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"The Truth Will Set You Free"

There have always been those who've violently opposed Our Lady's Message of
hope and warning given to the world at Fatima in 1917. The story of the brutal
imprisonment of the three child seers by Portuguese government officials is well
known. Equally well-documented are the vicious persecutions that many Fatima
adherents have endured under Communist and Masonic regimes around the
Less familiar to many however is the struggle in the Church itself concerning the
Fatima Message and its significance in our own times. Despite official approval
of the Fatima apparitions, there remains today a small but powerful group
within the Church actively working to suppress Our Lady's full Message.

Above is a photo of some of

those who came out to The Rally
in Defense of the Faith in
Toronto. Father Gruner spoke
about the Third Secret of Fatima
and how we know it refers to the
dangers to our faith in our time.
He also spoke of the urgency of
having it soon officially released
to all the faithful as Our Lady

30 Years of Suppression and Lies!

Without the Pope's knowledge, these self-styled "revolutionaries" have
coordinated and led an international campaign to discredit Our Lady and silence

Her Fatima words forever. Since 1960, they have single-handedly managed to
prevent Our Lady's full Message from reaching millions and foiled every attempt
to fulfill Her solemn requests for the Consecration of Russia and the release of
Her Third Fatima Secret.
Despite these scandalous efforts, millions of souls have nonetheless turned to
the Message of Fatima and its promise of universal peace. Millions have come to
Our Lord and Our Lady in renewed faith and love. Joining in a great grass-roots
crusade, over FOUR MILLION people have petitioned the Pope, calling for the
Consecration of Russia and many have asked for the public disclosure of Our
Lady's Third Secret.
However, the failure of their efforts to squash this great popular crusade has
only led the enemies of Fatima to re-double their efforts to silence Our Lady
once and for all! In the last two years, a diabolical campaign of disinformation,
pressure-tactics and outright lies has been mounted with only one object in

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

These are Our Lord's own words and indeed it is the truth and our freedom that
are in dire jeopardy today. Because Sister Lucy is forbidden to speak or defend
herself in public, the enemies of Fatima have felt free to use her name and
reputation to perpetrate a vicious hoax on the faithful.
At a time when the world is on the brink of war, Sister Lucy's authority is being
shamefully used to manipulate millions into a false sense of security. For more
than 50 years, Sister Lucy has steadfastly told us that peace will come only
when Russia is specifically consecrated by the Pope and all the world's bishops
on the same day and at the same hour. Today we are being asked to believe
on the basis of unreliable witnesses and questionable documents that she
suddenly now believes this solemn request has been fulfilled.
If it were not so tragic and so scandalous, this attempt to perpetrate so blatant
a hoax would be merely laughable. As it is, it remains a powerful indicator of
how desperate the enemies of Fatima have become as we near the time of

Facts Do Not Lie

We are presenting here the Chronology of a Cover-up in hopes that it will give
all Catholics and others of good will the opportunity to judge the facts of the
case for themselves. We have left nothing out nor have we added anything of
unsupported testimony or documents of dubious value.

We earnestly encourage all those seeking the saving light of Our Lady's Fatima
Message to join with us in asking our Holy Father, the Pope, and other Church
leaders to free Sister Lucy from her 30-year ordeal of silence and to publicly
release Our Lady's Third Fatima Secret. Petition forms and more information is
freely available from The Fatima Crusader.
Only when Sister Lucy is permitted to speak openly and freely in a public forum
can the terrible uncertainties regarding Our Lady's will and intentions be
resolved once and for all.
Finally, we believe that today the stakes are too high and the risks too great to
rely on anything but "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" (as
Our Lord and Our Lady permit us to see it). It is for that reason that we
prayerfully request your help in bringing this information to the attention of
your family, friends and associates.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Nicholas Gruner