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In 1887 first exploratory well drilled near Kundal , Punjab after 28 years first oil
discovery at Kaur, Punjab. Total exploratory drilled in Pakistan is 653 approx. and oil and
gas discoveries are 185 approx .. Oil production in Pakistan is 68670 bbl /d and
consumption is 345000 bbl/d. Our export (Naphtha) is 28000 bbl /d and import is

Exploration and Production (E&P) Companies:

Exploration and production national companies which are working in Pakistan are

Oil and Gas Development Company Limited(OGDCL)

Pakistan OilFields Limited(POL)

Mari Gas Company Limited (MGCL)

Pakistan Petroleum limited(PPL)

sterreichische Minerallverwaltung(OMV)

Oil and Gas Development Company Limited commonly known as OGDCL is a Pakistani
multinational and gas company. Today it is involved in exploring, drilling, refining and selling
oil and gas in Pakistan. It is the market leader in terms of reserves, production and acreage.
OGDCL is exposed to the following operational and non-operational risks that can
unfavourably affect its operations and financial performance.

Crude oil price

Environmental risks

Exploration and drilling risks

Exchange rate

Law and order


Reserve Depletion

Under performance of oil and gas field

The company managed to drill more than one third of the total wells drilled in the country
during 2010. In addition to that, OGDCL was also joint venture partner in sixteen wells
drilled by other operators. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006 the Company made
several oil and gas discoveries, including at Nim-1, Dars Deep-1, Tando Allah Yar North-1,
Kunnar Deep-1 and Bahu-1. OGDCL's daily production, including share from joint ventures
averaged 39,659 barrels (6,305.3 m3) of oil; 937 million cubic feet (26,500,000 m3) of gas,
and 358 metric tons of liquefied petroleum gas. The Company holds exploration acreage
comprising 40 exploration licenses covering an area of 75,905 square kilometers, including
16 exploration licenses covering an area of 28,066 square kilometers granted to OGDCL
during fiscal 2006. During 2009-2010, the company acquired four new exploration blocks
(Channi Pull, Jandran west, Lakhi Rud and Mari east), covering area of around 4,795 Square
kilometers. Three exploration licenses namely Khiranwala, Thatta and Thatta east were
surrendered and operatorship of offshore Indus-S was transferred to BP Alpha .

Operational Aspects:

The company made six oil, gas/condensate discoveries namely Reti-1A, Baloch-1,
Dakhni-11, Maru-1, Nashpa-1 and Shah-1
The company commenced production from Baloch-1 Nashpa-1, and Pakhro-1

Crude oil production of the company on working interest basis averaged 40,367
barrels (6,417.8 m3) per day (2013-14)

Gas production of the company on working interest basis averaged 1,136.410 6 cu ft

(32,180,000 m3) per day (2013-14)

LPG product on working interest basis averaged 202 metric tons per day

During the year, the company acquired 2493 L. km of 2-D seismic data in Bagh
South, Bitrism, Dhakni, Guddu, Mari East, Mianwali, Nashpa, Nim, Thando Allah Yar,
Thano Beg and Thal concessions, 290 km of 3-D seismic data in Soghri concession
and Toot Mining Lease by running five seismic crews having latest technologies and
equipped with quality control software for on-site data processing during the surveys

Forty well locations were marked on ground and twenty six wells including thirteen
exploratory, two appraisal and eleven development were spudded by the company.

Non-operated Joint Ventures:

Adhi field: OGDCL has 50% stake and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is the
operator of the field.
Badar field: OGDCL has 50% working interest and PEL (Pakistan Exploration private
Limited) is the operator.

Badin-II, Badin-II revised and Badin-III fields: OGDCL has 49%, 24% and 15%
stake respectively. BP Pakistan (British Petroleum Pakistan) is the operator.

Badhra, Bhit and Kadanwari fields: OGDCL has 20%, 20% and 50% working
interest respectively and ENI (Eni Pakistan Limited) is the operator.

Bangali, Dhurnal and Ratana fields: OGDCL working interest is 50%, 20% and
25% respectively and M/s OPII is the operator.

Miano field: OGDCL has 52% stake and OMV (OMV Pakistan Exploration GmbH) is
the operator of the field. During 2009-10, three wells were put on production

Pindori field: OGDCL holds 50% working interest and POL (Pakistan Oilfields
Limited) is the operator

Sara and Suri fields: OGDCL has 40% stake in the fields and Tullow Pakistan is
operating these fields

TAL Block: OGDCL working interest is 27.76% and MOL Pakistan (MOL Pakistan Oil
and Gas BV) is the operator.

