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my ID
Concerns and rumours beloved head of Sixth Form has stepped
grow as the sixth form down from her thrown and is letting Mr.
leader continued absence
Lauren Wyatt reports.
Rowlands and take over as head of year.
However, sources say the occupant of Yours?!
Room One has sent an invitation to outer By Jermaine Lynch
Miss Myford, beings to abduct Miss Myford, thus ar-
Head of the Sixth Form, ranging his own rise the throne. Calamity has recently emerged in the
seems to have disap- Without Miss Myford, Mr Row- study rooms, classrooms and corridors
peared over the last cou- lands will take over and there is little to after the new ID law was enforced. Stu-
ple of weeks. Day to day stop his rule. Does this mean that Mr. dents have been sent back to their
management has been Rowlands is responsible for changing our houses, or even labelled as idiots for
handled effectively by the Sixth Form and disrupting the students? forgetting there student ID’s.
resident sixth form office staff and an invisible Has the power he has been given has (Continued on Page 2)
email force called J. Myford. But as the days pass gone to his head? Will the sixth form be
concerns are mounting because of the many is- powerless to stop him?
sues that she is responsible for taking care of.
Like all leaders, Miss Myford is the sub-
ject of rumour and speculation. While there are
more wild reports of that she has run away and is
not coming back, or that that she has got en-
gaged to her child hood sweet-heart. One sixth
form student claims “I was minding my own busi-
ness when I saw the shadow of a smallish lady,
over heaped with bags and a small backpack”,
something Miss Myford, is well known for, the
student continued “When I looked around, no
one was there but a common squirrel” Has Miss
Myford been living the luscious life of the Secret
Squirrel? Or could this creature simply be a mere
minion in her grasp, sent to keep an eye on us
while she’s on her road trip of a lifetime?
There has also been a rumour that our

Head Boy Tolga. Leader or Loser?

Tolga Kuyucuoglu has ambitious plans for the future of our sixth form, but will he overcome the major hurdles that he approaches?

The CHFS senior student put his leadership skills to the test, when he organised his first event, Valentines Week, for all the school sweet
hearts. The week consisted of smaller events such as Cake selling, Rose Selling and a Leg waxing event for the 6th form. His commitment
for the sixth form definitely showed as £130 was raised, which is planned to be shared between the sixth form and for our end of year
The plans for prom, represents the biggest shake-up in CHFS prom history, as the Head boy has ideas of moving away from Wool-
ston manor, the place where prom has taken place for years, to somewhere in central London, specifically The Venue Constellation. He
still has several obstacles to clear before he can sign his decision into the Sixth form books.
Tolga continues to plan a better sixth form, as he has also been ‘gathering ideas to change the common room-to provide a more
comfortable environment with the money raised and continue raising’. He tackles a prime situation which many have tried and failed, but
we shall see the outcomes by midsummer.
So, is the new senior student a leader or loser? You be the judge.

Student call for staff ID Badges (Continued from Page 1)

Although this implementation of the ID badges is in the best interests of the students,
and their safety, many pupils are not satisfied with the fact in one respect teachers
themselves don’t wear any form of ID. Are random adults too not a threat to ones
safety? With the number of student teachers working in the school, and builders work-
ing in multiple areas around the school, clear identification is a bigger issue than just
the sixth form.
6th form tutor Vicki Edwards says ‘I think everyone should wear them as it pro-
motes, and gives a sense of belonging, encouraging students to wear them also. It
would be a good idea to introduce them lower down the school and that it will stop
teacher student conflict’.
6th form receptionist Mrs Gough said ‘I don’t know everybody and when I see
some people I am not rude to them, but I say who are you? Redbridge college security
guards will not let anyone in at all if they do not present ID – even teachers! Mrs Leem-
ing said ‘when I go to my sons opening evening every teacher has an ID badge saying,
who they are and what they teach’. Although this approach will cost a little bit of
money, this could
Student Peace Oseyenum says ‘We always wait until something bad happens Smarten up the
before enforcing rules. For example we are currently made to wear ID badges because
of an incident that took place in lower school a couple of weeks ago. Therefore teach-
ers should be made to wear ID badges now to prevent any future incidents’.
Study Rooms
The Chadwell Heath Sixth Form has been re-
designed in the last three years with 2 study

