential the year, we can take care of for in the osteopathic way and mouth. A hot day outside but
part of your cooperation with every graduate, putting him
another score for the list of visi- cool, quiet and comfortable in-
the State Highway Safety and thru actual contact experience
tations. side and with that air of effici-
Patrol. with a team. Our Seniors get
down into the locker rooms and DENVER POLYCLINIC ency that one likes to feel with-
Veterans Resolution hear and feel, smell and see out it being shown.
The Sixth District of the Iowa what goes on behind the scenes Denver, Colorado And then I came on home.
Department of the American of a football game. The follow-
Legion unanimously approved a Stop at 1600 Ogden and see This trip has been a revelation
ing start the season: Wirt, what Charlie Reed has done to a to me. I do not know yet how
resolution presented by Senator Fisher and Blackwood at Roose-
George Faul of Des Moines. fine old stone mansion. Here is I got started on this hospital
velt Hi. Renier, Kimberly and where he bosses the famous Post circuit. I do know since check-
Senator Faul's resolution seeks Pease at North Hi. Schloff,
to make competent osteopathic Graduate and Clinic work given ing back that I could have zig-
Jackson and Calvert at Eeast Hi. thru the year. A class was in zagged some and seen a few
services available to disabled Walker, Sanford and Woodruff
veterans. While there is noth- session learning some new kinks more. I almost lost sight of the
at Lincoln Hi. Iosbaker and in technic thru the able demon- primiary reason for my Summer
ing in the federal act which pro- Ferris at Dowling College. The
hibits this important part of strator, Dr. L. D. Anderson of tour in the excitement of seeing
call has not come in yet but as Boise, Idaho. Bob Starks had me another fine osteopathic hospital.
their care, yet the administra- in the past we will be working
tion of the act continues to de- by the arm and so it was hit Do you realize that these men
with the Freshman team at and run. Outside I bumped into and women who have built these
prive all cases of such relief. Drake and one or two profes- Paul Deeming of Winchester, institutions have done so with
Public Health sional teams in the city. Still Ind. (another cousin) and look their own funds Surely you are
During a recent conference College students in every departs out for him. He has some new impressed with the stability and
with the Iowa State Department ment make actual contacts and: ideas about: the eye th!at are the efficiency of Osteopathy it-
of Health, your Society's Com- not theoretical. Not one tenth worth consideration. self if it can be the basis for
mittee of Public affairs pre- of the class but every member private institutions such as we
sented a plan for assistance by has the opportunity to do this DANIELS CLINIC have scattered thruout the coun-
our members, in specific projects and every other type of clinical Denver, Colorado try. I have always been proud
of that Department. Copies of work as a part of his or her of my D. 0. degree. I am prouder
that plan, together with depart- training. 1550 Lincoln has long been a than ever before and this mild
ment bulletins, and information reputable spot for osteopathy. explosion is all that keeps me
about state materials for Small R. R. Daniels and his corps of from shouting from the house-
Pox, Diptheria, Scarlet Fever, DR. iC. W. HAMMOND, JR.- workers, continue to make it a tops. On your next trip stop and
Syphilis, are being prepared for of Bartlesville, Okla, was service station that is recognized see a few of our osteopathic in-
distribution through the execu- last heard from somewhere in thruout the city. Many improve-
stitutions and return to your
tive office of your society. the war zone of Europe taking ments have taken place since I
practice with a superiority com-
some special work in Surgery. Last checked this down-town in- plex that no one can touch.
Quotas stitution and all for the better-
Your Board of Trustees de- We hope that Bill has been able -H. V. H.
ment of all concerned. New lab-
cided in a recent meeting that ,., get back home safely.
to -_ I

Entered as second class THE Accepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923, bpecial rates of postage
at the post office at Des provided for in Section
Moines, Iowa. under the
act of August 24th,
? --
1103, Act of Oct. 3rd. 1917,
authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
<9 ----- - ------ <,


Volume 17 October 15, 1939 Number 10

.~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~Nme _0
. .

