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Active NoiseReduction ModulerM Installationand Operatinglnstructions



PartsList& ToolsRequired





















Installinsulation Attach wiring to modules Closeheadset






Readtheseinstructionscompletelvbeforebeginningtheinstallation.The anr modulesare finely tuned & require that installationbe performed strictly in accordancewith this manual.Deviationsfrom the instructions containedhereinwill resultin a systemmalfunction.Purchaserassumes all risksarisingfrom animproperinstallation. This productisintendedfor "self installationinto your headsetand requiresreasonableskill in the useof a solderingtool but a minimal un- derstandingof electronics.If youquestionyour ability to performthe in- stallation,youareadvisedto takethis unit & your headsetto the nearest electronictechnician,or shipthemto HEADSETS,INC. for a factoryin- stallation.Anycompetentradio/tvtechnicianor avionicstechnicianshould beableto installthemodulesin lessthan2 hours.




Gray polvfoam insulationis nowusedin placeofpink temperfoam piecespreviously suppliedwith kits

HeadsetsInc. hasrecentlyimprovedit's anr moduledesignby constructingthemodulehousing usinga softelastomermaterial.Thiselastomermaterialoffersimprovedpassivenoise attenuation.With thisnewmaterial,optimumattenuationis achievedusinga differentfoam insulationthanwaspreviouslysuppliedwiththeanrkits.

This kit includesthe newdesignmodules,aswell astheup-datedfoammaterial(gray polyfoam)in placeof thepinktemperfoampieceswhichweresuppliedwith earlierdesigns.

Therefore,whenreadingthe installationinstructions,pleasedisregardreferencesto "pink temperfoampieces".The2 graypolyfoampiecesshouldbesubstitutedin theirplace,onepiece installsintointoeachearcup.

Also, thenewgraypolyfoampiecestahetheplace of ALL original manufacture foam insulationfoundinsidetheearcups.Accordingly,youwill REMOVEALL originalfoam insulationwhenperformingtheinstallation.Tomakespacefor volumecontrols,boom microphonemountnutsor speakerposts,removablesegmentedplugsareincorporatedintothe graypolyfoam.Simplypressor pull outtherequiredsegmentedsectionasrequiredfor optimum fit. It mayalsobenecessaryto makesmallslitsin thefoamto workaroundotherobstructions.

Referto the attacheddrawing to orientthefoamproperly.Notethecrossshapedfoampieceis properlyorientedwhentheportionhavingthegrealerradiusis atthetopandbottomofeach earcup.

Also,becausethenewmodulesremainin placewithouttheuseof 2-sidedtape,yourkit will notincludeany3M Double-Sidedtape.Themodulesareheldin placeby frictionandshouldstay inplacewithouttheuseofadhesires


PartsList Checkto seeyou havereceivedall matefials


I pair modules (2 modules) - malkedR & L. Eachmodulecontainsananr speaker,

audiospeaker,microphoneandcircuit board.

I 9v battery case - Sliding door permitseasyaccess.


I crossovercable - a4 conductorcable,33" length,

I ziploc bagofinstallation materials: solder,28gawire,shrink-wrap,rubbergrom

met,tie-wraps,adhesivestrips,2f'abricpads(blaclVwhiteoval),4 piecesoftempertbam insulation(4 pink crescentshapedpieces).

powercable - 60 inch,2conductor(red=gv+ black=grcund-).

*Not includedif optionalAMP cableis purchased

Tools Needed

l. Fine tip solderingtool (20 watt or less)

2.Powerdrill and1i8",3/l6"and1/4"bits(notneededif AMP cabteisbeinginstalled)


Small wire cutters




Damp sponge-to cleansoldertip




Continuity Tester(optional)-veryhelpful to confirm & identily wire leads

l. Removecxistinq speakcrs

Removetheearsealsfrom eachearcup.Theearsealsstretcharoundtheearcup flange& areeasyto remove. Inside eachearcup,surroundingthe speaker,you will hnd 2 or 3 piecesof foam packing. Use tweasersto removethe top pieceof foam (usually donut shaped). You will see2 screwswhich hold eachspeakerin place. Removethe 2 screws.The speakerscan now be lifted from the earcups.Disconnectthe 2 speakerwires from the speaker. ldentify & mark these2 wires audio+ and audio-.ln 9870of headsetsthe wire passingthru the volume control witl be the audio(+).The otherwire is, ofcourse, the audio(-). [exception: Flightcom4DX and5DX sets,seesupplementalinstructionson pagel3l If you haveany doubtaboutthe identityof audio+andaudio-you shoulduse acontinuity tester(circuit tester)andreferto thedrawingof audioplugson color draw- ingA.

