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Peer Review Sheet: Found Genres

Authors name: _____Breanna Welch__________________

Reviewers name: ______Alison Fensterer_________________
Author: Before exchanging papers with one of your classmates, fill in the
following information about your draft.
State the type of genre you have chosen to create and what your
main purpose is: Are you trying to explain a process, persuade a person of
authority, or state your legally-binding wishes?
I have chosen to write a critical thinking essay. I have to write a
critical thinking essay for my HAHS 1000 class.

Describe the best section of your down draft so far.

The best section, to me, is the first paragraph, when I talk about
what hospital acquired infections actually are.
Explain one or two problems that you are having with this draft that
you want your reader to focus on.
I feel like I might have been all over the place with my information.

Content/Organization - What topics should, or might need to be,
included in this genre of writing? What headings/sections should be included,
and how should they be organized for maximum effectiveness in the
accomplishment of your purpose? List the necessary content and
organization criteria below:
Some topics are the authors point of view and the research that the
author did. There should be a research section and a thoughts
section. Some criteria I went by for this paper are,
1) Communication: Define the problem.
2) Analysis: Compare & contrast the available solutions.
3) Problem Solving: Select one of the available solutions and defend
4) Evaluation: Identify any weaknesses in your solution.
5) Synthesis: Suggest ways to improve/strengthen your solution.
6) Reflection: Reflect on your critical thinking thought process.

Tone/Diction/Style What language selection choices are necessary for
this genre of writing? Casual, formal, a combination? Is it appropriate to use
long and complex sentence constructions, or should information be
communicated in brief, succinct sentences? Are specific words necessary (as
in a resume) to accomplish your purpose? List all below:
A mixture of both casual and forma language is necessary for this
genre. It is appropriate to use either short or long sentences. There
are no specific words necessary.
Reviewer: Read the authors comments above, and read the entire draft
through once without making any comments. Then reread the draft in order
to answer the following questions related to the criteria being used to
construct and evaluate the genre.
Content/Organization: Evaluate based on criteria listed above by the
author. Suggest where content should be added/subtracted and where
organization could be improved. Give specific examples.
All of the information was interesting. It seemed somewhat
scattered though. It might be helpful if you add some cited facts
from different medical journals or articles. It might be easier for
people to understand all of the infections. Maybe add statistics of
some of the infections.
Tone/Diction/Style: Evaluate the draft so far, based on these criteria.
Suggest where the writing would benefit from a different tone style or word
choice. Give specific examples.
Some of the names of the infections seem like large words, so
maybe adding in more description of those would help. Since this is
a paper for another class it has to be pretty formal, or at least I
would think that. Maybe the teacher is more causal. But maybe
adding in those facts from articles or journals would help.

Suggest solutions to the problem(s) the author wanted you to focus

If you feel all over the place maybe it would help to write out
on notecards all of the different infections you want to cover in your
paper. Then have a paragraph for each infection or treatment
instead of all of them together. You could even sort the infections by
most common to least common if that would help. The overall paper
was good and had interesting information though!
Important: When your reviewers return your peer review sheets, please pay

close attention to (but also evaluate) all comments and suggestions for
revision. Please seriously consider your peers' suggestions on how to improve
your paper and accomplish your main purpose successfully.