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1. What is Identity and Access Management?

2. Name some vendors in IAM market?

Bitium, Lastpass, Okta
3. Who is market leader in Identity Management?
2015 Okta
4. What are the benefits of IAM?
Often, identity management processes are either manual or semi-manual, and autom
ating these can offer genuine cost benefits. A simple example here is password r
esets. These soak up huge amounts of helpdesk time, and deploying single sign-on
can cut costs drastically. SSO password reset.
5. How do users interact with Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)?
6. Which application server does FIM use?
7. How does Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) send mail during notification?
8. Brief your daily Identity Management Activities?
9. Explain Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) architecture?
10. List all components of Forefront Identity Manager (FIM). Explain the purpose
of each component?
10. Explain Inbound and Outbound Synchronization rule?
11. What is Management Policy Rules (MPRs)?
12. How would you set temporary password for user in Forefront Identity Manager
13. What are Pre-requests to install FIM?
14. What Kerberos settings are required during installation?
15. Explain difference between MIIS, ILM and FIM?
16. What is the latest version of Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)?
17. Where do you find FIM community?
18. How does FIM synchronization works?
19. What is Connector Space (CS)?
20. Can I use oracle DB instead of SQL in Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) setup
21. How will you schedule run profile in FIM?
22. What all actions can be delegated in FIM?
23. What is most complex requirement you have faced? Also explain how you resolv
ed it?
24. How will you customize FIM portal?
25. How many types of Management Agents (MAs) do we have?
26. What do you think drawback of FIM?
27. How to estimate efforts in FIM development?
28. How will you get the list of users disabled in last 30 days?
29. How will you do clustering for various FIM components?
30. How many trusted source you can have in a FIM setup?
31. Have you ever worked on development of any custom MA?
32. How will you add a new attribute in FIM?
33. How will you provision a new user into IDM?
34. How will you troubleshoot FIM problem?
35. What are join/projection/placeholder/connectors/placeholders?
36. Discuss de-provision scenarios?
37. What is an anchor_id?
38. When you export a MA? What all get exported?
39. During export/import how can I restriction on number of import/update?
40. What are filtered connectors and filtered dis-connectors?
41. How does outbound and inbound synchronization rule works? Discuss in detail.
42. How will you create approval in FIM?
43. Can password be synchronized like other attributes?
44. Name some out of box Management Agents (MAs)?
45. What types of run-profiles are their in FIM?

46. What are security groups?

47. How will you plan Disaster Recovery plan from FIM?
48. How will you setup high availability setup for Forefront Identity Manager (F
49. What are the differences between Application DB and Synchronization DB?
50. What default accounts get created during installation?
51. How will you customize FIM Portal?
52. Explain different types of MPRs?
53. What is RCDC?
54. How does data get synch between portal and service?
55. Steps to create a synch rule?
56. What is your knowledge in .NET framework?
57. How will you change the mail server used by FIM service (provided at the tim
e of installation) in FIM?