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Among all the beliefs people may have about why some prosper and
some dont, the Indian master Padmasambhava taught that we can
create prosperity. It starts in our minds, in our ability to imagine
combined with boundless kindness.
While singing the song, in a joyful and expansive frame of mind, we are
to image that all realms and all worlds are covered with a gentle rain of
precious gemstones, medicinal plants and delightful edibles. Everyone
is satisfied. Every need is fulfilled. Most importantly, we image that
everyone as well, everywhere, begin to share their resources with
boundless kindness and wisdom.
You will notice the effect this song, the visualization and the mantra,
when combined with your increasingly open mind, has on your life in
several ways. The tight fist of stinginess loosens, generous kindness
fills your mind more often, you are less prone to be dragged into
frustration and regret. Most importantly, the growing sense of nonattachment makes it easier to simply be, at ease in whatever happens.
You are welcome to sing along any time and, why not, let a little rain
fall on your own front porch.
Granting every gift most eminent, giver of accomplishments,
Embodiments of the triple roots, wishfulfilling precious gems,
Guru Padma, master known as the Lotus-Born,
And all Dzambhala lords of the fourfold families,
Lords of wealth, and yakshas, the protectors of this world,
Millions of you, in a number that defies the reach of thought.
To you the whole assembly, deities of the mandala,
We bow in veneration, offer praise, and make this prayer:
Grant your inspiration, clear away all hindrances.
Please bestow accomplishments and increase prosperity.
While remaining present here, please fulfill activites.
In samsara and nirvana whatever is most excellent,
Goodness in our world, richness for all beings,
From the gods and humans, nagas and the yakshas too,
Foods and wealth and jewels, cloudbanks of all pleasing things,
Bright and steadfast horses, Animals for milk and wool,
Harvests of all grains and herbs, plants for every medicine,
Longer lifespans, perfect health, splendor and auspiciousness,
Family, Dharma lineage-holders, everything we may desire;
To sum up, in samsara and nirvana all exquisite, wonderful.
Without the slightest effort, bring it under our command.
Increase it like a swelling river, never-ending, limitless.
Let whatever we may wish for be fulfilled abundantly.
Let there be auspicious goodness, happiness for everyone!


This sacred chant composed by Padmasambhava was revealed by
Chokgyur Lingpa.
Dzambhala thangka designed by Dzongsar Khyentse.
Performed by Sascha Alexandra Aurora & Rodrigo Reijers.
Music by Tara Trinley Wangmo.
Translated from Tibetan by Erik Pema Kunsang.
In fact, it is mainly based on wealth that the qualities of higher rebith and
liberation can arise. It is said that the omniscient Sugata itself, at the very first,
began with practising generosity. Therefore the great master of Oddiyana said:
Through wealth one accomplishes the purpose of this and future lifetimes as it is
the ornament of the dharma and the base of wordly success. Therefore, the
excellent vase of prosperity, - The method to attract the quintessence of wealth has been exposed.
Thus he praised this practice repeatedly.
In addition, Padmasambhava stated hundreds of times:
This blessed substance that gathers all the instructions, this very special heart
essence, will increase the wealth and the number of subjects. In the future, when
the beings of Tibet, Kham and the entire world will encounter great suffering and
immense torments will arise due to the degeneration of the world and living
beings, in order to protect you all, i, the self-arisen Lotus, will think of you with
extreme love and will expose it.
Recently, Chinese, Tibetan and students from east and west enjoyed the
unsurpassable kindness of the incomparable protector, Terchen Chokling Orgyen
Jigme Palden Rinpoche. Due to the dazzling rays of lights of his love and
compassion, he prepared these pills in a very careful manner. In 2011, starting
on the first day of the ninth month of the Iron Hare year, according to the tibetan
calendar - the virtuous day of Kilaya's activity - in the secluded place of Kanying
Rigdzin Ling, in his own abode in Lhasab Lingtren, in Lhasa, the supreme Lord of
the wheel, Terchen Chokling Orgyen Jigme Palden Rinpoche presided the
ceremony. He performed it together with a little more then ten lamas and
monks, wich all possess the three trainings, supreme devotion and a perfectly
pure motivation.
During seven days, they opened the sacred mandala of the Excellent Vase of
Prosperity, wich is the instruction possessing the flavours of the dakini's breath,
the heart essence of the Maha Guru of Oddiyana and the essence of all the
teachings of the supreme Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, who is supreme amongst
the ocean of tertns.

Sacred Ingredients
Ringsels from the seven universal Buddhas such as Kashyapa and
Pieces of clothes and sacred ingredients from the eight Vidyadharas of

A piece of dharma robes of Shariputra and Ananda

Hairs of Guru Padmasambhava and his dharma robe

Sandal-wood that appeared from the nose blood of king Trisong Deutsen

Hairs and pieces of clothes of the dakini Yeshe Tsogyal

Parts of the saddle of Nub Namkhe Nyingpo Nyizer

Bones of the great translator Vairochana

Nose blood of the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyelpo

Pieces of brain and clothes from the omniscient Longchen Rabjam

Piece of clothes and flesh of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa

Bones of Drubchen Melong Dorje

Flesh from the seven incarnations of Yarje Orgyen Lingpa

Flesh from Terchen Guru Chwang

Clothes from Orgyen Terdak Lingpa

Clothes from Terchen Ratna Lingpa, Terchen Taksham as well as the
Mahasiddha Marpa Lotsawa

A piece of zen from Jetsn Milarepa

Clothes from Marpa's son Dharma Dode

Parts of Nyamme Dagpo's brain

Bones from Je Pakmo Drupa

Hairs of Je Sangye Hn

A braid of Orgyen Gnpo

Ashes from the burnt bones and clothes of all the Karmapas from the first
until the sixteenth
Pieces of clothes from the lineage lamas of the Longchen Nyingtik

Hairs from Nyakla Jangchub

Clothes from Ju Jamgn Mipham Rinpoche

Bones, hairs and clothes from Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Clothes from Yachen Lama Ach

