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Contract 3036

Replacement of Signalling Systems for ISL, KTL, TWL, TKL,

Ivan Poon
Signal System Design Manager
May 2015

MTR Corporation


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Scope of Works
DUAT Lines, which include

MTR Corporation Limited


Total 59 stations including 5 new stations of WIL & KTE
Total route length of ~120Km
Mainline, Sidings, Depot Transition Tracks

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Scope of Works (Cont.)

Provision of CBTC Signalling

Radio Based Moving Block CBTC Systems for DUAT Lines [NEW!]
New ATS, CBI+ATC, and DCS subsystems [NEW!]
Mainline Interlocking (RRI, SSI, SICAS) [To be Replaced !]
Depot Interlocking (TWD, CWD, KBD, TKD & SHD) [To be Replaced !]
Trackside and Trainborne Automatic Train Control (SACEM in URL/LAR,
SelTrac in DRL) [To be Replaced !]
Central Traffic Control (SICP, ATR, ATS, ATSS) [To be Replaced !]

MTR Corporation Limited

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Scope of Works (Cont.)

Retrofitting Train-borne Signalling Equipment and Enabling of
Fully Automatic Operation (FAO)
7 types of EMU, 3 types of locomotives
158 EMU, 48 Locomotives

MTR Corporation Limited

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Scope of Works (Cont.)

Provision of Testing Facilities
Integrated CBTC Test Platform

MTR Corporation Limited

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Scope of Works (Cont.)

Provision of Training Facilities
1 OCC Simulator for OCC staff training
1 Station Simulator for station staff training
1 full function real system training track in SHD
Optimization of Nos. of Track Circuits (Secondary Train
To reduce the nos. of track circuits after the CBTC
Decommissioning of Existing Signalling systems including:
SACEM ATC (Trainborne and Trackside)

MTR Corporation Limited

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Scope of Works (Cont.)

Interface with 61 Existing Equipment/Systems
Point machine, Signal, Track circuit, Platform Emergency Plunger, Key Switches, PSD/APG,
ECS, OHL, Floodgate, Ship Impact Detector, Trip Wire, PA, PIDS, SMS, MCS, Tetra Radio
System, Master Clock, Network, EMU, Locomotive, etc.

MTR Corporation Limited

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Gap Analysis on FAO Requirements


C3036 CBTC signalling system

# Interface is ready by C3036

New signalling system is ready for FAO

* No interface with Signalling required

Additional functions to support FAO

Functions not supported by existing RS

Fencing *

Smoke detector on inlet duct #

Transition Platform and Walkway *

Automatic fresh air-intake damper control #

Pressure Mat / Physical barrier / Tripwire

Remote reset the activated PAD *

system besides / over viaducts #

Monitor the status of a train so that TC can monitor

Remote monitoring and control of cross wall

and control RS equipment via Signalling and / or Radio

doors / Emergency Trackside Access Point /

systems remotely #

Emergency Exist Door #

Start up test for out-stabling trains #

Fallen Tree Detection #

Broken rail detection system *

Functions not supported by existing SMS/MCS

Functions not supported by existing Comms System

No MCS in URL, part of the function to be performed by Signalling &

Communication path for Remote reset the activated PAD *

Communications system

Communication path for Remote control and monitor of train-borne

Tunnel lighting status *

Station fire alarm *

equipment in OCC *

In-cab PA via portable radio*

Line sump water level alarm *

Traction current / OHL status (Not available in URL) #
MTR Corporation

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Thank You

MTR Corporation


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