Removeall but the deepestpieceof the original foam insulation.Be careful of thevolumeconlrol terminals.The terminalscanbevery brittle on David Clark models, so avoid bending.Leavethe earcupsempty while splicing the wiring. The new pink insulationpieceswill be installedafter thewiring job is complete. Insert a module into each€arcupto insure that a fit can be made.Generally, any makeof headsetwhich is similar to theDavid Clark "H- l0 series"will acceptthe


andthe left siderequiresextraattentionto tucking wires away when finally closingL earcup.

IMPORTANT: it is mandatorythat you use "silicone gel" type earseals.The original earseals(dry or liquid filled) arenot asairtight asgel seals,andin additiondo not dampen sound and vibration as effectively.The result is that the anr units will greatlyunderpertbrm (20-50olo) andwill bemorelikely to malfunction.Severalbrands ofgel earsealsarecompatablewith theanrmodules.TheseincludeDavidClark gel ear seals,AvComm gel earseals,FlightCom gel-flo earseals,andSigtronicsgel earseals. We stocktheAvComm gel earseals.



Removalof insulationand original audio speaker.

DisregardsectionsII & IV ifyou

purchased theoptionalAMp


do not drill a holein theleft earcup.Instead,ref€rto theinstruction sheet

suppliedwiththeAMp cable.

ll. lnstallpower cable

Using a penor marker,mark a point at the baseofthe left earcupto drill a l/4 inch hole to permit the powercableto enterthe left earcup.

l. Checkinsidetheearcupto besureyou arenot goingto hit anobstruction(i.e., the postwhereoriginal speakerwasmounted).

2. Drill a l/8" pilor hole, then enlargero 3/16", and rben t/4,,. Removeall



3. Feedrhepower cablethroughthegrommetandplacea tie wrap on thecable

about 3 inchesfrom the upperend of the cable.Removethe outer insulation(black casing)abovethe tie-wrap.Next, remove/cutthe sheild(barewire) from thecable.

down on the cable to seatthe tie_wrap,

pulling slowly so you don't unseatthe grommet.

Install the rubber grommet,using a small screwdriver to ensureit is fully

4. After soldering is completed,pull

5. After thepowercableis installed,attachit to themain cableusingthe black

3" tie-wraps. Do nor over tighten tie-wraps or the cable(s)may brcak prematurely- Placea tie-wrap every l0 or 12inchesalongthecables. Trim offthe excesstie-wraD length.The 2 cableswill quickly tangleif they a-renot tie-wrappedtogether.

lll. Installnewcrossovercable


crossovercableis thecablethatrunsoverheadfrom your left earcupro your

right earcup.

Usilg wie cutters,removeyour existingcableandreplaceit with thenewcross_ over cable provided. The new cable shouldeasily slide through and replacethe old cable.

Headsetswith PTT (push to talk) switch in right earcupmustusea 5 conductor crossovercable to retain the use of pTT function, Theseheadsetsare the Avcomm modelAC-454,AC-800,AC-900, andSoftcommodel C-10 andC-60.