Freshmen Figures OBSTETRICAL DEPARTMENT To Wisconsin

We are still bragging about Annual Report, September, 1938 to September, 1939
that new class that came to us Dr. John M. Woods of the
this Fall. Last month we did With a total of nearly 400 cases a year in the Obstetrical faculty made a hurried trip to
not have the final figures on the Department it is always interesting to look back over the past
twelve months and see just how the figures stack. Some items Stevens Point, Wisconsin to ap-
number and did not have the
time to figure the state repre- should be of special interest for in comparison they are much bet- pear on their state program Oc-
sentation. Our smile has broad- ter than those collected thru medical sources. Here at Still tober 5th. His subject for the
ened some for when the last College we do not take advantage of selected cases for if com- afternoon was "Therapeutic
count was made we found we parison were made on the basis of favorable cases we would not Planning" and in the evening he
had expanded into the far cor- qualify with a large number, if all factors were taken into con- discussed "Our Osteopathic
ners of- the country as well as sideration. Our clinic is conducted in the homes of the patients. Armamentarium" _.. Dr.,. Woods
making a very satisfactory im- The class of homes that we work in could not be considered the reports; a fine trip thru a coun-
pression on some of the old most favorable, for many cases are housed poorly and without try that is at this time of year
standbys who have supported modern conveniences and often without proper clothing. Even highly colored by the tinting
the college for many years. with the slight handicap of some certainly unfavorable conditions ability of Jack Frost and it was
Michigan wins the honor po- our records stand out, proving the efficacy of osteopathic methods with difficulty that he drove
sition for greatest number in and the efficiency of the workers in this department. past spots that offered excellent
the class with Ohio and Iowa This department is under the direction of Dr. E. F. Leininger hunting and fishing.
tied for second place. These and his assistants, each case being completely recorded and
three states hiave always been at Over fifty members of the
checked at regular intervals. These records are on file and cases
the top in number sent to this !state association were present
delivered as far back as 40 years ago are totaled each year for the
college but the relative position and radiated enthusiasm and
grand total of statistics that prove our superiority in this type
of each varies with the years. prosperity. Plenty of good lo-
of practice.
We bow to Michigan and we cations are open in the state and
3,000 Pounds the state secretary will help you
thankfully salute the second The clinic this year delivered 375 babies totaling 3,000 pounds
place states with corresponding select the best of the offerings.
weight. The variation in size which was from 3 to 13 pounds
enthusiasm. We are glad to see We do not have the information
proved the usual average of about 7 3/ per baby. Over the years
Canada coming up. This year on Alumni activities at the
the boys have the lead in numbers but this year the girls made up
two of the boys from our sister meeting but Dr. Woods reports
a little of that difference exceeding the boys by 11. If you will that he met Still College grad-
nation are from osteopathic fam- keep that figure of !375 in mind we will run down a few items
ilies and we begin the education uates ranging in graduation age
for you and you can do some arithmetic in percentages if you wish.
of the second generation. We from Dr. Nordoff in 1903 to Dr.
Thirteen of these cases were premature. This is low. We Greenhouse of the last graduat-
must take the time to figure the
explain this by claiming that osteopathic treatment practically ing class of May 1939.
total of second generation stu-
insures full term babies. With a related item in mind we find
dents and will try to have the
only 5 abortions which should not be taken from the 375 but
number for you in our next is-
added to it.
The high percentage of Anterior Occiput is shown with 340
V U1 I1llllllf;
I c
I/'m T ,
As to distance, Washington
State wins the honor. Oregon cases. Breech comes next with 18 and Posterior Occiput next
is close with Maine trailing and with 8. Six cases required the use of forceps, only one version Few of you realiz( the vast
Texas coming in not far behind. was necessary and two Caesarians complete the list of types. amount of work ne cessary to
Twelve states and Canada are Another item of considerable interest is that out of the keep up a satisfactoi ry mailing
represented in the new class. complete list only two suffered from Eclampsia, both surviving list of our graduates a nd friends.
These 42 students show some and giving another clean year with no maternal deaths. We This past year we Ih'ave spent
interesting figures in prelimin- think this is a record of which the profession should be very many hours trying to perfect
ary .education. Twenty-four of proud. May we call your attention again to the fact that many this list and we are still work-
them could qualify for the two of these cases are not of the selected type. Our clinic takes them ing nearly every da y making
year college preliminary. Seven just as they come and yet shows an excellent record. corrections in it. The Log Book
of the 24 have full four year Deformities are not often found and yet under the circum- comes to you under a special
college with degrees. Three stances it would not be alarming to find a higher percentage. permit and is not th Le kind of
have three years of college work Slight deformaties of the limbis and spine predominate but only. mail that will be for warded to
and 14 have completed two 5 cases were listed during the past year. you when you change a your ad-
(Continued on Page Four) dress. If you have meoved with-
Seven pair of twins were brought into the world thru the
clinic this past year. This is a little high. The department is out sending us noticee of your
still looking for that case of sextuplets that we think we are change we get a n(otice back
Dr. Facto to Enter entitled to with the excellent record for over 40 years. that costs us two cen ts for the
information. This is inot always
Practice September, 1938 was the best month. Forty-four cases were immediate and may n ot be sent
lelivered and the boys divided honors with the girls there being for two or three moinths after
Dr. L. L. Facto, after ten 22 of each. This gave the girls their best month of the year. The you have made the cl hange.' In
years of association with Des fewest number of girls being born in June and numbering only the meanwhile you weonder why
Moines Still College of Osteo- 9. This month, June 1939, totaled the fewest cases for any you are not getting the Log
pathy in the capacity of teacher month there being only 20. March, 1939 was a favorite month Book and if some memiber of the
and clinician, hiais moved to for the boys. Out of 39 cases that month 24 were boys and 15 faculty is present at :your state
Bartlesville, Okla., and plans to girls. The boys do not like to be born in either August or De- convention you ask vwhy. The
enter the practice of Oseopathy. cember according to this report for only 9 arrived during these answer is for you to please re-
Dr. Facto has earned an en- nonths that tied for fewest number of boys born. member that you musst send us
viable reputation as an instruc- The best three consecutive months were January, February your change in addreess in ad-
tor and is well known in the and March, 1939. A total of 105 cases were taken care of there vance of the mailing c)f the Log
osteopathic profession for his ac- being exactly one for each day in February. January and March Book or you will not get it. We
tivity in the technic section of exceeded the cajse-per-day record. are anxious to keep tl Uis list ac-
the A. 0. A. The sincere best The statistics accumulated in this department are not the curate and complete. Several of
wishes of the entire faculty and najor factor of value. This whole story means that students at our Alumni have beei n lost for
student body go with Dr. Facto Still College have an opportunity not enjoyed by students of every nonths, not due to oiur neglect
and his family in their new a;s- college of theranv. We know of some medical schools that rlo blut to valir failiiro ptoM remind us
. A..(Continued (Continued on
on Page
Page Th.ree)
Three) I of
of your
your new
new location.
year is really under way: The exams sent Brother Weiss to bed
fYATERPITY 'OTCS freshman are asking questions;
the sophomores have that dazed
with symtoms associated with
allergy towards examinations.
treatment. Dr. Mary's office is
the kind we all dream about
having some day.
look; the juniors are trying Rumors of postponement were Until pledging, the 22, we are
hard to develop that professional followed by a phenomonal re- all going to be very busy with
look, and the seniors are begin- covery. D. G., S. G. our books and will confine our
ning to wonder what is going literary attempts to notebooks.
to be asked in the qualifying
The fellows of the fraternity
are well "in the groove" of Our first regular meeting of
things and with the school in the term was held September
The annual fall smoker was full swing we find them busy 19 at the Phi Sigma Gamma
held October 4. Judge Frederic getting their lessons, OBs, House. The meeting character-
N. O. I. C. ,M. Miller, assistant chief justice (Brother Blackwood delivering ized itself as a very eventful one
of Iowa Supreme Court was the breech twins) treatments, social in as much as we initiated 112
We are glad to report that honored guest and speaker. functions, etc. new members in the organiza-
the Council and its membership Judge Miller talked on the Eu- We had a chili supper at Jack tion. This list will be published
is on the dot in progressing to- ropean situation and its effect Lilly's cabin (a couple of weeks in the next issue of the Log
wards the goal of the year's on American Business. He also ago and at this time we had a Book. After discussing many
work. President Gordon is get- gave many good ideas on frater- report of the A. O. A. convention points of interest in business,
ting his reports in on the mem- nlalism. Dr. Klien, fraternity at Dallas. This was a full and old and new, a very complete re-
bership drive among the frater- advisor, introduced the speaker. very interesting report of the port of the meeting of our Grand
nities and sororities. Some of The balance of the program was Iota Tau Sigma work from the Council in Dallas last July was
these are complimentary and devoted to talks by Dr. Becker, Grand Chapter and Council as given. Adjournment was at
others not quite so. There is a Dr. Owen, Dr. Halladay; songs well ,as the various other chap- 10:0'0 p. m.
_great deal to be done yet by by the P. S. G. quartette and a ters. We were very glad to hear October 10th we convened at
some of the officers of our mem- very excellent act of mind read- that all are doing very well. the new home of the Atlas Club
bership in the matter of records ing by two well known actors We regret very much the on Arlington Ave. and incident-
accurately kept. from Canada The evening was death of Brother Sloan's father ally they have a swell set-up
Every member of the Council concluded with refreshments. and extend our sincere sympathy there. After the regular business
hais. paid its dues up to the meet- The house is very proud of to him. of the fraternity was concluded
ing next Summer in St. Louis. the dinner table and we have Our smoker for the new the frat decided to hold the next
This gives us the necessary cash enjoyed the company of many Freshmen was held at the Cabin meeting in the form of a ban-
with which to carry on the di- guests including: Dr. and clubhouse on October 5th. We quet, the time, place and menu
rections given at the meeting Mris. Becker, Dr. and Mrs. Clark, were very happy to be host to being left to the committee. Per-
held in Dallas. Each member Dr. and Mrs. Malloney, Dr. and the 37 new students of the class. sonally it makes no difference
has appointed its local repre- Mrs. Shumaker, Dr. and Mrs. Each one receiving a buttonaire what we have to eat just so it
sentative and there will be a Braunschweig of Des Moines, and ia card bearing his name, is chicken. G. L.
meeting of these officials at St. Dr. J. Mattern of Kansas carried out in our own green
Louis Saturday evening October The annual fall dance is to be and white color scheme of the
14th. This will facilitate the held October 25. With the plans fraternity. We had as our
working of this group and will lreanrlv
-r vwuJ Almar1d.
thins vn.r'-a
J V10 I la-neo.-
U ILk ; rocikorqa Drc! Ronnvn T)oviTnp anl Plans have not been com-
enable u;s to get the little de- should be the best fall dance in Virg Halladay and showed ob- pleted for the list of activities
tails ahead of other business. many years. stetrical and travel film. Fin- for the year but have been dis-
This office has sent out a list With the semester well started ishing the evenings entertain- cussed and the program will be
of suggestions
n n
to officials ..
----- -_
_ _... .
we have at last put the pledges ment, the group were served announced later. The major
oering 88 from our A. 0. A. of- under the well known thumb. with refreshments on the lawn change in the meeting plans has
ficers on down thru the list to It is said there is safety in num- outside the cabin. been to institute a dinner and
the subordinate chapters. We bers so with the large number We see some of the fellows business meeting once a month
have some favorable responses of pledges H. Morey is working doing the usual cramming be- for pledges and actives at which
already. very hard to keep hits men in fore the six weeks exams and time a speaker will be present
We anticipate a big conven- line. Looking into the records the Seniors already preparing that will bring to the fraternity
tion next summer. We must be we find the following: Jack for the qualifying. some outside topic of import-
ready for more at the banquets Mills, Bill Ball, Lionel Gatien, Plans are being made for our ance. In this way the advices of
and all of these things have to Cristy Henkel, Ed Parry, Victor annual Fall Stag and also for the National Interfraternity
be figured out months ahead. Sperling, Marvin Ford, Ozzie our various entertainment fea- Council are being carried out
We thank you for your coopera- Neilson, Thomas Deegan, Ralph tures throughout the coming and we sincerely endorse these
tion and assure you all that Irish, Roscoe Irish, Roger An- year. R. L. and feel that a great deal of
when you come to the St. Louis derson, Wyatt Wood, Charles benefit will be derived. We
;Convention you will find our Randels. hope to extend these meetings
part of the program ready and We have also had visits from An to include all the subjects sug-
waiting for your appearance. C. W. Millard, Milwaukee; K. R. What with keeping the noses gested. The first dinner of this
H. V. Halladay, Exc. Secy. Blanding, Jackson, Mich. Both of our three new freshman girls type will be held at Red's Bar-
brothers graduated last May. to the grindstone and having becue October 24, at 7:00 p. m.
T. R. K. lots of fun the Delta Omega ac- and we want every member,
tives have been very busy. active and Alumni there to-
The first open house of the We regally started the sem- gether with the pledges. G. S.
school year was held Saturday,
September 30. There was a
Aar ester with a banquet at Red's
Barbecue on September 28, Miss
good turn-out and everyone re- September 25th, marked the Margaret Waggoner, Director of The January Class
ported a good time. initiation of two new Fraters, the Des Moines Dairy Council, It is not too early to be think-
Among the visitors we had David Friedman, and Louis Ra- gave a most amusing and en- ing along the line of recruits
this month was Dick McGill. detsky, into the realms of our lightening description of how to for the next cluass. This class
Dick has dropped out for this fraternial life. At a dinner lose, or gain weight the nutri- entering in January 1940 marks
year and is going to be back given after the rituals, we were tive way. Every girl in school another milestone in our prog-
next fall. Working as pianist admirably entertained by an ex- and also every local alumnae ress for it closes permanently
in Hal Leonard's band will temporaneous quartette made up was present. the opportunity to enter without
keep him busy. His tender bal- of Kanter, Green, Giateman, and On Sunday, October 1, Georgi- two years of college work. If
lads of yesteryear are as sweet Radetsky. David Friedman also anna Harris entertained the girls you have a prospect that has de-
as ever. Dr. Gorey, a Kirks- sang. Naughty!! Naughty!! at her home and she really layed his or her entrance into
ville alumnus, has been at the We were honored by a visit knows about refreshments. our college and yet has the one
house a few days while taking from two of our alumni, Dr. Dr. Mary Golden invited the year of college, he or she can
his basic science examinations. Alvin Yarrows, now interning in Co-eds to her office Tuesday still matriculate in January
According to Brother Hager- the Lamb Hospital, and Dr. evening, the 1r0th of October to 1940. Beginning next Fall each,
ty, the osteopaths in the next Maxwell Greenhouse, who rec- see a remarkable film on Trichi- matriculant must have full two
war will receive orders some- ently established a practice in noses. The micro-photography years of pre-osteopathic educa-
thing like this: "Squads right, Milwaukee. Success to both of was enough to, set even Virge tion. January is the last chance
manipulate." you. agog and besides that it wiais, full for the one year college require-
Sure signs that the school Announcement of six week of good practical diagnosis and ment.
i I I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'as such is highly resistant to The important factors under
The Lo Book tuberculosis. Many people ac-
quire tuberculosis in infancy or
consideration in treatment are
,associated with lung trophism
early childhood, develop a de- (upper dorsal), with cardiac Faust sold his soul for it.
The Official Publication of gree of pathology and become
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE function (upper dorsal and cer- Ponce de Leon traveled many
,completely arrested cases with- vical), with digestion and nutri- miles in search of it. Each of us
out manifest symptoms, and in tion (splanchnic area) and with seeks to keep it and we look
Editor - .....................E. Harwood which the condition is only dis- elimination (lower dorsal and for the formula that will enable
covered at autopsy following lumbar). The secret of success- us to fool our friends on our
Faculty Adviser -H. V. Halladay death from some other cause. ful osteopathic treatment in ac- age. That prescription is at the
Other cases may even have re- tive pulmonary tuberculosis is end of our pen but some of us
President ---- Arthur D. Becker infection-either endogenouts or in the manner of administration. do not see it.
Osteopathy exogenous-and develop a. fairly The treatment must be gentle Youth consists of keeping in
Without Limitation
marked degree of pathology and and the dosage of treatment touch with the present and not
become completely arrested and must be within the patient's tol- living in the past. Youth is
healed cases entirely without erance:, which is distinctly limit-
Osteopathic Therapeutics symptoms and without recogni- ed. Treatment must be admin-
looking forward to another day
and not reviewing the mistakes
(Number 14 in Series) tion at the time. Reinfected isitered with a minimum-one of yesterday. Youth is taking
cases are usually of a more ser- might almost say an irreducible part in building and perpetuat-
REGION OF THE THORAX ious type than with the primary minimum-of physical disturb-
Pulmonary Tuberculosis ing the good things of life and
infection. There is every ad- ance. The objective of treatment not sitting idly watching others
In this discussion of Pulmon- vantage in early diagnosis and is to secure careful, easy and ef-
ary Tuberculosis, I am planning move out of his field of vision.
in the early institution of pro- fective articulation of vertebral You can be young or aged just
to limit the consideration to just per treatment and care. More articular facets and of rib heads.
one particular type of involve- as you wish.
than eighty per cent of early No heavy leverages are warrant- I travel about meeting our
ment; namely, Chronic Ulcera- cases; of tuberculosis do well ed and over-long treatment is to
tive Pulmonary Tuberculosis. It profession at state and other
; under treatment. Late, advanced be avoided. Should treatment conventions. I see members of
is not within the scope of these and rapidly advancing cases cause any increase of the after- our profession of all ages; in
brief and condensed sketches present a much more difficult noon temperature range, the
concerning osteopathic therapeu- years but I see youth regardless
problem and many of them do manner of administration of of many years of osteopathic
tics to even attempt any ade- not do well even under the best treatment, and possibly the dos- service. I see age in some who
quate general discussion of this of care. age of treatment, is wrong. have been in practice only a
most important disease. For Deep, insistent and effective ar-
The three great wheel-horses short time and by what stand-
etiology and various etiological ticulation of spinal areas can be
in treatment are rest, fresh air, ards can I judge these friends?
factors, for methods of dissem- accomplished without unfiavor-
ination, for pathology, for path- and food. They cannot be re- To me youth is the alert mind.
placed by excellence in other able reactions. I have treated The dimming eye and ear and
ogenesis, for methods of physi-
measures. Rest means absolute numbers of patients who were the character lines sculptured in
cal examination, for differential not making satisfactory progress
rest in bed for all cases showing the face do not indicate age.
diagnosis, for outlines of symp-
any evidence of an active pro- with the three great primary These may be present but back
toms and complications, and for
prophylactic measures, the read- cess. This rest in bed may cover essentials of treatment--rest, of these visible marks of service
anywhere from six or eight fresh air, and good food--who I see a mind that is keen; a
er is referred to standard texts
weeks for mild early cases to promptly responded favorably to mind that knows by the methods
on Practice.
that many months or more for the addition of osteopathic treat- of contact what has transpired,
It i;s my best judgment thtat it
more serious involvements. The ment as outlined here. Other what is the problem of today
is desirable to present briefly
common error is in not persist- treatment is symptomatic and and what must be planned for
here the symptoms of onset as
ing in the rest treatment over a varies with each case. the future. There is no death
they occur in many cases. Fifty
per cent of cases of the adult sufficiently extended period. Artificial pneumothorax, for- ahead for this keen youthful
Fresh air is the second import- merly used as a court of last mind that is acutely aware of
type of Chronic Ulcerative Pul-
monary Tuberculosis begin with ant item. The patient should be resort, is now advocated and all things that bear on his most
bronchitis and cough as the as lightly clothed as is; consist- used as: early treatment in many vital interest, his profession.
presenting symptoms. The cough ent with 'comfort. In moderate cases. It is good treatment and There is only one way to keep
may be either a dry cough or a weather he should be outdoors in properly selected cases it is this youth from slipping away.
productive cough. It is to be at least one-half the time, if to be warmly recommended. It You must continue your educa-
noted that if fifty per cent begin possible. If indoors, ventilation should be done promptly in all tion. You must know what is
should be fully adequate-direct cases where any marked activity written and discussed today and
with bronchitis and cough as
drafts are to be avoided. Young of the tubercular process; is evi- you must make direct contact
symptoms of onset, that means
that fifty per cent of oases do patients apparently do better in dent. Advanced cases and rap- with your friends and neighbors
cold air than do older patients. idly advancing cases may require in our profession. The solution
not have cough and bronchitis
Dry air is preferable. Good food in addition to artificial pneumo- is an easy one.
as early symptoms. Many cases
are diagnosed as cases of neu- is the third important item in thorax, resection of the phrenic Those who are doing things
treatment. The diet should be nerve, and may even require and who are building, improving
rasthenia, and with their mild
nourishing, varied, and appetiz- thoracoplasty. and preserving for the future
secondary anemia, slight loss of
weight and strength, indigestion, ing. It should be as liberal as are affiliated with our national
Heliotherapy, old tuberculin, organization. We look to our
and with fatigueability as an the patient c'an enjoy and digest. and exercise have no place in
outstanding symptom, they do It is a sad mistake to try to leaders with youthful ideas to
the treatment of pulmonary tu- keep our science for future gen-
present a typical picture of neu- stuff patients with more food berculosis with any degree of
rasthenia. Many cases are diag- than they can care for to ad- erations, for our own betterment
activity in the pathological les- and to record our history as the
nosed as dyspepsia and treated vantage and to risk the possi- ion. They all act in a similar
for dyspepsia, and go from doc- bility of a digestive upset. The days and years pass. Youth
manner and tend to stimulate thrives on work, congeniel fel-
tor to doctor, with the result diet should be rich in vitamins the pathological lesion. There
that many valuable months are and in organic minerals. Food lowship and ideals, under which
should be daintily served and comes a time late in convalesc- foundations must be built. Old
lost which should have been ence when such treatment is in-
utilized for more logical treat- uneaten portions of food should Age creeps rapidly on those who
dicated and serves to increase hide from the responsibility of
ment. Suspected cases of tuber- be promptly removed from the the formation of fibrous tissue
culosis should have a two weeks' sight of the patient. meeting the present and plan-
which is the method whereby ning for the future.
temperature chart made to de- 'ihese three items-rest, fresh more effective sealing in of the
termine the possibility of an air, and good food-are the The American Osteopathic As-
tissues directly involved is se- sociation is your foundation of
afternoon rise in temperature sheet anchors in the successful cured. I have seen many eases
with an associated sub-normal treatment of pulmonary tuber- youth. You do not have to trav-
in which a serious error was be- el hundreds of miles to seek it
temperature. Still other cases culosis and are in themselves ing made in giving sun baths to
entirely adequate in many cases. nor are you compelled to sell
may begin with attacks of pleur- patients with active pulmonary
A fourth item that may be your soul for its benefits. Keep
isy-either plastic pleurisy or tuberculosis. Sunshine is excel-
added with measurable advant- young longer by making this
pleurisy with effusion. Occas- lent treatment for bone tuber-
age in all cases, and as an es- contact today. Added knowledge
ionally we find a case in which culosis, joint tuberculosis, or
sential element in many cases, and renewed friendships will
hemoptysis is a first symptom glandular tuberculosis, but is
is osteopathic treatment, design- bring youth and the pride of
and the hemorrhage may be contra-indicated in active pul- being an active unit of our pro-
either slight or free. ed and calculated to secure and monary tuberculosis. Institiu- fession. H. V. Halladay.
In considering any plan of maintain normalization of spinal tiona l treatment ,while desirable
treatment for this type of pul- areas in 'close anatomical associ- and the method of choice, is not resources are adequate to prop-
monary tuberculosis, it is well ation with those tissues and essential. Patients can get well erly carry out necessary meas-
to recognize that the human race organs immediately concerned. at home and in any climate, if ures. A. D. B., D. 0.


