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AeroSpace and Defence

Industries Association of Europe

UAS Working Group

Presentation to European
UAS Panel 1st Workshop

Industry and Market

David Cartmell
BAE Systems

Scope of Presentation

UAS for Europe: A vision

Economic Importance
Benefits for Europe from UAS
Market Opportunities
Technology Exploitation
SWOT Analysis
Summary of Opportunity

UAS for Europe: A Vision

Aeronautics is of sovereign importance to European Union

UAS is already the most dynamic growth sector within the aerospace
market and represents the next evolutionary step for:
New civil & security opportunities > exploitation of technologies
Stimulated economic growth
More cost effective solutions

Global growth > Europe has lost pace to fierce competition

Create a European Regulatory Framework for UAS and open the airspace
Programme of prioritised research technology and development to

accelerate UAS-related capabilities to meet standards

Coordinated support, resourcing and harmonisation of plans to

develop market needed at European level

Economic Importance

Novel civil and state applications

Complementary to manned aviation

Improve security in Europe

Key enabler of aerospace innovation

Contribute to sustained growth and

create new highly-skilled jobs

but need to be competitive!

Benefits for Europe from UAS

Persistent, flexible and quick to react

High versatility and safer operations in hazardous environments

Globalisation > opening borders >

trade routes need protecting

Protection of critical infrastructure >

key to functioning and stable society

Protection and management of

natural resources

Europe will have extensive UAS

operations but will there be
European UAS to operate?

Market Opportunities

Extensive range of civil/security applications

New ways of collaborating, business models, leasing, hiring etc.

Exploiting the market requires adequate Regulatory Framework to enable

traffic insertion
Market analysts agree growth to end of decade in civil/security sector is
expected to exceed the military returns

Phasing-in of a regulatory framework







European Civil UAS Market, 2008-2017 (Source Frost & Sullivan 2009)

Market Opportunities

European industry has competence to exploit the growth potential

Extensive experience of co-operation in the aeronautic and space sectors

Supply chain proved to be reliable, agile and world-leading in its

technological approach > key to success when barriers to market entry fall

Civil aeronautics reinvests 12% of

revenues back into R&D = 7bilion
of additional value

Commitment to technology indicates

desire to globally compete

Backing of governments and EU is

crucial in this process
New commitments needed to maintain and strengthen the UAS
European Technology Base

Technology Exploitation

UAS offer genuine dual-use technology solution for civil and military users

Military applications have led the way in understanding the potential of UAS

UAS technologies can be implemented incrementally and validated through

full scale demonstrations in order to develop standards

UAS technologies and their integration into systems will also benefit
manned aviation and ATM

SWOT Analysis

Summary of the Opportunity

UAS is a new paradigm and offers
significant market growth and job
Military experience has led the way
but civil/security returns will be
Establish a reasonable and pragmatic
Regulatory Framework > Europe can
lead the setting of standards
Stimulate prioritised investment in
infrastructures, core technology and
embrace academia, SME, system
integrators and service providers

For European Industry to be globally competitive Europe

needs to unite behind a common market strategy