9v r+l

9v {,


Alter installationof power cableandcrossovelcable but beforere-assembl

New crossovercablehas4 leads. Disreoardwhiteleadif not needed-

*These 2 leadswentto crossovercable& provide audio+and-toRside


\These 2 leadswent lo ottginalL speaker



Audio( )

DisregardsectionIV if installingAMP cable.

lV.Reviewthe color wiring diaqram

Referto FiguresA-E on the color wiring diagramand to Fisure 3 at right. 1.Although most installationswill follow FiguresA and3, thereare4 othercolor diagramsshowingthe corect methodto wire variousheadsets(seefig. B, C, D & E). Choosetheonethatmatchesyour headsettype (i.e,,stereoor mono; locationandnum- ber of volumecontrols).Pleasecall if you haveany questions. 2. The only two wiresyou mustidentify areaudio+andaudio . Thesewerethetwo wires attachedto the original audio speakersandshouldhavebeenmarkedwhen the speakerswereremoved.Ifuncertain which is audio+andwhich is audio-,usea conti- nuity testerandreferto thedmwing ofaudio plugslocateddirectly abovefigureA. The color wiring diagram representsthe \viring to be installed,and cannotbe usedto identify the original audio (r) and audio O wiresfound in your headset. 3. Determinewhether your headsetis mono or stereoby comparingyour audio plug to theplugspicturedon thecolor wiring diagram. If your headsetis mono, the audio+usually passesthru the volume control asper color diagram "A". The ground-wire will usuallybeblackor white. Identity caneasily be confirmedwith a continuity testerappliedto theaudioplug andtheunknown wire. The tip of the audio plug is always audio (+). The baseof the audio plug is always audio(-). If your headsetis stereo,audio+will consistof 2 leads,eachpassingthru its own volumecontrol,asshownin Fig.D.

V.About solderinq

If you arenot experiencedwith a fine tip soldedngtool, a few minutesof practice will resultin acleanerwiring job. Do not usea largesolderingtool for this installation. When soldering2 wires together,first twist eachbarewire andthentrim to leave only l/8" of barewire exposed.Heatthe barewire endswith a hot iron and"tin" wire endsby melting solderinto thewire until it is "wet" with solder The rosin coreofthe solderactsto facilitatethewettingofthe wire braid,somelt thesolder directly into the wire to be tinned, and alsoto the tip of the (clean)tool. Cleanthe soldertool tip of excesssolder& rosin by rubbing it on a dampspongeor towel. Wire endsbeingsolderedshouldeachhaveonly 1/8"to 1/4"exposed.When both endsof the wires havebeentinned,hold the two endssideby sideandheatuntil they fusetogether. Cover the exposedsplice with shrink wrap. Gently heatthe shrink wrap fbr l-2 secondswith a flame (butanelighter works best). Keeptheflame awayfrom thewires to avoiddamagingthe insulation. Usethe28 ga.wire (provided)whenconstructingthewiring hamessandattaching to thep.c.board. Do notuseheaviergagewire from theoriginalheadsetto attachto the p.c. boardsor the final installationwill be moredifficult (i.e.,tucking wires & closing


resultin a moreprofessionalinstrllation. Use only electronictype solder(hasno acid). A fine point solderingiron is availableatmosthardwarestoresfbr under$10.Practicesoldering.Re-workanysplices if not pleasedwith initial work, or if you seethat the wiring job canbe improved.

Placetiewrapeveryl0 inches


Completedwiring on mono headset,exceptlbr hook-up to crossovercable.

These3 leadswill attach IOnew crossovercaDe



common ground dividesinlo two leads,oneto each sde

spliceaudio(-)and 9v(-)logetherto lorm common gro!nd

Vl. Solderinqthewirinqhamess

All of the splicing takesplacein the left earcup,unlessa volume control is lo- catedin the right earcup.Don't solderany wiresdirectly to themodule'sprintedcircuit boardsuntil the wiring harnessis complet€andthe headsetis readyto test andclose (stepVII).

Disregardthe followingsectionsA and B if the optionalAMP cableis being installed.

A. Audio cableleads:the original audiocableentemthe lefi earcup.It canies at

least4 conductors:

1. audio+




4. nic-

l. audio(+) u'ire isthe wire thatpassesthru thevolumecontrol,thereafterdivid- ing into 2 wires to form R & L audio+. Exception: Flightcom model4DX and 5DX- Scesupplemental inslruclions on page I3 and disreganl the remainder of this seclion "A". Attach oneofthese 2 to thecrossovercable/greenwire. Let theotherhangloose

in the lefl earcup,Eachearcupnow has I greenwire lo attachto a modulein stepvll.