(Continued ifrom Page 1)
Dr. Halladay, having to make The Des Moines Osteopathic
not have the quantity and varietty of cases that come to us here a quick date in Wichita, Kansas, Auxiliary and Polk County Os-
in Des Moines. You may be ce rtain that each graduate of this decided to extend the first part teopathic Association held a
college is trained at the bedside and makes actual contact with of the round trip into South joint meeting at Canfield's Party
the minimum required seven cas ses. Many graduates are on at- Missouri. A cousin, Dr. Otto Room, 8491/2 W. 32nd St., Sat-
tendance at as many as 100 obsit Letrical cases. Those who stayed Shade, has retired to a farm urday, October 7, 1939, to pay
during the Summer were too busy. A small group of Seniors near Lamar, Mo., and Virg had tribute to the Founder of Os-
handled 86 cases during June, July and August, one of these not seen him for several years teopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor
students being credited with atter idance at 52 of the cases. and this southernly excursion Still.
The Obstetrical Department is one of the clinical divisions of was an excuse for a side trip Dr. O. E. Owen, Polk County
contact training that we are pr' oud of. Still College has other with visiting on the list instead President, introduced Mrs. B. L.
departments that deal more writh the pathological conditions of technical talks. He reports Cash, local President of the Aux-
found in the general type of pra ctice. The birth of a baby is or Dr. Shade and his sister Miss iliary, who presented Mrs Ar-
should be a normal physiologic; l process but the services of a Mayme Shade in good health thur D. Becker, the first lay
physician are essential for the pathological case occurs with suf- and enjoying the quiet retire- woman to become President of
ficient frequency to warrant deerp study of the subject. The full ment of country life. Dr. Shade the organization. Mrs. Becker
appreciation and early recogniti ion of these cases can only be does complain about one annoy- gave a history of the organiza-
based on experience and an appre.ciation of the normal. With the ing feature of his existence. It tions of Osteopathic Auxiliaries
quantity of cases offered in this department the student has the seems that even tho he has tried and of the origin of "Founder's
opportunity of making these obs<ervations personally and not hav- to conceal his identity as a phy- Day." The latter is of special
ing to depend on theory, hears'ay or diagrams. This clinical de- siciian that the neighbors have interest to Iowans due to the
partment is one of the reasons why Still College students are found him out and he is com- fact that the idea was first con-
graduated as practiced physicians 3. pelled to give . ten to fifteen 1 os-1 ceived by Mrls. Rolla Hook, wife
- .....
... , .. . . -- - lt-- l_
teopatnic treatments a week of our State President, and later
President Jones Freshmen Figures much against his will. Following due to the efforts of Mrs. Biecker,
the Old Doctor's methods, Dr. accepted as a national project
Shade treats them on the ground by the Osteopathic Auxiliaries
Deep in the archives we found 'Continued from Page 1) or across a bale of hay if they a't their meeting in Dallas, 1939.
the book we were looking for. years of college training. The catch him out supervising some Thus the first Saturday in Oc-
It was the original registration remaining 18 in the class have farm work or in the barn. tober will be set aside each year
and grade book of the Sou!thern met every requirement of the The meeting at Wichita was as "Founder's Day" and com-
School of Osteopathy at Frank- one year that we will yet permit preceeded by an informal con- memorated by appropriate din-
lin, Ky. Turning thru the pages as entrance requirement for the ferenlce at the office of Dr. Quest ners and banquets thruout the
we found something. Frank F. next class. These credits have of Augusta relative to the Alum- nation.
Jones entered the college as a all been passed on by a quali- ni Luncheon planned for the fol- The chief speaker of the eve-
student in February 1901 and fled evaluator named by the lowing day, October 9. ning, Dr. A. D. Becker, in his
graduated in January 19'03. committee from the Associated The trip to Wichita was made talk on "The Contribution of
There follows his complete list Colleges of Osteopathy. There early in the morning and having Andrew Taylor Still to Thera-
of subjects, grades and attend- is no question about the quali- disposed of a morning talk Dr. peutics," paid fitting tribute to
ance. How does your college fication of any one student in Halladay met with the Alumni the Founder of Osteopathy as a
record compare with this. Frank this class. of Still College at a luncheon man of keen observation, a stu-
was absent four days in the two We interpret this response as held fat the Allis Hotel in Wichi- dent of nature possessing an or-
years. This is serious. We will tangible evidence of your con- ta. Seventeen were present and iginal and mechanical mind, but
have to get a report on these fidence in our college. We can- following Dr. Halladay's talk of- withall a true philosopher who
four days. His grades run the not do more for this class than fered many valuable sugges- lived his own philosophy.
entire gamut from 98 to 100, we have for others except that tions. Sheriff Reed, Mitch, a Music for the occasion was
one being listed as 99 1/2 and this we feel that our equipment and couple of Macs and others added furnished by Mrs. Green, pianist,
will have to be looked into also our faculty is superior to what to the enjoyment of the occasion ,and Mr. Richard Anthens, solo-
for we cannot understand this it might have been in the past. with considerable good natured ist, of the Drake Department of
collosal penalty of half a point. We hope that as the years roll ribbing about events during Music.
It must have been something along that we can show improve- their student days. The group Sixty-four Physicians and
very serious to have cut into ment each year in all of these was enthusiastic and have Auxiliary members from Des
his average to this extent. Bad factors that go to make better started a program that will show Moines and vicinity enjoyed the
record Frank, and we must have educated osteopathic physicians results in a very short time. Dr. banquet which preceded Dr.
an explanation. The present demands may be A. L. Quest of Augusta was Becker's address.
Along with Dr. Frank F. hard to meet but we are meet- elected president of the Kansas Within the next week Polk
Jones record we found a num- ing them and going beyond the D. M. S. C. O. Alumni Associa- County Osteopathic Physicians
ber of others that were of in- absolute necessities in every de- tion and Dr. J. Q. A. Mattern will be contacted relative to
terest also. Regina Wade and partment. We want to stay out will fill the chair of Secretary- their participation in a state-
R. R. Norwood were in that in front with our program of Treasurer. The appointive of- wide campaign for vaccination
same class and in this book we efficiency and the assurance of ficers will be announced soon. against small pox, sponsored by
also find Dr. Percy H. Woodall, that service will be possible only Dr. Bridenstine, recently having the Iowa Solciety of Osteopathic
M. D., who studied and taught thru the fruitful efforts of our located in Vermillion was the Physicians and Surgeons, thru
at the college. Alumni and friends in the field. baby of the bunch and Drs. God- its Public Affairis Committee and
This Southern School of Os- with the cooperation of the Iowa
teopathy, founded by George Our total enrollment
Our total
enrollment goes up
goes up frey and Pearson lay claims to
State Department of Health, and
h av
Nason was a good school or we this year to 206. This is not as ing been longest in practice. other organizations actively in-
would not be able to turn to its large a student body as we need was a very fine meeting ac- terested in Child health.
records and find men and women but we are elated to find that cording to Dr. Halladay. The next regular meeting will
prominent in our profession to- we have increased the entering Following
Virg drove to an
Desafternoon talk
Moines arriv- be held at 6:30 P. M., Friday,
day as students and graduates Freshmen 150% over the same November 10th, at the Kirk-
of this institution. Still College time last year and have 'added ing in the wee hours but ready wood Hotel.
absorbed this school in 1905 and 10% to the total of the number for work Tuesday morning. Ruth Paul, D. O., Sec'y.
we are proud to have the grad- in the college. We are proud
of these figures and we know The Jordan Scholarship
uates of the Southern School af-
filiated with us as Alumni. Xou are too. It is something Des Moines Still College of From Joplin, Mo.
to talk about when we can an- Osteopathy acknowledges, with We are glad to receive the
nounce to our friends that we sincere thanks a One Hundred first copy of a Bulletin being
Born are growing instead of shrink- Dollar Scholarship presented by issued by the Joplin General
Hospital. Our own Dr. W. E.
ing. Dr. Holcomb Jordan of Daven-
Dr. and Mrs. Harold K. Mor- port, Iowa. Heinlin is the surgeon and from
gan of Buena Vista, Colo., an- .Married -This wias a very fine gesture the list of professional cards
nounce the arrival of Raymond Mar~riledon the part of Dr. Jordan and published on the last page we
Kent Morgan, September 17, we appreciate the spirit prompt- feel sure that he is getting the
weight 6-14. Roger B. Anderson and Miss ing the gift. The Scholarship was support of our profession in the
Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Johnson of June Beverly Green were mar- awarded to a young man enter- city and immediate neighbor-
Elliott, Iowa announce the ar- ried September 1 at Aberdeen, ing the September, 1939 Class hood. The Bulletin is filled with
rival of Ronald Lee Johnson S. Dak. Mr. Anderson is a mem-and meeting the necessary qual- interesting items about the work
September 23, Weight 8. ber of the January '43 class. ifications. being done at the institution.

