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The contents of this snapshot from the capeclearferry.

com website were posted on eMara News**

on 15 March 2010. The website is managed by Ciaran O'Driscoll, one of the directors of Rathlin
Island Ferry Limited.

It got a speedy reaction from Séamus Ó Drisceoil, Secretary/Manager, Thar Tonn Teo, and a follow-
up response from the editor of eMara News.


Dear Editor,

I refer to the item, Cape Clear Ferry, Under new Management published on the website of the
previous ferry service to Cape Clear Island and republished on emara news on 15 March.

I should like to make a number of clarifications.

I have confirmed with Micheál Ó Céadagáin that he did not, as stated “email the above
clarification”. I understand that he did send a brief email requesting clarification but the
information and details presented are composed by the author and do not resemble in any shape or
form the email that was sent.

Secondly, for the record I can confirm that Julian Lucioli is no longer a Director of Thar Tonn Teo,
the appropriate papers have been filed and no doubt this will shortly be reflected in the details on
the CRO website.

Thirdly I am sure that it will come as news to the community on Sherkin Island to hear that the
Spirit of the Isles previously operated a summer service to that Island. This is in fact an entirely new

I am sure that readers unaware of the situation will find it quite bizarre to read that Naomh Ciarán
has resigned from the public service and then to be informed that the service is now to be partly
operated by a company of the same name. In fact the company which resigned from the service is
Tithe Saoire Chléire Teo.
Since my name has been mentioned no less than 4 times I should be grateful for your continuing
indulgence in clarifying number of other matters.

Apart from the above the individual facts, stated about me which are true, regrettably, the way they
have been strung together seems designed to create a misleading impression damaging to my
personal reputation and integrity.

I am indeed a Financial/Projects Officer employed by Cape Clear Co Op on a part time basis for
two days a week. The rest of my working time is my own and in the past 10 years I have worked in
a wide range of enterprises, sometimes as principal and also providing consultancy type services to
other businesses. I operate from my own office, provide all my own equipment and utilities and am
both VAT registered and tax compliant. In recent years it is no secret that I am the
Secretary/Manager of the Cailín Óir Ferry & Cruise Service operating from these same premises.
Therefore any impression created by the article that I, in my role as Projects Officer of
Comharchumann Chleire Teo manage Thar Tonn Teo is unfounded, misleading and scurrilous.

Is mise le meas,

Séamus Ó Drisceoil,
Secretary/Manager, Thar Tonn Teo.


(** The Item referred to is story 3636 and can be found quickly by following the News Library or
Story Archive link from any page then choosing March and looking down the list)

We are always glad to publish items that are sent to us as the one in question was and I am very glad
to publish the comments and corrections above. I have re-read the item and it certainly does seem
to suggest that the Spirit of the Isles ran a service from Baltimore to Sherkin and on to Cape Clear
and the Fastnet Rock.

I was certainly unaware of the Sherkin leg of the trip and I understand that the reason that the
Naomh Ciaran was on occasions taken off her contracted service to do this trip in the past was that
the Spirit was unable to round the Fastnet due to licence restrictions.

I would be glad to publish the schedule for this new service when it becomes available and hope
that the additional trips may mean more visitors for both Cape Clear and Sherkin, rather than a
sharing out of the existing trade, with more disturbance and fuel use.

Items on any topic, whether found or original are always welcome and will be published as long as
they do not break the law or are designed to be gratuitously abusive or offensive.

Ed – Editor)