2. audio(-) wlrr shouldbe tied in with the9v(-) wire to form a commonground

(alsodescribedin #2 below).This commongroundwire shouldnow be splicedinto 2 black wires andoneof these2 shouldattachto thecrossovercable,blackwirc. Let the other hang loosein the left earcup.Eachearcupnow has I black wire to attachto a

modulein stepVII.

u'irescan be idenlified by tracing them to & from the

boom mic. Do not tie into the mic circuit in any manner.

3. &

4. nic+

and nic-

B. Power cableleads:the new power cableyou installedhas2 wires:

9v+ shouldbesplicedinto 2 redwires,perlhecolor diagram.One

will thenattachto thecrossovercable/redwire. Let theotherrcd wire hangloosein the

left earcup.Eachearcupnow has I red wire to attachto a module in stepVII.

2. Blackor v)hitewire. As statedabovethe9v- wire andtheaudio- wirc mustbe

l. Red wire:

9v- andaudio- merge

into one,thecommongroundthey form shouldthenbedivided (spliced)into 2 leads. Attach one of theseto the crossovercable/black.Let the other hang loosein the left earcup. Eachearcupnow hasonecommongroundwire to attachto a module in step


solderedtogether in orderto createa commonground. After


Wiringto module

These3 leadswill allach

b new crossover cable




PrintedCircuitBoardon Module

Placetie wrapevery 10 inches

Audao t)


Vll. lnsulate Wireto modulcs Test& Closehcadsct

InstallingTemperfoanrInsulation Belbresolderinganywiringtothenodules,installtheirsulationprovided.The pink crescentshapedpiecesof insulationshouldbetuckedunderlheedgeof lheearcup. sothatthenotchon theinsideedgeof thecresccntshapedpiecesareat the9 o'clock and3 o'clockpositions.Thereshouldbeno needto cutthelbanrpieceslo makelhem tlt.

Attach wirinq to modules Melt a small spotof solderontoeachof the 3 atlachpointslocatedon thecorner of eachmodule'scircuitboard.Do not insertthewiresintotheholesasit is preterred thatthewires lay flat. Carefullysolderthe3 wiresto thecircuit boardsaccordingto the colordiagrarrr.Il you wearyourboommic on your lefi,installtheL moduleintothat earcup.r you wearyourboonrmiconyourright,installtheR modulein tothatearcup


'Iest & Close Headset Theinstallationmaledalscontainstripsof2 sidedadhesive (.25" x 1.5").Apply tapeasshownbelow (Fig. 5), leavingexposedbackingpaperin placeuntil readinglhe fbllowirtg:

Arrangethe wiring asneatlyaspossible.Tuck wiring away wherepossible. Corrpressthepintriinsulationundertheedgeofthe earcupandfit themodulesinto the earcups. They shouldlit easily into theearcupsald not tendto pushout. To testtheheadsetbetbrebondin-qmodulesinto earcups,insennrodulesinto earcupspior lo removing backing plper from adhesiveand install earseals.Be surethat black/white pad is in placebeforetesting.


1MPORTANT: 2 blucklt'hite


ot'ul pieces rf fabric art provided u'ith eo<hset.TltisDwtetialis itl tctvleclto kecpdirt & debris out of thc speakerclenentsand to acous- tically dantpcuthe a r nndules. One should be pluced iuside cach anr ntodule, <overing tlte speuker




sat of rcplacente s.

ltolcs& thenit rophones.Useol tlte fabric pudsis nundetory.Failureto userlrcse

resultirt lbedback(squealing).llthepudsaralostorbcconesoiled,tolllbra.lree

Whenaudiosystemandanrsystemwork ploperly,removeearsealsandwith drawmoduleonlyenoughtoallowremovalofexposedbackingpapertiom trpe.lf moduleisremovedtiom earcup,checkto seethalwiring,etc.,renrainstuckedout of thewily.Pressnroduletinnly intoearcup.


If it is necessaryto remove a module afier tinal installation,take care not to damagemodule during removal.Carefully pry module from earcup.Removal is ac- complishedby insertingknife bladebetweenmoduleflangeandearcup.This will de- form the tape,separatingearcupand module without damage. This adhesivetapeis semi-permanentand may needto be replacedif module is removedliom earcup.We can provideadditionaltapefiee of charge.