------ THE
Entered as second class
matter, February 3rd, 1923,
at the post office at Des I> Accepted for mailing at
special rates of postage
provided for in Section

Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
<)----- ,


Volume 17 November 15, 19'39 Number 11


Our Standing Freshman Reception

D. M. S. C. 0.
During the past year consider- The customary reception to
able has been written about the new students was held this Fall
future of our osteopathic col- announces the date of its at the Hoyt-Sherman Place and
leges. Perhaps we use that ex- was as usual a very enjoyable
pression too much and should affair. Members of the faculty
say, "the future of our osteo-
pathic profession." It certainly HICMECCMOMI JUBIILf and trustees met the incoming
guests and initiated the new stu-
is true that before any one in- dents into the customs of the
clined to practice osteopathy can
do so that they must graduate
December 8, 1939 Hoyt Sherman. Phil Reams Band
furnished excellent music for the
from one of our recognized col- dancing and those who preferred
leges and so the idea is the same Sponsored by the Iowa D. M. S. iC. 0. Alumni Association and cards were provided with facili-
altho the wording may be dif- 3ight other organizations a day of varied entertainment is being tes for Bridge.
ferent. The interpretation may The Freshmen were lined up
be different but to us it looks planned for all Alumni of the college. W;e cannot hope that we
during the first number follow-
to be the same. Getting back to will have 100 % representation from each state but we are planning ing the intermission and pre-
the first statement, we wonder a big day and we are assured now of its success. You will not want sented with miniature skeletons
how much more has to be writ- to miss any one item of the program and your family will want to with the hint that they might be
ten before the profession will be- of value in their study of Oste-
attend also. Glance over the resume of the program below and
come fully awake to the present ology.
situation. Recent figures pub- plan now to take a day off and mingle with your friends at the The evening was thoroly en-
lished by the Forum and the A. college and the banquet and dance. joyed by all present and ideal
0. A. Journal are factual reports weather added to the pleasure of
from the colleges and should be 10:30 A. M. STILL MEMORIAL PROGRAM the evening.
given some thot by every mem-
ber of the osteopathic profession. 1:30 P. M. SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM
(For visiting Alumni)
Our college this year shows a Qualifying Exams
small increase in each class 1:30 P. M. SHOPPING-SOUVENIRS
and of course an increase in the (For visiting wives.) It is really not necessary to
total enrollment. We are mak- mention that the Seniors are do-
ing this statement with an ele- 6:30 P. M. BANQUET, ENTERTAINMENT AND DANCE. ing double duty -this; month.
ment of pride that is free of any They are spending so mulch time
braggadocio. We feel that we We approach the Holiday Season this year with a greater complaining about how much
are entitled to a degree of pride appreciation of our security and with a cheerfulness that is based they have to do that they are in
in this record. We at the college danger of not getting anything
upon the gratifying response from the field in filling our need for
have worked hard to impress, our done. They not only have to keep
Alumni with the need for a a larger student body. We want you in the field to meet these up their work in the regular
greater interest in student re- future members of your profession. We want you to come home classes but also are preparing for
cruiting and we have had a re- for a day and see the changes that have been made since your the official examinations that de-
sponse that has been satisfactory finitely put them on one side of
graduation. A small fee covering only part of the expense will be
for the present. We have not the fence or the other. There is
been hiding our anxiety in this charged. Make your reservation early by writing to Dr. Earl no question in our mind about
matter for the Log Book goes Sargent, Roosevelt Shopping Center, Des Moines. the value of these examinations.
to approximately four thousand They have proved of value since
We are expecting you. their initiation two years ago and
graduates of other schools. We
hope that the things we have -- - ----- - ---""'L~-~-rC--C_-··7 30-----DDl ". -L-·- i -- the anticipation is. the most de-
written have inspired Alumni of stressing factor related. Dec. 8th
other colleges for this report re- it now but with this decrease, will be a gala day for all of us
cently published shows that even plainly evident over a period of Dr. C. N. Clark and perhaps more so for this
more enthusiasm is needed. And a few years, it most certainly troubled class. We hope that
that is what we started out to means a drop in number among each one will have good cause
say. the graduates. We cannot af- The college enjoyed a short for celebrating along with the
ford that either. visit November 2 with Dr. C rest of us.
Our standing this year is at
the top. We want to stay at the We are presuming that you N. Clark of the Central Office.
top and we want the other col- have read this far and this last Arrangements were made for
leges to approach a little closer paragraph is all that is necessary him to meet with each class in Dr. Don Wicke, '38
to our gaints. We would not care anyway. It is up to each of us to the college and explain more
if someone passed us just so we do just a little bit more.than we fully the services given by the We recently received the let-
do not start in the other direc- have done in order to fill in the association. Still College has a ter promised us over one year
tion. We want a reasonable in- losses we have suffered thru this student body that subscribes 100, ago when Don left for England
crease in students in our next change in preliminary require- percent to the A. O. A. program to serve an internship. Don
class matriculating the last of ments. The adjustment will not and we are always glad to have waited until he arrived safely
January. We want more than 43 take place in the natural course one of the officers of our associa- in the U. S. and expressed him-
to enter our college next Fall. of events but will have to be tion meet with us and bring self in no uncertain terms about
We need them for all the rea- worked on by each member of good reports such as Dr. Clark his pleasure at being home
sons that we have given you in the profession doing something had to offer this year. again. This is not a criticism of
past articles. to interest more young people In the evening the Atlas Club either the practice of osteopathy
The people, of this country in the study of osteopathy. It is enjoyed hearing Dr. Clark on a or the people in England but he
need more osteopa-thic physi- a serious matter of self-protec- very practical subject that is not feels that under the present cir-
cians. Our mail frequently brings tion and perpetuation. Next year always fully ,covered in the regu- cumstances that he would and
requests for an osteopathic phy- when this report comes out we lar class work. His early de- does prefer to have his feet on
sician in some town that is twen- want to see every college of os- parture to catch a train brought American soil. Don expects soon
ty-five or more miles from the teopathy show an increase in qtu- out many protestations and we to enter practice and will advise
nearest member of our profes- dent enrollment. This shrinkage have :a, promise of a return date us of his new address at an early
must stop right now. ___!41_ - - j. _ _

sion. The profession may not see with more time to spare. I ate.
performed on Jack Lilly's moth- The job of getting the house or do they?
er but are happy to report that in tip top shape is still in pro- Becky Richardson and Rachel
she is getting along fine and may gress. The house now sports a Payne were "at home" to the
she have a speedy recovery. new fire proof roof. The floors girls Sunday, Octo'ber 29. Every-
The boys are making their have been refinished and the sec- one had a good time listening to
plans for Thanksgiving holidays ond floor papered and painted. some "private stock" records,
and are counting the days until We are also looking forward to belonging to the brother of one
Christmas. At the same time having the house painted next of the girls and comparing
the Seniors are spending all the spring. The words of our "notes" with one another, as
time they can find studying for Archon Al Ferris are: "it is usual.
the Qualifying Exams to be held really becoming a home away A group of non-plussed actives
the first week in December. from home." were hostess to the unquench-
Christmas Party plans are in With the 2 dates for Thanks- able pledges at a hamburg picnic
the air also. With two days to giving some of the boys are won- held at MacRay Park, October 3.
N. O. I. C. eat turkey before Christmas we dering if they will be able to go The pledge's arrived on time, re-
There is little to write at this wonder what Christmas will of- home. The state of Iowa recog- gardless of all plans made to
time. The membership has been fer for variety. nizes November 30, so the school waylay them en route.
sent the letter that goes out at is complying with the state. Word from Dr. Louise
this time of the year on the! mat- December 8, has been set Michael, who is practising in
ter of organizing the information aside as Homecoming for the al- Alcester, South Dakota, reaffirms
we need early in 1940. We are The last meeting of the Gam- the opinion that there is defin-
umni of the college. All grad-
not demanding this for some ma Chapter was held in the uates in the field are invited to itely a field for osteopathic
time yet and so everyone has form of a banquet at the East come. Phi Sigma Gamma extends women.
plenty of time to get this done. D. M. Club. We had the priv- their invitation to everyone to be
I think the most constructive ilege and pleasure of hearing Dr.
thing we have done yet was to Robert Bachman who brought us
in Des Moines on that date and
make this first homecoming one
make a trip to St. Louis the 14th one of his inimitable messages Preparations are going on in
to be remembered and looked a big way getting ready for the
of October and meet with some on the principles of practice. forward to in years to come. We
very important members of the The banquet was also held in Homecoming Jubilee December
are looking forward to seeing 8th. The house is to be open to
St. Louis Committee. In about honor of our new group of old brothers and meeting new
an hour we covered the territory pledges who turned out 100 per- all visiting Alumni and we want
ones in the field. -T. R. K. you to see exactly what we have
necessary to get the machinery cent. After the banquet a short
of the frat and sorority nights business meeting was held. Dur- and why we are so proud of the
going well even this early. It ing the discussion Dr. Paul Park
was complimentary to find Collin presented the proposition of hav-
Aar place.
The Pledge dance was held at
Brook, Walter Bailey, E. B. ing a dinner dance at the Ft. Des L. O. G. held their first the home November 4th and at-
Whitmer, R. Terry Larson, Ern- Moines! Hotel for the next meet- monthly meeting at the J. C. C. tended by several members of
est Moore, Norman Edwards and ing. This to be in connection The chief topic of discussion was the faculty and visitors from out
many others, there on time and with the plans of the Iowa Al- the future of Osteopathy, what of town. The committee on dec-
anxious to do everything to make umni association. This met with it held in store for its prosipec- orations spent considerable time
the work of the ;Council as easy the approval of the entire frater- tive students, and to outline a gathering Autumnal foliage and
as is possible. If the spirit of nity. This Homecoming promi- plan whereby L O. G. members other Iowa field products; which
cooperation continues in St. ises to be a gala day and with may interest prospective situ- were arranged in a tasty manner
Louis as it has started we will the publicity should create deep- dents. Each member pledged thruout the house.
have our best convention. This er impression of the profession himself to try and interest some The confusion arising from
early start assures us of an eveia in this community. The occasion new student in the study of Os- the double dates of Thanksgiving
distribution of the work of put- will be timely for the Seniors teopathy as a future. has not been solved and it is
ting on ten banquets and reun- will be finished with their Qual- During the business of the likely that altho the membership
ions. This is what we have been ifying Examsi. evening a complete outline of sticks together in the majority
crying for. Too many times in A combination business-din- state laws compiled by Brother of subjects that it will be split
the past we have not had this ner meeting is planned next at David Friedman was given, and on this one.
help from, local groups and too Red's. Barbecue-: This will take proved enlightening, due to the
many things were left until the place on Tuesday evening, No- fact thta;t many changes have A. M. A. Journal
eleventh hour. We are already vember 14th. taken place relative to new and Several letters have come in
enthused about the convention more encouraging legislation. relative to the article appearing
next year. I expect we will At our So'cial Meeting we were under "Tonics and Sedatives,"
eventually find some things to fortunate in securing Dr. Ho:oke, copied from the October Log
complain about but right now Our annual pledge dance held who is a prominent and well Book. These letters prove to me
everything is perfect and we are Saturday, October ;28 proved to known Optometrist in the city, that this column of the A. M. A.
going to do our best to keep it be an event worth remembering as our guest speaker. Dr. Hooke Journal is read 100 per cent and
that way. It was a real pleasure and it is believed those who at- has 'made a special study of the if the rest of the magazine is
and privilege to meet with this tended had a very enjoyable eve- abnormalities of the eye and read 10 per cent I expect they
group. ning. Our guests of the faculty their relation to Osteopathic le- are hitting a pretty good aver-
-H. V. Halladay, Exc. Secy. were: Dr. and Mrs. Shumaker; sions. Dr. Hooke has also made age. I may not look at this in
Dr. and Mrs. Johnson; Dr. and a special study of school chil- the same light as others but if
Mrs. Leininger, and Dr O. E. dren's eyes and demonstrated any of my stuff is to be copied
Owen. the value of Osteopathy in treat- by the A. M. A. Journial I would
Beta Chapter has had a busy Of those in the field: Dr. and ing defects in children's eyes. prefer it to be in this 100 per
season up to this time with rush- Mrs.. S. Klein, Des Moines; Dr. -D. G. cent column for I know it will
ing, pledging and the Annual and Mrs. A. G. Edgerton, Albert be read. Another point. Any
Fall Stag. Pledges Jtalck Lilly, Lea, Minn.; Dr. Beryl Freeman, thinking M. D. who readsi it may
Maurice Geraghty and William Des Moines; Dr. J. Peterson, muster up a smile but if he gives
Ferguson will receive their first Waterloo, Ia.; Dr. H. Hutson, The highlight of the past it a second thot he will realize
degrees this week. The Annual Grinnell, Ia.; Dr. C. Potter, month in Delta Omega was the that Osteopathy is still holding
Fall Stag held at the water Hampton, Ia.; Dr. and Mrs. B. pledging of Mary Toriello, its own even to the point of be-
works park was enjoyed by the Kilgore, Des Moines. Rachel Payne, and Mary Wil- ing chased out in the country to
members and pledges. Threaten- Charles Hall worked the theme liams, at Grace Ransom's Tea a farm and administered under
ing weather dampened the boys of decorations into a fall setting Room. This ceremony, impres- rather unfavorable circum-
spirits a bit but all enjoyed the and Charlie did a wonderful job sive in itself, was supplemented stances. And yet, they come back
affair very much. Bro. Barnes in making sure everyone would by an unusually lovely buffet for more. Seriously, this, to me,
paid us a visit recently and have, a good time. dinner. is a! rather good bit of publicity
gave us a short talk on intern- Monday evening, Nov. 6, we The pledges were most amus- for Osteopathy. The only error
ship which was very much ap- had a talk by Milton Strickler, ing in their attempt to talk with- that I would like to correct and
preciated by all. attorney at law of Des Moines. out words, to the male portion which might be misleading is in
The chapter extends its deep- We found out many things about of the student body, as part of the name given our college. The
est sympathy to Bro. Gray who the laws governing our profes- Hell Day, and had everyone won- editor substituted the word
was called home due to the sion in the state of Iowa and a dering about their respective I. "State" for "Still," and some
death of his father. slight idea of why some of the Q.'s. Intelligent girls don't carry might think that we were get-
We were sorry to hear of the laws were made and why they toy drums, water bottles, gourds ting support from the treasury
emergency operation that was are hard to change. and market baskets to school- of Iowa. -H. V. H.
I I ---II -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I. --