Pills of prosperity prepared by Jamgn Kongtrl Rinpoche

Sacred pills prepared by Khenchen Jigme Phntsok Rinpoche, together
with his ten thousand students at Serta Larung
Sacred pills prepared with the recitation of thirteen hundred million
(1300000000) Benza Guru mantras in Zab Phulung monastery
Sacred pills, samaya substances and amrita prepared by the fifth Dalai
Sacred pills of Manjushri prepared by Khenchen Pema Wangyel
Sacred pills liberating upon bein tasted and pills of Tak Ngu Chlen
Sacred pills of Vajrasattva and a combination of ringsel of the five great
pandits and siddhas of Tropulung

Long life pills made with a thousand samaya substances

Pills to avert harm from gods, demons and humans

Pills of prosperity made with bones of the past realised vidyadhaeas of the
great Nyingma school form all directions

Ringsel of the past Kagyu masters of all directions

A blessing of Gyalwang Karmapa given to Chokling Orgyen Jigme Palden
One of the twenty five body representations made from the nectar of the
body remains of Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse
Sacred substances from the filling of a Rahula statue, handmade by the
supreme Orgyen Lingpa

Great black pill from Namtso

Red nectar pills from Taklung

Pills prepared according to the hundred thousand sections of Kathog

Benefit of these pills

If a fortunate person creates a connection with these sacred pills of prosperity by
keeping it with ones body, eating it or keeping it at home and so forth, the
benefits are explained in the termas of Chokling:
By merely possessing this pill, One will surely attain the siddhis of a precious
treasure. So if one puts it into practice and enacts its activities, is there any need
to mention that one will atain limitless richness?
By preparing and possessing this pill, one will have a long life, free of sickness
Moreover the Lord of Refuge, the great Tertn Chokling Jigme Palden Rinpoche
If one wears this wish-granting pill of prosperity on one's body, it is the liberation
through wearing (Takdrl). One will be protected from all outer, inner and secret
obstacles and one's lifespan, merit, power and energy will increase. It is the
supreme sacred substance that liberates upon being tasted, the medicine that
cures all diseases, and the nectar that reverses death and shuts all doors of
lower rebirth. It is particularly necessary and important in these present times
and circumstances. Therefore, higher or lower beings, free of doubts and with
great respect, should see these sacred substances as supreme and rely upon it.
From the Dense cloud of Padmasambhava's wisdom compassion, this great wishgranting pill of prosperity has excellently come into being. May whoever tastes it
be instantly liberated and be reborn in a place of great benifit and happiness

The Heart of Blessings

The Heart of Blessings

The Heart of Blessings

A brief anthology of prayers to Guru Rinpoche and the twenty-five

disciples, the king and subjects

Homage to the Guru!

Those who wish to pray in a concise way to the Precious Master of
Orgyen and his emanations, the five Ttreng families and Eight
Manifestations, along with the twenty-five disciples, the king and
subjects, should do so as follows.
Taking refuge and arousing the awakened mind of bodhichitta

dak sok dro kn deng n changchub bar
From now until enlightenment, I and all sentient beings

knchok tsawa sum la kyab su chi
Take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and in the gurus,
devas and dakinis.

shyendn dzokp sangye tob j chir
In order to attain perfect buddhahood for the sake of others,

mn dang jukp changchub semky do
I arouse the heart of the awakened mindbodhichitta, in aspiration and

3 times

The visualization

dn gyi namkhar yitrok chtrin
Before me in the sky, amidst a cloud of exquisite offerings,

rinchen sengtri pema nyid teng
On a jewelled lion throne, lotus, sun and moon disc seat

tsaw lama orgyen rinpoche
Presides my root master Orgyen Rinpoche,

kudok kar mar shyn tsul ziji bar
His complexion white, tinged with red, he is youthful, majestic and

chak y dorj ynp t bum dang
In his right hand a vajra, in his left a skullcup with vase,

sangw yum chok b tsul kha tam khy
Embracing the supreme secret consort, concealed as a khatvanga.

ku la sang p chg zab ber sol
He wears inner gown, Dharma robes and brocade cape,

u la she nyen shyu tongdrol dz
On his head the beautiful hat that liberates upon seeing;

shyabzung dorj kyiltrung drangpor shyuk
He sits upright, his feet crossed in the vajra posture.

sang sum l ky jazer pung long
From his secret body, speech and mind, amidst a mass of light and
rainbow rays,

ttreng d nga trulp tsen gy dang
The five classes of Ttreng, the Eight Manifestations,

tuks mi jebang rik nyernga sok
His twenty-five heart-disciples, the king and subjects,

rigdzin lama gyats trinpung tro
And an infinite cloud of vidyadhara gurus, all stream out.

n sum dru sum tsenp zer gyi
Their three centres are marked by the three syllables OM AH HUNG,
from which light beams out

yeshe chendrang nyisumepar gyur
To summon the wisdom beings, who merge inseparably one with them.

Visualize in this way.


hung, shyeng shik pema jungn khandr tsok
Hung! Rise up, Padmakara, with your dakini throng,

gong shik chok chu d sum deshek nam
Care for us, sugatas of all time and all directions,

jetsn chenpo pema ttreng tsal

Great and noble guide, Pema Ttreng Tsal,

rigdzin khandr n n shek su sol
Come now, we pray, from the sacred places of vidyadharas and dakinis.

The wisdom beings are invoked, and dissolve into the visualization.
The seven branch offering

sengtri pema nyid den la shyuk
Remain upon your lion thrones, your lotus, sun and moon disc seats.

go sum gp chaktsal kyab su chi
With devotion filling body, speech and mind, I prostrate and take
refuge in you.

chi nang sangwa lam chtrin bul
I offer a cloud of offerings, outer, inner, secret and unsurpassed,

d sum sakp dikdrib tol shying shak
I confess and purify all harmful actions and obscurations of past,
present and future,

pak dang soky gewar j yi rang
I rejoice in the virtuous actions of both sublime and ordinary beings,

zabgy ch kyi khorlo korwar kul
I implore you to turn the wheel of the teachings, profound and vast,

nya ngen mi da taktu shyuk soldeb
I pray that you do not pass into nirvana, but remain forever,

snam ng kn changchub chenpor ngo
And I dedicate all true merit to the complete enlightenment of all.