1.As previouslystated,siliconegelearsealsare required for proper operation ofthis unit. Otheritems,suchasclothearcoversarenotainightandwill causesignificant lossof anr strengthandwill reducebatterylife. Extra-thickearseals (i.e., 1.5inch thick OregonAero Soft Seal)will causeextrcmelossof anrstrengthbecauseof theadditional volumethey crcateinsidethe module/earsealassembly.OregonAero doeshavea 3/4" thick versionof theirSoft Sealwhichcanbeusedwith theanrmodule.

2. Pleasenotethateach moduleis labeledR or L. Next to this is a smallelectret

microphonehousedin a grommet. Your headsetmust be always be worn with the left moduleon your left sideand right moduleon your right side,Thisinsuresthat the micrcphoneswill be locatedin the proper position (forward pan of each cavity surroundingtheear).They mustremainin this position.The practicalrcsult is thatthe positionof the "boom-mic" is now fixed (right of left). Theseinstructionsassumeyou wear the boom mic on the left. If you wish to wear the boom mic on the right, you shouldinstalltherightmodulein to theearcupwith theboommic.

3.A standardaircraftradiois all thatis requiredto powertheaudioponion of the anr modules.However,an audio signalis not necessaryfbr the activenoisereduction circuitto operate.Supplying9v to themoduleswill activatethenoisecancellingsys- tem.

If audio receptionor transmissionis "Jcrdtcl.y" , checkfor tarnishedbrass tipson audioor mic plug.Polishif necessary.

4. Becausetheanrmodulesboosttheaudioby about2db,volume levelson your

headsetshouldbepre-setat lessthanmaximum.Then,to funher adjustthevolume,use either the intercom volume control or the headsetvolume control. However,setting your heasetvolumecontroltoo low may causeyou to increasethe intercomvolumeto a point wherethe intercomis over driven& disto(ion may result,

5. In cold conditions (below 32 f OAT)removetheheadsetfrom theaircnft after

eachtlight. If headsetbecomescold soakedit is more subjectto moisturc condensa- tion. Although summertimecabin temperatureswill not damageor degradethe unit,

the batterycasecanwarp if lelt in direct sunlight.


(continuedonpage 12)

(continuad fi'ont page I I )

6. Operationundercold conditions(below40 degreesfcabin temp)canresultin

moisturecondensationinside the headsetcausingtemporarymalfunction.Allow unit

to warm & dry beforeresuminguse.

7. Test the active noise systemon the mmp prior to each use.If thereis


malfunction (squealing,humming,or oscillation),the power shouldbe tumed off and

theheadsetusedconventionally.Minor hummingor oscillationcanusuallybestopped by applying light pressureto theearcup.

8. Life of a high quality 9V batteryshould be approximately 15-20hours.To guardagainstaccidentallyleavingpoweron, unplugthepowercablefrom batterycase when unit is not in use.An optionalauto shut-off banerycaseis availablewhich will automaticallyturn the powerotf after4 minutesof inactivity.

9.Theactivenoisereductionmodulesrequirea very stablepower supply. Using cheaper9v batterieswill not damagethe system,but will causemalfunctions. lye rcconme d Du'q-Cell , Energizer,orRay-O-Vac.

10. Do not attempt aopow€r the anr modules directly from your aircraft electricalsystemwithout using our panel mount power unit. The voltagespikesand backgroundstatic from most aircrati will soon damagethe very sensitiveintegrated circuitsin themodules.Our panelmountpowerunirhasa.25 ampfuse,dualvoltage regulators,and is isolatedwith a DC/DC convener.

I I. A continuity testeris very helpf'ul,andis usuallyrequiredto tracea shon or brokenwire. They areavailablefor under$15.

12.Do not insert any material into the modules,suchasthe original cloth in- sensor earcovers,foamrubber,etc.,exceptfor the black and white oval fabric pieces provided.

For freetechnicalassistancecall 806-358-6336 weekdaysfrom 9:00A.M. to 5:00P.M.(CentralTime).