Rules Were Meant rooms available for the sixth formers. Study
rooms are available for students to use at all
times. However, the issue is that not all stu-

To Be Broken
dents happy with the current atmosphere
and environment of the study rooms.
There are over 200 students
in the sixth form and it’s important that all
Jennifer Francis reflects on how “Sixth-Former”, you even get a badge to sixth formers need a more comfortable and
the current Sixth Form does not finalise the title. welcoming place to study. Yet many feel that
Well that’s how it used to be be-
reflect the freedom for students fore the class of 2008 took up residence in this is not currently the case.
With the big study room changing to
that it once did. the sixth-forms hallowed halls, so the ques- the silent study room for compulsory stu-
tion here is why did it all changed? dents, it has given the students the initiative
Sixth-form, the last two years of your high I asked a few former students to get their work done in peace. However,
school experience, older siblings fill your from Chadwell Heath sixth form, what their most students have criticised it being a
head with tales of mischief that happen year group was like. “My year was jokes, “Prison”. Even students who are not on com-
during one of their many free periods, we weren’t the best students and always pulsory study, who want to get a little work
whilst you sit in a classroom all day. Every- turned up late, nobody seemed to mind” done feel as they are being treated unfairly as
one in the school envies you: No uniform, Past student Deborah Francis commented. they are shouted at for leaving the room. It is
free periods, unlimited canteen access it’s “They were alright with us, and on rare a common mistake for the supervisor of this
what you spend the first five years working occasions moaned about the printer or “quiet study area” to make, though not at the
towards. You just can’t wait for that sense eating food” Davina David said after I expense of innocent students’ self-
of freedom that comes with the title asked her what the sixth-form secretaries confidence.
were like during her time here. Current sixth form student Ben Rob-
“They were alright After informing both alumni’s erts stated that “the big study rooms feels
about the current sixth form situation, they like you’re in trouble but the small one is
with us, and on rare thought it was strange and couldn’t say
why it all changed, as both of their two
okay”. With all the expense spent on the
study rooms, it seems as though our sixth
occasions moaned years in the sixth form was everything they formers want a study room that perhaps is a
had been told it was and more. Perhaps little cosier. With the choice of sitting on the
about the printer or the school had been planning to come hard chairs in the relaxed study room or the
down hard on the sixth form and the class even harder chairs of the canteen, it’s not
eating food” of 2008 drew the short straw. just raging hormones making current sixth-
formers feel irritable.