In this way, gather the accumulations.

Prayer to Guru Rinpoche, His Manifestations and the Twenty-five


d sum gyalwa kn ng rik gy dak
You are the embodiment of all the conquerors, past, present and future
the lord of one hundred buddha families,

trinl nam shyi khorl gyurwa po
You rule over the four enlightened activities,

nangsi wang du dp tutob chen
You possess the power to magnetize everything that appears and

pemajungn shyab la solwa deb
Padmakara, at your feet we pray!

dorj rinchen pema karma dang
Vajra, Ratna, Padma, Karma

buddha ttreng rik chok nampa nga
And Buddhathe five supreme families of Ttreng;

chim pejung padmasambhava
The immortal Padmakara, Padmasambhava,

loden choks pema gyalpo tsal
Loden Choks, Pema Gyalpo,

shakya seng nyima zer dang
Shakya Seng, Nyima zer,

seng dradrok dorj drol sok
Seng Dradok, Dorj Drol and the like,

gang dul gyutrul draw tsul changwa

Assuming every kind of miraculous manifestation needed to tame

beings, and

kyabn knd chok la solwa deb
Embodying every source of refuge: to you we pray!

sangye yeshe gyalwa chokyang d
Sangy Yesh, Gyalwa Chokyang,

namkh nyingpo jnana kumara
Namkh Nyingpo, Jnanakumara,

yeshe tsogyal pal gyi yeshe shyab
Yesh Tsogyal, Palgyi Yesh and

palgyi seng nam la solwa deb
Palgyi Seng, to you we pray!

vairotsana chgyal trisong shyab
Vairochana, King Trisong Detsen,

yudra nyingpo dorj djom tsal
Yudra Nyingpo, Dorj Dudjom,

yeshe yang dang sokpo lha pal d
Yesh Yang, Sokpo Lhapal and

nanam yeshe nam la solwa deb
Nanam Yesh, to you we pray!

palgyi wangchuk denma tsemang dang
Palgyi Wangchuk, Denma Tsemang,

kawa paltsek shbu palgyi seng
Kawa Paltsek, Shbu Palgyi Seng,

gyalw lodr drokben lotsawa
Gyalw Lodr, Drokben Lotsawa and

drenpa namkha nam la solwa deb
Drenpa Namkha, to you we pray!

odren wangchuk maben rinchen chok
Odren Wangchuk, Ma Rinchen Chok,

palgyi dorj langdro knchok jung
Palgyi Dorj, Langdro Knchok Jungn and

gyalwa changchub gongpa ngngyur p
Gyalwa Changchubyou who actualized the wisdom mind of the

tuks rigdzin nam la solwa deb
Vidyadharas and heart-disciples, to you we pray!

solwa deb so orgyen rinpoche
To you we pray, Orgyen Rinpoche,

jingyi lob shik rigdzin trulp tsok
Inspire us with your blessings, assembly of vidyadhara emanations,

chi nang sangw barch shyiwa dang
Pacify our obstacles, inner, outer and secret,

sampa lhn gyi drubpar dz du sol
Make all our aspirations be spontaneously fulfilled,

l ngak yi la dorj wang shyi kur
Bestow on our body, speech and mind the four vajra empowerments,

nedn dikdrib barch ying su sol

Dispel illness, dns, harmful actions, obscurations and obstacles into


ku sung tuk yn trinl ngdrub tsol
Grant us the siddhis of enlightened body, speech, mind, qualities and

namdrol ku shyi tobpar jingyi lob
Inspire us with your blessings, to obtain the four kayas of complete

Pray like this with piercing intensity.

If you wish, at this point, you can recite The Prayer in Seven Chapters,
The Spontaneous Accomplishment of Wishes, The Dispelling of
Obstacles from the Path, or any other prayers you choose.
The mantra recitation

As the approach phase of the prayers, recite:

om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung

as much as you can, and then at the end:

Receiving the empowerments

rigdzin lam ku yi neshyi n
From the four centres of the body of the vidyadhara guru,

zer jungwa dak gi neshyir tim
Rays of light streak out and melt into my four centres,

ku sung tuk dang yeshe dorj yi
Instilling in me the blessing of enlightened body, speech, mind and
indestructible wisdom,

jin gyi lab n wang shyi tobpar gyur
So that I receive the four empowerments.

tar ni tsok shying shyu rang la tim
Finally, the field of merit melts into light and dissolves into me.

tuk yi chik dr gongp tsal chen dzok
The lamas wisdom mind merges, one, with my mind, the great power
of realization is perfected,

khord ro chik sal tikl long
With samsara and nirvana one taste, within the all- embracing space of
Clear Light,

dn nyi drebu minp tashi tsol
Let all be auspicious for the fruition, the benefit of myself and others,
to mature.

Receive the empowerments, and adorn the conclusion with prayers of

dedication, aspiration and auspiciousness.

In accord with the prayer of one with devotion, by the name of Natha,
this was written by Khyents Wangpo, the favourite servant of the
Lake-born Guru.
| Rigpa Translations, 2004

The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche for Removing Obstacles and Fulfilling


The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche for Removing Obstacles and Fulfilling

a revelation of Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa

d sum sangye guru rinpoche

Embodiment of buddhas of past, present and future, Guru Rinpoche;

ngdrub kn dak dewa chenp shyab

Master of all siddhis, Guru of Great Bliss;

barch kn sel ddul drakpo tsal

Dispeller of all obstacles, Wrathful Subjugator of Mras;

solwa deb so jingyi lab tu sol

To you I pray: inspire me with your blessing,

chi nang sangw barch shyiwa dang

So that outer, inner and secret obstacles are dispelled

sampa lhn gyi drubpar jingyi lob

And all my aspirations are spontaneously fulfilled.