--- I . . ... I

The Log Book temperature may be but little

elevated, the pulse in keeping
with the temperature and the re-
Associated Colleges
Sponsor Textbook On
"I Don't Care"
The Official Publication of spirations 30 to 40 per minute.
Physical examination of the The only person I ever heard
chest discloses rales of various
Osteopathic Manipulative of who went to the top with that
OF OSTEOPATHY as a basis for success was Eva
types, bubbling rales, sibilant Therapy Tanguay. This theme song was
Editor. ..................... E. Harwood rales and moist rales. Areas of
dullness are small and scattered not seriously applied to Miss
At the annual meeting of rep- Tanguay'si entire daily program
Faculty Adviser -. H. V. Halladay and not easily detected unless resentatives of the Associated
there is rather extensive involve- for news items of that day prov-
President ...... Arthur D. Becker ment. In elderly patients Colleges of Osteopathy held in ed that she cared about a great
moist Dallas during the A. O. A. con- many things and in spite of her
Osteopathy Without Limitation rales at the lung base's may be vention, one of the problems was success as an "I don't care"
the only physical finding. the growing need for an up-to-
Every case of bronchopneu- singer, was an "I do care" out
date textbook on osteopathic of character.
Osteopathic Therapeutics monia should be carefully watch-
ed for the possible development
manipulative therapy.
sion resulted in adoption of a
We have some in our profes-
(Number 15 in Series) of empyema, the most frequent resolution to sponsor the publi- sion who seem to be living by
and serious complication. Flat- cation of such a book. A Com- Eva Tanguay's slogan. I have
· REGION OF THE THORAX ness on percussion, possible bulg- mittee on Publication was ap- occasion to write to many of our
Bronchopneumonia ing of intercostal spaces and ab-
Bronchopneumonia (also call- sence of pointed, with Dr. P. T. Collinge, graduates and graduates of oth-
tar lnhi11.r, nnd,,mrnin, A In
'~ ... li_
breath sounds are im- Dean of the College of Osteo- er colleges. If I get replies from
t.t lJ[JUKltrld pltXlIfJ1I1il1 ) 10 O. l inl- lArrtgnt fi;nrl o>zr ten percent I feel that I am do-
fectious disease and may be pathic Physicians and Surgeons
Prognosis in bronchopneu- as Chairman; Dr. J. L. Jones of ing well. I know that letters and
either primary or secondary. A monia
varies and depends upon the Kansas City College of Os- important messages in printed
number of organisms may be the
strength and resistance of teopathy and Surgery as second form are too often thrown into
causative, among the more com-
the patient. Children under five member, and Dr. C. B. Rowling- the waste basket after the first
mon ones found are streptococci years
of age and elderly patients son, Editor of Clinical Osteo- fe-v lines are remd. And yet, we
(hemolytic), pneumococci, sta-
phlococci and influenza bacill us. is not do well and the mortality pathy, as editor of the proposed have more than ten percent of
high. However, the old adage, book. The following have been our number really caring. I
The primary form of broncho-
"Never give up a child with named as members of the Edi- think it must be the smug in-
pneumonia is usually found in bronchopneumonia,"
babies and small children and to has much torial Board: Dr. Ralph Lind- difference sired by local success
substantiate it because des- berg, Chicago College of Osteo- that these osteopathic physicians
may closely resemble lobar pneu-
perately ill patients make re- pathy; Dr. John M. Woods, Des thotlessly show in their failure
monia. When epidemic, as in
markable recoveries. Where the Moines Still College of Osteo- to reply.
the influenzal pandemic of 1918,
vitality has been greatly lowered pathy; Dr. J. L. Jones, Kansas
it may occur as a primary type No one can live and hold fast
by associated disease, as in dy- City College of Osteopathy and
in all ages. to the "I don't care" theme. No
senitary in children or nephritis Surgery; Dr. J. S. Denslow,
The secondary form is much one can advance and follow its
more common and occurs as a or vascular disease in the elder- Kirksville College of Osteopathy precepts. No one can expect to
ly, the prognosis is not favorable. and Surgery; Mr. Russell C. Erb,
complication in such diseases as command respect and confidence
measles, whooping cough, and as -A. D. B., D. O. Philadelphia College of Osteo-
zIrn_ ' ~..
1nfi-niiat ". +11 -- 11 TT - IA T1 by assuming that attitude. The
T 1-J-
a direct extension in coldsi with k ,,sH patLny; Ur. Harola l. Litton,
( rot _ Hp (Ir1_v*_
ivki t-, kiLulullueUl
degree of success that we see
acute bronchitis. It is a serious College of Osteopathic Physicians around us can be measured by
,OnmnlinCatin in
'k %11 (
i1 tantnll i;tfi- lJU Alla and Surgeons. It was anticipated that individuals interest in the
dysentary of babies and small Transfers that about two years would be welfare of every person in his
children. It is the usual type of required for preparation of ma- community. The brief successes
pneumo-.ia occurring as post op- Sixteen students from other terial and publication. An ap- that we often see are cut short
erative pneumonia. It is the t er- colleges of osteopathy transfer- propriation was made to cover by an excess of selfishness that
minal pneumonia of many wast- red to Des Moines; this Fall. the first year's work. kills a sincere interest in those
ing diseases in the elderly. As They have blended with the stu- The. plan is to select from files
upon whom we must depend.
can be seen from the foregoing, dent body so that at the present of osteopathic publications the
it is most frequently seen at the writing they seem to have been best articles on each aspect of Those who really care and
extremes of life; that is, in early with us from the very beginning. manipulative therapy; to edit, who are sincerely interested in
childhood and in the advanced Still College enjoys a subdued illustrate and correlate them so being a part of a successful pro-
years. formality and a friendliness that that, when supplemented by ma- fession are the ones who willing-
The pathology is an inflamma- welcomes any sincere student of terial specially written by quali-ly support any institution:found-
tion occurring usually in small osteopathy and offers some very fied members of the profession, ed for the common good. No os-
and isolated areas and involving distinct opportunities. Several of the result will be a standard teopathic physician can truth-
the alveoli, the interstitial tis- these students have been taking textbook to be used in each of fully say that he or she does not
sues and the terminal or capillary care of football teams and have the Associated Colleges and sold care what happens, nor can they
bronchial tubes. Small areas of at the same time been busy in to graduates in the field. say that they do not care what
consolidation are scattered the general clinic. Some of them the A. O. A. does or does not do.
It is realized that many D. O.'s
Each of us knows the value of
throughout the lung and may be entered the lower classes and have developed their own techni-
few and circumscribed, or num- will soon be a part of the over- concerted action and anticipation
ques for various purposes-tech- and preparation for the future.
erous and coalescing. It is usu- worked group taking care of the niques which are highly success-
ally bilateral. Bironchopneumonia many patients seeking osteopath- Each of us knows how weak we
ful, and which others would be are as an individual and yet we
varies much in intensity and ex- ic care. We are glad to have glad to adopt in their practice.
tent and is a common disease. It these students for they have ad- often fail to align ourselves with
All members of the professionr our own people until that time
may be a very mild disease or ded to our total enrollment and who have such techniques are
an extremely serious one. In the will help us in a spot that will comes when it isi too late.
invited to send written detailed
primary form in babies consoli- be weak until we have filled our descriptions of them to Dr. C. B. Preparedness is a word that
dation of one or more lobes may class rooms to capacity. We have Rowlingson, is being used frequently. It is a
799 Kensington
occur quite exactly resembling the opportunity to give more Road, Los Angeles, California. major policy of our association
lobar pneumonia. service but we cannot do it with Illustrations (either sketches orand the service is there to help
Symptoms are extremely var- a small student body. We appre- photographs) are valuable helps. you when, as an individual, you
iable and include fever which ciate the extra man-power fur- Every technique to appear in the need the experience and talent
may be moderate, 100-102, or nished by our transfers. book will be duly credited to itsof those who are thinking ser-
high, 103-10'5, cough, usually source. The plan is to make the iously about your problems.
productive with possibly blood DR. AND MRS. ROLLA HOOK- book representative of the best "I don't care" is' never a logi-
tinged sputum (small children of Logan, Ia., announce in the profession, and all sug- cal excuse for non-membership
do not expectorate) and leucocy- the arrival of Mary Jo Ann, Oc- gestions toward this end will be in the A. O. A. You do care and
tosis (15 to 30 thousand). The tober 7th. It is certainly a coin- welcomed. if you hesitate a moment and
pulse and respiratory rate in cidence that this young lady was figure the intensity of your
children may be very high. A born on "Founders Day" which DR. J. P. SCHWARTZ- "care" you will be ashamed of
pulse rate of 160 and respira- was initiated this year by Mrs. attended the Los; Angeles your neglect in signing that ap-
tions of 70 being not rare. Cyan- Hook. The young lady suffered meeting of the American College plication blank.
osis may be present in many for a short time with Pyloric of Osteopathic Surgeons held Oc- -H. V. Halladay.
case's. The disease may run a Stenosis but we are glad to have tober 1 to 6. He reports a fine
course of ten days to six weeks the word from Dr. Hook that meeting and many interesting
and the usual termination is by she is improving and is now past Dr. and Mrs. K. Y. Yzarian
operations along with an excel- announce the arrival of Karla
lysis. In elderly patients the the danger point. lent program. Joan, October 1, weight 6-14.
-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I - -_