Pakistan Oilfields Limited maintains a highly diversified exploration and production
portfolio. POL is presently operating nine Development and Production leases i.e. Pariwali,
Meyal, Joyamair, Minwal, Dhulian, Khaur, Pindori, Turkwal and Balkassar.
The Company has Joint Venture agreements with the following E&P companies:

The Attock Oil Company Limited in Central Potwar (Turkwal), Pindori, Kirthar and

Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) in Pindori, Chak Naurang,
Gurgalot Block and Kotra.
Orient Petroleum Inc. in Dhurnal, Ratana and Bhangali.

Tullow Pakistan (Development) Limited in East Badin Extension Block-B.

MOL Pakistan in Tal Block, Margala and Margala North. In Tal Block Oil & Gas
discoveries have been made in Manzalai, Makori, Mamikhel and Maramzai fields.
Manzalai Central Gas Processing facility, having capacity of 300 MMSCFD, has been
commissioned on October 28, 2009 to process gas from Manzalai field. The plant is
currently processing 233 MMSCFD of gas. POL has a 25% pre-commerciality
working interest in this venture.
Pakistan Petroleum Limited in Adhi.

Government Holding (Pvt) Limited in Pariwali, Minwal.

Two new exploration licenses have been awarded to POL in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur
Blocks in January 2010.
POL exploration team is proactively evaluating exploration and exploitation opportunities
within and outside Pakistan with an ultimate aim to sustain long-term production goals and
bring value for the shareholders

In order to meet the energy requirements of Pakistan, Mari Petroleum Company Limited
(MPCL) has ventured into bold, extensive and vigorous Geological and Geophysical activities
since its expansion into exploration business in the year 2001.
Ever since, MPCL has aggressively been involved in the main frame upstream exploration
business by well-coordinated teamwork and strategic partnerships with local and
international Exploration & Production Companies in order to tap indigenous hydrocarbon
resources of the country.
Exploration Department of the Company is manned by highly skilled professionals having
diversified experience and equipped with state of the art evaluation software's. The
Company has established its own Geo Data Centre having large G&G database.
Presently, the Company operates in seven exploration licenses and has Working Interest in
seven non-operated blocks with OGDCL, PPL and TDPL in Pakistan. In addition, the Company
has 25% Working Interest in an overseas venture with MOL in Oman as a JV Partner. Besides,
the Company also operates two Development and Production Leases i.e. Mari and Zarghun
South. The Company has drilled not only onshore wells but has also participated in drilling of
off shore wells.
As an Operator, MPCL has 69.23% success record, which became possible only due to its
dynamic, proactive and futuristic approach. MPCL embarked not only upon proven reservoir

plays but also introduced the new reservoir play concepts like Pirkoh Limestone in Mari Field
and Dunghan Limestone in Ziarat Block in Balochistan Province.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited is a multinational, global competitive and one of the largest
state--owed mega corporation of Pakistan. It operates major oil and gas fields, including the
Sui gas field , has non-operating interests in other fields, and has an interest in an
exploration portfolio onshore and offshore. The company is now planning international
exploration in partnership mode.

PPL is operator and shares 100% in two fields:

Kandhkot gas field : was hit by flood in August, 2010 and one of the gas
gathering mains (GGM) submerged completely and two GGMs partly. There were 25
producing wells out of which 15 were shut-in. Production from the field dropped to 70
MMscfd (million standard cubic feet per day) from the peak of 195 MMscfd of gas.
Eight wells were bought into operation by September 2010. After repairs, production
increased to 160 MMscfd. Two additional wells brought into operation by mid
October, 2010 adding 30 MMscfd of gas thereby increased available production to
190 MMscfd. In December 2010, compression station began commercial operation to
maintain contractual delivery pressure and enhance recovery ratio.

SUI GAS FIELD: is under depletion phase, gas sales during the financial year
2010-2011 was 170,805 MMscf against 177,574 MMscf in 2009-2010. Production
commenced from two development wells and a third well spud-in during the fiscal
year 2010-2011. Drilling of well Sui-92U was started in March 2010. The well was
drilled up to the depth of 2,128 meters in the Pab reservoir and was successfully
completed as a single string producer from Sui upper limestone (SUL) in December
2010. Drilling of well Sui-89M started in January 2011 and was completed in February
2011. Sui-93M was drilled as a horizontal well using under-balanced drilling
technology in the reservoir for the first time in the country to optimize field
production. Well drilling started in March 2011 and completed in July 2011.