Discovered by the great terma-revealer Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, from

the right-hand side of the Sengchen Namdrak rock on Mount Rinchen
Tsekpa, The Pile of Jewels. Because the blessing of this prayer, one
intended for this present time, is so immense, it should be treasured by
all as their daily practice.

Revised translation by Patrick Gaffney, 2015



In TRUE BOOKS by Erik Pema Kunsang

While strolling down the main boulevard in Shigatse, the home of the
Panchen Lamas, in 1987, I see only a few people and almost no cars.
Tibet has just opened up for foreign travellers and back-packers some
months before. Standing on the pavement, perusing the items
displayed on makeshift tables in the market stalls, my eyes had
suddenly fallen on a tiny text. The print is on handmade-parchment,
fashioned in the age-old style of inked woodcarving. It is a revelation
from many hundred years back, and its Tibetan title means Refined
Essence of Oral Instructions. It contains the parting words of
Padmasambhava as he is just about to leave Tibet, the master who is

admired and loved throughout the Himalayan countries and now all
over the world as being the main teacher of Vajrayana Buddhism. My
breath stops and my heart skips a beat. The words are like hearing him
speak to you in person. I buy two copies without hesitation.
Homage to the master.
Lady Tsogyal of Kharchen served the nirmanakaya Orgyen Padmakara
from her eighth year, accompanying him like a shadow follows
a body. When the master was about to leave Tibet for the land of the
rakshas, I, Lady Kharchen, having offered a mandala of gold and
turquoise and having arranged a tantric feast, a wheel of gathering,
Great master! You are leaving to tame the rakshas. I am left behind
here in Tibet. Although I have served you for a long time, master, this
old woman has no confidence about the time of death. So I beseech you
to kindly give me an instruction condensing all teachings into one,
which is concise and easy to practice.
The great master replied: Devoted one with a faithful and virtuous
mind, listen to me. Although there are many profound key points of
body, rest free and relaxed as you feel comfortable. Everything is
included in simply that.
Although there are many key points of speech such as breath control
and mantra recitation, stop speaking and remain like a mute.
Everything is included in simply that.
Although there are many key points of mind such as concentrating,
relaxing, projecting, dissolving and focusing inward, everything is
included in simply letting it rest in its natural state, free and easy,
without fabrication. But the mind doesnt remain quietly in that state.
You may wonder, is mind nothing? It still shimmers and flashes forth,
like haze in the heat of the sun. You may wonder, is it something? It has
no color or shape to identify it but is utterly empty and completely

awake. That is the nature of your mind.

Having recognized it as such, to become certain about it, that is the
view. To remain undistracted in the state of stillness, without
fabrication or fixation, that is the meditation. In that state, to be free
from clinging or attachment, accepting or rejecting, hope or fear,
towards any of the experiences of the six senses, that is the conduct.
Whatever doubt or hesitation occurs, mentally call on your master for
help. Dont remain in places of ordinary people, practice in seclusion.
Give up your clinging to whatever you are most attached to as well as
to whomever you have the strongest bond with in this life, and
practice. Like that, although your body remains in human form, your
mind is equal to the buddhas.
At the time of dying, you should practice as follows. When the earth
element dissolves into water, the body becomes heavy and cannot
support itself. When the water element dissolves into fire, the mouth
and nose dry up. When the fire element dissolves into wind, body heat
disappears. When the wind element dissolves into consciousness,
you cannot but exhale with a rattle and inhale with a gasp.
Next you feel as if being pressed down by a huge mountain, being
trapped within darkness, or being dropped into the expanse of space.
All these experiences are accompanied by thunderous and ringing
sounds. The whole sky is vividly bright like an unfurled brocade.
Now within a dome of rainbow lights the natural forms of your mind,
the peaceful, wrathful, semi-wrathful deities and the ones with various
heads begin to fill the sky. Some brandish weapons and utter Beat!
beat! Kill! kill! Hung! Hung! Phat! Phat! and other fierce
sounds. There is light like a hundred thousand suns shining at once. At
this time, your innate deity will remind you of awareness saying, Dont
be distracted! Dont be distracted! Your innate demon will disturb all

your experiences, make them collapse and utter sharp and fierce
sounds and confuse you.
At this point, know this: The feeling of being pressed down is not that
of being pressed by a mountain. It is your own elements dissolving.
Dont be afraid of that! The feeling of being trapped within darkness is
not a darkness. It is your five sense faculties dissolving. The feeling of
being dropped into the expanse of space is not being dropped. It is
your mind without support because your body and mind have separated
and your breathing has stopped.

All the experiences of rainbow lights are the natural manifestations of

your mind. The peaceful and wrathful forms are the natural forms of
your mind. All sounds are your own sounds. All lights are your own
lights. Have no doubt about that. If you do feel doubt, it throws you
back into samsara. Resolve all this to be self-display, and when you
then remain wide awake in luminous emptiness, simply in that you will
attain the three kayas and awaken to enlightenment. Even if someone
then cast you into samsara, you wont go there.
The innate deity means undistracted presence of mind which right now
arrests your thinking. From this moment, the most important point is
rid this mind of hope and fear, clinging and fixation, toward the objects
of your six sense faculties as well as to fascination, joy and sadness. If
you already now become stable in this, you will be able to reassume
your natural state in the bardo and awaken to enlightenment. The most
vital point is therefore to sustain your practice undistractedly from this
very moment.

