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Unit 3 Case Project Questions

CIS 207 Network Routing and Switching Lab

While you are having lunch one day with the new hires, you tell them tell about a friend that
works at a local company called IPCE that develops computer peripheral products. They have
decided to upgrade their LAN configuration from five hubs and a single router to one that
implements 10 switches since theyve heard that will improve performance. You are hoping to
get them to hire your company to help them expand their network. You know the switches the
company is planning to buy have many more ports than necessary to support each segment they
current have. However, the company wants to divide their 10 departments into separate entities.
The company is planning on using routers between each switch, thereby dividing the broadcast
domains between the switches. After lunch, you call your friend and offer the consulting services
of Winslow Networks, and he gladly accepts since they are a bit unsure about how to implement
their ideas.
Part 1
1. Will replacing the hubs with switches make the network faster? Why or why not? Yes, it
will be faster. Hubs work at the Physical layer of the OSI model. Switches on the
other hand work at the Datalink layer. They are able to filter packets by MAC
adress of the connected devices, instead of having to broadcast out to all computers.
2. Will having a router between each switch improve performance? Why or why not? The
correct way to set it up is to connect all the routers to each other and then have a
switch connected to each router. This allows multiple connections to the router.
The routers are able to use dynamic routing protocols and the switches can be
configured into VLANS. The only time you want to connect a router to a switch and
to another router is if you want to set up a DMZ.
3. What other options for configuring its network should IPCE consider? You might want
to use ACLs, Extended ACLs or port security to improve security since we will be
using VLANs and dynamic routing protocols. They might want to upgrade the
routers they ordered to ensure that they supports these features.
Part 2
You have met with the technical staff at IPCE and gathered more details about their plans. You
found they have ordered 10 Cisco 1900 switches and 9 Cisco 2600 routers. The company is
currently using a private Class A IP addressing scheme. IPCE expects 100% growth over the
next 5 years. At this time, five of the departments have six employees and the other five have 10
employees. Each employee has one PC.
1. Will the hardware IPCE has ordered meet their needs? If not, what would you suggest?
They want to order 11 routers and 10 switches. Each department would get a
router and a switch. The extra router would serve as a DMZ.
Part 3

IPCE has now asked you to propose a VLAN solution for broadcast domains. They have asked
you to produce a diagram of your proposed network that includes:

Router interface details

Switch interface details
Network addresses for each network segment
Number of possible hosts per network

Create your diagram using suitable drawing software. Microsoft Visio is highly recommended,
though not required. Save your diagram as Yourname_U3_Case. If you are not using Visio,
save your diagram in a non-proprietary graphic format, such as, .png, .tif, or .jpg. If you like, you
may paste your diagram into the Part 1 and part 2 document. Your diagram should be
professional in appearance.