Big Changes In the Sixth form Study Room

Sandeep Singh Reports on the Sixth
Form’s recent redesign
There have been big changes
in Chadwell heath study rooms with
the introduction of cubicles and the
restrictions on the internet blocking
YouTube and Facebook.
Management staffs in the
sixth form have no stopped students
having access to YouTube and Face-
book in the school, apart from the
Media Department who have special
privileges to use unrestricted internet.
Many students are not happy
with this as YouTube is widely used for
entertainment and for work. Last year,
face book was used by both students
and teachers, it was something to do OF THE INTERNET CONTINUES
in the free time that we had. Initially
the restrictions on the internet was
thought to be done to stop students Devpal Semi reports on the ongoing prob- me from doing my work”. Could the
being distracted however after speak- lems with internet censorship in the Sixth restriction on the use of internet have a
ing to Mr Rowlands (head of IT) the From negative effect on educational attain-
internet was to “increase bandwidth Is restricting access of the internet ment?
for the rest for the rest of the school… likely to benefit students? This appears to Gurbash Panse also stated “I
The rest of the school has benefited be the motive of the ‘Chadwell Heath Foun- understand why the school may see this
from the increase in bandwidth” The dation School’. The issues regarding the as a potential problem since the stu-
internet and the block on many websites dents would use their study time to go
such as, Facebook and Youtube seem to be on these websites and waste valuable
“This has been done an ongoing issue. Like other concerns learning time” however he said, “Yet I
in many schools and around the school, there seems to be an
upstaging battle between teachers and
still believe A-level students are inde-
pendent and should be allowed to make
has worked students. their own decisions”.
This problem started in December prior to
effectively” the A-Level exams. It was seen as a good
A-level students are inde-
idea considering the importance of the ex- pendent and should be al-
restrictions on the internet have only ams. The concern has expanded since the lowed to make their own
been done to increase the speed of restriction of internet has continued de-
the internet for the rest of the school. spite exams being over. decisions”
As we all know the study John Rowlands, the head of the ict
rooms have been split in two. One is department said, “The restriction is based An anonymous source stated,
for working, and is monitored by mostly on the band width with the schools “The school is doing this for their own
teachers. The other is for students to internet server, it is only able to handle so personal use, it is only urging students
spend there times when not working. many people using the internet”. to find ways of unblocking it” They also
Cubicles have now been put Upper Sixth form student Vanisha talked about issues regarding the server.
in place, it has been done to help stu- Patel stated, “I think it is absolutely terrible, “The school should get a better server,
dents focus on the work and stop because I feel sites such as Youtube, Face- since we have a right to internet, if they
them from being distracted, and also book and other websites can be educa- can spend money on buying unneces-
more computers are being put in the tional as well as for our own pleasure” she sary things around the school then they
study rooms. continued to say the blockage of websites can buy a decent server.”
Whether this will help will be “limits our social life”. Statistics show 90% of stu-
seen over the coming months. “This Sandeep Talafair a lower sixth dent’s states it was a drawback, with
has been done in many schools and form student shared the same opinion, but only 10% thinking it was beneficial. So is
has worked effectively” said Mr Row- from the perspective of his school work. He this in favour of the schools internet
lands. said “When I’m doing my P.E coursework, I server, or the students?
click on a link and it is blocked so it stops

Caption describing picture or

Chief Editor Design and Layout
Mr Shakhovskoy Mala Lal
Manisha Dewal
Jermaine Lynch Lauren Wyatt
Zaynah Muthy Chris Tsapparelli
Baldeep Sall Michael Gooda
Manisha Dewal
From the Editor — Mr Shakhovskoy
Sub Editors Photography
Charan Mann Matthew Burcombe The Sheufuess is the product of an A2 Media Studies class as part of their prepa-
Sarah O’Brien
Liam Courtney
Jennifer Francis ration for their final exams contemporary issues in modern media. Students
Vanisha Patel Stephanie Skinner
have been studying the changes in Journalistic values and were challenged to
Faatima Ahmed Jeyda Plummer
try and produce news stories that were in the Public Interest of their sixth form
community. They had one week to research, interview and write up their re-
Faatima Ahmed, Steven Brown, Matthew
Burcombe, Liam Courtney, Jennifer Francis, ports making sure that their facts were straight and their quotes accurate. They
Michael Gooda, Jermaine Lynch, Charan faced the difficult prospect of creating a newspaper for an audience who don’t
Mann, Zaynah Muthy, Stacia Nambiar, Sarah
O’Brien, Devpal Sehmi, Chris Tsapparelli, usually read them and managed to combine serious news reporting with a voice
Lauren Wyatt, Stephanie Skinner, Manisha that appealed to their audience. What has been produced reflects the interests,
Dewal, Charlotte Heath, Jenita Khilosia,
Mala Lal, Daniel Mullings, Vanisha Patel, concerns, attitudes and sense of humour of the current sixth form and is a
Jeyda Plummer, Baldeep Sall, Manoj credit to their curious and questioning minds, their courage, tenacity and occa-
Thawrani, Sandeep Birdi
sionally their creative writing skills.

