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MEMORANDUM TO : Applicants for a teaching position at Nelson Central School

FROM : Dr Paul Potaka Principal

Thank you for considering applying for the position advertised:

Permanent bi-lingual (Maori) class teacher

Required leadership/management experience, strong classroom/behaviour management skills, able to facilitate quality teaching and
learning in te reo Maori and English. Other desirable qualities: teach a multilevel class, excellent communication skills, experience
and skills in ICT, able to teach kapahaka, willingness to develop good relationships with whanau.

Ability in Te Reo Maori and understanding of Teaching for Understanding principles will be an advantage. Additional recognition
will be given to candidates who have experience with the literacy, numeracy and/or AtoL programmes. Applicants should also
state any particular skills, strengths or interests they have or would seriously like to develop.

I hope you will proceed with the application. I am confident that the successful applicant will find that the school is a supportive,
progressive and challenging environment in which to work.

An appointments committee made up of members of Senior Management, the Runanga Matua and the Board of Trustees will
consider your application. The committee will be responsible for recommending an appointment to the Board of Trustees who will
have the final responsibility for making the appointment.

Included with this letter is the information you will need in order to make your application. Please complete the application form
since not all members of the appointments committee will read your CV. The appointments committee's major point of reference
will be your response to the application form and the information requested on the enclosed sheet. For this reason we ask that your
written application specifically addresses this information. Your application may be supported by any additional information you
care to include. We are aware that many of you will have prepared CV folders but as an appointments committee we feel that this
should be offered as supporting material - not the application. If you require material returned please include a self-addressed,
stamped A4 envelope or other packaging suitable for the return of your CV. Material will not be returned otherwise. The CV of the
successful applicant will be kept on file during the tenure of the appointment.

You are asked to supply the names and addresses of three people willing to act as referees on your behalf. At least one of these
persons should be someone who can comment on your work as a teacher -preferably your current or a past senior teacher, manager
or principal, and one should be some-one who is not professionally involved in education. Should the appointments committee feel
the need to seek opinion outside of the panel of referees submitted you would be informed of this beforehand. By submitting an
application you are agreeing to allow the committee to contact your referees.

Proof of teacher registration and type of registration should also be supplied. You are required, to sign the job application form to
certify that you do not have any criminal convictions of any kind. The school has a policy designating it as a smoke-free zone, and
is also an EEO employer.

Successful applicants will be advised by telephone. Verbal acceptance of an offer will be expected immediately and confirmation
of acceptance in writing will be expected within two days of verbal acceptance or the offer may lapse.

Should you require additional information to assist you in the preparation and presentation of your application please do not
hesitate to request it. It may look as if we are looking for some-one who can walk on water but what we really want is one who is
prepared to give 100% to their profession and to our school.

Best wishes for the success of your application.

Yours sincerely

Dr Paul Potaka