traffic congestion. Our fine hi-

3., 0---------- Polk County Alumni Reports ways and generous speed law
3L&QtH(O .tii offer too many opportunities for
We had hoped to have reports the thotless driver. Seargent
Thirty-seven Polk County Os- from several state associations Jaspersen was reasonable in his
The last week of last month teopathic Physicians, in coopera- that have met in recent weeks requests and we will be glad to
completed the Circuit District tion with the State Department giving us the information rela- hear him again.
meetings, and from all official tive to Alumni activities during
reports they were a great suc- of Health and other health ag-
the state convention. These have Dr. H. V. Halladay-
cess, in program, and were well encies, are participating in a not all arrived at the time of answered many of the
attended, all report enjoying the statewide campaign for vaccina- going to press but we do have a questions asked by the ambitious
days program. tion against smallpox and diph- fine report from Michigan. About amateur photographer by demon-
I was indeed sorry that I was theria immunization, during the sixty of our Alumni met at a strating the various types of
unable to attend and participate period, October 30th to Novem- luncheon and heard Dr. Arthur D. small cameras. He advised that
in the Circuit Program, I am ber 11th, 19'39. In Des Moines, Becker, our president, tell about anyone contemplating the pur-
glad to report that our little this campaign is, sponsored by the college this Fall and express chase of a so-called candid cam-
daughter who was so seriously the Parent Teachers Association, his thanks for the support from era should not buy the first one
ill those last three weeks is now and is reaching into every home our Michigan group. Dr. Larry that was offered unless they had
improving and we believe that where there are children of St. Amant was elected president some knowledge of what the
she will make a complete recov- school, or pre-school age. with iC. C. Auseon Secy-Treas. camera could do. Seventy-five
ery. Mrs. Hook is fine. The regular November meet- and L. M. Monger and R. M. percent of the pictures you want
Ea!ch District, had business ing of the Polk County Osteo- Wright, Councilors. Dr. St. Am- can be taken with a very ordin-
meeting adopting a New Consti- pathic Association was held at ant reports that activity is the ary camera. It is the difficult
tution and By-Laws, which con- 6:30 P. lM., November 10th, at watchword and Michigan will twenty-five percent that interests
form to the State and National the Kirkwood Hotel. Attorney again lead in new students in so many fans now and these can
Constitution and By-Laws, some Paul James, President of the Ki- the next class. be taken by the amateur if the
with but few changes;; this will wanis Club, was the guest speak- Dr. Alan Becker of Winches- equipment is designed for that
make for a better working or- er. His topic was "Civic Respon- ter, Ky., reports the beginning purpose.
ganization, and closer coopera- sibility," a timely subject to of an Alumni organization re-
tion of the Districts with the which we physicians should de- cently at the state meeting in Dr. A. G. Hildretlh-
State Organization. vote more thought. Kentucky. He promises that we of the Still-Hildreth San-
The following were elected. Senior students, please re- will hear more of our group atorium at Macon, Mo., met with
1st District: Met in Iowa City, member that you are more than there in the very near future. the student body at a special as-
welcome to our meetings, and sembly October 18th. It was in-
Ia., October 25th-Dr. C. K.
Risser, of Maquoketa, Ia., that an Associate Membership is deed a real privilege and pleas-
President; Dr. G. A. Whet- available to you at $1.00. Second Generation ure to hear one of our truly
-Ruth Paul, D. 0., Sec'y. pioneers. Dr. Hildreth, in spite
stine, Wilton Junction, Ia., re- We are not sure of the accur- of his forty-five years of service
elected Secy. & Treas. acy of this list but in checking to osteopathy is as alert and as
2nd District: Met at Lennox, Ia., over the classes hurriedly we enthusiastic as in the beginning
October 27th-Dr. N. D. Weir,
Woodbine, Ia., reelected Presi- Osteopathic Women's found the following sons and of his career. His talk was an
daughters of osteopathic physi- inspiration that will never be
dent; Dr. Bernice D. Conly,
Council Bluffs, Ia., reelected College Club cians: Ball, Banker, Carson, El- forgotten by the student body.
liot, Gehman, Kimberly, Merrill,
Secy. & Treas. We sincerely hope that he will
Payne, Rogers, Stern, Woods and be passing thru Des Moines again
3rd District: Met at Ottumwa, The year's first meeting of the Wygant. Sowers and Westfall,
Ia., October 26th-Dr. I. S. very soon.
Osteopathic Women's College Third generation.
Lodwick of Ottumwa, Ia., This certainly does not indi- The Salvation Armly Band-
President; Dr. J. W. Riniabar- 31ub was held at the home of Dr.
cate that osteopathy has failed under the leadership of
ger, Keosauqua, Ia., reelected and Mrs. Becker, October 4. within our own ranks. If the Brigadier Otway gave us a most
Secy. & Treas. Nine new members were pres- parents of these students have delightful surprise on Monday,
4th District: Met in Charles City, lived better in every way by the October 23rd. The appearance of
Ia., October 24th-Dr. James ent, bringing the active roll to
science and service of osteopathy over twenty perfectly trained
R. Schaffer, Mason City, Ia., more than forty. Following for- it has been an inspiration for the musicians forming a real brass
President; Dr. W. F. Moore, mal introductions by Margaret children to carry on. These stu- band dispelled any ideas of the
Grafton, Ia., Secy. & Treas. Dirlam, president of the club, dents have had the opportunity ordinary conception of Salvation
5th District: Met at Sioux City, tentative plans for the season's to see and appreciate fully what Army musical groups. This fine
Ia., October 5th-Dr. B. W. activities were discussed. The is possible for an osteopathic band is a training unit for work-
Jones, Spirit Lake, Ia., Presi- Birdland Shelter House was se- physician to accomplish. If they ers; who go out. over the entire
dent; Dr. D. C. Giehm, Sioux lected as the site for a combina- were not convinced of its ad- state spreading the fine work of
City, Secy. & Treas. tion maqurade-box-social-get-a c- vantages they would have en-
6th District: Met in Newton, Ia., quainted party to be held Octo- the Salvation Army in nearly
tered a field other than osteo- every community. We are anxi-
October 20th-Have not had ber 17. Husbands are "invited." pathic.
a report from them. ous for a return date that we
It has indeed been gratifying Future regular meetings of may hear more of the excellent
to see the appreciable response the club are to be held at the
P. S. G. House, 2141 Grand. The
Assemblies music offered by this band.
made to the call made in Sep-
tember and October for Legal membership wishes to publicly The routine of technical talks Drake University-
and Legislative assistance, your express their appreciation to the and labs has been interrupted by talent led by Bill Lee and
committee has appreciated this Phi Sigma Gamma for the use of a varied list of interesting and managed by Mr. Gabrielson took
support. Your Attorney, and their reception room and kitchen instructive features during the too little of our time November
Legislative Chairman have been in this capacity. Membership of past month. 3rd. A varied program was of-
very busy, for the past two the club has grown to the point fered consisting of instrumental
months, working out the prob- where it is no longer practicable Dr. 0. E. Owein- and vocal solos and ensemble.
to hold the regular meetings at secured a number of fine The time passed all to quickly
lems of your profession; but
these things cannot be accom- the homes of the members, and colored pictures during his va- and we are looking forward to
plished unless, you help our dan- the central location of the new cation this past Summer in the a return engagement next sem-
ger is not past, the society still meeting place will be a real con- region of Yellowstone Park. His ester.
needs your support, and to those venience. views taken at Salt Lake City
and at other points along the Our Assemblies-
that have not done their bit to- Active membership of the club
ward this legal and Legislative route were exceptionally clear are being planned thru a
consists of wives and sisters of and his account of the trip added committee from the Student
quota, please send your dona- students. Honorary members in- to the interest. Council cooperating with Dr.
tions now to your Secretary at clude wives of the college faculty.
once. The club was organized late in Seargent Jaspersen- Halladay. We are glad to see
SUPPORT ORGANIZED OS- May, 1936, under the guidance of the Iowa Patrol visited the Still College orchestra again,
TEOPATHY. of Mrs. Becker, with only eight us again this year and offered a in place and hope the interest in:,
-Rolla Hook, Pres. charter members. It has become clear explanation of many of the it will not subside. Increased
an important factor in maintain- problems of traffic, asking the laboratory schedules interfere
Applications for Membership ing the morale and good fellow- aid of the students in eliminat- with rehersals but we have the
Beryl Freeman-Des Moines. ship of the student body. Wives ing accidents. Iowa has made talent and need this organization
Alice Paulsen Le Mars. of new students are urged to many improvements in its sys- as much as any other feature of
Belle H. Olney-Ottumwa. join the group. tem of caring for the increased our period of relaxation.
4 I[O) .a r

Entered as second class Accepted for mailing at

matter, February 3rd, 1923,

special rates of postage
at the post office at Des provided for in Section

Moines, Iowa, under the 1103, Act of Oct. 3rd, 1917,
act of August 24th, 1912. authorized Feb. 3rd, 1923.
> - -- w <»><- Is-----><*


Volume 17 December 15, 1939 Number 12


i a time to do
cessary that
i ' asking the
iI se the num-
ie day. We
i too, but we
i iat in a few
be graduat-
i nrolling an-
! ly important
ie one viery
i is: new class.
that will be
i idy of Osteo-
year of pre _ - _
..... 1
ouLeuopiat;Ln college: worK. Some
The Des Moines Still College family extends of you will not give this the at-
the Season's Greetings and wishes for you and tentionl it demandis and will be
asking us next Fall to matricu-
those whose happiness is yours, a full measure of liate a student who cannot be
taken. Each member of the class
Our Homecoming Jubilee i Christmas Joy and Success for the New Year. entering September, 19,40 must
have two full years of college
Osteopathically Yours, credits. We are asking you to
take a little time right now to
make a few plans for the Christ-
(The Greeks have a word for it) ! Arthur D. Becker mas Season that is upon us.
On the 16th of October an There will be many young men
idea was born. That meeting, Robert B. Bachman
and women at home during the
called to decide the details of Byron L. Cash Holidays' who are attending col-
the annual entertainment of the lege. You may not know it but
Polk Co. Association by the col- Hugh Clark
a -very-high- percentage -of these
lege, was suddenly turned into Albert W. Dennis students are just going to school
something entirely different. It without any very definite pro-
is hard 'to say exactly who was Mary E. Golden
gram for the future. Some of
the first to break thru the sterio- Howard A. Graney them would be glad to talk to
typed "lunch and talks" pro- you for a little while about some
gram, but Dr. 0. E. Owen is to Virg Halladay
very definite plans and of course
be credited with making the first Del F. Johnson these would be to transfer to
suggestion to include more than Paul E. Kimberly our college and begin the study
the usual listing of invited of Osteopathy. You already have
guests. From this first break the facts about the shortage of
the idea skyrocketed until no Edward F. Leininger
osteopathic physicians in every
part of the World was left out Harry J. Marshall community. The fact that you
and most of the other planets are successful should be a very
were expected to send represen- Paul Maloney
definite favorable item in con-
tOtives. Six meetings followed i O. Edwin Owen vincing one of these fine boys
before the final date of Decem- or girls. These young men and
ber 8 arrived but those six meet- Ralph Powers
women are interested in educa-
ings-were attended 100 per cent Katherine M. Robinson tion and we need many more
and the results were rated with
41 ! educated physicians.
identical figures. Charles Stull
Our profession is growing
Starting with the college and Joseph L. Schwartz slowly but its growth is not rapid
the Polk Counity group the en-
enough to meet the demands.
semble finally included seven John P. Schwartz
Any state secretary can tell you
other organized bodies. Starting
I John B. Shumaker
with one speaker for an evening (Continued on Page ,our)s
program, consisting of local tal-
John M. Woods V
v~c~ _ < _
- _-p--~; __ LC_ ' _ P _ _ ~--~p~-%!-
L~~l; rA_

ent, it grew to 14 speakers start-


ing in the morning, continuing


thru the afternoon and conclud-


ed in the evening. Original ex-

I of an attendance of CALENDAR
75 rosie to our final count of
406 at the banquet in the eve-

ning. Now you see what can be

I CHRISTMAS VACATION -December 15 to January 2
done by a sincere enthusiastic
group of Alumni and students of GRADUATION ----------- .. . ....-------------
January 19
I f,
Still College. REGISTRATION ------- .. ..--------------. January 20 .
Space does not permit more
ROLL CALL ------------- .. ---------..--.-------.January 22
than a resume of the day. We

could talk and will talk about EASTER RECESS -------- ..----.. -------------
__ March 22
it for. months or until a similar

event next year replaces it in GRADUATION -- .........---------..... May 25

our memory. At the moment
(Continued on Page 2) tg
%01 5w
= ~~- A 7-A ~Q~43 -4~ r~
_ C _ _

