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Project Ideas for Field Assignment

(10 Hours)
Social Well-being

Organize a sports or other event for orphans or special children

Volunteer at an agency that works with orphans or people with disabilities for 2
Raise money for and distribute gifts to kids at a hospital (value Rs 1000 per
Work at a nursing or old home, voluntarily (for 2 full days)
Organize art, computer or other projects with people in nursing/ old homes or
Approach elderly people in your locality who live on their own and lend a
helping hand (for 1 week)
Need Analysis survey of old homes
Need Analysis survey of orphanages
Join a center to learn about patients with special needs (4 days for 10hrs)
Design fliers of safety tips and deliver to schools/community, with local
authorities (Value Rs 500 for 1 hour)
Start an anti-smoking, anti-drug campaign that encourages students not to
smoke or get involved in drugs (10 students for 1 hour)
Work with local authorities to facilitate problem resolution in public sector on
social or health issues
Organize an event or a campaign on any social or health issue (20 people for
10 hour)
Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead community
organization (1 recognition for 1 hour)
Set up and launch a web page for awareness, of any non-profit/ social/
community service agency
Conduct a case study with positive contribution in image building of the
country, such as of people who make sacrifices or do community work and get
it published on local website/newspaper (1 published study for 10 hours)
Carry out a survey of local NGOs
Mentorship program about increasing health and physical activity (exercising)
at a school/ community (10 participants for 1 hour)
Collect old magazines and books and donate them to community
centers/libraries (Rs 100 value for 1 hour)
Stage a marathon walk or any event to raise money for a cause (Rs 1000 for 1
Organize an eye camp for free medicines and diagnostic (10 hrs for 50

Organizing an eye donation will drive (10 hours for 50 wills signed)
Organize and implement a car pooling campaign in your neighborhood to cut
down on air pollution (20 people for 1 month)
Organize and implement water conservation drive (20 people for 1 month)
Create a habitat for wildlife (value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Organize a campaign to encourage biking, walking or other healthy habits (for
200 people)
Organize an environmental slogan contest in a local school (for 50 participants)
Conduct an energy audit at your school, recommend and implement measures
with local authorities
Organize an invention contest with entries made out of recycled goods (5
entries for 1 hour)
Organize and implement conserve energy campaign (20 people for 1 month)
Organize a campaign to stop use of plastic sacks/bags for shopping (200
Organize campus cleanliness (minimum 50 students)
Arrange cleanliness of cafe / canteen (for 5 days)
Involve students in cleanliness of hostels eating places and post event drives
(minimum 50 students)
Plant trees in your locality and look after them for two months (5 trees for 10
Raise money and distribute Braille or large print books for blind or visually
impaired people (Rs 1000 per hour)
Build a ramp for a person in a wheelchair so it is easier for him to get in and
out of his house or workplace (value Rs 1000 per hour)
Organize a self-defense learning workshop (5 people for 1 hour)
Design and run a safety workshop for students/community (5 participants for 1
Renovate a hospital/ health center (value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Collect and donate sewing machine / other equipment for better employability
(value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Conduct a sewing or similar skill workshop for the needy (1 participant for 1
Raise money, renovate and fix a run-down park or playground (repairing
benches, swings, fencing, etc)
(Value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Prune/trim corners where the bush and trees make it difficult for drivers to see,
and install road signs with local authorities (1 sign board for 2 hours)
Install water filtration unit at under-developed nearby areas
Organize and implement an environment protection or recycling campaign for
your locality (30 people for 1 month)
Install/ organize alternative sources for sustainability e.g. biogas plants, solar
panels, etc (value of Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
2. Disaster Response and Recovery

Gather clothing from your neighborhood and donate it to the needy (Value Rs
1000 for 1 hour)
Organize a fund raising drive to collect food and supplies for the needy/ IDPs/
refugees & distribute to minimum 20 people (Value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Start and implement a program to enable poor people build their own houses
(Value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
Enable the poor/IDPs for job or start their own small business
(Value Rs 1000 for 1 hour)
3. Leadership and Social Skills

Survey community agencies to learn the leading causes of accidents in your

community, then design and implement a campaign to reduce accidents
Mentoring program about helping the underprivileged community to make
them understand their legal rights and helping them with legal procedures (10
participants for 1 hour)
Carry out community service needs analysis through survey questionnaires or
take analyses feedback of earlier community service work and make
sustainable recommendations to relevant authorities
Adopt a billboard and use it for a public service announcement (20 days for 10
Survey your neighborhood to find out what people think are the leading crime
causes implement remedial measures e.g. additional lights/ CCTV installation
with local bodies
Work as a volunteer with the local health department or a clinic to immunize
children against diseases (6 days for 10 hours)
4. Education for Empowerment

Encourage and work with the school cafeteria to donate left over food to the
poor (for 5 days)
Collect and distribute school supplies for kids who need them (Rs 1000 for 1
Inspect local school playgrounds for hazards and collaborate with
administration for rectification
Share a talent through teaching a class for the orphans or the needy (10
children for 1 hour)
Need analysis survey of underprivileged schools
Collect used books and donate to needy or junior students (1 hour for 2 current
course books and 1 hour for 5 non-academic books)
Organize career counseling for better employability (50 participants for 20
Conduct a clothing repair or similar workshop for the needy (1 participants for
1 hour)
Organize a women skill development workshop for poverty reduction (20
women for 1 week)

Carry out free tutoring and education at local schools/orphanages

Renovate a local school (value of Rs 1000 per hour)