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Script for Long Watersti!!ar movie.

What It Does.
At waterstillar we have re invented the solar still and now have
atechnology that will take any water source as a stock,sea
water, brackish water literally any brown water Source and
with our multiple effect evaporation/condensation process
deliver pure Drinking water where it will be enjoyed all day
everyday. Without the downsides associated with bottl ed
water production and distribution or high volume filtering
How it works
Just like natures water cycle, we distill feed water into
absolutely clean drinking. .water Rain clouds in a box, you
could say. We distill feed water at a high temperature ,this is all
done In our version of a multiple effect distillation unit.The
stacked design of the WaterStillar unit makes the system
compact and energy efficient. The high temperature ensures
high yield and kills bacteria. The long term advantages of our
Multiple Effect Condenser/Distiller technology allow scaling
from Standard Lower Volumes up to Industrial volumes with
no Loss of quality and no hygiene or maintainance issues
.Hygeine and enrergy efficiency are built in by Design. The
Famous Danish design and quality ideal is a trademark of our
The energy for the process comes from high performance
solar collectors that easily can provide temperatures close to
boiling.Our Multi Effect condensation Distallation design
leverages energy inputs applying Cybernetic closed system
design principles.
A typical system will produce 100 to 500 liters every day.

How it looks
WaterStillarWater Works is our big and modular system. The
base system purifies from 100 - 150 liters per day - and in
parallel,we can extend the base system up to approx. 750 liter
per day. All systems come with a drinking water buffer tank
that will even out variations in consumption and how much
sun each given day will give.
The design is a white tent that typically would go on a roof
andinculdes a drinking water buffer tank. Inside the customers
accomodation we recommend one or more taps/dispenser po
ints.. A directly connected di spenser,will ensure that cold
water i s Always ready for drinking.No more bottl es and the
system is a closed system for the highest possible hygiene.
Development and Testing History.
More than 30 Prototypes have evolved over 10 years of
development and field testing is behind us. Prototype systems
have successfully produced more than 100,000 litres of Pure
Drinking Water across the world In Malta, Egypt, Dubai and
We have cleaned Mediterranean sea water,Red sea water
mixed wi th sewage water, trucked in water and public supply
water with klorine.
We have produced more than 100.000 liters of drinking water
under these test installations and all water tests have been
excellent. It works !

Take Away Bullet Points!!!

WaterStillar the worlds favourite Water Utility.
Setting the new Global standard for sustainable drinking
Quenching Global Thirst With Solar Powered Water..
Our unbeatable Customer Offer.
1. No Capital Costs to Customer
2. Best In Market Co2 footprint and Green Environmental
3. Delivery From Stock First 3,000,000.00 (THREE
MILLION LITRES) annual Capacity Rolling Out of our
Warehouses Now. (80 base systems)
4. Best Value Offer price per Litre at the Tap in all local

Key Facts an Figure.(in England we would call this a crib
sheet).Usefull Facts , Highlights Bullet Pioints , Buzz Words. We
must make sure our customers retain our key message
Regarding 3,000,000 litres annually thats 60,000,000 litres over 20
years. 150 litres a day x 365 days x 80 base systems in stock.

We need a big Number. To grab some headlines how

about this?
Water Stillar Claims it will deliver its Billionth Litre of Solar Powered
Drinking Water during 2024 ( or sooner?)

Water in say proper billions 1,000,000,000 Cumulative systems

doubling years 1 to 9.
80 systems = 3,000,000 P.a
160systems= 6,000,000 P.a


320Systems= 12,000,000


640Systems= 24,000,000


1280 Systems= 48,000,000


2560 Systems = 96,000,000 189,000,000

5320 Systems = 192,000,000 381,000,000
10,640 Systems = 384,000,000 765,000,000
21,280 Systems = 768,000,000 = 1,533,000,000
During our ninth year with a doubling of systmes installed we can
expect to deliver our billionth litre of Waterstillar solar powered
water . We could make a marketing campaign around this. The
Exponential Function and Doubling is a key sustainability concept
not welll understood ( Albert Bartlett ( I think I have seen him
mentioned in a aquadania Doc)

We could take out a policy similar to Hole in One Golf corpoate

insurance and run a campaign say with Teslar where we keep track
of litres sold and the person who drinks the Billionth Litre will be
awarded a Top of the range Teslar. The competition could be the
person who drinks it gets it and people we market to can be given
an entr'y form for their guess, or maybe all staff are awarded the
guess ticket entry when systems are installed to aid drinking water
acceptance.People can submit their guesses for when that litre of
water is drunk. Its a fun Idea very cheap to do could go viral and
Doubling Times and Exponential Functions will probably get Elon
Musk as animated as the idea gets me. ( Just one Idea to grab
some headlines, file it in the virtual Suggestion Baox.)
CO2 Bottled Water
CO2 WaterStillar NIL!!!!or little as makes no difference.