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Dust Knights U.

Unit - 47
Unit "47" is the identity of the official Dust Knights U.K "Cosplay" organisation ,
its objective is to promote Paolo Parentes world of "Dust" through cosplay
activities using uniforms, equipment and weaponry themed around the Dust
Universe and the WW2 1947 era and beyond.
Our events and appearances are family friendly that encourage costumes. It is
necessary to balance the desire of some of our attendees to accurately portray
characters or display items from their collections with the safety of our attendees
of all ages, the concerns of the police and local authorities, the terms of the
venue, and conditions of the insurers.
Compliance with our own Costume, Weapons, & Props Rules is a condition of
entry into our events or to appear with us as an attendee.
Any weapons or replica weapons that are either banned outright or subject to
any restrictions from being carried OR sold in this country used or carried by our
members MUST be vetted by us before being taken to events and must be
carried responsibly under the following restrictions:
Unit - 47 reserves the right to consider any weapon or prop to be breaking these
rules if deemed to be unsafe or likely to cause a nuisance. Dangerous or
otherwise inappropriate behaviour by attendees means that that items permitted
under normal circumstances may be treated as breaking the rules.
Unit-47 further reserves the right to grant dispensation for a costume, weapon or
prop usually forbidden by these rules to individuals. Such special permission may
be given to an exhibitor or sponsor for a promotion. Breaking the Costume,
Weapons, and Props Rules on the basis of what you have observed at the event
or appearance venue will not be accepted as an excuse.
Unit -47 reserve the right to withdraw access to their events and appearances
and cancel the tickets, without refund, to anyone deemed to be breaking these
rules. At their discretion, Unit -47 may alternatively allow the attendee who is
deemed to be breaking these rules to remain on the condition that:
the offending item is confiscated (in cases whereby this would resolve the
matter); OR allow the attendee to return to the event having made
adjustments to or having left behind their attire, weapons, and / or props that
broke the rules.
Remember there are also restrictions from venues, police, and local authorities. If
attendees have any queries regarding the display or transportation of a weapon
or prop outside of the hall, it is their responsibility to contact the relevant
authority. Police may have confiscated items destroyed without warning.
Attendees bring items to an event at their own risk.
Attire & Costume Rules

Attire and costume must be suitable for a family event. Nudity is not permitted,
nor are fake, costume, or prosthetic genitalia allowed on display. Skimpy
costumes are permitted as long as care is taken. Concessions to accuracy are
recommended if costume or attire is skimpy to the point where it provides
negligible coverage. An amount of coverage comparable to typical swimwear is
fine, if you have concerns over the suitability of your costume. If planning a
skimpy or delicate costume it is recommended that you take extra precautions
beneath the costume to avoid exposing yourself.
With regards to costumes, please note that:
It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that a wristband or handstamp
or entry badge or Dust unit -47 badge (at Unit -47s discretion) can be placed
directly on the appropriate location. Take this into account with designs or
adjustments to the costume.
The maximum dimension (height, width, or depth) of a costume is three
metres. This excludes fabric trains and any parts that collapse to a smaller size,
such as wings that fold down to within the size limits.
If a costume is bulky, made of hard materials, or includes parts outside of usual
human dimensions you should have at least one person with you to assist with
warning people nearby and guiding you to avoid accidental collisions. You must
ensure edges are rounded off and padded, and no dangerous parts attached e.g.
nails or blades. Examples include full fur suits, body armour, jump packs, and
armoured suits.
Costumes, props, performances, and displays must not involve or create naked
flames, explosions, nor arcs or bursts of exposed electricity.
Gas canisters or any other vessel containing gas held under pressure are
forbidden, regardless of what gas is contained. Common items such as
deodorant are unaffected.
Note also that Unit -47 may need to take action at the request of the venue or to
manage a disturbance caused by attire and costumes contrary to good taste.
While not banned, please note this with regards to attire or costumes with the
following: profanities or sexual acts; inciting of hate or crime; and uniforms,
emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity.
Mundane Items
Items that people normally carry in public such as umbrellas & walking sticks, as
well as light or small mundane items such as vegetables, small pans, rolling pins,
& racquets are allowed.
Heavy bats and paddles such as metal or wooden baseball bats and cricket bats
are forbidden. A lightweight plastic or foam equivalent is fine, these can be
modified for an accurate appearance.

