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Complete each of the sentences which follow by choosing the correct answer from the alternatives
given : 1x4
and, as we were pulling, in the same direction with a common object
.. The common object was to (a) keep the traffic moving (b) provide letter
conditions for those dependent on them (c) retain the reputation they had earned for
Ans : (b)

Provide better conditions for those dependent on them.
Did you bring the thing that I wanted? Here the thing refers to (a) mango pickles (b)

Ans : (c)
Ans : (c)

lime pickles (c) wooden club

Wooden club
Dr. Follicles secretary was (a) Miss Jane (b) Miss Sullivan (c) Miss Smith.
Miss Smith
In rural areas, too, environmental degradation has often considerably diluted the gains of

(a) social reforms (b) economic development.

Ans : (b) Economic development.
2. Answer any two of the questions which follow [each in about 30 words] 3 x 2
His mind began to wander - How did Swaminathan's mind wander?
Ans : Standing on the bench Swamiknathan stood well over the whole class. He could see many
Ans :

heads, and he classified the heads according to the caps.

. All of us took pride in having earned this reputation and were determined to retain
it. what was the reputation and how was it retained ?
Corbett and his men cleared all the accumulated goods from Mokameh Ghat and kept the
traffic moving. / They retained the reputation by working very hard without a holiday in the

Ans :

week and performing each other duties.

What was the hairologists advice to the patient about a shampoo?
The hairologists advice was that the patient had better wait for the shampoo till the shave

Ans :

was over. He thought that the patients constitution would stand an immediate shampoo.
What has caused chronic hunger and deprivation in Kalahandi ?
Thoughtless felling of trees in forest has eroded peoples traditional livelihood and forced a
large proportion of workforce into migration. So this decline originates chronic hunger and


deprivation in Kalahandi.
Answer any one of the questions which follow : [in about 50 words]
Describe how the scene of a would be bloody battle between the two rivals turned into a
Ans :

scene of friendship.
Rajam and Mani were supposed to engage in a fierce fight with one another. When both the
boys faced each other and talked ever the cause of their enmity, it was found that there was
no ground of enmity between them. Rajam offered friendly to Mani and it was gladly


What experience did the patient have with the shoe shine to in Father Progress in

Ans :

The patient had to experience specialization in the case of shoe shining. When the patient
went to the shoe shining boy to polish his shoes, he refused to polish the patients both shoe


because be polished he left shoe only and another boy would polish the other.
How do Jean Drize and Amartya Sen prove that economic prosperity is marred by

Ans :

degradation of environment?
The quality of life in some Indian cities is lower today that it was twenty years ago though
there has been a large increased in per capita incomes. In rural areas, the gains of
development have been lessened by environmental degradation. For example in Kalahandi,

Ans :

environmental degradation forced many to leave their traditional livelihoods.

My ten hid my blushes who is the speaker why does he have such a reaction?
Jim Corbett, the author, is the speaker.
Jim Corbett felt embarrassed when he knew that his descriptions about the lower deck
passengers and of the Mohammedan gentleman were understood by the Mohammedan


gentleman who Corbett thought did not know English.

Which of the following statements are True and which are False? 1x4
The moon looks pale as she rises in the east.
Ans :
Nature leads us rudely to the unknown world.
Ans :
The poem where the Mind is without Fear is an English rendering of the original Bengali


poem Parthana.
Was it for this clay grew tall? Here the word clay means the human body.
Answer any two of the following questions in about 30 word : 3x2
And ever changing, like a joyless eye where does the line occur? Explain briefly the

Ans :

meaning of the line.

The line is taken from The Moon by P.B. Shelley.

Ans :
Ans :

The moon is ever changing in her size and shape. Just as a mans eyes may be restless, so

the moon is restless and changing.

So Nature deals with us and takes away

Ans :

Our plaything one by one. why does Nature take away our playthings?
Nature takes away our playthings one by one to make us happy by preparing us for death.


We were able to know what his beyond death.