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Fear Strikes University Applicants

Vanisha Patel
Worry hits CHFS year 13 same point in 2008. But the
UCAS applicants this year numbers available in clearing,
with the fear of getting re- the system used to allocate
jected from their chosen leftover places, is estimated to
have halved to 22,000.
Figures out today show
2010 has been a stress-
almost an 8% increase (about
ful time for university appli-
42,000) in applications for full-
cants as they doubt that they
time study at university, the
will get into university this year,
biggest in eight years. The re-
resulting in them taking a gap
cession and rising unemploy-
year, and having to get a job.
ment have been blamed for the
Students all over the world
want to further their education
and expand their knowledge
but are afraid they will not get 8% increase
a chance to do this. Not only do
students want to go to univer-
(about 42,000) in
sity to broaden their knowledge
they also want to go for the life
applications for
experience that university has full-time study at
to offer.
I have asked a few stu- university Gar showing statistics of A level pass rates thanks to the
Times Online.
dents if they are planning on
going to university this year and
why. Zaynah aged 17 re- Don’t Panic, It’s Just
sponded ‘ Yes I have chosen to
go university this year because I The high number of
want to increase my chances of
getting a better paid job and
applications will mean that pu-
pils who are offered places on
More Classrooms
because I know soon A level popular courses who do not
attain their predicted grades After months of planning and building it has finally
qualifications won’t mean come to light what is actually being built above the
much - like the way GCSE's will have less room for ma-
art department. So break off your deals with the Sun
have become and having a de- noeuvre. and fire your Private Investigators because I’m about
gree will provide me with more I asked students if they
to reveal the inside scoop that will blow your mind.
value’. felt the chances to get into uni- Well, it won’t actually blow your mind but I can an-
Nadine aged 18 said, ‘ versity were limited and Mat- swer the question that has been eating away at your
Yes I’m looking forward to go- thew W said ‘yes it is harder soul for the past few months.
ing to university to study more because students all around There has been much speculation as to what
but mostly to experience uni- the world want to go to univer- was being built on the left wing of the school. It
sity to get a successful educa- seemed to be such a secretive project, no one had
versity life, and meet lots of
any idea what was actually being built there. Some
different people, and to hope- tion and places are limited’. had suspicions it was going to be food tech class-
fully help me become more Zeenat aged 17 said,
rooms, whilst others suspected a secretive spy train-
independent as I want to live ‘yes there is because there are
ing centre “It’s just so weird, no one seems to know a
away from home’. more international students
thing that’s happening. I only noticed a couple of
Last year in 2009 up to wanting to go to university and weeks in to building that there was actually scaffold-
135,000 candidates were still get a better education rather ing around the art department” says a student in
battling to secure a place in than just work. lower sixth.
their chosen university and Now that there is a second structure forming
there seems to be more word on the project. Raji
nearly 30,000 more than the
(Continued on page 2)

Kaur Singh, a year 13 studying art A level in-

formed me that “I think they’re going to be
made into more art classrooms and rooms 12
and 13 are going to be turned into ICT class-
rooms”. The teachers seem to be informed of
the project also “Essentially there is going to
be another level of classrooms” said Ms Joh-
nan. So it seems the secrecy of the new build-
ing work is revealed.
To get the actual intel on the project I
spoke with Ms Bargetto, the head of the art
department. She informed me that “There is
going to be two large art classrooms, a textiles
classroom and a graphics classroom. They’re
going to be really big and have brand new fa-
cilities such as new computers and a better The new level of the Technology block under construction.
printing machine”. I asked her whether there
were going to be food technology classrooms
and she said “That’s just a rumour going
around; it has not been confirmed yet.” Hope-
fully the new facilities will encourage more
students to take art subjects for GCSE and A
No Common Room
level. It all sounds pretty exciting and is going By Stephanie Skinner do do in free periods. At the mo-
to be finished for the new school year in Sep- ment, there are two study rooms,
tember, so unfortunately those in the upper With the changes that have been one silent, and the other a
sixth won’t get to see it. However if there are made to the sixth form block in the ‘common room’. Both include
food technology classrooms next year at least past couple of years, it has left the computers, books and hard chairs!
we can rejoice in the fact that because of the students with two study rooms and an A place that current student Jeyda
healthy eating schemes, they won’t be making old, cold canteen, but where is our Plummer refers to as ‘an o.k place
anything good such as cookies. common room that most schools seem to work but not to rest the mind
to have? after a heavy lesson’. Other stu-
dents agree that having a more
Common rooms should be a place comfy common room would make
where students can socialise, feel students enjoys their time at school
comfortable and relax during their free more. Charlotte Heath includes
periods. I know teachers would say that ‘ students would have a better
that it would distract students from experience at school and would
work that they should be doing but perhaps make them more moti-
maybe if we had this place to go we vated’.
would concentrate more in classes and
put more effort into the work that we