The innate demon is your present tendency for ignorance, your doubt
and hesitation. Whatever frightful phenomena appear at that time,
such as sounds, colors and lights, dont be fascinated, dont doubt and
dont be afraid. Falling into doubt for even a moment, will cause you to
wander into samsara, so gain complete stability.
Next you may experience the entrances to a womb in the form of
celestial palaces. Dont be attracted to them. Be certain of that! Be free
from hope and fear! I swear there is no doubt that you will then become
enlightened without taking further rebirths.
When this happens, it is not that you are helped by a buddha, because
your awareness is primordially enlightened. It is not that you can
be harmed by a hell, because fixation is naturally cleared away, fear of
samsara and hope for nirvana are cut from the root. Becoming
enlightened can be compared to water cleared of sediments, gold
cleansed of impurities or the sky cleared of clouds.
Having realized space-like dharmakaya for the benefit of oneself, you
will accomplish the welfare of sentient beings as far as space pervades.
Having attained sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya for the welfare of
others, you will benefit sentient beings as far as your mind pervades
If this instruction is given three times to even a great sinner such as
one who has killed his own father and mother, he will not fall into
samsara even if thrown there. There is no doubt about becoming
enlightened. Even if you have many other profound teachings, without
an instruction like this, you remain far away from enlightenment. Since
you dont know where you may wander next, practice this with
You must give this instruction to recipients who have great faith, strong
diligence and are intelligent, who always remember their teacher, who
have confidence in the oral instructions, who exert themselves in the

practice, who are stable-minded and able to give up concerns for this
world. Give them this with the masters seal of entrustment, the
yidams seal of secrecy, and the dakinis seal of entrustment.
Although I, Padmakara, have followed many masters for one thousand
eight hundred years, have requested instructions, received teachings,
studied and taught, meditated and practiced, I have not found any
teaching more profound than this. I am going to tame the rakshas. You
should practice like this. Lady, you will become enlightened in the
celestial realms. Therefore persevere in this instruction.
Having spoken, the precious master mounted the rays of the sun and
departed for the land of the rakshas. Following that, Lady Tsogyal
attained liberation. She committed this teaching to writing and
concealed it as a profound treasure. She made this aspiration: In the
future, may it be given to Guru Dorje Lingpa. May it then benefit many
This completes the Sacred Refined Essence Instruction, the reply to
questions on self-liberation at the moment of death and in the
bardo. Samaya, seal, seal, seal.
This text by the treasure revealer Dorje Lingpa was translated in
accordance with the precious oral instructions of Tulku Urgyen
Rinpoche and his Dharma heir Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, by Erik Pema
Kunsang and is included in Dakini Teachings, Rangjung Yeshe

Summoning the Spirit of Abundance
The Hook of Divine Substance
by Mipham Rinpoche

hung, dering zakar ts zang la
Hung! Today, when the stars and planets are auspiciously aligned,

cha cha yang gi dz tram t
The materials for attracting prosperity and good fortune are all laid out.

cha yangguk p lej na
As we perform this practice for summoning the spirit of abundance and

gong su sollo lha gn tsok
Turn your attention towards us, all you deities and protectors!

knchok sum gyi denpa dang
Through the truth of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,

tsa sum sungm jinlab kyi
And the blessings of the gurus, devas, dakinis, and guardians,

tnp to yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of high status possessed by all the influential!

chenp ch yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of greatness possessed by all the prominent!

darw dar yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of vigour possessed by all the youthful!

tsenp tsen yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of potency possessed by all the powerful!

chukp chuk yang n dir khuk

We summon now the spirit of wealth possessed by all the prosperous!

penp pen yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of allure possessed by all the charismatic!

khep kh yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of wisdom possessed by all the learned!

tsnp tsn yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of discipline possessed by all the ethical!

drubp drub yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of attainment possessed by all the accomplished!

dew d yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of wellbeing possessed by all the blissful!

kyip kyi yang n dir khuk
We summon now spirit of happiness possessed by all the joyous!

zangw zang yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of excellence possessed by all the good!

paw pa yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of courage possessed by all the brave!

dzep dz yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of attraction possessed by all the beautiful!

tnp tn yang n dir khuk
We summon now the spirit of agreement possessed by all in harmony!

chok l namgyal cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for perfect victory and success!

samdn drubp cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for accomplishing all our aims!

dgu pelw cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for increasing all that is desirable!

tsering nem cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for longevity and perfect health!

ngatang nyendrak cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for power and renown!

tashi getsen cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance for auspiciousness and positivity!

riw ts n cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance from the peaks of mountains!

gyats tingn cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance from the oceans' depths!

chok shyi n n cha yang khuk
We summon prosperity and abundance from the lands in all directions!

lha yang trin shyin tib s tib
Let the devas spirit of abundance amass like billowing clouds!

lu yang gyatso m r r

Let the nagas spirit of abundance swirl like the swelling ocean!

mi yang mu shyak dem s dem
Let the humans spirit of abundance radiate with heavenly lustre!

nyima shyindu kyi li li
Shining brightly like the sun,

dawa shyindu ga ra ra
Glowing vividly like the moon,

kar tsok shyindu lam s lam
Sparkling lucidly like the stars,

nabn shyindu tib s tib
Gathering thickly like mist,

chulung shyindu du ru ru
Merging and flowing like a river,

drang char shyindu si li li
And showering down upon us like rain!

khu y khu y yang khuk so
Khuy khuy! Let the spirit of abundance be summoned!

hu y hu y yang d so
Huy huy! Let the spirit of abundance be gathered!

hu y huden yang chak so
Huy huden! Let the spirit of abundance be brought forth!

cha yi gyatso m r r
An ocean of prosperity swells and churns,

yang gi mu shyak kyi li yi
The spirit of abundance glistens and sparkles with heavenly lustre,

pal gyi nabn tib s tib
And magnificence gathers and swirls like densest fog!

cha di ri la ma dr la
Let not this prosperity escape into the mountains!

yang di go la ma nyam shik
Let not the spirit of abundance pass beyond the threshold!

pal di shyendu ma yel chik
Let not this magnificence wander elsewhere!

rawar yang pel chuk kyi gang
Let the spirit of abundance increase in our enclosures, filling them with livestock!