Where the words come out from the depth of truth what does the poet want to say in this

Ans :

Words come out from the depth of truth when man possesses honesty and an undaunted
heart. Proper sprit of freedom and fearlessness prompt man to speak out from the depth of

Ans :

O what made the fatuous sunbeams toil - - why are the sunbeams called fatuous?
The premature death of the young solder made the poet think that the endeavour of the

Ans :

sunbeams to create life on earth was purposeless as the dignity of life was forgotten.
Answer any one of the questions which follow : 5x1
How does Shelley compare the moon to a lonely women in the second stanza of the poem ?
In the second stanza, Shelley describes the moon to a pale lonely women caused by


weariness by constantly travelling in the sky in search of companion. She also travels lonely

Ans :

as she belongs to a family of heavenly bodies different from that of the stars.
Bring out Longfellows attitude to worldly objects revealed in the poem Nature?
The poet looks upon the mundane world as something that the common man always
remains highly occupied with during his lifetime. The poet compares the world relations and
attractions to a childs playthings. But all such preoccupations are merely transitory. In due


course man is beyond to leave them forever.

where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfections

Ans :

Where does the line occur? What does the poet mean to say in this line?
The line is taken from where the Mind is without Fear written by Rabindranath Tagore.
No man is absolutely perfect in this world. But sincere and untiring efforts for anything
positive enable man to become perfect. Such a spirit and attitude for perfection uplife a


If anything might rouse him now

Ans :

The kind old sun will know.What leads the poet to come to this conclusion?
The sun is the source of life on earth. The sun toiled hard to generate life on earth. It used to
wake the dead soldier up every morning at home and at the front. So the poet hopes if
anything can stir the dead soldier to life it is known to the sun.
Complete any four of the sentences which follow by choosing the correct answers from the


alternatives given : 1x4

Then pour it out, fool, and dont chatter Here the word, if refers to ------(a) water

Ans :

(b) soup (c) milk.

(b) the soup.
Did he tell you where he was going? Here he refers to

Ans :

(a) the convict (b) the bailiff (c) the Bishop

The Bishop.
my mother gave them to me - on her death bed. Here them; refers to (a)

Ans :

the silver salt cellars (b) the candlesticks (c) ornaments.

(b) The candlesticks.
Dons keep saying Yes, madam like a parrot, nincompoop - the word nincompoop means

Ans :

(a) clever (b) a genius (c) silly fool.

(c) A silly fool.
Madam, the soup is boiling! Here madam is (a) Mere Gringo ire (b) Marie (c)

Ans :

(c) Presume.
Here Marie, let me put it on for you the word it refers to (a) a sweater, (b) comforter (c)

Ans :

(b) a comforter.
Presume, you are overwrought, go to your room. Here the word Overwrought mean

Ans :

(a) calm (b) very happy (c) excessively excited.

(c) excessively excited
I have a wolf inside me tearing at my entrails here the convict means to say that (a) he


was a wolf in his possessions (b) he is tormented with hunger (c) he had a fight with a wolf.
(b) he is tormented with hunger.
Answer any two of the questions which follows : [each in about 30 words] 3x2
You are like a child, I cant trust you out of my sight why does the speaker say this and to

Ans :

In The Bishops candlesticks Presume says this to the Bishop because the Bishop is like a


child having no sense of his own good or bad. So she can not rely on him to think of his own
good or of his familys sheen he is not before her.


if you call out, you are a deal man! who is the speaker to whom are the word spoken?

Ans :

What is the situation?

The convict says this to the Bishop because he stealthily entered the Bishops house to get

Ans :

food for himself. So if the Bishop calls out to rouse his house, he will be killed.
I led him into temptation. who is the speaker and why does he say so?
The Bishop is the speaker of the line.
The candlesticks are very worthy. The money received from their sake will enable a man to

Ans :

get a good start in life. Naturally the Bishop tempts the convict to steal them.
Why was the convict sent to prison?
The year was bad for the convict. He could get no work and for that he could not provide


food to her wife who was ill. So he stole to buy food for her.
Answer any of the questions which follow : [in about 50 words] 5x1
You have your soul to lose . who is the speaker and whom is the person spoken to?