Melee Weapons
Any metal melee weapons including knives, daggers, swords, clubs, batons, and
axes regardless of whether they are sharp or blunt and bokkens (a hard, curved,
wooden sword) are forbidden.
Melee weapons (except bokkens and metal ones) up to a length of 1.5m with
edges are rounded off and ends padded where appropriate and no dangerous
parts attached (e.g. nails or blades) are permitted with the following provisos:
If the weapon is made of lightweight material such as plastic or foam or has
delicate decorations then it can be carried in hand. Care must be taken
especially in crowded situations; do not carry the weapon slung over your
shoulder nor dangling from your hand creating a trip hazard;
Wooden and otherwise solid melee weapons (excluding bats and paddles which
are banned as noted in the 'Mundane Items' section) are allowed but you must
take steps to ensure you keep hold of it and take extra care in crowds.
If a weapon exceeding 1.5m can be made smaller by e.g. the handle
disconnecting into two pieces, then it can be carried if put together only for
photo shoots in a clear area or Unit -47 organised cosplay event. An exception is
staves or large walking sticks, which are permitted up to a length of 180cm as
long as the attendee consistently holds them upright.
Shields are allowed as long as they do not exceed 1 metre in height or width, and
any hard edges and corners are suitably rounded off and padded.
Theatre items such a hollow aluminium retracting swords with no sharp edge are
permitted. Foam weapons built round a core such as those used for live action
roleplaying are permitted.
Melee weapons that do not meet these restrictions must be stored in a bag and
removed only in controlled circumstances for photo shoots or MCM organised
cosplay events. This is not an exception to the overriding rule that any weapons
or replica weapons that are either banned outright or subject to any restrictions
from being carried OR sold in this country should not be brought to Unit -47
events by attendees.

Guns and Other Projectiles

Unrealistic and toy guns such as those suitable for children's programming
(made of brightly coloured plastics, with flashing lights and stickers), or that are
clearly science fiction based (phasers, plasma guns, blasters), and foam firing
toys are allowed as long as they do not exceed 1.5m in length.
Realistic replica guns such as accurate plastic pistols or rifles, airsoft guns, BB
guns are allowed with a brightly coloured tip on the end of the muzzle of the gun
OR if they have significantly brightly coloured portion OR if they are in a

controlled location or on photo shoot with Unit -47 Staff. This does not have to be
permanently fixed to the item and can be removed for photographs if fitted back
in place afterwards. Please do not draw replica handguns suddenly or in front of
the general public or children as to cause distress. Threatening or intimidating
behaviour with realistic replica guns is also forbidden. Note that some venues are
close to airports; keep such items packed in bags when not at the venue
including for photo shoots or travelling to hotels or restaurants.
Replica rocket and missile launchers, mortars, and other anti-aircraft or artillery
props are not sensible items to transport or bring to the event. If you do so, they
must be stowed out of sight while outside.
Bows and crossbows are allowed if unstrung, or if strung with weak elastic that
cannot feasibly fire projectiles. Prop strung bows shaped to look like a bow
without being under tension are allowed if not contrived somehow to fire
effectively. Many actual bows simply look like sticks without string and may
therefore be unsuitable for use as part of a costume. Metal tipped arrows and
bolts are forbidden.
Slings and catapults are allowed but must never have ammunition loaded.
Caps, incendiaries and any ammunition that can be fired from a gun are not
allowed. Magazines, compressed air chambers, and batteries for weapons should
be left at home.
Contact Information
Please contact the Dust Knights Unit-47 Cosplay Team by emailing them at if you want further clarification describing the item fully,
with a photograph of the item if possible. Thanks for reading!