Partners Operated Producing Fields:

Block 2669-3 (Latif)

Block 2668-4 (Gambat)
Block-2768-3 (Block-22)
Block 3370-3 (Tal)
Manzalai field
Makori field
Mamikhel discovery
Maramzai discovery
Makori East discovery
Tolang discovery
Block 3370-10 (Nashpa)
Miano gas field
Qadirpur gas field
Sawan gas field

OMV started exploration activities in the Middle Indus desert area of Sindh in 1991 and since
then has discovered and developed several gas fields. OMV is amongst the largest
international natural gas producers in Pakistan delivering around 400 mnscf/d (65,000
boe/d) gross sales gas from its operated processing plants in Sawan, Kadanwari and
Rehmat. This equals more than 10% of Pakistans total gas supply. OMV Pakistan holds
interests in eight exploration licences (five operated and three non-operated) and six
operated development & production leases.
OMV remains conscious about its responsibilities to all stakeholders and the environment.
OMV aims to empower its communities through Community Development projects that are
designed and implemented with the consultation and active participation of the local
communities and the District Administrations. OMV is focusing its social investments in
education and is supporting 76 primary, secondary and middle schools in the area of its
OMV is especially proud of the professional development of the domestic workforce and
many of the key skills developed in Pakistan are now being used elsewhere in the global
portfolio. Those job rotations has helped E&P to reach its business objectives and helped the
individuals to further expand their horizon.

Services companies which are working in Pakistan are


Baker Hughes




WeatherFord is one of the largest international oil and natural gas service companies. The
company provides products and services for drilling, evaluation, completion, production and
intervention of oil and natural gas wells, along with pipeline construction and
As an oil and natural gas drilling services company, Weatherford produces a variety of
products and services for the oil and gas industry. These include drilling services, electronic
well measurement and monitoring, completion, production, and evaluation products and
services. In particular, the company has developed directional drilling services that can
extend through miles of bedrock with great precision, and tubular running services that are
used on almost half of the worlds deepwater drilling projects. The company has more sand
screen systems installed worldwide than any other company, and production optimization
systems in more than 100,000 wells around the world. Additionally, Weatherford is the
industrys only provider of all forms of artificial lift. Weatherford also offers intervention,
completion, and decommissioning services for well owners, in addition to pipeline
precommissioning, commissioning operations, and one of the world's most diverse fleets of
inline inspection tools.

Halliburton Company is an American multinational corporation, and one of the world's
largest oil field services companies, with operations in more than 80 countries. Halliburton's
major business segment is the Energy Services Group (ESG). ESG provides technical
products and services for petroleum and natural gas exploration and production.
Halliburton's former subsidiary, KBR, is a major construction company of refineries, oil fields,
pipelines , and chemical plants. Halliburton announced on April 5, 2007 that it had sold the
division and severed its corporate relationship with KBR, which had been its contracting,
engineering and construction unit as a part of the company

Baker Hughes:
A top-tier oilfield service company with a century-long track record, Baker Hughes delivers
solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs.
Collaboration is the foundation on which we build our business. We listen to our clients to
understand their unique challenges and then develop solutions designed to help manage
operating expenses, maximize reserve recovery, and boost overall return on investment
throughout the life of an oil or gas asset.
With 53,000-plus employees in more than 80 countries, our local geomarket teams work
side by side with customers to engineer reliable application-specific products and services
that create more value from the reservoir whether the application is deepwater,
unconventional hydrocarbons or production and water management.
Our history of technology innovation is a cornerstone of our success. Local teams are
supported by global centers of excellence where scientists push the boundaries of valueadding technology to find solutions for progressively more complex technical challenges.

At dedicated innovation centers, scientists conduct applied and game-changing critical

research. We collaborate with customers to jointly develop technology for specific industry
needs at regional technology centers. Engineers and scientists at our product centers work
on next-generation products and services for drilling and evaluation, completions and
production, and fluids and chemicals.
At Baker Hughes, we are looking forward to the next 100 years of working side by side with
our customers to continue expanding the limits of oil, gas and alternative energy drilling,
completion and production through innovation problem solving

Sprint Oil & Gas Services FZC is operates in several African, Middle East and Asian
Countries where we provide well services and surface testing services and solutions to our
Today we employ more than 200 employees from 8 different nationalities. Our
starve for excellence has been the main drive to our fast growth in the last
few years of operations overseas.
Sprint Oil & Gas Services shall maintain its focus in the Well Services domain and
shall be dedicated to a healthy and continuous growth in the upcoming years.
Sprint is committed to provide effective Solutions to meet clients requirement
and ensure quality on site Job execution to maximize client returns in the
domain of

Coiled Tubing Services

Nitrogen Services
Primary and Remedial Cementing Services
Stimulation Services
Surface Testing