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Wellbeing Project

-------Customer Information sheet-----Background

In Australia, around 1 in 5 adults are affected by mental disorder every year.
Compared with the general population, people with disability have a considerably
high risk to develop a co-existing mental illness and a much lower rate of treatment and care,
due to a range of bio-psycho-social factors.
Chemical restraint was used as a matter of course as a form of restraint on people with
ID, rather than a last resort option.
A report stated about 86% people (with disability and on antipsychotics) are needed to
be reviewed in medication due to either possible adverse effects or drug interactions
In Australia, not only the disconnect between mental health services and disability
services, but also the poor training of support worker and health professionals in mental
health and disability undermines the quality of service delivery to the population.
The wellbeing Project aims:
Explore the needs and supports of mental health care for our customers in order to improve
the service for our customers wellbeing and quality of life.
Scoping the current needs of the customers we support;

Supporting our customers, family and carers effectively;

Providing quality of support in relation to the treatment;

Working alongside our customers in understanding their needs;

Advocating for our customers rights in mental health care;

Exploring our customers mental health wellbeing;

Exploring where appropriate advocating for our customers treatment;

The role of Wellbeing Project facilitator:

Review the past history and medication to ensure needs are accurately and appropriate

With consent, undertake mental health assessment and screening for customers;

Identify gaps in Yooralla policy and procedure and systems of support individual

Liaise with other services for support, funding etc.

Referrals refer to:

Customers live in Yooralla residential settings

Progress will be tracked through the duration of the project via assessment and feedback, and
will be provided to customers.
The outcomes of this project may be presented as a research paper. Information used will be
de-identified and anonymous. Please sign and return the attached consent form if you are
willing to participate in this project.
If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact:
Lin LI wellbeing project Facilitator
Phone: 0434 071 360