Supplementalinstructionsfor Flightcommodl4DX& 5DX

Appliesto stereoheadsetshavingonlyonevolumecontrol

l. Flightcom4DX and5DX headsetsarewiredin adift'erentmannerthan

mostotherheadsets,Mostheadsetshavetheaudio(+)wireattachedto thevolume

control,wheretheaudio(+)will divideinto2 wires,audioRIGHT andLEFT as shownin Fig.2, page5.

2. In the4DX and5DX modelstheaudio(-)groundwire attachesto the

volumecontrol,andthenonewiregoesto eachspeaker.The2 audio(+)wireseach

go directly to a speakeranddo nol passlhroughthe volumecontrol (yellow = right side;blue = leftside).To installtheanrmodulesintotheseheadsetsthewiringmust be alteredslightlysothatthevolumecontroloperateson theaudio(+)circuit.

3. To accomplishthis, the groundwire shouldbe disconnectedfiom the


Note: whendist'ottneclingu,ircs front the|olunte contol, don't disconnectot1\' wiresdircctltfront the rolu te contrcl terminal.Leat'etlrc originol u'iresuttctcltedto theterntinels:u,orkingu'iththam "as is" u'ill beeosiar.

4. Nexl, the audio(+)wires shouldbedisconnected(de-soldered)from the original speakers.Now soldertheyellow wire to ihe volumecontrol by altachingit to theoriginalsingleblackwire.Theother2 wiresexitingthevolumecontrolarenow theaudio(+)wiresandeachwill supplyaudioto a module.Disregardthebluewire anddo not attachit lo anything,but trim theexposedbarewire to reducethe possibil- ity of a shon.Thismethodwill conventheheadsetto mono,butwill not atfectthe tidelityor qualityof theaudio.Separationof channelsdoesnotenhanceaudio quality. 5, If you wish to retainthe stereofealureof your headset,you must install a secondvolumecontrolin theoppositeetrcup.After installationof thesecondvolume

control, soldereachaudio(+)wire to thecorrespondingvolumecontrol (yellow wire to left volumeconlrol, blue wire to right volumeconlrol). The blue wire mustsolder to thecrossovercable(usegreenwire)andthenwill solderto therightsidevolume control.

6. Model 5DX headsetshavea p ntedcircuit boardin the leli earcup.This

circuit boardis your boommic arnpandfilter. Do not changeany wiring attachedto thiscircuitboard.However,theboardwill preventinstallationof theanrmoduleand must be re-positioned.This requiresremovalof thedeepestpieceof foarninsulation, andshifting theboardso that il laysasdeeplyaspossiblein the earcup. 7.After finishingthissupplementalwiringchange(whelhermonoor slereo), retumto page8,sectionB to completehook-upof the9v+ wircs,

NOTE: IJ you do plan to instsll an addilional wlume control, we recommend that lou completethe installation in mono mode,and considerinslalling the secondvolumecontrol qt q lnter date.Weusually have volumecontrolslknobsin stockand the secondwlume control can be installed ql a later date with minimum re-work.



This productis warrantedto befreefrom defectsin materialsor workmanship for one(I ) yearfromthedateof purchase.Withinthisperiod,HEADSETS,INC. will atitssoleoption,repairor replaceanycomponentswhichfailsin normaluse, Suchrepalrsor replacementwill bemadeatnochargeto thecustomerfor pansand labor;provided,however,thatthecuslomershallberesponsiblefor anytransporta- tioncost.Thiswarrantydoesnotcoverfailuredueto abuse,misuse,accidentor unauthorizedalterationor repairs.HEADSETS,INC.assumesnoresponsibilityfor special,incidental,punitiveorconsequentialdamages,or lossof use.


Toobtainwanantyseryice,retumtheunitalongwithabriefnoteindicating thenatureof theproblem.Includeyourfull name,address,anddaytimephone number.Placetheunitin aboxonly(nopaddedenvelopes).Theunitshouldbe insuredandsentfreighrprepaidto HEADSETS,INC.,2320LakeviewDrive,




e-mail: Phone:806-358-6336 . Fax: 806-358-6449 2320LakeviewDrive . Amarillo.TX 79109