these to the college together with Telegrams of good wishes and

Our Homecoming Jubilee other mementoes a few days congratulations were read from
4 Continued from Page 1) previous to the Homecoming Dr. Arthur Allen, pafst president
we (The Committee) doubt if Day. Many of the old timers of of the A. O. A., Dr. R. C. Mc-
any program can be devised that the college were present and Caughan, executive secretary of
will approach the perfection of added much to the enthusiasm. the A. O. A. and Dr. H. E. Cly-
the one some of you missed De- Following the dismissal of the bourne, president of the National
cember 8. We hope you hear assembly the Sigma Sigma Phi Alumni Association.
about it from some one who did Honorary fraternity placed Thisi banquet was indeed a
attend and we will trust them to wreiaths on the graves of Drs. most inspirational afflair. The
tell you. Not only was every S. S. and Ella Still who are Alumni and students were dress-
item staged as planned but aach buried in Woodland Cemetery in ed for the occasion and New
worked in and maintained a con- Des Moines. York could 'not have furnished a
tinuity as smooth as any nation- The afternoon program ulder sight more delightful to the eye.
N. O. I. C. al radio hour. the direction of Dr. O. E. Owen, Beautiful women and fine look-
Dr. Halladay wars, in chlarge of started without the usual long ing physicians make a combina-
the morning program under the delay. Drs. McManis were intro- tion that cannot be surpassed.
I think the most important
title of a Memorial. In this he duced and gave the visitor's! and The Four Horseman, a qulartet
item relating to the Council
deviated from the usual eulogies students an excellent review and of note added to' the enjoyment
right now is the consideration of
since those who were to be re- many new points in osteopathic of the evening and dancers of
affiliation with the A. 0. A.
membered are already historic manipulative therrrapy. the trick toe type filled our cup
Since the beginning of the Coun-
figures in Osteopathy and have Dis. Jones and Gordon were of pleasure to the brim. The
'cil we have enjoyed a most
become such an intimate part of
friendly unofficial relationship to be on the radio at 2:15 so slight extension over the sched-
our thinking that they need no
with the Association and the Lo- Dr. Becker filled in the slight uled time was not noticed. Min-
cal Convention Committee. Our memorial. An introduction by
change in schedule with an in- utes slipped by even with the
the orchestra titled "That Old
work has grown to the point teresting clinical case with the anticipation of the dance which
Feeling" immediately removed
where a very definite line can be patient present. Following the was to follow. This was another
any morose ideas and yet carried
drawn thru the services we have broadcast, which was another item of entertainment that qual-
given and it is the one division. the idea of appreciation . The item of special interest, Dr. ified with the others. Barney
of thisi that we are anxious' to appreciation in this case being Jones spoke and in his delight- Barnard spared nothing to make
have taken over by those higher on the part of those present held the crowd the music perfect and the sing-
gratulating themselves for hav- ful southern way The floor was
up. We refer of course, to the
ing had the good judgment to spellbound. 'Many said afterward ers big-time.
planning and execution of the
associate with the science of Os- that eatch item of the program ,crowded but every measure of
registration and reunions of our was too short and we know Dr. the fihne music was synchronized
membership at the annual con- teopathy. Jones had too little time for his with pairs of delighted dancers.
Dr. Arthur D. Becker, presi- It is unfortunate that Old Man
vention. This we have believed message. Clinics followed with
dent of the college, welcomed
for some time to belong specific-
the assembly and brought out a heart case hooked up with the Time cannot be stopped occasion-
ally to the function of the Local P. A. system so that everyone ally. The dance was the culmi-
Convention Committee. It looks the thot that we honor ourselves in the audience could hear the nation of a day thiat muist have
in honoring our leaders of the
like we will be able to retire unusual sounds. We agree with been several hours short of the
from this responsibility after the pa'st. sitandard. We need more than
Dr. Halladay then brought Dr. all thdse present that the pro- one day for an affair such as
coming convention in St. Louis grlam so far had been perfect in
A. T. Still, our founider, to the
and it will 'be a day of real re- this. There is too mutch to be
screen in the first movie viewing, subject matter and in synchroni- done in the way of renewing old
joicing when this can be done. zation. Not a dull moment and
for many present, of the Old
The Council will have plenty friendships, conferences and
Doctor demonstrating technic clicking like a well rehersed other items of importance to
to do without this' duty which it national meeting.
and talking to some of his stu-
has, taken eare of in the past. And now for the evening. The those sincerely interested in our
dents. Dr. S. S. Still and many
We have our standards to main- time was set at 6:30 and believe fine college. Two conferences
We have our expansion others in movies of historical
tain. it or not at 6:50 the crowd was were held but they were too
value were shown including the
i.lto more useful fields to plan. short. The National Alumni of-
dislocations of an old timer who seated and if you think seating
We have the very important 406 can be done in five minutes ficers met and conferred for over
ago made each of our col-
business of student recruiting to years guess again. The speakers dais two hours in the afternoon. The
leges. Many of you in the field
consider. We have our public re- presidents did the same.
will remember Dr. Ellis Whit- 'seated ,32 members of the com- state
lationsi in fraternity publications mittee and honored guests. The In the rush of trying to see it
man whom we have not seen for
and along other lines to watch. remaining diners were grouped all, we have miss.ed many of the
We need a fraternity directory. several years.
Many of the old slides of the eight at a table and spread as sidelights that figured large! in
We need improvements along The the minds of many. Next month
of Osteopathy were far as the eye could see.
several liners and we can after early days excellent dinner was all that the we will have some echoes of this
next shown including pictures of
this year, devote more time to mosit critical epicurian could day and will try to cover what
some of these things that will the Old Doctor, Drs. S. S., Ella wish for. we have failed to record at this
and George Still a.nd an occas-
naturally increase our usefulness Interspersed with the sounds time.
ional picture related to some of
and add to our prestige. of laughter land the clicking and It is over and we are sorry.
May I extend to all of you my their activities. Announcements flashing of camerars were unumer- Christmras cannot be as full of
and music by the orchestra
sincere wishes! for a very Happy ous musical numbers by a quin- excitement now since we have
Christmas and New Year. closed the program.
Many of considerable note tette of piano-accordians and had the mo'st exciting day of our
H. V. Hialladay, Exc. Secy.
were present at this; morning as- miramba with an occasional spe. life for many years. Those who
sembly and were introduced. Dr. cial number. came many hundreds of .miles
Dr. H. C. Wallace Frank F. Jones, president of the Time has that bad hlabit of said that it was worth more than
they lost in time and practice.
A. O. A., Dr. F. A. Gordon, pres- moving too swiftly when enjoy-
ident-elect of the A. O. A., Drs. ment is at its height but Dr. Every one at the college wants
The profession by this time to start now in preparation for
A. D. Becker, J. E. Rogers aind Park skillfully worked in his
knowis of the sad loss of Dr. H. a similar event next year. This
R. B. Gilmour, all past presidents scheduled introductions. That all
1C. Wallace of Wichita, Kansas.
who report cannot bring to you any
There is little that we can add of the A. O. A., Dr. J. P. Leon- present might know those conception of the pleasure we all
to what has been said. We knew ard of Detroit, secretary of the worked to bring this day to a enjoyed from the beginning of
the var-
him personally for many years. National1 Alumni Association, Dr. perfect ending he asked
of the commlittee this on the 16th of October. We
He was a recognized leader in George Heilman of Ripon, Wisc., ious members
Dr. are 'supremely happy when we
many affairs related intimately Dr. Larry St. Amant of Detroit to stand and take a bow. look over the figures. Over 150
with our profession. Kansas de- and Dr. P. L. Park of Des Rogers, Alumni Chairman of came to Desl Moines from Iowa,
pended largely on him for guid- Moines all presidents of state Endowments was asked to speak Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnie-
ance and no one can completely Alumni associations. Mrs. Gteorge and responded with a brief mes- sota, South Dakota, Indiana and
fill the void left by his passing. Still o'f Kirksville was asked to sage of import to all present. Dr. Missouri. Several were gradu-
Our sincere sympathy is extend- say a few words and graciously Becker introduced Dr. Frank F. ates of other schools and we
ed to his family and to those responded. ;Mrs. Guy Brunk, Jones who again delighted hiis
were doubly glad to have them;
who worked with him in the daughter of Drs. S. S. and Ella audience with a story and a with us' to enjoy our celebration.
institution he helped to build. D. Still wlas present and sihould beautiful compliment to our
be thanked for the! set of old student body. Dr. J. P. Schwartz Space limits the printed word
DR. AND MRS. J. B. BALDI- surgical inistruments that origi- thrilled the entire assembly with but not our thots. They will go
on in exultation of the Home-
of Milwaukee, Wisc., an- nally belonged to Dr. James his message of anticipation of coming Jubilee, December 8,
nounce the arrival of John Garry, Moore Still, brother of the Old osteopathic educational progress 1939.
November 15. Doctor. Mrs. Brunk presented in the future.
_ __ _ _I ___
excessive, both lesions of the up-
The Log Book per fibres of the trapezii and of
the second and third intercostal
spaces, should receive special at-
We are about to end the year
The Official Publication of tention. One should remember fulfilling the obligations of 1939. The memories we will
DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE that a constant lesion in acute his office, gave us one of those carry with us of this year will
OF OSTEOPATHY disease is impaction of spinal good heart-to-heart talks on No- be most pleasant ones.
articulations due to the presence vember 10. We are not a stu-
Editor ....................... E. Harwood Our college year ending last
of paravertebral tissue con-rac- dent body that has to be repri-
tions and that leverages must be manded in a sharply pointed May was a successful one,. The
Faculty Adviser -- H. V. Halladay convention in Dallas was thoroly
contrived that will secure deep manner. The minor discrepan-
President..--. Arthur D. Becker movement penetrating through cies that are bound to creep into enjoyed. The vacation added
a group of over two hundred are many thrills in miany ways. We
these vertebral articulations.
Osteopathy Without Limitation never of a very s'erious nature started off this Fall with an in-
Re, 't in bed in a well ventilat- crease in every class. We had
ed room without drafts is im- here at Still College. Perhaps
some of the things: he said were too much to elat Thanksgiving
Osteopathic Therapeutics portant. The temperature of the
room may be! cool but not too more of a prophylactic nature and we have just had the priv-
than immediate. Hisl words ileg!e of being a small part of
(Number 16 in Series) cold. Good nursing care is of one of the greatest cooperative
greatest possible value. The fluid never fall on inattentive ears.
REGION OF THE THORAX Following our president's re- programs ever to be staged. We
intake should be high. If suf- now look forward to Christm/as
Bronchopneumonia Cont'd. marks Dr. Halladay transported
ficient fluid cannot be taken by and New Years with childish an-
Treatment:- mouth it should be given as 5 the assembly to Nuevo Loredo to
The local resistance, the func- watch a bull fight staged in the ticipation of more joy.
per cent glucose solution in dis-
tional capacity an!d the recuper- Lilled water by rectum (Murphy brilliant colors of a Mexican All of thes'e things have cer-
ative powers of pulmonary tis- drip) or subcutaneously. Food Holiday crowd celebrating the tainly satisfied our needs as the
sues are secured and maintained Fourth of July. seasons progressed but unless
should be rich in nutritive value,
by normalization of innervation. with an excess of carbohydrates DR. F. A. GORDON- we check back over the past
The vaso-motor tonicity and our Iowan President El- months and find more than this
and of simple and easily diges-
trophism of these tissues are in ect of th!e A. O. A. honored us the whole thing looks ais if we
tible character. Th:e thorax
turn dependent upon this sarme with a clear and concise explan- had lived a very selfish exist-
should be kept warm by the use
factor. Osteopathic spinal and ation of the; mechainics of our ance.
of a pneumonia jacket. Warm
rib lesions and the associated national association on Novem-
sponge baths twice daily given Let's go back to the major
lesion pathology impair the in- ber 17. Dr. Gordon ils always a
expeditiously (to avoid tiring pleasures of the year.
tegrity of the nerve supply and welcome speaker at the college
patient) are restful and are sup-
prevent utilization of inherent for he is sincerely interested in The college had a successful
porting to the nervous, system.
powers and resources. The para- the good things thialt may be ac- year because it is a part of an
With cyanosis and extreme dys-
sympathetic nerve supply of the complishe!d by all of our organi- organized group. It started off
pnea the use of an oxygen tent
bronchi and the lungs is by way zattions. We fully appreciate the this Fall with an increase in en-
Is indicated. The patient's posi-
of the vagi, the tenth pair of effort made by Dr. Gordon in rollment for th!e same reason. If
tion in bed should be changed
cranial nerves. The sympathetic taking time off from a busy prac- many had not worked together
from time to time to favor drain-
nerve supply has its preganglion- tice and official duties and we the end result would not be:as
age of lung areas. It is helpful
ic origin in the upper six dorsal assure him that we feel bigger shown on the books. This con-
with small children 'to have the aind broader after each of thelse
segments of the spinal cord and nurse take them up and hold centration of effort harsi added to
is supplied (post ganglionic) by contacts. Thanks Dr. Gordon. the security of our institution
them in the arms for short pe-
way of the upper dorsfal ganglia riods two or three times daily, DR. PAUL PARK a,nd we derive the pleasure in
of the ganglionalted cord. The holding the shoulders at a slight- President of the Iowla, D. reviewing an accomplishment as
specific' lesion areas, then, of ly lower level than the hips for M. S. iC. O. Alumni Assosciation the result of group cooperation.
chief interest in the bronchial a minute or two at intervals. brought us important announce-
ments on November 24. Dr. The same thing may be said
pneumonias are found in the up- Moisture of the air in the sick of the national convention. Many
per dorsal region of the spine room should be secured by va- Park explained in detail the part
he hoped the students would play worked together in making and
with the associated upper ribs, porization. For tympanities use
in the Jubilee program planned carrying out plans aimed at a
and in the entire cervical spine. an enema of equal parts of milk
for December 8. At this writing certain set date. These ideals
Osteopathy has much to offer and molasses warmed to body were worked into tangible meet-
in the treatment of bron!cho temperature. Always keep well in we can say that our loyal stu-
ings with selected reviews and
pneumonia. 'Careful examinaition, mind the important fact that in dent body came across 100 per
original reportls. Future needs
diagnosis and evaluation of les- acute infectious diseases one cent and we are sure that they
will vote for Dr. Park alsi chair- were anticipated and past errors
ionls; and associated lesion path- should plan to combat toxemia corrected.
man of another celebration next All the result of
ology in these indicated regions from the very beginning of the united efforts thru an organiza-
are of greatest possible import- illnesis, hence the fluid intake, year.
ance. These lesions must be nor- the baths, the ventilation, the
malized and maintained in nor- The security that we enjoy is
mialization. Treatment should be
enemas and osteopiathic treat- Dr. M. E. Bachman thie, fruit of the efforts of many.
ment through the lower dorsal
given once every twenty-four and lumbar areas to the support Our own contribution in time,
hours in mild cases, twice daily Dr. M. E. Bachman will be re- strength and substance is a
the eliminations. The heart membered by many former stu- meager price to pay for the good
in moderately severe cases and should receive support by osteo-
more frequently in the more dents of Still College. He passed we do for the whole and the
pathic treatment of cardiac cen- away Saturday, November 25th pleasure land other profits we in
serious involvements. Firm, ters.
steady, gradually increased pres- after retirement from practice turn d'erive personally.
sure applied to the tissues just Such treatment and care for a little over a year. Always
serves a useful and constructive an active worker for Osteopathy Our security as a profession
lateral to the spinous proicesses
from the second to the sixth dor- service and experience shows and well known for his technic depends on the support we give
sal is a very useful procedure. that complications are' reduced he worked until a weakened our organized inistitutions. Exer-
It is advisable to give careful at- to a minimum and that recovery heart forced him from hits office. cising a keen watchful eye over
tention to soft tisisue lesions in is assured in a high percentage Our sympathy is extended to the all phases of osteopathic prog-
of cases. family. ress is an organization of our
acute' diselaisies. The ribs should own making. We add to our own
be carefully raised and the rib A. D. B., D. O.
R. E. HOVER- strength and security when we
heads articulated by means of
gentle but insistent leverages. DR. K. R. BLANDING of the Senior class was affiliate with the American Os-
The intercostal tislsues should be of IGreensville, Mich., and the official examining physician teopathic Association. We ex-
Miss Karlene Eggland of Roland, at the "Y" recently during the hibit a weakness when we re-
stretched and freed to the end
Ia., will be married in Decem- Church Tournam'ent of basket main on the outside. Any lic-
that the entire thoracic cage is
thoroughly mobilized. Particular ber, according to an announce- ball. Thanksl to Art Borg of the enised practicing osteopathic phy-
"syV,, sician is elligible to membership
attention should be given to th:e ment recently. in our association and if you are
occipito-atlantal articulation and DR. AND MRS. R. H. GIBSON- not already signed up for 1940
to the - entire upper cervical DR. AND MRS. H. R. SE!ELYE- of Marysville, Ohio, an- your most logical move toward
group. The clavicles should be of Stanton, Mich., an- nounce the arrival of Judith increased security would be to
freed at both the sternal and nounce the arrival of J. Randall, Ann, November 17. Weight 7 present yourself with this mem-
acromial ends. Where cough is November 1. Weight 7 pounds. pounds. bership. H. V. Halladay.
- -- - - --L- -- - II-- . ... .. . .. c-