Ans :

what does the speaker mean to say in this line ?

The Bishop says this to the convict in the play The Bishops Candlesticks.


The speaker wants to save the convicts sole by inspiring him with hope showing him his real

concern as after a he is a human being with tender feelings.

Bring out the mental conflict of the convict before he steals the Bishops Candlesticks. What

Ans :

light does it throw on his character?

The convict faces an inner conflict between good and bad. He can not deny the emotional
value of the Bishop regard the candlesticks. Besides, his jail mates would not appreciate
his goodness. So the vice of stealing over rides him.


Basically the convict is good in inner-self and goodness still prevails in him.
. And he escaped How did the convict escape from hell?

Ans :

Briefly describe how the convict hived after he escaped from hell.
One day the prison guards forgot to chain the convict take advantage of this carelessness,
he fled from the jail
-- He was free but without any identity.

10. (A)
Ans :
Ans :


The police was in search of him everywhere. He had to storm as he could not earn or beg.
Rewrite the sentences which follows a directed, without changing their meaning : 2x5
The boy answered promptly (Rewrite using the adjective form of promptly)
The boy gave prompt answer.
A minority of car owners causes massive pollution (change the voice).
Massive pollution is caused by a minority of car owners.
The man, I told Croothwart, was an old field of mine

(Rewrite using a noun clause)

Ans :
I told Croothwart that this man was an old field of mine.
We are too full of sleep to understand, (Omit too)
Ans :
We are very full of sleep to understand.
Presume: Marie, isnt the soup boiling yet? (change into indirect speech)
Ans :
Presume wanted to know from Marie if the soup was not boiled then.
Fill in the numbered blanks with appropriate articles and preposition: 3
Sweets were then distributed (i) to the children and after this messy proceedings was over
(ii) to the satisfaction (iii) of all concerned (iv) the real business (v) of the day started the
distribution of a cash bonus (vi) to Ram Sharam, to the staff and the labourers.


With each of the following be-words, frame a question in such a way that the answer matches the
given content : 1x2
Which :
Ans :

Content : The ferry was a link between two great system of railways.
Which was a link between two great system of railways
Where :

Ans :

Content : The moon rose in the run murky east.

Where did the moon rise ?

11 (a)
The Editor,
The Statesman,
4, Chowringhee Square,
Kolkata 700 001.
Sub : Inconveniences caused by the hawkers occupying the footpath.
Respected Sir,
I like to draw your attention of the public through your esteemed daily that now-a-days footpaths have been
captured by hawkers. For this reason, the common people has to fact a log of troubles in their daily life. As
the footpaths have occupied, there is no space for walking and there is always clashing, pushing in
footpaths while walking. So we are forced to walk on the main road, As a result traffic troubles occur.
Number of road accidents have increased in a concerning way. On the other hand, the roads become
narrower and congested.
So governments should take necessary measures to free footpaths for the sake of public interest. State as
well as Central governments should provide permanent shelter for the hawkers so that they can free
footpaths without any force.
This is fairly intolerable state of affairs. I hope that early move in this matter must be taken into
consideration to ensure minimum conditions of decent walking in footpaths.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


11. or
P.O. & Vill. Nabagram
dtd. 25.01.2010
Dear Sanjoy,
I have received your letter today. It is a great pleasure to state my experience of reading a book, which I
have recently read. It is a masterpiece of Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhya's Pather Panchali. This novel is
indeed a classic in Bengali literature. The hardship, the joys and woes of a lower middle class family in the
countryside are vividly described in the novel. The story centers round the poor family of Harihar Roy and his
wife Sarbajaya, their son and daughter, Apu and Durga who lives in a backward village Nischindipur. It
shows the social condition in which Apu is born and brought up with constant struggle. But it is not the plot
itself, but deep insight into human character, which have attracted me most.
Special mention must also be made of the authors delineation of nature. By the magic touch of the pen of
Bibhutibhusan, nature seems to be living. We can almost smell the flowers in the wood and visualize the
village bends. This impresses much me much.
No more today.