bangdz yang pel dru yi gang
Let the the spirit of abundance increase in our stores, filling them with grain!

khyim la yang pel mi yi gang
Let the spirit of abundance increase in our homes, filling them with progeny!

ch chen z kyi gyatso kyil
Let stocks of nutritious food swell like the ocean!

yang chen nor gyi riwo pung

Let wealth and resources pile up like mountains!

ji chen g kyi char gyn pob
Let splendid clothing shower down like rain!

taktu lha dang pal n shing
With the divine and the glorious remaining forever,

gyum bangdz namkha nyam
And magical treasuries as vast as space itself,

dzem paljor ngdrub tsol
Grant us the siddhis of inexhaustible wealth!

chok chu namkh tartuk n
From every direction throughout the whole of space,

cha dang yang gi ch d t
Gather now the essence of prosperity and abundance,

dak dang drubp ten la tim
And let it be absorbed into us and the supports of our practice,

mi nub gyaltsen shyindu ten
Remaining forever stable like the banner of victory, never waning,

mishik dorj tabur tak
Forever present like the vajra, indestructible,

mingyur yungdrung shyindu khyil
And forever immutable like the yungdrung, never changing.

nyida shyindu sal gyur chik
Let this essence be as splendid as the sun and moon!

trin chen shyindu gy gyur chik
Let it expand like vast, billowing clouds!

dr zang shyindu pel gyur chik
And let it multiply like fine, bountiful harvests!

gang d pnsum tsokpa yi
Perfectly bestowing whatever we desire,

cha dang yang gi ngdrub gy
Let the attainments of prosperity and abundance unfold!

yishyin norbu paksam shing
Like a wish-granting jewel, a wish-fulfilling tree,

ter gyi bumpa zangpo shyin
Or an excellent vase of treasure,

chi sam lhn gyi drubpa yi
Let all that we wish for be spontaneously accomplished

tashi delek deng dir tsol
Grant us, here and now, this auspiciousness, happiness and wellbeing!

Should you recite these seventy-two lines a hundred and eight times, positive
signs of summoning the spirit of abundance and prosperity will appear

On the 25th day of the fifth month of the Fire Monkey year (1896), in Chim
Chokdrup Ling, this arose in the lake-like mind of Jampal Gyp Dorje.

Samaya! Gya! Ithi!
| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2013. With many thanks to
Alak Zenkar Rinpoche who kindly granted the transmission and clarified several
difficult points.

Summoning the Spirit of Abundance: A Rain of Flowers, from the
treasury of the symbolic scripts of the profound and secret kin
by Dorj Dechen Lingpa1

Homage to the deities who grant accomplishment!

If any yogis who are dedicated to the practice wish to attain the siddhi of
increasing the splendour of longevity and merit they should first gather all the
materials for attracting prosperityalthough to use only an arrow with streamers
(dadar) and the first and best part of a mixture of flower and butter would also
be acceptable. Then, with ardent and yearning devotion, the yogi chants the

hung, tashi pntsok yang gi rawa dir
H! Here within the fence of auspiciousness and perfect abundance,

yang dz longch natsok trin tar tib

Materials of abundance and sensory enjoyments are amassed like clouds.

jowo knchok sum dang tsawa sum

Noble Buddha, Dharma, and Sagha, gurus, devas and kins,

kasung norlha terdak gyats yi

And vast, ocean-like gathering of Dharma protectors, wealth deities and treasure

ngdrub yang gi char chen d dir pob

Send down a great shower of siddhis and abundance-spirit, here and now!

shyomshyik dralwa dorj ku yi yang

Indestructibilitythe wealth of the vajra body,

gakpa mepa dorj sung gi yang

Freedom from obstructionthe wealth of the vajra speech,

trulpa mepa dorj tuk kyi yang

And absence of delusionthe wealth of the vajra mind,

dak sok l ngak yi la tsal du sol

Bestow them now upon our own and others body, speech, and mind!

dn pogyur dralwa chk yang

The wealth of the dharmakya, primordially free from transference,

khajor yenlak dnden longk yang

The wealth of the sabhogakya, endowed with the seven aspects of union,

riktsal gyutrul rolpa tulk yang

And the wealth of the nirm akya, the illusory play of rigpas expression,

khord ubchub sem long di ru kyil

Let them all converge within this expanse of mind encompassing sasra and
nirv a!

tsen dzin kan dakpa dm shi

In the original condition, pure from the beginning, and free from grasping at

y tong rangbab sorshyak ngang nep

To abide by an experience of natural rest, in which all is left as it is, primordially

rangdrol gomp dzogchen naljor la

For us Dzogchen yogins who meditate on self-liberation,

yang y zungjuk ku ng yang tsol chik

Confer the wealth of the five kyas, the unity of basic space and wisdom!

kndzob gyundr tendrel l jungw

Within the relative domain, arising through the interdependence of cause and

dg paljor si na ngn towa

The riches of all that is desirable and most excellent in this world

norbu wanggyal paksam jnp shing

The powerful wish-fulfilling jewel, the wish-granting tree,

terchen bumpa lha yi dtsi dang

The great treasure vase, the nectar of the gods,

marm lotok rinchen nampa dn

The harvest that needs no toil, and the seven precious substances

khyepar pakp nor gyi yangkhuk chik

We summon the spirit of all these excellent riches!

kyi riwo chok rabten p yang
The spirit of stability possessed by the supreme central mountain,

rolp tso dn miz pelw yang

The spirit of inexhaustible increase found in the seven frolicking seas,

ser gyi ri dn k dz jip yang

The spirit of splendour from the seven perfectly arranged golden mountains,

ling shyi ga d paljor gyep yang

And the spirit of flourishing bliss and happiness within the four continents

diru khuk la drubp dz la tim

We summon them here! Let them dissolve into these substances of

gnn ten sum jinlab denp yang

The spirit of monasteries and their blessed supports of body, speech, and mind,

kh dang drub ny gendn mang d yang

The spirit of great sagha gatherings of the learned and accomplished,

ka tsn tuk gam mangp kurw yang

The spirit of reverence engendered by solemn speech and resolute thought,

jorpa mang d gyalp dz yang sok

The spirit of the kings own treasury in which abundant riches are stored,

chinang nch gelek gyats yang

The spirit of ocean-like excellence and virtue within the world and its inhabitants

mal chok sum denp diru tsol
By the truth of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sagha, let them all be gathered here!