Students feel that new measures create a less productive

The new partitioned study room.
Sixth Form Celebrity Gossip with Charan Mann
Chadwells got talent? Sing- star for two years now, so what does the from a young age, music just made me
future hold for him? To Jermaine acting is
ers, models, comedians, ac- not a mainstream career prospect. He
want to move! But it was just a way to
tors, and other performers constantly has auditions and says if he get away from everything and do some-
gets parts, he will make the most of that
finally expose their talent opportunity. Jermaine exclusively gave us
thing I enjoy.” She has had a once in a
exclusively to us. We have a teaser and said “I've recently worked life time opportunity to perform in
spawned a generation of ce- on Eastenders featuring in a little scene front of Prince Charles. Which any one
with Barbra Windsor (Peggy Mitchell). I'm
lebrity and gossip fanatics to playing a drunken punter - look out for would agree is very prosperous oppor-
offer the best in entertain- it!” He is the face of Sony Ericsson’s tunity. With the UK having a rising in-
World Cup Campaign and has also ap-
ment and celebrity news. So peared in a film named Paranoia. “So far terest in Asian culture, Naimisha could
who’s hot and who’s not? things are on the up and I am looking be well on her way to performing on
forward to what’s in store this year”.
Lil Wayne fanatic, Zaynah Muthy, for- our very own TV’s.
mally known as a “Lil Waynah”, has Peace Oseyenum, to be the face of Brit-
recently started to host her own show. ain’s Next Top Model? Our very own Sources claim to have found hid-
The show broadcasts, via Ustream, beauty and fashion queen of the sixth den talents within Chadwell
which goes live to the world. It allows form would like to be a film actress. Mod-
Heath. It has been stated that
her to air her opinions and discuss top- elling is just a part time job for her. She
ics with her friends. Zaynah’s chat show took part in London fashion week, and
has widened her friendship group, and has been recognised in music videos.
is now known around the world. Zay- Peace said “I've always wanted to per- “When I’m famous
nah said “It's an interesting way to form but surprisingly it’s made me more
communicate and have a laugh without humble in the sense that when you see like Jay Z, I’m going
so much amazing talent around you”. She
continued to say “It puts you in your to forget about you
place and it shows you what you could
“I've recently worked achieve if you work hard, instead of being
and everyone else
on East Enders fea- big headed, your more like 'I have a long
way to go' type of attitude and push
and laugh at you ”
yourself to reaching your highest limit”.
turing in a little Peace has shown to have the brains and
Devpal Sehmi, will soon be
scene with Barbra beauty of the industry. She has been pub-
lished in magazines, but is anticipant to known as the best rapper alive.
Windsor (Peggy make the front page. He told us “When I’m famous
like Jay Z, I’m going to forget
Mitchell). Naimisha Jadav, is possibly leading to be-
about you and everyone else and
come our next Miss Bollywood. Shining laugh at you when I have
leaving the country. My viewers and I
since the age of 6 Naimisha could just money”. But is he the future ce-
really enjoy it and, sometimes get up to about dance before she walked. She has lebrity we have in mind? Could
40 people talking at once!” So could
been involved in dances with Professional
his vanity ruin his future aspira-
Zaynah Muthy be the replacement of tions of making it to Hollywood?
Jonathan Ross? dance group “Honeys Dance Acad-
Only time can tell…
emy” .Whilst not only fulfilling her dream