Sanjoy Ghosh,
C/O. Nirmal Ghosh,
60/1, R.K. Chatterjee
Kolkata 700 074.

Yours loving friend,

Swayma Sarkar.

Saraswati Puja Celebration,
Tathagata Roy,
Student, Class XII,
R.K. Mission School,
Khardha, 31st. January.

A programmed regarding Saraswati Puja in our school was celebrated with solemnity and grandeur on 31 st
January this year. All the students and teachers gathered at the school premises to celebrate the day.
Students of class XI decorated the puja pandal with creative and artistic outlook. The school building was
also decorated with colourful papers, designs. The idol of Devi Saraswati was beauty personified. The total
atmosphere was changed with endless sprit and we enjoyed a lot. The most exciting dishes that we eat in
this pious occasion are hotchpotch, vegetable curries and sweets. A short cultural programmed was held in
the evening. The function began with Rabindra Sangeet. Different cultural items like recitation, dances were
performed by our students with great enthusiasm. An exhibition was also held in our school premises
organized by your students. Really it was an excellent day to enjoy.
Determination in the main criterion to become successful in life. A determined person can face any difficulties
and overcome the handle with case. It is to be sure that no obstacles can stop him in his path of success. A
weak minded person can not stand in the pressure of failure and distracted from the rood of success.


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow :
Complete each of the sentences which follow by choosing the correct answer from the

alternatives given : 1x7

Scientists have discovered two amphibians with moustache like stripes in the forest of (a) North-


West India (b) North-East India (c) South Africa.

(b) North-East India.
Amphibians with moustache like stripes were previously (a) known to science (b) a little known

Ans :

Ans :

to science (c) unknown to science.

(c) unknown to science.
The two species Ichthyophis moustakings and Ichthyophis ................. are (a) similar (b) almost

Ans :
Ans :

similar (c) district from each other.

(c) district from each other.
Satyabhama Das Biju is a (a) botanist (b) ornithologist (c) zoologist.
(c) zoologist.
The evolutionary function of the moustache stripes is (a) already knows, (b) still unknown (c)

Ans :

well known.
(b) still unknown.
The discovery has increased the number of caecilian species in the northeast to (a) seven (b)

Ans :

six (c) eight.

(a) seven.
About 170 species of caecilians are distributed mainly in (a) South Africa and North America (b)

Ans :
Ans :
Ans :

South America, Africa and Southeast Asia (c) South Asia and North America.
(b) South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
Answer the questions which follow : [each in about 20 words] 2x4
Who have found the two new species of caecilian?
Scientists have found the two new species of caecilians in the forests of north-east India.
What suggest that the new species are sister species ?
The new two species appear district from each other but the moustache like feature in both
suggest that they are sister species.
What special feature distinguishes the newly found species from other amphibian species ?

Ans :
Ans :

The moustache like feature distinguishes the newly found species from other amphibian species.
How many species of caecilians have so far been catalogued? Where are they found?
About 170 species of caecilians have so far been catalogued mainly in South America, Africa and


Southeast Asia.
Re-arrange the sentences which follow in their proper order: 5
During the survey of the northeast, the researches also found a new non-moustached species


from the same family.

The discovery has increased the number of caecilian species in the northeast to seven.
Scientists have discovered two amphibians with moustache like strips in the forest of north India.
The scientists are how trying to understand the function of this unusual stripes.
Scientists worldwide have so far catalogued about 170 species of caecilians.


Ans :

(i) During the survey the same family (3)

(ii) The discovery .. northeast to seven (4)
(iii) Scientists have discovered of northeast India (1)
(iv) The scientists are . this unusual stripes (2)
(v) Scientists worldwide . species of caecilians (5)

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