tsa sum lha dang guru pema jung

Gurus, devas and kins, and Guru Padmasambhava,

khy la tsechik rt soldeb na

With one-pointed mind, we place all our hope in you and pray:

nekab jorpa kn gyi mi pong shing

In the shorter term, may we not lack resources,

chden samp tnkyen yishyin drub

And may we find circumstances favourable for following our dharmic aspirations,

tartuk rang shyen dmar delak kyol

Then, ultimately, may we all easily arrive at the primordial state!

om ah hung guru ratna siddhi puny pushtim kuru droom soha

o h guru ratna siddhi pu ye pu hi
kuru bhr svh

If you pray again and again, one-pointedly, and with a powerful longing, many
times over, then you will unfailingly obtain fortune and the supreme and ordinary
accomplishments. Here and now a great rain of prosperity and abundance will
shower down, and later you and others will be easily brought to the primordial
state. Therefore, when in bad times we are tormented and stricken by poverty,
to bring forth favourable conditions for yogis who meditate on Dzogpachenpo in
isolated places and who aim to accomplish enlightenment in a single lifetime,
this innermost heart of the pith instructions of the essence of the enlightened

mind, this treasury bringing together the profound and special pith instructions,
has been brought forth from the treasury of the symbolic scripts of the profound
and secret kin. Samaya! Seal, Seal, Seal!

In response to a request from the fortunate student named Samten, who has a
karmic connection to this practice, when the appearances of interdependence
arose impartially this mind-treasure was deciphered from the symbolic scripts of
the kins and unerringly written down by the crazy person Dorj Dechen
Lingpa. Virtue! Magala!
This was translated by Han Kop and Aaron Coote in March 2015, based on the
explanations of Khenpo Tenzin Wangdu from Namdroling Monastery. Edited by
Adam Pearcey.

Dorj Dechen Lingpa (1857-1928) was the reincarnation of Yongdzin

Jinpa Gyatso, founder of Domang Monastery, and Lhatsn Namkha Jikm.
3. Summoning Prosperity
4. by Lhatsn Namkha Jikme
6. ky, jal dorj chk yang ra dir
7. Kye! In the prosperity field of dharmakaya, the indestructible rainbow
9. nga magak jazer tikl yang
10.We summon the prosperity of spheres and rays of rainbow light,
unceasing, in five colours
nang shyi sal khach ying n khuk
13.From the space of the four visions, the celestial realm of clear light!
jal powa chenp ngdrub tsol
16.Grant us the accomplishment of the rainbow body of great transference!


gur b yul pawo daki ling

20.From the hidden lands of the Guru and islands of dakas and dakinis
khoryuk tamch lha dang lha m gang
23.Where the whole environment is filled with gods and goddesses
choktn ngdrub chi sam yangkhuk chik
26.We summon the prosperity of the supreme and ordinary accomplishments
and whatever we desire!
ts pal snam gyep ngdrub tsol
29.Grant us the accomplishments of increasing life, splendour and merit!
si shyi dgur pungp yang ra dir
33.In this prosperity field where all the desirable objects throughout
existence and quiescence are amassed
gyenden ch truk shynn lha sol gang
36.And which is filled with handsome youths in all their finery, performing
bunor chi sam dg yangkhuk chik
39.We summon the prosperity of offspring, wealth and whatever we desire!
pntsok paljor ngdrub tamch tsol
42.Grant us all the accomplishments of bountiful glory and riches!
yang chang tashi dadar chemar dang
46.We offer the drink of prosperity, auspicious silken arrows and buttered


sip lhachen gyep chdz bul

49.And all the offerings that delight the great gods throughout existence.
pu n njin ch ng nor yangkhuk
52.From above, let the five yaksha brothers bring us wealth and prosperity!
da n tsomen tenm ngdrub tsol
55.From below, let the tsomen and tenma grant us accomplishments!
bar n d tsen barwa pn dn dang
58.From in-between, let the d and tsen, the seven blazing brothers
ky chok dorj lekp samdn drub
61.And the supreme being Dorje Lekpa bring all that we wish for!
yul chok di la tashi palbar dang
64.In this very land and location, let auspiciousness and glory blaze
karp damch darw trinl dz
67.And your activity of spreading the wholesome Dharma be performed!
shyiw l dzejang semden nam kyi
71.Let those with bodhichitta, who perform pacifying activity
nedn dikdrib shyiw trinl dz
74.Heal all illness, harmful influences, negativity and obscurations!
gyep l dz rinchen rik nam kyi
77.Let those of the ratna family, who perform enriching activity
ts dang snam gyep ngdrub tsol
80.Grant us the accomplishment of increased life and merit!

wang gi l dz pem rik nam kyi
83.Let those of the padma family, who perform magnetizing activity
kham sum wang du dp ngdrub tsol
86.Grant the accomplishment of bringing the three realms under our control!
drakp l dz l kyi rik nam kyi
89.Let those of the karma family, who perform subjugating activity
dragek tsarch np ngdrub tsol
92.Grant us the capacity to annihilate the forces that oppose us and obstruct
samdn mal drubp ngdrub tsol
95.Whatever we wish for, without exceptiongrant us the accomplishment to
bring it all about!
97.This practice of summoning prosperity was composed by Lhatsn Namkha
98.| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2013. Alak Zenkar
Rinpoche kindly provided the text and clarified its meaning.

