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SAP Information Sheet

SAP for Healthcare
Managed Cloud as a Service

Accelerate Time to Value and Reduce Costs
with Managed Cloud as a Service
Quick Facts
Best-run healthcare providers improve patient
outcomes by empowering clinicians to make
better decisions, while managing costs via
real-time insights into operations. They need a
flexible IT infrastructure – without the
challenges involved in on-premise software.
Now providers can take advantage of
managed cloud as a service: subscriptionbased solutions that run on a private cloud
hosted by certified, trusted SAP partners. This
way, they can deploy proven SAP® business
solutions with reduced capital expenditure and
a rapid time to value.
 Support innovation and growth of services
 Increase flexibility and responsiveness
 Reduce IT costs and improve operating
 Realize a rapid return on investment

 A comprehensive, tailored solution based
on SAP technology
 Subscription delivery in the partner’s private
 Application migration, management, and
support services
 Faster time to value, with prepackaged
services for industry-specific solutions
 Ability to preserve cash with a pay-as-yougo model
 Increased capacity for healthcare
organizations to innovate and respond
quickly to new market opportunities, with a
flexible, cloud-based IT infrastructure
 Reduced IT costs, leveraging the expertise
and scale from experienced SAP partners
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Today’s unprecedented focus on the
individual patient has led to breakthrough
innovations in technology that are part of
the transformation to cost-effective,
outcomes-based care across the industry.
A flexible IT infrastructure built to support
industry best practices is essential to that
mission. Yet smaller healthcare providers
often lack the capital and IT resources needed
to effectively manage on-site software and
That’s why forward-thinking providers are
taking advantage of managed cloud as a
service. With this model, they can leverage
powerful, proven SAP® solutions – with the
speed, agility, security, and favorable
economics of cloud deployment.

Organizations also want to spend less time
building and maintaining IT systems and more
time delivering personalized services for their
patients and citizens. With managed cloud as
a service, they can focus on providing highquality care – not managing IT systems.
Managed cloud as a service enables
subscription delivery of SAP solutions on the
private cloud of an SAP-certified partner or
service provider. Compared with traditional
on-premise software deployment, subscription
delivery of software can lower total cost of
ownership by 30% over five years,1 with
almost half of those savings realized in the
first year.
1. VMS AG report, “The Impact of MCaaS on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
of Running SAP,” July 2013.

Figure: Expenses for Managed Cloud as a Service, as a Percentage
of On-Premise Deployment Cost

Quick Facts

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