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GECU Increases Productivity
and Service Levels with
Monet Software
GECU, a credit union with a call center staffed by 85 agents, selected
Monet’s cloud-based WFM Live to boost its customer service levels.
Implementation was completed within two months, an accelerated
pace that would likely not have been possible with a non-cloud
based solution.
WFM Live delivered the enhanced functionality that GECU desired to

GECU executive reported that the system paid for itself after just a few

Our quality and
service levels are
averaging in the
top 97% tier

months, with three years of subscription costs offset by savings in

- Joshua G.

achieve its goals. Improved forecasting and scheduling resulted in a 30%
reduction in unscheduled breaks. Costly overtime scheduling was
reduced, while call volume spikes were managed more easily. Today, the
credit union’s quality and service levels rank in the top 97% tier. One

salaries, overtime and administrative costs.

The opportunity and challenge

Vice President

Solution Benefits

• Increase individual and departmental productivity

• Reduced IT-investment and admin resources

• Service level attainment

• Low implementation service fees

• Decrease agent available time (Idle Time)

• Affordable per user license model

• Improve the accuracy of staffing projections (daily

• Technical support for configuration on CMS interface

and yearly)
• Implement a reporting option that integrates with
their current CMS system.

• Post-implementation training
• Available reporting tools
• Robust yet easy to use interface
• Level of Workforce Optimization expertise and customer

The opportunity and challenge
GECU’s main goal was to deliver better member service with fewer resources while also getting better insights into their contact center

Solution Selection
GECU conducted a very thorough software selection process, including formal RFP, vendor responses review, product demos, due
diligence process, and vendor comparison study. During the selection process, GECU reviewed traditional on-premise software
packages as well as different web-based cloud service companies. After careful consideration, GECU came to the conclusion that
Monet’s cloud-based solution was the best option for the following reasons:
• Reduced IT-investment and admin resources
• Low implementation service fees
• Affordable per user license model
• Technical support for configuration on CMS interface
• Post-implementation training
• Available reporting tools
• Robust yet easy to use interface
• Level of Workforce Optimization expertise and customer care
GECU also touched base with at least four other financial institutions using Monet at the time as part of their due diligence process.

Since Monet is delivered as a cloud-based solution the implementation and setup was easy and complete within two months:
• January/February: Project Kickoff, Data Gathering Form, Local Configuration, Virtual Server Creation, ODBC and Data Collector
Installation, RTA Interface Installation, Communication Testing, Firewall Change Authorization, Data Validation, Production
• March: Admin User Setup, User Training, Testing, Issue Reporting, Go-Live, Operation Monitoring, Final Project Acceptance.
Having an application that’s cloud-based also significantly reduced the investment in hardware, software, and humanware (IT people,
consultants, etc.). Cloud computing offered a satisfactory business model that is reliable, safe, functional, accepted, and verified to be
responsive to the Compliance and IT parameters of operation our institution required from the beginning.

Within the first few months of implementing Monet WFM Live, GECU realized significant improvements in call center operations as

Now that we have brought Monet in, we are able to push the envelope with handling time and scheduling. Not
only has it saved us costs from an administrative perspective, it also greatly helped us with agent head count. We
were able to reduce our number of agents by 14 thanks to more effective scheduling and forecasting. We have
other departments that want to take advantage of this tool as well because of their observations of how we were
able to better manage our resources and call volume staffing requirements while reducing staff. Lastly, we found
that we were scheduling too many people on Saturdays so Monet has really been instrumental in helping to

reduce overtime. Our quality and service levels are averaging in the top 97% tier, third party vendors who
evaluate us also rank us in the top 2%.

- Joshua Gomez, Assistant Vice President-Call Center, GECU.

In addition, GECU realized the following benefits:
• Unscheduled breaks immediately reduced by 30%.
• Call volume spikes were better managed, which in turn allowed them to sustain an abandon rate of 3.72% with 3 less full-time
• Also, the forecasting feature assisted them in better staffing agents, which in turn reduced agent available time (Idle Time) while
keeping service levels at or above goal. Overall agent available time was reduced by 62%.
• Administrative time to develop agent schedules was lessened by 33%.

Return on Investment
GECU was able to implement the solution quickly and achieve an ROI that is unheard of when comparing with traditional on-premise
software. Monet’s cloud-computing model made this a low risk, high reward solution for GECU.

In terms of ROI, Monet has already paid for itself after a few months. The cost of the 3 year subscription I've
already saved in salaries, overtime and administrative costs,

- Joshua Gomez, Assistant Vice President-Call Center, GECU.

About Monet WFO Live
Monet Software is a global provider of workforce optimization software solutions for call centers. Monet’s cloud-based solution,
Monet WFO Live, is an affordable and easy to use call center optimization software solution, which includes workforce management,
call recording, quality assurance and performance management. Call centers will start improving service levels and reducing center
costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce software. With Monet WFO Live customers get all the
benefits of Monet’s WFO platform:
• Affordable: Low per user fee, minimal capital investment, no hidden costs
• Fast set up: Get started within 30 days, easy to learn and use
• Complete functionality: Workforce Management, Call Recording, Quality Assurance and Performance Management
• IT friendly: Secure and cloud-based, minimal IT management
• Proven results: Improved service levels, increased productivity and compliance

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