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I designed this magazine cover with

the route of the eye and principle of

thirds in mind as my route of the
eye goes through the masthead of
the magazine “Neale-Wade
Fananza” and through the logo then
goes diagonally down to the left
going through the coverlines
“interview with Mr Hitch” and
“Plans for Neale-Wade” then down
into the bottom left corner of the
page where “Dirge Within’s” new
album is released. It then goes
across the bottom of the page to
the terminal area where it talks
about the contact information and
where to find them on.

The first hotspot of the principle of

thirds is on Jamie Bish’s head
showing he is one of the main
people in this issue of the magazine.
The second hotspot is on Alex
Ogden and on the coverline “plans
for Neale-wade” which puts your
eye on the coverlines to give you a
idea of what is happening in the
The choice of colours in this magazine are there to contrast magazine and if you look around the
each other helping it stand out against it’s rival magazines. The hotspot you will notice Alex’s eye
font I used in this magazine are mostly bold making them showing that he has been bullied.
coverlines and coverstory stand out a lot more than if it was not The third hotspot is on Jamie’s top
bold. Another good point about the magazine cover is that if which gives the hint that Jamie was
you look at the main picture of the magazine it is Jamie Bish and the bully as you can tell from what
Alex Ogden smiling showing that the story about these two boys the top says. The final hotspot is on
are a happy story and convince the target audience that it is a Alex’s hoody and over the main
happy magazine to read and not a lot of bad news in the coverstory saying “Enemies now
magazine Become Friends!!”
The necessary conventions of the magazine I used in my magazine are:

Colourful pictures to catch audiences eye
I have used principle of thirds
I have used the hotpots
Used the route of the eye
A photo in which the audience can recognise
Topics which the student can relate to
Bold and colourful fonts to attract the ye of the audience
Used the school logo in the top right
Short and sweet coverlines
Used the issue date on the cover under the logo

My target audience of the magazine would be the children at the

school in which the magazine is being sold and I will get it across to
the audience by putting bright bold fonts and colour on the cover to
get the audiences attention and make them look at the magazine
and convince them with the coverlines and coverstories and the
main picture that they would want to but this magazine. Also my
form of address would be that I have written in quite a formal way
as the people who would most probably buy this would be year 11,
12 and 13 making them more mature and formal.

Skills I have learnt during this preliminary task would be how to

layout a magazine using techniques such as route of the eye and
principle of thirds. How to layout out the coverline and coverstories
so can fit as much onto the route of the eye as I can so the audience
when they glance can see more of the magazine than if they weren’t
on the route of the eye. I can use these skills in my main task as I am
now able to use route of the eye and principle of thirds effectively
and usefully making my main task more effective and stand out a lot

Also I have learnt how to take good photos with good lighting and
different kind of shots e.g mid shot, long shot, close up etc this will
come in handy with my main task as I will be able to take effective
pictures which will get me more marks in the ends and get me a
higher grade.