We’ve already seen Jermaine Lynch on to dance this experience has enhanced
well known British television programs. her involvement within the dance indus-
He’s been seen on shows like The Bill
and Eastenders. Jermaine been a rising try. She says; “I’ve always liked dancing,
Where have the chocolate donuts gone?
By Jeyda Plummer and Charlotte

Over the past three years the Chadwell

Heath canteen has dramatically
changed. Thanks to Jamie Oliver
schools all over the country are trying
to make their canteen food healthier.
Since then, the Chadwell Heath canteen
have gotten rid of their vending ma-
chines, fizzy drinks and their very much
loved chocolate donuts.
However the response has
been very positive, students and teach-
ers seem to think its better for the
school as a whole.
One student 'Sharika Bukhory'
says "i like it, because its introducing
healthier food for children and its giv-
ing them the option to widen their un- The canteen now only stocks healthy eating options.
derstanding of food".
Sometimes I am late for lesson, because
Although the food is a lot Automatic doors? I some idiot is blocking the doorway!” Mat-
healthier, every so often it would be
nice to have treats, like the old deli-
think NOT! thew then went on and informed us of
Steven Brown investigates the auto- the fact that only one door actually opens
cious chocolate doughnuts, which the
matic in`s and out`s of the Chadwell fully, making the one failure even bigger.
canteen used to sell.
Heath Sixth Form The main concern of this issue is
the worry that new, external students will
“The food is health- end up waiting hours on end for the lying,
Over the last 4 months, students at
ier and nice to eat, CHFS have found themselves endlessly
non-automatic doors to open when we all
know they actually won’t. Statistics by
waiting for automatic doors to open. At
but it would be nice the beginning of September, the sixth
CDC (playground injuries) support Tins-
worth`s (2001) report on 45% of play-
form block decided to not use their
to occasionally see automatic doors due to “a bitter draft
ground injuries being knocks and bruises.
A student, who wished to con-
some treats in the making me cold” says Miss Gough, sixth
form secretary.
ceal his/her identity quoted “All of our
luxuries are being taken away from us bit
canteen”. by bit […] and now, we have to pull open
a door which 4 months ago, always
opened for me!! […] to be honest, it’s
The pupils at Chadwell Heath
Foundation School, work extremely
As the summer season ap-
hard, and perhaps it could be consid-
proaches, interviews are being processed
ered by the school, to occasionally
with several members of staff. The hopes
bring back much loved treats, which
of the students now remain with Terry
the canteen used to offer, another stu-
the caretaker who could chose to either
dent ‘Stephanie Skinner’ said that “The
save us from the heavy, energy-
food is healthier and nice to eat, but it
consuming doors, thus, boosting our
would be nice to occasionally see some
grades. What do we want? We want
treats in the canteen”.
automatic doors that actually do what
It is appreciated that the canteen has
they say on the tin! Its useless, false ad-
made a conscious effort in making the
vertisement having doors which lie and
food healthier, however there are not At certain times during the don’t open automatically for us. Justice
many tasty treats, like chocolate bars school day, a continuous flow of eager, can be found by either removing the
and doughnuts – not that we expect young students rush in and out of the sticker claiming the doors are automatic,
these to be in the canteen everyday, doors that are supposed to be auto- or of course, making the doors open for
but it would be much appreciated by matic, making access to the sixth form us, each and every time someone wants
pupils if these treats could be on offer block tricky and painful. A student, Mat- access to the sixth form block.
in our canteen, every so often. thew Burcombe says “It’s ridiculous!