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Disease Patterns of HT Study online at

Disease Patterns of HT

Study online at

1. Fire harassing the HT: Affect mind-emotion, depression

transforms fire and condesses humor into phlegm

2. Fulminant desertion of HT Yang: can arise as a complication

of HT Qi or HT Yang vacuity

3. Fulminant dessertion of HT Yang: unclear spirit-mind,

dripping great sweat, reversal cold of limbs, cyan complexion

4. Fulminant dessertion of HT Yang tx.: return yang and stem

counter flow

5. general HT s/s: palpitations, fearful throbbing-anxiety, and


6. HT Blood vacuity: general blood vacuity s/s

7. HT Blood vacuity tx.: suppliment and nourish heart blood

8. HT Qi vacuity: oppression in chest, SOB on exertion plus

general qi vacuity s/s

9. HT QI vacuity tx.: suppliment HT Qi

10. HT vessel stasis obstruction: stifling oppression and pain in

chest, cyan or dark facial complxion, panting

11. HT vessle stasis obstruction: Blood stasis combined w/

phlegm. Caused by HT Qi or HT Yang vacuity

12. HT Yang vacuity: HT Qi vacuity s/s plus physical cold and cold

limbs, maybe blood stasis s/s

13. HT Yang vacuity tx.: warm and suppliment heart yang

14. HT Yin vacuity: general yin vacuity s/s maybe presented w/ KI

Yin vacuity s/s

15. HT Yin vacuity tx.: suppliment and enrich heart yin

16. Hyperactive HT Fire: HT vexation, insomnia, mouth sores,

red face, thirst

17. Hyperactive HT Fire: can be rooted in repletion or vacuity

18. mild case of qi blocking the HT-Spirit: HT Qi obstruction;

inhibition of LU Qi and inability to D&D, obstruction and stagnation of the Qi dynamic of both HT&LU, causing collection

of Qi within the chest and upward counterflow

19. mild case of qi blocking the HT-Spirit: causing the glomus-

i.e cough, hiccup

fullness in chest, breath obstructed in chest, panting and rough breathing

20. Pathomechanisms causing panting and fullness in

chest: Depressed Qi damaging the LV and bringing detriment to the heart

21. Pathomechanisms causing panting and fullness in

chest: LV and HT qi depression

22. Pathomechanisms causing panting and fullness in

chest: LU depurative downbearing failure and upward counterflow

23. Pathomechanisms causing sudden clouding collapse

and unclear spirit-mind: qi-blood counterflow and chaos which veils and blocks the heart-spirit; veiling and obstruction of the heart orifice; Inability of HT to govern the spirit-mind

24. Phlegm confounding the orifices of HT: Can be found in

several different dz

25. Phlegm confounding the orifices of HT: mental depression,

clouded spirit minf in damp warmth dz, sudden clouding collapse, unconsciousness, phlegm-drool foaming at the mouth, and convulsions of the limbs

26. Phlegm Fire harassing the HT: vexation, sleeplessness,

manic agitation, clouded spirit, oppression in chest, copious phlegm, delusions and hullacinations

27. Phlegm obstructing HT Qi: Phlegm-turbidity is pathological

fluid collection within the body which comes about as a result of failed fluid and humor

28. Qi blocking the Heart-Spirit: caused by extreme emotional

provocations such as those associated with panic, anger, and inconsolable with grief

29. Qi stagnating HT Vessels: Enduring emotional irregularities

depress and stagnate the heart qi.

30. Qi stagnating HT Vessels: a lack of free flow causyes pain,

pain result. Pain comes and goes, is relieved by "sighing", and is closely associated with emotional changes.

31. Qi stagnating HT Vessels: distended chest pain referring to

the shoulders and back

32. Qi stagnation affecting HT Qi: Damaged by seven affects-

emotions, causes HT Qi to become depressed and stagnant

33. Water Qi intimidating HT: palpitations, hasty breathing,

panting with inability to lie flat down, generalized puffy swelling, bright white facial complexsion

34. Water Qi intimidating HT: SP/KI Yang vacuity with water

surging upward. This devitalizes heart yang