al Welfare-This committee is
OAs sW |officially
Q~ commissioned, by ac- We Regret
I . . 3. B. < [ l
3 4*|tion 2? of the House of Delegates
and Board of Trustees of the
A. O. A., to convince the profes-
Space this month prohibits us
from reporting the fine work of
sion of the vital necessity of our organizations of which we
Merry, Merry, X-Mas and A Happy New Year are justly proud. Each, as usual,
making Osteopathy known and made a report and universally
______________ understood through as many as
wished each of you a very Merry
The Spirit of Christmas is thee possible of the best avenues of Christmas and a Happy and Pros-
spirit of service. It is a celebra and above lall a most sacrificing public relations, to employ pub-
perous New Year. We list them
tion of the advent into the worl( one. Arduous are it's duties. ic relations council, iaise funds
below and hope that we miay be
of one who did more to impress s Many and weighty are your re- for the work, and formulate the
able to return to them their 'eg-
what he stood for than any othe: sponsibilities, but the graetest is profession's plan to put it in op-
to the profession that feeds and eration. ular space in the next issue. The
who ever trod it's sands. I-
a shelters you. Each state was solicited for greeting from the college and
demonstrated to the world
the report of our recent Horme-
spirit of uniselfiisihness. His ethicrs We as a profession, have been funds to carry on the work of coming Jubilee has been largely
were the highest the world ha s sailing down the stream of time, this committee and Iowa has responsible for this crowding. To
ever known, but it was not s(o with apparent ease, letting the fallen far below her quota. Again
Our Alumni-Your organizations
much this, as the fact that he old bark drift as it will, but as wei wish you to revive the old
wish you every joy of the Sea-
lived his teachings, that has lef the new year approaches, we Christmas spirit, and give of
its imprint in the sands of time must grasp the helm, and steer whiat you have for your profes- son. (E. H.-Ed.)
He was about his fatheris busi it into the clear. sion.
ness; he went about doing good There ils much to be done in The fund raising chairman of
he sought opportunities to hea the coming year in the Osteo-
the sick, and help the poor anc pathic field of endeavor, and each
the Committee on Public and
Professional Welfare are not Aar
needy. of you owe certain obligations to asking for "hand outs."
your profession, and now is the They ask you to
Hle was the great physician. time to pay those obligations. Put the Committee on Public
The Spirit of Christmas is th( First take care of your mem- and Professional Welfare on
spirit of the real physician ai 1 bership in District, State and Your pay roll.
the year. Every day he has op - National organizations. May the joys of the Holiday
portunitiefs which moist other.s Where is that old Christmas Season be yours throughout the
see but once or twice a year, ye t spirit? The Iowa Society of Os- New Year.
at this Christmas time let us ge t teopathic! Physicians & Surgeons
closer to our ideals, let us servee must not fail this year in its re-
Rolla Hook, Pres. ATLAS WCLUR
mankind to the utmost. The mara sponsibilities for the coming Applications for Membership
or woman who accepts life's op - events demand that we have the THE WENATCHEE APPLE
L. L. Theberge, Marathon;
portunities as life's obligations iss interest and cooperation, of the Robert Herrick, Clinton; Paul 0. SEED-
living the life of service. 'a weekly sponsored by the
entire profession for this next French, Cedar Rapids; Sara Mil- Rotary Club of Wenatchiee,
We need the real physician ,year. ler, Sibley; Richard Bahnson, Wash., copied a paragraph from
those that have qualified them You have all laid aside some Granville. Dr. Halladay's editorial on
selves, physically, mentally, andI spending money for Christmas "Youth" that appeared in the
ethically to command the admir - presents for loved ones. Make Polk County Osteopathi October ilssue of the Log Book.
ation or the respect and the con-- yourself a present, pay thosey Thanks,, Dr. Morse.
fidence of those both in the pro -dues, and get the Legal and Association
fession and those out of the pro-- Legislative quotas taken care of MR. AND MRS. L. GATIEN-
fesision; Physically, for healthl before the new yeafr. PPrviously the December Polk of Des Moines, announce
radiates health; Mentally, to b( In the near future all thoses been one at the arrival of a fine boy at the
well grounded in the principles3 paying quotas will receive a let- which the members of the Polk Des Moines General Hospital,
of the profession; Ethically, by f ter from the Legal and Legisia- County Osteopathic Association December 2.
looking for, and recognizing the t ive Committee giving a compre-have been guests of Still College.
good in all mankind. hen'sive report of the activities rom t tradition arose the
The Christmas time seems to of of this!
this committee
committee and and what
what has From this tradition arose the MR. R. W. WESTFALL-
has suggestion of our President, Dr. of Still College and Miss
suggest to us that we are pass- been accomplished. They have O. E. Owe!n, which gave rise to Jeanette Burnham kept their
ing this way, but once, and life been very busy and there is stillthe "Homecoming Jubilee." Polk friends fooled for several
about u!s would be so much more work F to do mt. e County abondoned their Decem- months. It seems that the wed-
what it should be if all could Fundamentally the matter of ber meeting to cooperate with ding took place in Huron, S.
realize that we never havel but *membership is the most import- the school, the Ia. D. M. S. C. . Dak., April 11, but was an-
the one opportunity to say or do ant, for all our other undercak- Alumni Association, Student Or- ]nouncied just recently. Congrau-
a given thing. What has the Os- ings will be much more easily ganizations, and, Osteopathic ]lations, Bill.
teopathic profession done for us? performed, if we can have a sub- Auxiliaries to make December
Does not each of us prize the stantial increase in active mem- 8th an outstanding day in the] DR. MARY E. GOLDEN-
fact that he is worth more to bership of the society, and the history of Still College. Our has been extending her
the world than if he had not be- interest and cooperation natur- compliments and congratulations osteopathic influence all Fall by
come an Osteopathic Physician? ally resulting there-from. to all who made this possible. her many talks on health and
Is there any one in the com- National Health (Wagoner) Bill for a bigger and bet- kindred subjects. She has spok-
munity, excepting possibly the ,S-14620 ter Homecoming next year, and E en before sororities, church
clergyman, who has more of the Congress meets agaiit January extending the Season's Greetings groups, P. T. A. and business
respect of that community that 3rd. Being election year it will to all for a Joyou Chitmas womren.
you have And from a monetary probably be a short session, and and a Happy New Yelar
viewpoint, is not the average Os- perhaps the last under President Polk County Osteopathic Assn. OUR OB CLINIC-
teoplathic Physiciani doing at ; Roo.sevelt. Ruth M. Paul, D. O. Sec'y. rated considerable space
least twice as well, for himself All administrative forces and ,
____ in the local paper November
and his dependants as he was endless corpis of medical-social 23rd. Dr. R. B. Bachman, Dr.
doing or could reasonably have workers will be concentrating The Next Class Leininger and Dr. Barquist had
expected to do before becoming their attention to the passage of (Continued from Page 1) Ccompiled statistics that include
an Osteopath? Then do we not this bill at this session. We must of excellent locations that we t;he following startling figures
owe Osteopathy something, and fact now for amendment to such need (to make a special effort to -)ver a period of 29 years.
how are we paying our obliga- legislation, for the cnclusion of fill. Twenty-three tons of babies.
tionsi? Osteopathic physicians in all de- With very little effort you can Maternal mortality rate less
Are we going to measure up partments of the act. We urge list a series of talking points tthan one tenth of one per cent.
to the opportunities and possi- that you work through your dis- that are not based on theory but Fifty one per cent boys.
bilities that are before us? trict officers and Unit Contact bold facts that talk for them- Fifty eight pairs of twins.
Our obligations may be paid Men to inform your Congress-- selves. Many other items of interest
in two ways, namely service to men and Senators. It is essen- You have an unusual oppor- to the laymen were brought out
mankind, and service to your tial that Osteopathic coopera- tunity during the next two sshowing that the OB Clinic at
profession, that has made you tions and participations be ex- weeks to do a great deal for the college is conducted in a
what you are. prelssly provided for in this bill. your science and. your college s tric'tly scientifice manner a;nd
This is the Christmas spirit Another obligation to our-pro- and do not let this opportunity t hat our service is superior to
the year through. fession is to support the iCom- piass without a little extra effort )thers not only in preliminary
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