A Brief Prayer to the Precious Master Padmkara for Swiftly

Fulfilling Wishes and Dispelling Obstacles


om ah hum benza guru pema siddhi hung



by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo


kyabn knd orgyen rinpoche
Embodiment of all sources of refuge, Orgyen Rinpoche,



zm dungshuk drakp solwa deb




To you we pray, with a yearning so strong it is hard to bear.


chi nang sangw barch ying su sol
Dispel all obstacles, outer, inner and secret, into space

samdn ch shyin drubpar jingyi lob
And grant your blessing so all our aims and wishes are fulfilled,
according to the Dharma.


With single-minded devotion, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo made this
prayer, which arose quite spontaneously, on its own. Virtue!

| Rigpa Translations, 2004

Vajraklaya Prayer: A Rain of Accomplishments

revealed by Gyarong Khandro & recorded by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Out of the dharmadhtu palace of great bliss,
The dharmakya Samantabhadra and consort, to I pray:
Grant your blessings so I may realise the primordial nature!
Out of the sambhogakya realm of the five certainties,
The sambhogakya Garab Dorje, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so that clear light is uninterrupted!
Out of the glorious Copper-Coloured Mountain of Chmara,
The nirm akya Padmkara, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so I may be empowered with immortal life!
Out of the blazing palace of the dark blue triangle,
The supreme wrathful one, Vajrakumra, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so I may subdue damsi demons and enemies of the
Out of the vast expanse of great four kya wisdom,
The supreme sons of the four families, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so I may accomplish enlightened action without hindrance!
In the wild charnel ground upon the ten fit for liberating,
The ten self-arisen wrathful ones, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so that beings welfare may come about without hindrance!
From the supreme sacred place at the peak of the king of mountains,
Garu a, the king of the wrathful, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so that the eight classes may be overcome!
From the palace of the triangle of swirling blood and fat,
Terma guardians, Ekaj, Rhula and Damchen, to you I pray:
Grant your blessings so that outer and inner obstacles may be pacified!
Through the blessings of praying in this way,
May I utterly renounce all worldly, samsaric action,
Set out upon the pure, undeceiving path of the three secrets,
And obtain the supreme, ultimate vajra secret!
This is the authentic profound terma deciphered by the dki Dharmatsandra
(Gyarong Khandro) from the inlaid casket taken from Khyungtak Dorjei
Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.

Youthfulness Gained in Vajra-like Immortality: Verses of Truth for the
Long Life of the Perfect Masters
by Chokgyur Lingpa

om ah hung, ku chok gyurm namnang ts yi gyal
O h. The supreme body, unchanging, is Vairocana, longevity's king,

sung chok gakm pema ts yi dak
The supreme speech, unceasing, is the lotus lord of life,

tuk chok trulm miky ts tay
The supreme mind, unerring, is Ak obhya with life beyond limit,

ynten lhndrub trinl tokmpa
Together with those of spontaneous qualities and unhindered activity,

ratna karma ts yi lhatsok nam
The hosts of long-life deities from the ratna and karma families

lam kuts tenpar jingyi lob
Grant your blessings, so that this master's life may be secure!

om amarani dziwentiy soha
o amra i jvantaye svh

n chok namdak chim takp shying
In the supreme place, utterly pure, a realm of deathlessness and eternity,

jikdral seng tekp dorj trir
Is a vajra throne supported by the lions of fearlessness,

tsaw lama orgyen tsepakm
Upon which the root guru appears in the form of Orgyen of Boundless Life,

ku yi kyi khord tsech d

Drawing in the vital nectar of sasra and nirvna with light from his body

gyalwa s dang chep tsewang kur
May the victorious ones and their heirs grant the long-life empowerment,

jal dorj ku ru drubpar shok
So that you gain accomplishment in the rainbow body's indestructible form!

om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi ayukh hung droom nri dza sarva
siddhi pala hung ah
o h vajra guru padma siddhi yu e h bhr r ja siddhi phala h

daknyi palchen dorj shynn ku
I appear in the form of the awesome heruka, Vajrakumra,

ku l schok trulpa drangm tr
And from my body send out countless Supreme Son emanations,

barch dragek tamch nyurdu dral
Who swiftly liberate all obstacles, enemies and obstructing forces.

lam ku dra dralw snam kyi
Through the merit of liberating all who are hostile to the guru's form,

dak kyang barch d kyi yul l gyal
May I too be victorious in the battle over the obstructing maras,

shedrub tenp gyaltsen drengwar shok
And raise the victory banner for the study and practice of the teachings!

om benza kili kilaya sarva bighanen bam hung p
o vajra kli klaya sarva vighnn ba h pha

jetsn drolma dn gyi namkhar jn
The noble lady Tr appears in the sky before me,

utpal palbe nyima char kh
With utpala flower and endless knot, radiant as the rising sun,

dakchak pnlob nam la pokpa yi
And as her light shines on us all, teacher and disciples,

dp dn nam tamch nyurdu drub
May all our aims and wishes swiftly be fulfilled,

chiwa mepa dorj sok drub n
And, gaining the indestructible force of deathless life,

sangye tenpa yn ring nepa dang
May we always uphold the teachings of the Buddha,

drowa nam la pend pelwar shok
As we bring ever greater benefit and happiness to all beings!

om tare tuttare ture sarva arta siddhi siddhi kuru soha

o tre tuttre ture sarva artha siddhi siddhi kuru svh

This was written for the long life of all supreme guidesthose great beings, such
as the Red and Black Hat lords of refuge, who uphold the teachingsand
because the Jamgn Lama said that we, father and son, should have a practice
that combines Guru and Klaya. More immediately, I had a wish to write
something for the monks to chant, and, when the lord of refuge, Situ Rinpoche,
together with his disciples, created the most wondrous circumstances for my
longevity through the practice of Lam Tukdrup Yishyin Norbu (The Guru's

Wisdom Mind Practice: A Wish-Granting Jewel), I offered this as a long-life

practice in response. May it be beneficial!
| Rigpa Translations, 2015.